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2019 Black Lake sturgeon
By Tom Campbell...

Remember & Reminders

W e are extremely sad to
inform our readers that
season over in 78 minutes!
our ‘Mr. Boat Smart,’ Capt. Fred his year’s sturgeon
Davis has passed. A man who season on Black Lake
dedicated his life to the wa- (Cheboygan County,
ter has concluded his voyage. Michigan) ended at 9:18
Captain Fred Davis, 80, of Port a.m. Saturday, Feb. 2 – after only
Austin, died from cancer. He will 78 minutes of fishing.
be remembered for his passion, The fishing season, which in-
cluded spearing or hook-and-line
enthusiasm, concern and knowl- fishing, was scheduled to run Feb.
edge of all things that involved 2-6, or until the harvest quota had
the waters of Lake Huron. Capt. been reached. This year’s alloca-
Fred and his wonderful wife Pat Mr. Boat Smart... tion of sturgeon for Black Lake
have been ambassadors for the Captain Fred Davis anglers was seven fish, although
‘Top of the Thumb’ and Port Aus- Department of Natural Resources
tin. He will be missed dearly…his March column is on page 72. officials set a harvest quota of six
ANGLERS There were 403 registered an-
The MDNR will institute a new 25 fish limit on yellow perch glers on the ice Saturday, slightly
beginning April 1, 2019. The old limit of 50 will remain in effect down from 422 the year before.
in Lake Erie. Lake Gogebic in the U.P. has a limit of 25, how- Anglers of all ages again partici-
ever no more than five can be 12 inches or longer. pated, including a good number
“The major goal for lowering the yellow perch daily pos- of supervised youth.
According to the DNR, the
session limit was to better achieve an optimal balance between first four sturgeon harvested were
conservation and fishing opportunity, reflecting the importance males ranging from 52 to 60
and popularity of yellow perch in Michigan,” said Christian inches, and 25 to 47 pounds in
LeSage who works for the DNR’s Aquatic Species and Regula- weight. The final two fish were Rob Dodder of Cheboygan speared this 72
tory Affairs Unit. “Yellow perch are among the most sought-af- females ranging from 61 to 72 inch (6-foot), 80 pound sturgeon during the
ter game species in Michigan, and we want to ensure genera- inches long, and 54 to 80 pounds Black Lake sturgeon season, the biggest fish
taken. Rob was also crowned the Sturgeon
tions of anglers can continue to enjoy fishing for them.” in weight.
King at the Black Lake Shivaree. This stur-
Starting March 1, the 2019 Michigan Fishing Guide will Three of the six fish taken
geon was tagged in 2003, 2007 and 2012 on
had been captured before by
be available online and in printed copy form at fishing license Michigan State University and
the Black River.
retailers. Michigan’s annual fishing license is valid from March the DNR during spring spawn-
1 of a given year through March 31 of the following year. For ing runs in the Black River. A harvested 56-inch male originally was
more information, visit captured in the 2009 spring spawning run. A 60-inch male had been
TURKEY HUNTERS captured and tagged during the 2004, 2010 and 2017 spawning runs. The
largest fish, a 72-inch female, had been captured and tagged during the
If any licenses remain after the drawing, unsuccessful ap- 2003, 2007 and 2012 spawning runs in the Black River.
plicants who possess a current base license may purchase a Participating anglers were notified of the season closure in a variety
leftover turkey license online or from any license agent on a of ways; including a fishing telephone hotline, text alerts to those who
first-come, first-served basis. Unsuccessful drawing applicants provided cell phone numbers,
may purchase one leftover spring turkey license beginning signal cannons, mortar rounds
March 11 at 10 a.m. EDT. Beginning March 18 at 10 a.m., any and fireworks. All methods were
hunter may purchase one license until quotas are met, includ- used to indicate the season’s
ing hunters who did not apply for a spring turkey license.n end within minutes of the final
fish being harvested. DNR law
enforcement officials and other
SEASONS department personnel again
were embedded in the on-ice
Now - March 15 – Walleye and pike open in Lower Peninsula inland waters fishing communities and were
Now - March 15 – Walleye and pike open in Upper Peninsula Great Lakes, inland able to quickly report harvested
waters & St. Marys River fish and contact all participating
Now - Mar. 31 – Squirrel; Fox and Gray (black phase included) Season anglers about the season’s
Now - Mar. 31 – Cottontail and Snowshoe Hare Season
Now - Mar. 1 – Fox (gray and red) hunting statewide. Coyote hunting season is
open year-round “We allow for any licensed
Open All Year – Pike and walleye season on Lower Peninsula Great Lakes, Lake St. angler to participate – as long
Clair & St. Clair & Detroit Rivers as they register – so we need to
Open All Year – Salmon and trout season on Great Lakes, St. Marys River, Lake St. have a significant on-ice presence
Clair & St. Clair & Detroit Rivers of DNR personnel to protect the
Open All Year – Catch-and-immediate-release bass season on all Michigan waters population of lake sturgeon in
open to fishing
Now - March 1 – Coyote, gray and red fox, muskrat, and mink trapping seasons
Black Lake from overharvest,”
statewide. said DNR fisheries manager Dave
Now - March 31 – Raccoon trapping season open statewide. Borgeson. “This year was another
Now - March 1 – Bobcat hunting season in Units A, B and C (bobcat kill tags had to successful season for angler par-
be obtained prior to Nov. 30) ticipation, fish harvest and quick
Now - March 31 – Crow hunting statewide response times, as well as from a
March 31 – 2018 Fishing Licenses expire Stephanie Miller, the second successful safety perspective.”
April 22 - May 31 – Spring turkey hunting with various hunt units and dates. angler of the 2019 Black Lake sturgeon For more information on
*Consult the Michigan Hunting and Trapping Digests, Fishing Digest, or other spe-
cies-specific hunting digests for a more complete list of dates and regulations regard-
season, holds the fish she harvested lake sturgeon in Michigan, visit
ing each season or hunt period. shortly after the season opened.
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Hunting Spring

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Steelhead Challenging

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Marquette Hatchery employees working the trout in the raceways in

1926. The Marquette State Fish Hatchery was built at the headwaters
of Cherry Creek in 1922 and is still operating today. MDNR photo

earing fish in a hatch- fish species. The original Michigan The need for Michigan to have its Joseph Campau Ave. That same year
ery began in Michigan Fish Commission was established own public fish hatchery became a new state hatchery was also built
shortly after the first to promote the cultivation evident in 1873. Monies in Petoskey.
fish culture attempts in of “food fishes rather than were appropriated to build In 1881 problems developed
the U.S., according to sport and recreational fish.” Michigan’s first hatchery with Michigan’s first hatchery, Po-
Harry Westers (Michi- Some of the earliest ef- at Pokagon, near Niles, kagon’s water source, that resulted
gan’s long-time head of DNR Fish forts by the Michigan Fish in Cass County. This first in the Commission looking for a
Culture) in the Michigan Fisheries Commission were to over- Michigan hatchery was new hatchery site. Paris in Mecosta
Centennial Report. N. W. Clark cre- come the state legislature’s named Crystal Springs and County was chosen for the new
ated his own brook trout hatchery in skepticism that fish could was built on a large spring hatchery site due to an “abundant
Clarkston, Oakland County in 1867. be successfully artificially water supply of 300 gallons water supply” and good railroad
In 1874 Mr. Clark established a sec- reared in hatcheries. per minute. In 1874 connections to distribute the fish to
ond hatchery in Northville, which
was operated by his son until it was
Once the Commis-
sion’s experimental
By Bill Ziegler this new hatchery
received 180,000
be planted out. In the 1880s brook
trout rearing and stocking became
taken over by the U.S. Fish Com- fish culture was proven successful, Atlantic salmon eggs from Maine. a higher priority for the Michigan
mission around 1880. they could move on to increase rear- The fry were reared and stocked out Fish Commission. The Paris Hatch-
The Michigan Fish Commis- ing facilities and fish management in May in a variety of Great Lakes ery worked to meet the brook trout
sion was established in 1873. The efforts. The first documented fish tributaries going north as far as demand.
Michigan Fish Commission oper- introduction effort by the Michigan the Ste. Marys River in Sault Ste. Water source problems also
ated under the belief that Michigan Fish Commission was to introduce Marie. became a problem for the Petos-
waters depleted by excessive fishing Atlantic salmon fry (20,000) to 15 Historically, some hatcheries key hatchery and it was ultimately
could be restored with reasonable Great Lakes tributaries including the were built where many Michigan- closed. The Detroit whitefish hatch-
effort by artificially rearing desired Au Sable River in 1873. ders today would have not expected ery filled the need with increased
a hatchery to be located. More productivity. New whitefish hatcher-
hatchery space was needed in 1875 ies were constructed at Sault Ste.
and a new hatchery was established Marie and Charlevoix in the early
on Atwater Street in Detroit. In 1876 1890s. In addition, during that same
this new Detroit hatchery went into period a bass rearing station was
production hatching out 10 million also created at Cascade Springs in
lake whitefish eggs. A new hatch- Kent County.
ery manager, Orin Chase, was hired By the early 1900s the state’s in-
for the Detroit whitefish hatchery. terest in inland fisheries had greatly
Chase developed a new method to increased and the Fish Commission
hatch out whitefish eggs with using moved toward meeting that demand
hatching jars. This method of hatch- with development of their hatchery
ing eggs is still used today, espe- system. At the turn of the century
cially with warm water fish species the state’s hatchery system consisted
like walleye. of six hatcheries: Detroit (now
The Michigan Fish Commis- walleye production), Drayton Plains
sion was largely focused on rearing (bass), Mill Creek, near Grand Rap-
whitefish at this early stage of their ids (bass and walleye), Paris (trout),
management efforts. The increasing Harrietta, Wexford County. (trout
need for more hatchery production broodstock), and Sault Ste. Marie
in 1883 resulted in the Detroit’s (whitefish).
Trout feeding in the foreground in the “raceways” of the Cooks Run Trout Atwater Street hatchery being In 1921 Michigan Fish Com-
Rearing Station (Iron County) operated by the Depar tment of Conser va- replaced by a new Detroit hatchery
tion between 1934 and 1961. Alpha-Mastadon Historical Society photo built at the corner of Lafayette and Hatcheries History page 10
from page 8
mission operations were absorbed
by the newly created Department
of Conservation (DOC). One new
policy change of the DOC was to
restrict the introduction of “foreign”
(nonnative) game and food fish spe-
cies to Michigan waters. In the early
1930s DOC took advantage of the
CCC and other federal government
work programs to rebuild, improve
and expand their hatcheries.
There was a proliferation of new
fish hatcheries in the early 1900s.
The state opened new trout hatcher- Historical photo of the Paris Fish Hatchery that was built in 1881 by the Michigan Fish Commission. The site
ies in Grayling (1914), Thompson was chosen due to its abundant water supply and good railroad connections for fish distribution. MDNR photo.
-Schoolcraft Co. (1919), Oden
– Emmet Co. (1920), Harrisville – until desired stocking size. and take fishery. In addition, many some replaced by more efficient
Alcona Co. (1920), Benton Harbor During the 1920s and ’30s the nonnative (brown and rainbow) facilities and some due to lack
(1920), Wolverine -Cheboygan Co. state addressed an increased de- trout plants were largely curtailed of demand or changing division
(1922), Sidnaw – Houghton Co. mand for walleye fisheries with the into native brook trout streams. As a priorities for their specific species
(1922), Marquette (1922), Heart construction of walleye hatcheries in result of this change and cost versus best produced there. At the present
Experimental - Oceana Co. (1927), Bay City (1922), Days River – Delta efficiency the hatcheries at Paris, time the Michigan Department of
and Wolf Lake (trout and warmwa- Co. (1931), Lake Gogebic – Goge- Watersmeet, and Benton Harbor Natural Resources (name changed
ter fish) -Van Buren Co. (1928). bic Co. (1936) and Twin Falls – Iron were closed. in 1968) operates six hatcheries. The
Many of these trout hatcheries Mountain – Dickinson Co. (1936). In the mid-1960s the Department current hatchery system includes
had associated but separate trout In 1942 the Fisheries Division of Conservation Fisheries Division Marquette, Thompson, Oden, Platte
rearing stations helping them boost adopted a policy to “plant fewer moved toward reclaiming the Great River, Harrietta, and Wolf Lake. All
their fish production. All of these but larger fish.” Trout were the Lakes Fishery. This major change of these hatcheries were in service
rearing stations are too numerous primary hatchery production during large scale introduction of nonnative in the past although all were rebuilt
to list in this article, although the the period. The Division referred to pacific salmon resulted in construc- and modernized to maximize qual-
Cooks Run Rearing Station in Iron the period from 1950 to 1964 as the tion of a new Platte River State ity and efficiency. These hatcheries
Co. is a good example. Cooks Run “legal - size trout era.” Many trout hatchery at the site of an older rearing have a more diverse fish species
was started in 1934 and operated by streams across northern Michigan facility. The conversion of Platte Riv- production than in the past, although
the nearby Watersmeet Hatchery. were stocked with legal sized trout er to the state’s main salmon hatchery their production is still dominated
A cabin was built by the CCC and to support a put and take fishery. was completed in 1972. This new by trout and salmon. These hatcher-
other federal work programs. The Subsequent studies and many stock- three-million-dollar hatchery was to ies are generally much larger and
raceways were relatively simple ing evaluations concluded the cost add salmon production capacity to the more efficient than the large number
in the sense that the trout streams of stocking legal sized fish could not state’s system to meet the growing of hatcheries that were closed over
channel was blocked off by concrete be justified in return to the anglers’ need for coho and chinook salmon to time. Many improvements have
bulkheads and water control struc- creel. In 1965 this policy changed to stock in the Great Lakes. been made in a wide variety of fac-
tures. Small fingerling trout were stocking trout with more economi- Many of the varied hatcheries tors including genetics and condi-
transferred to the Cooks Run Station cal fingerling and yearling (sub legal discussed above were relatively tion of hatchery fish to be stocked to
from the Watersmeet Hatchery and sized) trout into only trout waters short lived. Some were closed to improve their survival and perfor-
then reared in the stream “raceways” that could produce a put – grow problems with their water source, mance in the wild.
Michigan has a robust history
in fisheries. Many Michiganders
live a relatively close distance to a
historical state hatchery facility. If
you are interested in history some of
these hatchery facility structures or
remnants still exist and can be found
with some exploration. In some
cases, the old hatcheries were taken
over by local authorities or they
were taken over by private hatchery
Visiting those facilities can be a
window to the past. Several ex-
amples of this are the Watersmeet
Trout Hatchery (private but open
to the public), Paris Fish Hatchery,
Grayling Fish Hatchery and Twin
Falls – Iron Mountain (hatchery
building). Visitors are welcome at
Michigan DNR’s six current hatch-
eries listed above. Most have visitor
interpretive displays which typically
Historical photo of the Detroit Fish Hatchery for whitefish located on the corner of Lafayette and Jo- include their historical information
seph Campau. The Michigan Fish Commission built this hatchery in 1883. MDNR photo and photos.n
March is a month of
transition in Michigan...
The weather can be warm and
mild causing ice to melt and rivers
to rise or it can be brutally cold,
an extension of winter. Fast paced
walleye action can be influenced
by weather and anglers need to
adjust fishing plans to coincide
with changing weather conditions.

By Kenny Darwin


here was a slight mist in the warm tally cold and an extension of winter. Fast paced trips to Saginaw Bay from ice up until ice out.
spring air as we vertically jigged walleye action can be influenced by weather and Some years the ice blows out early and March
the 30-foot depth of the Saginaw anglers need to adjust fishing plans to coincide provides impressive catches for boaters trolling
River under the Zilwaukee Bridge. with changing weather conditions. One thing is stick baits at 1.5 mph. But if Old Man Winter
The sound of newly arrived honk- certain, somewhere in Michigan walleye fishing lingers and bay ice is solid the fast paced walleye
ing geese filled the air and high is simply off the hook pandemonium as pre- action takes place on the ice. March is when I
pitched whistling wings of merganser ducks ush- spawn fish gather in massive schools. March is concentrate on schools gathering at the mouth of
ered in an early spring. Just a few days ago the when big water vagabonds migrate under ice to the Kawkawlin and Saginaw River near the Bay
river was solid ice but heavy rain and bright noon river mouths seeking current and gravel where City State Recreation Area on the south end of
sun caused Saginaw River to belch and the ice they can lay eggs. the Bay.
washed downriver and masses of pre-spawn wall- Walleyes begin to gather in February but Sometimes limit catches come near the man-
eyes rushed upstream and stacked deep runs and come March they are fired up, actively feed- made Gull Island, other times the edge of the
holes near Saginaw. The boat next to me landed ing in preparation of spawning. The gathering Saginaw River 30-foot deep shipping channel and
a big walleye and another came to net nearby. I of monster walleyes is a phenomenon that is a as spring fast approaches walleyes gather in the
knew we were in a perfect location when all of yearly pattern of nature. Huge fish from the Great 3-7 foot depths of the Kawkawlin outflow. Savvy
a sudden there was a solid thump on the end of Lakes offer Michigan fishermen the opportunity anglers launch ice machines at the State Recre-
my line and I set the hook with a high overhead to cash-in on world class trophy walleye fishing ation parking area and motor along the shore to
rod jerk. I knew immediately it was a big walleye like no other, period. The impressive migration the east and fish off Lagoon Beach or Donahue
because my rod bent double and the large fish peaks in March as zillions of mature fish gather Beach.
hugged bottom and violently shook its head. Each in massive schools. Some slip under the ice into I’ve got an ice fishing honey hole near a large
pull on the rod brought in a little line and soon natal streams but the bulk of the run zooms up red shipping buoy at the mouth of the Saginaw
a big hen tipping the scales around 10 pounds Michigan tributaries when March brings a warm- River where the deep channel and adjoining huge
charged the surface and swam into the net. ing trend, longer days, increased sunlight, rain shallow flats tend to funnel pre-spawn monster
I admired the catch and quickly dropped and rivers become ice free with increased current. walleyes. I launch my Honda quadrunner at the
my minnow tipped Northland Tackle ½ oz. glow One day waterways are solid ice but following DNR boat launch near the mouth of the Sagi-
jig to bottom. Soon as I reeled slack line and a warm front the ice quickly becomes unsafe as naw River and motor north, the Saginaw flows
tapped bottom POW! I was into another hog. This spring break up arrives and increased flow clears north, and go about ¾ mile to a red buoy. The
fish was a beautiful 5-pound male fresh from the ice and walleyes put on their running shoes and hot spot has a history of attracting and holding
open water of Saginaw Bay with white belly and charge upriver. The trick to March walleye suc- huge schools of pre-spawn walleyes eager to
light greenish sides. I unhooked the prize, put a cess hinges on your ability to be fully prepared to run up the Saginaw River. I’ll drill several holes
new minnow on the hook and soon as I touched fish in a variety of conditions: from a boat, shore from shallow to deep water and tap bottom with
bottom BANG! I was into another. In less than an or on solid ice. jigging lures tipped with minnows. Last year I
hour our boat had a live well full of big wall- If the weather remains winter-like, I rec- experimented with Moonshine Lures Shiver Min-
eyes and the non-stop fishing action was simply ommend ice fishing on Muskegon Lake, Lake nows and caught many limits using size #2 Super
madness. The brand of walleye fishing we all Macatawa, White Lake, Portage Lake, Betsie Glow Bloody Nose, JJ Mac Muffin and Super
dream about. But catching spring walleyes can be Bay, Manistee and just about any Great Lakes Glow Perch. I’m convinced the ever increasing
a hit or miss proposition and the key to success drowned river mouth. Cold temperatures, over- flow and discoloration of the mighty Saginaw
depends on your ability to locate schools of pre- cast weather and extended winter will cause in March create ideal water conditions for extra
spawn active fish. Here’s why. spawning runs to stall, big pre-spawn hens will bright glow lures.
March is a month of transition in Michigan mill around river mouths under the ice and fish- I begin by working Shiver Minnows near
and the weather can be warm and mild causing ing can be impressive. bottom in the 30 ft. channel during mid-day. If
ice to melt and rivers to rise or it can be bru- I cut my walleye catching teeth making daily it becomes overcast or as the sun moves toward
the horizon I move closer to the flats. Come
prime bite time at sunset I’m jigging on the edge
of the shallow flat and the channel. If there is
not too much snow machine traffic in the area
which spooks wary walleyes, I’ll often move to
the shallow holes and fish in depths certain to
attract feeding, aggressive walleyes. Few fish-
ing thrills can compete with fired up warm water
spring walleyes hooked just a few feet below
the ice. They slam the lure and when you set the
hook they almost pull the rod out of your hand
and strip line off the reel. Man, they go berserk!
Just set the hook on a 10-pounder and the close
encounter will give you an arm jolting, heart
pounding adrenaline rush.
However, March weather can be fickle and
all of a sudden winter turns to spring, snow and
ice quickly melt and area rivers become flooded,
discolored water and suddenly boat launches are
free of debris. If water is raging and stained like
heavily creamed coffee, fishing can be hampered
because fish have difficulty seeing lures in the
flowing mud. When the runoff hits the Great
Lakes walleyes put on their running shoes and
charge upriver. Some move many miles in a short

March often brings warm weather, heavy rain and

longer days resulting in Michigan’s waterways be-
coming ice free and walleye fishing is red hot. Au-
thor is impressed with a 10-pounder that slammed
his minnow tipped ½ oz. jig bounced along bot-
tom. Left: Walleyes congregate at the Coffer Dam
below 6th St. Dam on the Grand River on the op-
posite side from the post office. This angler is into
a trophy fish that smacked a black gnat fly drifted
along the rocky bottom in the swift current.
bottom or hop it upstream.
Don’t think for a minute I haven’t wet a
line in every inch of the water pouring over the
Dow Chemical Dam where I worked 11 years.
I’ve caught everything at the Dow Dam; perch,
crappie, king salmon, steelhead, brown trout,
catfish, northern pike and trainloads full of river
run walleyes. The fishing can be red hot but only
access is by boat. I’ve been at the Dow Dam to
see hundreds of walleyes leap over the spillway
and I’ve worked 1/8 oz. jigs tipped with plastics
in the foaming current when there were so many
walleyes their fins were sticking out of the water.
With fond memories I recall a March outing
to the White River Dam in Hesperia in search
period of time and stack below area dam sites to check DNR rules regarding fish size in pos- of spring steelhead. I arrived at the dam parking
like St. Joseph Dam, Grand River 6th Street, session. The Fishing Guide says “Saginaw Bay lot at high noon in time to see several chromers
Croton Dam, Tippy Dam, Homestead Dam and and Saginaw River upstream to Center St. Bridge leaping in the white water at the spillway. I put
more. Saginaw fish can charge up the Tittabawas- daily possession limit is 8 with a 13-inches on waders, drifted a yard fly below a bobber and
see River, St. Charles, Shiawassee, Cass River minimum size limit.” Upstream from Center St. soon hooked a bright hen. I slid her on a sand bar
and Flint River. Bridge minimum size limit is 15-inches and you and made several more casts in the dead water
The trick to catching limits of fish depends may not possess walleyes under 15-inches even that swirls back into the dam. When my bobber
on your ability to locate and entice moving if you legally caught them below Center Street went down I set the hook and immediately knew
schools. On the Saginaw fish may stack in Bay Bridge. Fast melting March ice gives shore and it was not a steelie because the fight was less than
City, below the Zilwaukee Bridge, Hawg Alley boat fishermen the opportunity to catch walleyes dynamic. I saw the fish roll in the swirling current
Carrolton, First St. in Saginaw, 675 Express Way, prior to the March 15 closure. and thought it was a large Great Lakes red horse
Bliss Park, Rust Park, Wicks Park and more. Remember I’m an old Midland High Chemic but when I beached the prize I was surprised to
One of the hottest walleye locations on the entire and fished every inch of the Tittabawassee come see it was a 6-pound walleye. Great! Season was
Saginaw system is where the Saginaw River spring. One of my best locations to cast jigs still open until March 15, so the fish went on the
begins at the confluence of the Shiawassee and tipped with twister tails is near the Caldwell stringer.
Tittabawassee Rivers on the south end of Wicks boat launch off E. Gordonville Road. Just walk Two hours later I caught my limit of walleyes
Park. Migrating schools often pause in the deep upstream a few hundred yards and cast ¼ oz. jigs but decided to try for steelies when my bobber
swirling current at the mouth before they charge tipped with chartreuse twister tails. The trick is to
upstream into the shallower rivers. Make certain quarter cast downstream and swim the bait along March walleye madness page 14
March walleye madness: with lanterns used by hundreds of
fishermen. It was a walleye catch-
walleyes hugging the sand bottom.
That’s when it dawned on me that
ing frenzy. Walleyes were landed Michigan’s Great lakes tributaries
from page 13 by old and young anglers and you may someday become known for
could feel the excitement in the air. fantastic walleye fishing rather than
went down. After a long battle a melted snow and ice and caused the I walked the White River under the trout or salmon. My point is do not
huge walleye came ashore. Lord, the river to belch. He claimed the night full moon, fishing, talking to anglers overlook the recreational value these
fish was huge, probably 34 inches fishing was outstanding. and catching walleyes. fish offer on traditional steelhead
long with massive distended belly I was tired from all the fun The deep holes downstream streams come early March.
full of ripe roe. I’d guess the weight fishing excitement and headed to a from the dam were alive with wall- A couple weeks later found me
at 12-15 pounds. The monster drew friend’s cottage for hot coffee, food eyes splashing the surface like fish on the same Loop Road Bridge
a crowd and when I released the tro- and rest. For some reason I woke at the DNR Little Manistee steelie watching pods of walleyes spawning
phy unharmed a local fisherman told up around midnight and decided weir. Come dawn I was positioned on the shallow gravel downstream.
me the river bottom was covered to try the Hesperia Dam at night. on Loop Road Bridge downstream Each large female was surrounded
with fresh run walleyes that charged When I arrived the parking lot was from the dam gazing into the clear by squadrons of excited males
the Hesperia Dam after a warm rain full and the river bank was aglow water watching a school of 50 squirting milt to fertilize eggs. I
noticed two SUVs pulled into a
parking lot and four adult males clad
in expensive fishing garb pulled out
a grill and began grilling thick prime
steaks, sipping on brandy and smok-
ing huge expensive cigars. After a
splendid feast they got out fly gear
and began casting flies to the spawn-
ing walleyes. Now this was after
the March 15 closure and soon they
were hooking walleyes, fighting
them to shore and gently releasing
healthy fish into the pristine trout
stream. They got me interested so I
slipped close, watched, listened and
determined they were intentionally
catching and releasing walleyes.
When I finally mentioned season
was closed they said “What’s wrong
with catching and releasing healthy
walleyes unharmed?” The expe-
rience got me thinking, with the
abundance of Great Lakes tributar-
ies teeming with spring walleyes
why doesn’t the DNR use slot limits
or catch and release management
policies to give state anglers an op-
portunity to get outdoors throughout
spring and better enjoy the resource?
Well, I discussed a catch and
release proposal with the DNR and
guess what? It was shot down. I
doubt if in my lifetime the DNR will
better manage Michigan’s valuable
natural resources like other states.
Why doesn’t the DNR have the
insight to better promote Michigan’s
world class stream walleye fishery?
Opening year round fishing with
limited take of one fish or using
catch and release management poli-
cies could increase license sales,
give anglers statewide a reason to go
fishing, recruit new sportsmen and
increase license sales.
G A Y L O R D March walleye madness is only
available to those who scout, locate


schools of fish and get lures in their
face. Depending on weather the

15-17 HUNTING place

hottest fishing of the year may be on
the ice, vertical jigging from a boat

or casting from shore. The challenge
is for you to determine where the
fish are stacked. Keep in mind Sagi-
g ay l o rd h u nt i n g ex p m naw Bay is open to walleye fishing
year round. So keep your ice equip-
ment ready and have your boat pre-
pared to hit the water because you
may need all the equipment in order
to take full advantage of Michigan
March walleye madness.n
Make life easier on ice...
Lessons learned the hard way
hile ice fish- Blown Away
ing is fun, it’s One of the simpler yet over-
not always looked aids are ice anchors to hold
easy. Extreme your shanty down.
weather con- Just this year, one of the instruc-
ditions can tors of my ice-fishing school on
make for less than ideal equipment Houghton Lake, Michigan, liter-
failure moments, which not only ally just leaned forward a little to
means you’re hampering your catch- adjust his sonar while fishing in
ing ability but increasing the pos- high winds, and within the blink of
sibility of going home with broken an eye his shanty toppled over. His
gear. fishing gear was scattered for yards,
Probably the number one reason some broken, and his shanty severe-
some new students at my ice-fishing ly damaged.
schools might struggle to catch Clam’s Extreme Ice Anchor Kit
fish at first is because they haven’t would have been a day saver, for
learned all the little tricks my pro sure. These heavy-duty self-tapping
staff and I have over the years when anchors are designed to keep shel-
it comes to keeping our equip- ters secured in the most extreme
ment in good working order. We’ve conditions. There’s also an Extreme
all learned the hard way over the Ice Anchor Installation Tool, which
decades. enables you to easily screw your an-
It’s quite amazing, actually, just chors in with a cordless drill; great
how simple some of these tips are; for those days when moving around
but man, do they make life easier on a lot is crucial to catching fish.
the ice.
Nice Going Slick ! Holy Moly !
Power augers are a must this
Nothing works as well in below- time of year now that the ice is at
freezing temperatures as it does its thickest of the season. But if it
when warm. Shanty poles contract doesn’t cut holes efficiently you’ll
and are harder to slide; zippers stick; be wasting your time and getting
line and guides can freeze up. frustrated.
One of the best products I have Sharp blades make all the dif-
found to remedy all this is to spritz ference in the world; and that’s why
Blakemore’s Real Magic liberally I always make sure to have extra
on all moving parts of my shanty, blades with me for my StrikeMaster
as well the spools of my reels and 4-stroke Honda 35cc Lite auger.
guides on my rods. Damage can be caused by the littlest
Originally designed to reduce things, such as dropping the auger
fishing line memory and increase down onto the hard ice blades first,
casting distance during the open- or, when drilling in shallow water
water season, ice anglers have found and hitting the lake’s floor. I’ve had
Real Magic helps keep water from to go back to the vehicle and change
gathering up in spools and line out blades before; without the extra
doesn’t freeze up nearly as bad. It set, the trip would have been over.
even helps keep my Berkley Fire- How you start a 4-stroke motor
Line Micro Ice free spooling when can make a difference in how long
air temperatures are well below the your auger will last, as well. It’s best
freezing mark (superlines tending to to lay it down on the ice to start it
freeze up more than monofilament (like a chainsaw) rather than holding
or fluorocarbon). When sprayed on it upright; this way the unit’s oil is
guides, any ice that collects on them where it needs to be the moment it’s The author, Mark Mar tin, quickly drilling holes on Michigan’s Hough-
just pops right out. started. Upright and the crank case ton Lake during his Ice-Fishing Vacation/School; without sharp
Before heading out on the ice, I’ll starts up dry. blades, this would have been a chore.
erect my Clam Voyager X Thermal
Ice Team Edition shanty and spray Jeeper Creepers foot for bigtime traction where it’s guides. Anchor down that shanty.
Real Magic on all its framework Walking on the ice has its dan- needed most. Have spare auger blades on hand,
where it slides in and out from one gers, with slips and falls the most
just in case. Lastly, wear those
another, and, at all pivot points. This obvious hazard. Think It Out cleats!
has made a huge difference on how I make sure to have ice creepers While ice fishing is fun, it’s not
easily the shanty goes up and down, attached to my IceArmor Sub-Zero always easy. Extreme weather con- Mark Martin is a professional
which is a blessing when the weath- X boots every time I’m ice fishing; ditions can make for less than ideal angler who lives in the southwestern
er’s not perfect. Also, by saturating even when the lake’s surface has a equipment failure moments. corner of Michigan’s Lower Penin-
the door zippers, getting in and out is layer of snow on it. Korkers, for ex- Make sure you think out every sula. He’s also an instructor with the
a breeze because water vapor doesn’t ample, have Extreme Ice Cleats with little nuance that could occur while Ice-Fishing Vacation/Schools, which
collect onto it and synch things up. I quick-release buckle system and on the ice before you head out, and are held on several of the state’s
also spritz the swivels of the seats to straps for easy on and off at your then prepare ahead of time. Lube up frozen lakes. For more information,
keep them spinning freely and keep- vehicle. There are 28 push-through those moving parts on your shanty check out his website at markmar-
ing them quiet. spikes on the heel and ball of the and moisture-proof your line and


By Jim Bedford
section of river will increase your
chances for finding relatively scarce

fish that haven’t been pressured
s I write this in and are more likely to strike. The
mid-December, monofilament and floats dangling
it is cold and from the overhanging trees near the
some rivers have access site tell you that the steelhead
started to freeze. get to see lots of angler’s offerings.
The steelhead run It follows that the fish in the holes
so far could be sized up as one that and runs that are far from the access
is quite light in numbers. The good points will see a lot fewer lures.
news is that the steelies have been Bridges and public access sites
larger than normal. This description will provide the starting and ending
of the 2018-19 steelhead season is points for your fishing outing. You
illustrated by a trip a good fishing will have to experiment a bit with
buddy, Brett Hartford, and I took how much time it takes to float or
to the Little Manistee River a week wade a particular river. The larger
ago. We explored one day and fished and more sinuous the stream, the
familiar water the other, wading longer it will take you to fish the
over two miles of river each on each section between two bridges that are
day. We jockeyed the vehicle and one mile apart. When wading small
went from access site to access site rivers I can cover that mile in three
fishing with weighted spinners and to five hours but if the river is large, In the fall and winter the author knows steelhead prefer river reaches with
minnow plugs. has lots of bends, and is on the moderate flows and rocky or firm sand bottoms.
On the first day Brett caught turbid side, it may take eight or nine ate flows and rocky or firm sand My feeling is that I would not have
two steelhead and about 10 resident hours to fish it all. Floating usually bottoms. Fallen trees, boulders, hooked a second fish if I had hooked
browns while I caught a similar takes one half to two thirds of the logs, and overhanging vegetation all the upstream fish first.
number of browns but couldn’t find time compared to wading upstream. provide cover and a place for these Utilizing a personal watercraft
a steelhead. However, I did catch Initially, fishing with a partner fish to rest on their river migration. works especially well when fishing
my largest coho ever (50 years in and leaving a vehicle at each bridge As spring approaches it will be time low, clear water. A small anchor or
Michigan and three trips to Alaska) is a good idea. That way you can de- to focus your efforts on reaches with brush clamp will allow you to stop
at 17 pounds. The next day I finally termine how long it will take to fish lots of spawning gravel. and fish as you go if you are using a
found a modest pod of steelhead and a stretch without being pressured to When wading it is a good idea canoe or small boat.
caught five while Brett had to “set- get to the end at a certain time. Once to move in an upstream direction. Jigs, spoons, weighted spin-
tle” for one, but it was his lifetime you’ve got a river down pat you All river fish orient to the current. ners, crankbaits, and beads are good
largest at 17 pounds after a monu- can fish two adjacent sections with Much of the time steelhead will lie lure choices for steelhead in rivers.
mental struggle. (See his descrip- a friend(s) using only one vehicle. behind an obstacle or in the slot While weighted spinners are my
tion of how this brute of a steelhead The first angler or pair gets dropped between a side eddy and the main favorite I have added minnow plugs
almost and probably should have off at one bridge and the car is current, resting before proceeding to my arsenal and tend to match the
escaped on page 18). moved to the bridge where they will upstream. Since they are usually lure type with the river habitat and
My initial title for this article finish. The second angler(s) fishes facing upstream, approaching from how the fish are reacting.
was “Bridge to Bridge for Steel- to the next bridge where he or she behind or to the side and casting Weighted spinners are especially
head” but that would only fit for will be picked up by the angler fish- above the fish is a good plan. This effective lures in moving water and
some of our streams, mostly in ing to the car. allows you to retrieve or drift your are a great choice when you are
southern Michigan. Whether wading In the fall and winter steelhead offering with the current in a natural exploring and covering lots of water.
or floating, covering a substantial prefer river reaches with moder- manner. They really get the attention of the
Another real big plus to fish- fish and have action at slow retrieve
ing upstream is that the fish remain speeds, which is quite helpful when
unaware of your presence. Steelhead the steelhead are not particularly
remain wary in their new, shallower active or the water is on the turbid
environment and it is important to side. While this lure doesn’t really
not be sending sand or ripples ahead represent any natural food it appears
of you. When floating you should alive and attracts the steelhead’s
try to be as quiet as possible and attention through both sight and
drifting by along the shallow edge sound. Spoons are easy to get down
of a good looking hole or deep riffle to the fish in deep holes but must
and then fishing it back upstream is be retrieved faster to impart their
often a good idea. Whether wading wobbling action. Thus, they are less
or floating, fishing the holding water frequently tied on my line, especial-
from the downstream edge up gives ly when the visibility is low. Plugs
you the best chance to catch more work especially well in situations
than one steelhead from the hole or where the steelhead can get a long
run. More often than not, hooked look at the lure, such as long runs in
steelhead run downstream when you relatively slow water.
put the steel to them and will likely As you search and explore for
spook any other steelhead in the run. steelhead from bridge to bridge
This was illustrated for me on the don’t forget your polarized sun-
trip described above. Twice I caught glasses and billed cap. They will
two steelhead in the same run and be a great aid in reading the water
The author caught his largest coho ever (50 years in Michigan and the fish surged downstream immedi-
three trips to Alaska) at 17 pounds. ately after being hooked each time. Covering water for steelies page 19
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A Personal Best:
17-Pound, 34.5 Inch Steelhead
Caught and Released

Continuation From
Guest Column By Brett Hartford
to return home. We decided to split
up water again, although this time
Jim Bedford’s story page 16

we plotted out some more familiar
water as I waded into current which Just a tight, stuck, snaggy feel, and stretches. After hour number three,
hat phrase, ‘go big or nearly crept over the top of my neo- my heart sank. I had only two small browns and a
go home,’ more or less prene waders. Luckily, I managed to I knew he took me into the brush 25 inch coho to show for my efforts.
sums up my results stay dry, and shortly after the scare pile, so I flipped my bail to release No signs of steelhead, but I was still
during the 2018 fall accomplished goal number two the tension in hopes of possibly reveling in the glory of the lucky
steelhead run. In about when a bright silver fish hit my lure salvaging my chances at becoming buck from the day before, so the
two dozen trips to the in a pocket of water near some logs. reconnected with this fish. I fol- steelie skunk wasn’t smelling as bad
river from October through Decem- After a spirited battle filled with 5 lowed my limp line into the mess as usual.
ber, I never had a “numbers day” to big leaps, I had a bright 27 inch fe- of wood, and started to analyze the No steelhead were encountered
write home about. In fact, on many male steelhead in the bottom of my puzzle of monofilament and lum- in any of the good holes that have
days, I would just “go home” with net. New stretch of water – Check. ber, when suddenly my slack line produced in the past, and I really
nothing but the pungent smell of Encounter with a steelhead – Check. that was drifting downstream, was didn’t have much more holding wa-
skunk all over me. However, there Feeling good about accomplish- now quickly zipping behind me and ter left before I had to start walking
were a few special days on the ing both goals, I started to relax a headed upstream. out. As I flipped my silver spinner
stream when I managed to tangle little bit, and enjoy the scenery of It’s free! Somehow, some way, into a run that I normally don’t pay
with some heavyweight fish and a cold December afternoon on a the fish managed to un-do itself in much attention to, I saw a trout-like
come out on top. Michigan steelhead river. As I casu- the snag, and I was once again di- shadow follow the lure halfway out
One of those days occurred in ally casted my way upstream, I was rectly connected to it. After several of the medium paced current. I im-
early December, when my longtime caught off guard when a large fish more heart pounding minutes of tug mediately flipped back into the same
fishing partner Jim Bedford and I darted out of a deep run, attacked of war, I had the dark, red striped spot to see if the fish was still there,
decided to split up some unfamil- my lure, and started to roll on top male steelhead lying in the bottom and WHAM! The smallish fish that
iar water on a stream in Northwest of the water. As the fish thrashed of my net. The tape measure read I thought I noticed before was either
Michigan. Having never fished this on the surface I noticed its dark red 34-inches, and the digital scale said long gone, or an illusion that my
section before, I was happy to see flanks and figured I was into a nice 15-pounds. A top 20 steelhead on mind made up, because the fish I
some medium sized brown trout coho salmon. At that very moment, my all-time list! was now hooked up with was BIG.
attacking my spinner as I waded the fish collected itself, dove for the After I released the brute, I It instantly started ripping my
through water that was fairly high bottom of the river, and blazed into caught a few more small browns, line downstream, and I was com-
from recent rains. The main goal of the bushes before I could even blink. then met Jim at our rendezvous pletely at its mercy. After 15 yards
the day was to sample some new This coho had just turned into a big, location. We joked, laughed, and it broke the surface and flopped
water, then maybe get lucky and mad steelhead, and I was in trouble. swapped stories about our lunker halfway out of the water sideways
run into a steelhead along the way. As I splashed my way down- encounters, then got ready for the like a humpback whale in the
After nearly an hour into my explor- stream towards the tangle of brush following day on the river. Pacific. This steelhead was large,
atory mission, I came dangerously and logs, I couldn’t feel the telltale Day two left us with about four energetic, and beating me up. As
close to sampling too much of the throb of a fish on the end of my line. hours of fishing time before we had I stumbled downstream, my line
became entangled in the only over-
hanging limb in the river for 200
yards. Just my luck – I was stuck,
and the fish was almost already back
to Lake Michigan. I had to flip my
bail during a fight for a second day
in a row, just to even have a shot at
landing the big steelie.
I finally got my line free from
the branch then noticed the fish
had taken me under a submerged
log that was three feet down at the
bottom of the stream. Well, not
that much time left to fish anyway,
so I might as well get wet and try
to free it. I reached down, and got The author was still reveling in the glory from this 15 pound steelie caught the day before.
completely soaked, but managed to
get the large branch in hand and not my defeat. minutes to free. minutes after I initially hooked the
drop my rod at the same time. As I At least the fish didn’t take the I pictured the fish laughing as goliath 100 yards upstream, I was
was holding the branch, I noticed line completely off my reel, and he took my line through every snag staring at him in the bottom of my
the line continuing to peel off my I was going to be able to recover in the stretch before saying bye- net. My eyes couldn’t have been any
free-spooling reel. I watched help- the 80 yards or so that it had taken bye. Still, in the back of my head, I wider, as I gazed upon the gigantic
lessly as the 14-pound test reached from me as a consolation prize. I thought there was a tiny glimmer of 34.5 inch, 17-pound warrior that was
its last wrap on my spool and then had to pull my line out of another hope, since I never felt the fish offi- now my personal best steelhead of
went limp. I untangled the mess submerged log that I had to dislodge cially pull off. I slowly reeled in the all time.
from the old branch and accepted with my boot, which took several slack just to see if it was possible. As I’ve been looking to put a trophy
I got to the large, slow pool where steelhead on the wall for a long time,
my line terminated, I slowly applied but the epic battle and the ridiculous
Covering water for steelies: some pressure. Something slowly
applied pressure back. NO WAY!
amount of luck that I needed to land
this fish made my decision to release
The steelhead must have been the monster back into the stream an
from page 16 sick of diving under all that wood, easy one.
because we were now slugging it Go Big or Go Home. I got to go
and finding the submerged logs, you will want to cover it with a out in a deep, open hole, and I was home with a big smile and an even
root wads, boulders and other cover bunch of casts. Likewise, if a steel- starting to gain ground. Twenty bigger story.n
that these fish like to lurk near and head follows, you see a flash near
under. Try to cast and retrieve your your lure, or you get another hint
lures as close as possible to this fish that one is present you will want to
holding cover. Similarly try to judge make more casts. Changing to an-
the currents and land your drifted other lure will also be part of fishing
lure so that it will drift by the log or the spot thoroughly. As I have been
rock. Having said this, it is better to preaching for a while now, utilizing
miss the target by being a bit wide a black duo lock snap on the end of
of the target rather than getting hung your line will facilitate a quick lure
up on the first cast. Make your first change.
presentation as close as you can Great sport still awaits you on
within your casting ability and then our steelhead tributaries this spring.
try to get closer with subsequent Perhaps the spring run will com-
casts. pensate for the relatively light run
As I move upstream I have a two of fall steelies with a push of extra
cast rule to every good looking spot fish. Most likely the steelhead will
for a resting steelhead. Your first continue to be larger than normal
cast may get the fish’s attention but so make sure that your tackle
the steelie may not see it in time to can handle some double figure
grab it. If the spot looks really good steelies.n

Captain Roger Gibson U.S.C.G. Lic

Between Fort Meyers and Sarasota
Located in Tarpon Capital of the world
~ Boca Grande, FL
Large Groups Available
Snook & Redfish Year-round
Fly Fishing Available
Tarpon Season April-October
Contact me today to book your trip!
Frank’s Great Outdoors of Linwood...

A family affair
t all began whenever Frank Gorske
and his wife Margaret drove north
on M-13 from their home in Bay
City to visit family in Pinconning.
They had to pass by a wooded lot
for sale near Linwood that was
filled with white birch trees, and both fell in love
with the location. When Margaret happened to
mention this to her aunt who cleaned houses for
a dollar a day to make a living, her aunt let her
know she would loan her niece the $100 required
for a down payment, and $100 was a lot of
money during the mid-1940s.
Frank and Margaret put down the $100 and
signed an agreement with the lot’s owner, but
shortly after this, the owner was offered more
money for the lot by someone else, but the al-
ready signed agreement would stand pat. Frank
and Margaret would own their dream property.
I recently had a chance to sit down and talk to
Gary Gorske, his sister Judy (Zowislak) and his
brother Larry, who represent the second genera-
tion, and Larry’s two sons Pete and Andy, who
represent the third generation, about the history
of their family business started by the first gen-
eration, Frank and Mary.
Gary and his sister Judy can still vividly re-
member the first time as small children that they
accompanied their parents in 1945 to see their
new home, and how excited their father Frank
was to show it to them. They followed a drive
lined with white logs to a wooden house on the
birch-filled lot that had a small outside garage
near it. The house had a basement that had served
as a “blind pig” during Prohibition days, and still
The second and third generations of Frank’s Great Outdoors. Left-to-right Second genera-
had dusty glass mugs lining the walls. tion: Gary, Larry and Judy. Third generation: Andy and Pete.
Frank Gorske was an avid outdoorsman to the and hadn’t seen him in two weeks. That is when often it came in filled with minnows. Then there
core who had grown up during the Great Depres- Margaret discovered her family had just gone into was the job of hauling the minnows in 5-gallon
sion, hunting and fishing to help feed his family the fishing bait business fulltime. Needless to say buckets to the waiting water tank on a truck. This
during hard times. With World War II at an end this opened up a proverbial can of worms, and often required carrying a pair of buckets filled
and folks travelling and spending more according Judy, she wasn’t sure how her with minnows (which are actually quite fragile)
money towards recreation, he had great father survived while explaining matters up steep and rough creek banks and sometimes
plans for the future and decided to start to her mother when he got home that across fields. Gary readily remembers doing all
selling minnows for bait to fishermen, day with a load of minnows. However this while carefully stepping over rows of beans.
and M-13 near Linwood would be the the die was cast and they would deal During it all, his father Frank set the example by
perfect location. with matters and the future as a family. always being the hardest worker present.
This would all begin with a live- Frank’s Bait and Tackle was born. Gary also remembers the hardest part of sein-
stock water tank placed in the basement Margaret’s parents Joe and Lydia De- ing minnows was handling “the lead” on pulling
to hold minnows and a sign out at the shaw stepped in to lend a helping hand the seine in, and how his father Frank generally
road advertising such. Frank with Grandma Deshaw tend- handled this task.
worked at Dow and in his
spare time he seined min- By Tom Lounsbury ing the kids while Margaret
sold bait and tackle, and
Judy can readily remember the time she and
her brother Gary were supposed to be watching
nows to keep the water tank filled for customers Grandpa Joe helped Frank in catching the bait their baby brother Larry while their parents sold
and it was up to Margaret to sell the minnows in to sell. Besides selling minnows, they also sold bait, but got a bit sidetracked and suddenly real-
his absence. Both Gary and Judy remember their worms and nightcrawlers which had to be found ized the toddler was missing. They immediately
first job in the family bait business was to sit at as well. A favorite place for this “worm gather- raced to the minnow tank and retrieved Larry
the head of the stairs whenever their mother went ing” was at night in a cemetery near Bay City, who had been kept afloat by an air bubble in his
down into the basement to sell minnows. Marga- where they had permission to do so. Grandpa Joe rubber pants! Other siblings would come along
ret was not all that comfortable continually deal- was none too fond of this atmosphere, but he dili- and become a part of the family bait business
ing with strangers, and Gary and Judy weren’t gently helped Frank anyway, despite any qualms. which included Frank Jr., Elaine and Don.
sure what they as little kids could do in regards to Gary Gorske remembers becoming big Judy can remember when her dad decided
being “security,” but it all worked out. enough to help his father in seining for minnows to dig a “worm pit,” (which Frank stocked with
Then one day two strangers showed up to buy in the various cuts and rivers in the Thumb, and worms he had purchased up north) and it was her
minnows, and the one asked where Frank might how hard the work was. He remembers how job to use a fork to dig up and fill 20 cans with
be. Margaret said he was at work, and the strang- skilled his father was at reading the water and worms each morning during the summer, which
er said he wasn’t, because he was Frank’s boss where to spread out the 80-foot seine, and how at the time sold for 25 cents per hundred. She
fondly remembers Grandpa Joe frequently com-
ing out to help her put the worms in cans while
he sat on a box, chewed tobacco and told her
A large pond was also dug behind their bait
shop to store minnows, and it served a dual
purpose by also providing ice. Frank had learned
that ice added to the water increased oxygen
which distinctly aided longevity for minnows in
a bucket and even in the large tank when trans-
porting them. They always made sure fishermen The Gun Depar tment at Frank’s Great Outdoors.
purchasing minnows from them, even in the
summertime, had a free chunk of ice. Of course hung from hooks on a tree outside. In 1950 they business grew. They also began selling ammuni-
getting and storing this ice in a specially prepared obtained $1000 of fishing tackle from the Bay tion, firearms, archery, kayaks and clothing and
location (using sawdust for insulation) wasn’t an City Hardware on credit, and stored it the small eventually needed even more space. A 30,000
easy task. garage. Unfortunately, shortly after this the ga- square foot building would replace the pole-barn
In the beginning, they used a large hand-pow- rage caught on fire and burned down, destroying in 1999 and the family business would be called
ered saw that had seen use for collecting ice in a all the new tackle. Gary remembers folks passing “Frank’s Great Outdoors”.
bygone era, but Gary remembers when his father by, many of them customers, stopping to give Larry Gorske’s sons Pete and Andy would
purchased a circular saw powered by a 4-horse a hand during the fire by throwing water on the soon become the third generation in the family
Wisconsin engine which made cutting the ice in nearby house to keep it from burning too, using business and adding some new insight by offering
large blocks which weighed 300 pounds much minnow buckets and water from a minnow tank, a whole catalog online as well as creating mail
easier. These in turn had to be pulled up a ramp to leaving minnows flopping all over the house’s order. When not in school, the fourth generation
be stacked, using a roped pulled by a truck (Gary roof, but the house was saved. is now playing a role in the family business too,
says his sister Judy always had the “gravy job” Nothing was insured, but Frank and Margaret so there is no doubt at all the legacy began by
of driving the truck) from the other side. Accord- paid off the debt and continued stalwartly on. In Frank and Margaret Gorske in 1945 will continue
ing to Gary, you wanted to always be standing to 1951 they built a cinder block building which on. The slogan for this family business is, “If you
the side because if the block of ice broke loose, it was used for storage, and added a stone building take care of your customers, they will take care
came crashing back down the ramp. on the front that would serve as the store. In 1974 of you.”
Besides bait, Frank and Margaret began sell- this would be replaced by a large metal pole-barn For more information, go to www.franksgre-
ing fishing tackle in 1948, some of which they which would have six additions added as the

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50 Plus 2
Snap Weight
Trolling System
nap Weights are a who are just getting into trolling get
common fixture among easily confused over all these lead
walleye anglers who length options. Unless you know
troll in open water. the “jargon” it might even seem like
Literally from the day trollers are communicating in secret
these trolling weights code!
were introduced to the public, Recently on a social media site
anglers have adapted to using them I read a guy’s post that was having
for targeting walleye, and a success trolling walleye
host of other species. using Snap Weights in
Fundamentals combination with a Ban-
The concept of the Snap dit crankbait. This well-
Weight is simple and that’s meaning individual posted
one of the biggest reasons he was fishing 25/2/25. In
why using these in-line case those numbers don’t
trolling weights has caught mean anything to you, this
on just about everywhere amounts to fisherman short
trolling is popular. Avid hand for a trolling set up
anglers know
that getting By Mark Romanack that placed the
Bandit crank-
their gear to bait 25 feet
depth sometimes requires putting behind the boat, a two-ounce snap
weight on the fishing line. The Snap weight was attached to the line and
Weight can be placed on the line in then an additional 25 feet of leader
an instant and also removed just as or what many anglers refer to as the
quickly when fighting a fish. “dropper” was deployed.
The Off Shore Tackle Snap Another guy responds and
Weight system uses the following makes a post that states his hot set
components including an OR16 up is 25/2/50 and the next guy says
(red) Snap Weight Clip, a split ring what works for him is the 20/2/40
and of course the fish shaped sinker and so on and so on. The never
known as the Guppy Weight. It’s ending list of potential lead lengths
important to understand that the and dropper leads is literally im-
OR16 is not a line release, but rather possible to make sense of. No real
a patented line clip. A small plastic benefit comes from this informa-
pin indexes into a hole in the rub- tion because all of these anglers are
essentially using trial and error to Crankbaits like this popular Bandit 5/8 ounce are frequently used to
ber pinch pads. The fishing line is target walleye. Adding a Snap Weight to the line helps these lures dive
placed behind this pin and cradled eventually blunder into fish that just
happen to be at the depth their gear deeper and also allows anglers to fish with shor ter overall trolling leads.
by a pair of rubber pinch pads. So
long as the fishing line is placed is running. leads and weight sizes to saturate diameter, a fixed leader length, a
behind the pin, the Snap Weight is Because none of these well the water column with lures is a two-ounce Snap Weight, measured
fixed on the line until it is removed meaning anglers making social me- common approach to targeting wall- dropper leads and at carefully con-
while fighting a hooked fish. dia posts actually have a clue how eye. The problem with this set up is trolled trolling speeds.
Because the Snap Weight is deep their gear is running, these it takes considerable time to figure The trolling data contained in
easy to use, it has become the most posts are pointless and useless to out what set up is producing the best the 50 Plus 2 Method is achieved by
practical way of adding weight to other anglers. The key to catching on any given day. The trial and er- actually trolling hundreds of specific
crankbaits. Countless trollers use more walleye in open water is first ror method will eventually help the set ups past a scuba diver who in
the snap weight in combination with identifying the depth walleye are troller determine the best combina- turn confirms the diving depths. In
their favorite plugs. The real ques- using and then targeting your gear to tion of lure, weight, lead length and doing so, PTD has been able to shed
tion becomes, when a Snap Weight that depth. trolling speed for that day. Eventu- light on the highly complex subject
is added to a trolling line, how deep Some guys might even argue ally is the operative word here. of trolling with crankbaits and Snap
is that plug running? that they don’t care how deep their The 50 Plus 2 Method Weights.
The Snap Weight Dilemma gear is running as long as the lures Thankfully, Precision Trolling The “standards” involved in the
If there is a dilemma associated are generating bites and the set up Data has taken the trial and error out 50 Plus 2 Method is important and
with Snap Weights it has to do with can be reproduced. Perhaps this of fishing Snap Weights in combina- in fact critical to replicating the data
the seemingly endless combinations is a good trolling strategy, but the tion with crankbaits. The 50 Plus 2 over and over again. By adhering
of lead lengths often incorporated argument is a weak one considering Method establishes a set of “trolling precisely to these standards anyone
into trolling these in-line sinkers. the fact that it takes a lot of time to standards” that can in turn be easily can duplicate the data produced by
Unfortunately, it seems everyone experiment with all those potential duplicated on the water. The stan- PTD in their extensive testing ef-
who uses Snap Weights has their lead length options. dards involved include the ability forts.
own “pet setup.” Too Much Trial And Error to pick a specific crankbait that is in
Not surprisingly, new anglers Using various different baits, turn trolled using a select line type/ 50 Plus 2 Method page 24
50 Plus 2 Method :
from page 22
In this case the standards include Reef Runner 800 series), the Snap
using a 50 foot leader every time Weight Data is provided to them
and with every bait. The other stan- free of additional charge. This oc-
dard is the PTD testing was con- curs because the Snap Weight Data
ducted using monofilament line ap- appears in the line choice options
proximately .0135 in diameter. Most of the app, not as a separate app.
popular monofilaments match this Customers who own the lifetime
diameter with 10 or 12 pound test app also get the Snap Weight Data
lines. The third standard involves and future updates at no additional
using a two ounce Snap Weight. The charge.
final standard involves adhering to If you own the data for one of
specific trolling speeds. the 16 lures featured in the 50 Plus 2
Lure and Trolling Method and it doesn’t show on your
Speed Options phone app, scroll the line choice
Currently the 50 Plus 2 Method options to make sure the 50 Plus 2
involves 16 popular crankbaits. A Method is not on your phone. In this
list of these crankbaits is published case the phone app might need to be
at the www.precisiontrollingdata. updated. The PTD app is updated by
com web page. Other lures will be visiting the Google Play or Apple
tested and added to the Snap Weight App Store respectively.
offerings as time allows. When this Using the 50
data was first introduced in 2018 the Plus 2 Method
50 Plus 2 Method was based on 1.5 To use the 50 Plus 2 Method
and 2.5 MPH trolling speeds. New simply pick one of the lures from
for 2019, several additional speeds the list of 16 that have currently The Snap Weight is simple to use, effective and helps anglers get their
have been added for all 16 lures been tested and set that bait back 50 gear deeper while using shor ter lead lengths. The only question is how
included in this selection. feet behind the boat. The next step is deep does all this gear dive? The Precision Trolling Data phone apps
In 2018 some Android phone to add a two ounce Off Shore Tackle answer that question with the new 50 Plus 2 Method.
brands did not allow the Snap Snap Weight to the line. The third
Weight Data to function. This soft- how to rig up and use the 50 Plus 2 test additional lures and add that
step is to deploy additional leader Method. data to the 50 Plus 2 Method. The
ware problem has been solved and length. This secondary leader is
Why Is This Data Better staff of PTD has already identified
all the lures featured in the 50 Plus called the “dropper.”
2 Method work flawlessly on all The PTD app calculates the total In the 50 Plus 2 Method there a list of a dozen different baits that
Android and iPhones. lead being played out, including are lots of variables and all of these many customers have indicated they
would like to see tested and includ-
Getting the 50 the fixed 50 foot leader and dropper variables are monitored and con-
ed in the 50 Plus 2 Method.
Plus 2 Method leads up to 100 feet. By simply us- trolled precisely. By simply dupli-
cating these variables, lead length, It’s also logical that a similar
Laying hands on the 50 Plus 2 ing the “feet back,” “feet down” Snap Weight trolling system could
Method is easy. The data is avail- and “MPH” picker wheels on the dropper leads, line diameter, trolling
speed, etc., anglers can also achieve be established using a smaller Snap
able on both the PTD Android and app, anglers can determine exactly Weight such as a one-ounce or
iPhone apps available respectively how deep their favorite crankbaits the same results as PTD achieved
while doing the actual testing. 1.5-ounce model. This idea is inter-
at the Google Play and Apple Apps are running with a two-ounce esting, but not at as high a priority
Store. These apps are not sold by Snap Weight. The 50 Plus 2 Other methods have historically
been used to estimate the diving as testing additional lures for the 50
Precision Trolling Data, but rather Method is based on actual tests Plus 2 Method.
by Google Play and the Apple Apps conducted with these select depth of crankbaits fished with Snap
Weights. One such method involves The biggest problem with all this
Store. lures and a standardized list of is that trolling set ups that require
The Snap Weight data for the 16 variables including lead length, using the PTD app to determine the
crankbaits currently available can line diameter, dropper leads and diving depth of the crankbait based using weights also require doing the
on the lead length used. Next the testing in flat calm water. Flat calm
be purchased individually for $2.99 trolling speeds.
per lure. If a person already owns The www.precisiontrollingdata. PTD app is used again to deter- conditions are absolutely essential to
the base data for one of the 16 Snap com web page features a simple mine the diving depth of the Snap accurately establishing and main-
Weight lures (say for example the animation that makes it crystal clear Weight and then these two numbers taining trolling speeds. Even mod-
are added together. Common sense est fluctuations in speed of .2 or .3
The author has made a career would suggest that combining these MPH can and do make a significant
out of identifying popular troll- two numbers would provide exactly difference in diving depths when
ing tactics, then testing various the information anglers are seeking. trolling with in-line weights.
lures, trolling weights and sinking Unfortunately adding the data Days that feature flat calm water
lines by trolling gear past a scuba from a crankbait to the diving depth are rare, making it that much more
diver who in turn documents the of a Snap Weight doesn’t deliver challenging for PTD to do their test-
diving depth. This critical fishing
information is sold through both the desired results. Adding a Snap ing and in turn document their find-
an Android and iPhone app called Weight to the line changes the orien- ings. The process of testing trolling
Precision Trolling Data. tation or angle at which the crank- set ups, documenting the data and
bait pulls in the water. The only way publishing that data takes lots of
to determine precise trolling depths time. Fans of the PTD apps may at
for crankbaits in combination with times get frustrated with the slow
Snap Weights is to test both devices progress. It’s important to consider
together. that the goal at PTD is not simply
What Does to create data, but to create the most
The Future Hold? accurate trolling data possible.
The 50 Plus 2 Method provides Anglers who have questions
trollers a staggering amount of regarding anything included in the
invaluable fishing information. The PTD apps can get customer service
question becomes, where will Preci- by visiting the www.precisiontrol-
sion Trolling Data go from here? web page and using
The first logical step will be to the “contact” menu bar.n
MDNR COs resolve two
UP wolf poaching cases
ichigan conservation of- wolf poaching cases. Illegally killing
ficers obtained confessions a wolf is punishable by up to 90 days
Tuesday from two Upper in jail, a $1,000 fine, or both, and the
Peninsula men suspected cost of prosecution.
in separate, unrelated wolf poaching Suspected poaching violations
incidents in Ontonagon and Menomi- may be reported 24 hours a day,
nee counties. seven days a week to the DNR’s
Prosecuting attorneys are review- Report All Poaching hotline at 800- incidents are typically sent to the are performed. For more informa-
ing details of the two cases, with 292-7800. DNR’s Wildlife Disease Labora- tion on wolves, visit
decisions on specific charges to be Wolves killed in poaching tory in Lansing, where necropsies Wolves.n
brought expected soon. Gray wolves
are a protected species under the
Endangered Species Act of 1973 and
as such, can only legally be killed in
defense of human safety.
The names of the men – a
58-year-old from Greenland and a
67-year-old from Menominee Town-
ship – are being withheld pending
their arraignments in the respective
county district courts.
“Wolves are examples of im-
portant wildlife species that play a
critical predator role in the ecosys-
tems of the Upper Peninsula,” said
Lt. Ryan Aho, a district law supervi-
sor in Marquette. “Our conserva-
tion officers did some great work
in obtaining confessions from these
two individuals who killed wolves
collared for study purposes by the
Michigan Department of Natural
DNR Wildlife Division person-
nel said they had received a mortality
signal from the collar of an adult fe-
male wolf in Ontonagon County. Sgt.
Marc Pomroy and DNR Conserva-
tion Officer Zach Painter went to the 40 MPH
site, which was located off Gardner
Road in Greenland Township.
“We gathered some information
at the scene, and we conducted sus-
pect interviews the following day,”
Painter said. “During those discus- A side-by-side should do more than take you places. That’s why the all-new Kubota RTV-XG850 Sidekick is designed for
sions, the suspect admitted he shot both hard work and long weekends. Do it all with 40 mph travel speeds, major versatility and all the comfort you need.
the animal with a rifle, which we Experience what it feels like to cross over to MORE with a Kubota Sidekick.
seized as part of the investigation.”
In Menominee County, during
the firearm deer hunting season, a
$ 0 Down, 0% Financing A.P.R.
for 48 Months
mortality signal was received from a OR
1-year-old male wolf on Nov. 19.
“I retrieved the collar later that
Instant Rebate**
day from a place along River Road in
Lake Township,” said DNR Conser-
vation Officer Jeremy Sergey. “The
collar was intact, covered in blood,
but was not attached to a wolf.”
After searching a vast area, and
conducting numerous interviews, the
officers developed several suspects
by the following day. DRYDEN, MICHIGAN
In an interview with conservation (810) 796-3770
officers – the same day the confes-
sion was obtained in the Ontonagon 810-796-3770
County case – the man from Menom-
inee Township confessed to killing
the wolf. He was one of the original
suspects developed in November. *$0 Down, 0% A.P.R. financing for up to 48 months on purchases of select new Kubota RTV-XG850 Sidekick equipment from participating dealers’ in-stock inventory is available
to qualified purchasers through Kubota Credit Corporation, U.S.A.; subject to credit approval. Example: 48 monthly payments of $20.83 per $1,000 financed. **Customer instant
The DNR investigates and rebates of $500 are available on qualifying cash or standard rate finance purchases of new Kubota RTV-XG850 equipment from participating dealers’ stock inventory. Rebate is
pursues vigorous prosecution of any not available with 0% A.P.R. or other promotional financing. Some exceptions apply. Offer expires 3/31/19. See us or go to for more information. © Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2019


Foundation helps youth, clubs, conservation
Encouraging you to apply for grants relating to the outdoor education and participation sports

hen you think of our partner in this publication) said, Almont, offers a deep and long- us in our goals of helping charita-
Woods-N-Water News, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could standing tradition in philanthropy. ble organizations in Michigan.
most likely you think of use the money we raised from the The Foundation is dedicated to Over the years, the Outdoor
monster whitetail bucks you see auction to help promote the out- bringing together human and Foundation has funded many
on our covers or hopefully the doors?” financial resources to support pro- quality and wonderful projects.
many interesting and helpful arti- Of course it would and why gressive ideas in charitable work. Once a proposal is received,
cles inside. not? You are welcome to visit their there are six specific general poli-
With that thought in mind, So thanks to Tom’s thought- website at cies and considerations that the
when you think of the Woods-N- fulness, Arctic Cat’s and many “The creation of this fund has Outdoor Foundation’s Grant
Water News, we would like to others generosity, the Woods-N- helped support organizations dedi- Review committee to look at:
introduce the thought of our Water News Outdoor Foundation cated to promoting the outdoors,” 1) The Outdoor Foundation
Outdoor Foundation. was developed and has been used Janet Bauer said. provides grants to groups, clubs
In the mid-’90s, working in for a variety of needy outdoor “This Foundation will benefit and individuals through designat-
cooperation with Arctic Cat, we projects. individuals and outdoor organiza- ed nonprofit organizations and
were able to offer an Arctic Cat We enlisted the help of Janet tions for a long time to come. I programs operating in the state of
ATV for live auction at the Bauer, President/CEO of Four hope individuals and businesses Michigan.
Outdoor Weekend. During one of County Community Foundation, who love the outdoors will also 2) Grants will be made to sup-
our Outdoor which accepts the grant proposals join the Woods-N-Water News in port progressive ideas that benefit
Weekend organi- and is the administrator of the donating to this fund,” Janet went or enhance the outdoors and out-
zational meetings, fund for us. There is a strict list of on to say. door opportunities; in particular
Tom Campbell procedures we must follow. Four We encourage you to apply for hunting, fishing and the shooting
(Editor, Business County Community Foundation, grants relating to the outdoor fish- sports.
Manager, and with a home office in nearby ing and hunting sports. And we 3) The Outdoor Foundation
are excited we have the fine peo- gives priority to projects that
By Randy Jorgensen ple of Four County Community
Foundation to help us and advise
encourage outdoor education, par-
ticipation by youth and the physi-
Open Since 1987

7480 Germania Road • Ubly, Michigan 48475
Visit us on the Web: WWW.roosterranch.COM
No Membership Required!

OPEN Through April 30, 2019

Field and European Hunts! European Hunt Dates:
 1000 Cover filled Acres w/ Many Ponds  Saturday, Feb. 23 - Super Shoot
 10 Different Farms to Hunt
 Saturday March 2 - European Shoot
 4000 sq. ft. Hunting Headquarters
 2 Overnight Lodges
 Saturday, March 23 - European Shoot NO Small Game License Required! Hunter Orange REQUIRED!
 Saturday, March 30 - European Shoot

Many Hunt Packages to Choose From
Your Dogs or Ours - German Short Hair Pointers  Sunday, April 14 - European Shoot HAVE YOUR DOG TRAINED BY

or Black/Yellow Labs, Flushers or Pointers  Saturday, April 27 - European Shoot
450 Pheasants released each shoot w/full squad.  Sunday, April 28 - European Shoot
Includes *country breakfast *5 stand –wabble Spring & Summer Dog Training Available beginning April 1st
trap *European shoot *Great BBQ lunch
 Saturday, Sept. 14 - All Mallard Duck
*walk up hunt w/guides and dogs *all birds  Saturday, Sept. 21 - Super Shoot Spots Filling Fast, Book Your Date TODAY!
cleaned and evenly divided Individual Partners, Groups Or Private Shoot Dates For Your Group Or Company. We Can Customize Your Hunt!

Friends • Family • Corporate
cally challenged. grant policies and procedures or
4) Grants are normally made for whether your project fits within our
one year. current policies please contact the
5) Grants will Woods-N-Water News’ office at
not normally be 810-724-0254 or visit our
made for operat-  web page at
ing budgets.  www.
6) Projects     
 
 woods-n-
which facilitate 
 
 
cooperation and   com.
 
collaboration 
ANIZ 
All checks
 
N : ____

 

ESS: ____
between orga- CITY
: ____
are to be
nizations are PRO

: ____
made out to

____ STAT
encouraged. GEO
Four County
E : __ ____
__ _ ZIP C

PHIC ____ __ D E: __
Readers NUM
____ Community


and fellow AMO
T: __

: ____


outdoor CON
E: __

noting that it is

TACT ____ ____ ____

businesses CON
intended for the
__ __

CITY ____ _ TIT __
are PHO
: ____


__ ____
LE: __

____ ____
encour- PRO
where CT SUMM
, and A
how yo RY: (Ple

News’ Outdoor
E: __

___ Z

aged to ur proj ase de
ect is scrib
to take e specifi

c bu
Foundation, c/o
__ ____
D E: __
(Add t brief info ____
join forc- Woods-N-Water
additio rm
nal pa ation abou
ge if
need t who, wha
es with News, 594 North t, whe
n, why
us to __
Signa ________
ture & __
Title of ________
Almont Avenue,
help Applic
ant (D ________
ate) ___
Imlay City,
Signa ________
pro- Michigan, 48444.
ture & __
Title of ________
Autho __
rized ________
mote outdoor Offici __
al (Dat _

projects. Of course federal

charitable tax deductions are avail-
able. Woods-N-Water News Outdoor
So please join us in our efforts Foundation operates without dis-
to create an even stronger founda- crimination as to age, race, reli-
tion which can have a positive gion, sex, handicap, or national ori-
impact on our outdoor community. gin in the consideration of grant
If you have any questions about our requests.


By Casey Warner - MDNR

Celebrating 100 years

of Michigan state parks
rom iconic destinations
like Tahquamenon Falls Photos: (Top) Michigan’s state parks sys-
State Park in the eastern tem includes 103 state parks – including
Upper Peninsula to lesser- Hartwick Pines and draws more than
known gems like Hayes 28 million visitors every year. (Middle)
State Park in southeastern Fayette Historic State Park, located in
Michigan’s Irish Hills, the Great Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, surrounds
Snail Shell Harbor. Visitors can immerse
Lakes State offers 103 state parks themselves in history, experience cliff-
to enjoy. Within these parks, there’s side hikes, camp and enjoy the unique
hunting and fishing along with tranquility of the Garden Peninsula.
campgrounds, boat launches, swim- (Bottom) There are more than 300,000
ming beaches, trails and lighthouses. acres of land in Michigan’s state parks.
Whether it’s city destinations like A snowy view of Porcupine Mountains
Belle Isle Park and the Outdoor Ad- Wilderness State Park in the western
Upper Peninsula – our largest state park
venture Center or wilderness areas and one of the few remaining large wild
like Craig Lake State Park, Michi- areas in the Midwest – is shown.
gan has plenty to offer.
But before 1917, our state
parks numbered only one – Macki-
nac Island State Park, which was
established in 1895 as a gift from
the federal government. It had been
the country’s second national park.
the state’s most beautiful outdoor
Interlochen State Park is considered
destinations,” Ron Olson, chief of
Michigan’s first official state park,
the DNR Parks and Recreation Divi-
having been purchased by the state
sion, said. “Fast forward through
Legislature in 1917.
time and you’ll find that generations
At the beginning of the 20th cen-
of residents and visitors have fallen
tury, when Michigan’s population
in love with these treasured natural
rapidly expanded as the automobile
industry grew, cars became afford-
The centennial celebration will
able and people could drive from
encourage the public to get involved
their urban homes to the country or
by sharing their stories and pho-
the lakeshore. But with few places
tos, attending events taking place
available for the public to enjoy
throughout the year, exploring a
these scenic outdoor settings, it be-
new or favorite park, learning more
came clear that a statewide system
about the history of state parks and
of recreational areas open to every-
one was needed.
According to P. J. Hoffmaster,
Michigan’s first superintendent of stateparks100.
state parks: “The appearance of ‘No An average of 28 million people
Trespassing’ and ‘Private Property, each year visit Michigan state parks
Keep Out’ signs has been a growing ranging from Milliken State Park
one, all tending toward an approach- and Harbor in Detroit – Michigan’s
ing era of exclusion of the great first urban state park providing a
mass of our residents and visitors green oasis in the heart of the city –
from wonderful recreational advan- to Porcupine Mountains Wilderness
tages offered by the state. Through State Park, offering one of the few
this, if nothing else, has come the remaining large wild areas in the
setting aside of tracts of land and Midwest.
water by the people for the use and “State parks play a role in help-
enjoyment of all.” ing visitors connect physically and
On May 12, 1919, the Michigan emotionally to all of Michigan’s
Legislature established the Michigan natural resources and outdoor recre-
State Park Commission to oversee, ation opportunities, including inland
acquire and maintain public lands lakes, miles and miles of shoreline,
for state parks. lush forests and a variety of fish and
To commemorate this historic events, podcasts, historical stories, wildlife species,” Olson said.
much more. One way people can share their
milestone, the Michigan Department videos, geocaching and lots more.”
of Natural Resources will celebrate “We think about the centennial connection to state parks is by
Learn more about how to get
the 100-year anniversary of Michi- as a nod to our rich history and an involved in commemorating the contributing photos and memories
gan state parks throughout 2019. energizing look forward,” Olson 100-year legacy of Michigan state to the digital Michigan State Parks
“A hundred years ago, people said. “We’re celebrating by mark- parks – and about the parks and
in Michigan were rallying to protect ing this milestone year with special their history – at State Parks 100 page 30
World Class
A 5,000 square foot lodge located in
the heart of Michigan’s Northern Lower
Peninsula. We are proud to offer some of
the best whitetail deer in the country. Our
herd consists of several bucks that gross
over the 200” mark, with a few that net
over 200” typical!
For hunters we offer hunt-of-a-lifetime

Our hunts are in a heavily forested area,

located along Lake Huron with Canada
just across the lake to the north east.

800-756-5459 21948 US 23N Millersburg, MI 49759
State Parks 100: from page 28
Memory Map. counties)
“We launched the memory map More state park memories will
to capture the special memories – be offered as part of the centen-
camping trips, family traditions, fish nial’s Campfire Storytelling Project,
tales, Scouting excursions, day hikes launching in May.
and more – that people have made “There is something special
over the years,” Maia Turek, a recre- about stories around a campfire.
ation programmer with the DNR The stories always seem authentic,
Parks and Recreation Division, said. honest and, often, heartfelt,” Turek
“It’s a virtual guest book of said. “With this in mind, we are in-
sorts where visitors and staff – the troducing the Campfire Storytelling
heart of Michigan state parks – can Project, where seasoned storytellers
share stories and photos.” will share their favorite state park
A few examples of the reminis- stories and memories.”
cences people have contributed: Turek said that campfire at-
As a child my family and I would tendees will also be invited to share
go for walks on the trails around the their anecdotes. Each event will be
marshes. This remains such a spe- recorded and distilled down into a
cial memory of mine; one that has podcast that will be posted on the
truly sculpted who I am today. (Ster- centennial webpage and shared via
ling State Park, Monroe County) DNR social media.
Campsite #29 was the BEST lake- Under the Radar Michigan, a
front site I’ve ever camped at! Great PBS television series featuring the
view, bald eagle hanging out and it people, places and things that make
was so quiet and beautiful, loved it Michigan great, will help share state
sooo much. We will be returning to parks’ stories with five new seg-
this site yearly to continue making ments showcasing parks across the
memories. (Leelanau State Park, state and a collection of state park
Leelanau County) feature segments from years past.
A local suggested we hit the Lake of Check out the Under the Radar
the Clouds overlook for sunrise. It. videos on the centennial webpage.
Was. Stunning!!! I will never forget The 100-year anniversary cel-
how magical that morning was. ebration includes a series of centen-
(Porcupine Mountains Wilderness nial events across the state. More
State Park, Ontonagon and Gogebic events will be added throughout the
year, so check back often. In addition to looking back on
State park enthusiasts can also the history of Michigan state parks
follow centennial activities on social and encouraging people to explore
media all year long. the outdoor recreation opportunities
The Michigan State Parks Cen- available in state parks today, the
tennial Geotour, kicking off May centennial celebration also focuses
23, will offer an opportunity to join on the concept of giving forward –
a worldwide scavenger hunt and ex- ensuring that state parks continue to
plore state parks while seeking out thrive into the future.
100 new geocaches created in honor Giving forward might include
of the 100-year anniversary. buying gear that supports Michigan
Those who want to camp at state state parks, trails and waterways,
parks during the official anniversary volunteering time to help with
weekend, May 10-12, can book their park stewardship and other DNR
favorite spots at the DNR’s updated efforts, or simply purchasing a Rec-
campground and harbor reservations reation Passport and visiting
Hello, this is Charlie Morse. website, All a state park.
I don't have a lifetime to wait! camping parties that weekend will Get more information about
Air pruned containerized get a complimentary commemora- Michigan state parks at michigan.
plants, equals RESULTS SOONER! tive bumper sticker upon arrival. gov/stateparks.n


A shooting range to prepare you for your

next hunting adventure. Big game hunts
can be expensive, why not be prepared.

¥ Fun and safe range with 1/2” AR500 steel gong targets.

¥ Setup and instruction on shooting mid to long range.

¥ Gun setup, reloading and modiÞcation services.

¥ Year round shooting with heated indoor shooting bench.







2018 hunting accidents
he 2018 firearm deer sea- when a pellet from the shot ricocheted years since the hunter orange law came were both state troopers. Besides my
son started out tragically off a fence and struck a 39-year-old into effect. It took some hunters a lot son and brother everyone else had very
with three shootings that victim. of convincing to comply with the law. little experience with firearms. I have
resulted in the deaths On September 9, 2018 a 71-year- But as they did the number of hunting seen a lot of hunting incidents during
of three hunters that all old hunter thought he was shooting at incidents have dropped. my career and I wasn’t about to have
occurred in the first few a squirrel, but instead shot his 57-year- In Monroe and southern Wayne one at my camp. I told everyone before
days of the hunting season. old hunting partner. counties there were a lot of they returned to the clearing outside
All three hunters were wearing The last reported accident farm fields then. You could the camp to unload their firearm and to
hunter orange as required by law. The occurred on November 17 in see a hunter wearing hunter make it safe. And, as they were leaving
first incident happened on opening Clare County. A 32-year-old orange for a very long dis- the clearing to return to their blind, to
day in Antrim County. The victim, a hunter was sitting in his deer tance. If they were wearing reload at that time.
38-year-old man from Sanford, was blind with his firearm across camo, you could drive by To some people this may seem
hunting on private property and was his lap. He reached out to them at a short distance and silly, but not to me. Accidental dis-
shot by another hunter, a 45-year-old adjust his heater- with his if they were in the woods you charges happen all the time and they
man who lives in Gaylord. finger on the trigger. When might not even see them. It’s can happen to anyone, even someone
The Gaylord man has been charged he bent forward, a very effective who carries a firearm everyday in the
with three counts related to the shoot-
ing, including involuntary manslaugh-
the trigger was
bumped and the By Jeff Pendergraff tool to prevent
injuries and
course of their job.
If you see a member of your hunt-
ter, and careless discharge of a firearm firearm dis- even deaths. ing party doing something that you
causing death. charged striking him in his other hand. But there are still some people think is unsafe you should bring it up
It’s believed by the victim’s family According to F/LT Tom Wanless, who won’t wear it. Conservation Of- to them. I can’t tell you how many
that the shooter was trespassing when the supervisor of the DNR’s recre- ficers normally issues tickets for that times I came across someone hunt-
the victim was shot. ational safety, education and enforce- violation because of the safety factors ing and as I approached them their
The lead officer investigating this ment section, the DNR has been involved. firearm was pointing in my direction,
case is Conservation Officer Andrea keeping records on hunting accidents Just in case you don’t know the and I thought, this is the last person
Albert who is assigned to Antrim since 1940. requirements under the hunter orange who should be holding a firearm. Or
County. • 1940 there were 718,334 hunting law, you must wear a hat, jacket or they laid a loaded firearm up against
The second fatal incident happened licenses sold and that year there were vest of highly visible hunter orange a tree or their vehicle. Some even
on November 16 in Clinton County in 21 deaths and 49 injuries. that can be seen on all sides. Read the having their finger on the trigger. I
Bath Township. A 67-year-old hunter • 1971 there were 1,071,887 hunt- DNR’s hunting and trapping guide for can remember many times checking
Chong Yang was found dead. Accord- ing licenses sold and there were 4 more information on when you must hunters, noting their inability to handle
ing to news reports Mr. Yang suffered deaths and 128 injuries. wear hunter orange. their firearm in a safe manner, I asked
a head wound and his rifle and back- • 1977 there were 1,241,120 hunt- I also believe that there are more them to hand me their firearm and I
pack are missing. Bath Township po- ing licenses sold and there were 5 parents taking their kids out into the unloaded it, for my safety as well as
lice have yet to determine whether the deaths and 102 injured. woods at an earlier age and spending theirs while we talked.
shooting was intentional or the shoot- • 1971 hunter safety training was more time with them and teaching Once you pull the trigger there is
ing was a hunting incident. Mr. Yang’s mandatory for first time for hunters them about gun safety. I did that with no taking the bullet back. Make sure
family is offering an $8000 reward for between the age of 12-16. my grandson well before he was able you know what your target is before
information related to his death. • 1977 hunter orange became man- to hunt. I think this has also helped in pulling the trigger. And keep your
The third fatal shooting occurred datory and in 1988 hunter safety train- bringing the number of hunting inci- finger off the trigger at all times until
in Oscoda County, the victim was ing was mandatory for all first hunters dents down. you’re ready to shoot at your intended
a 29-year-old hunter. This hunting born after January 1, 1960. Firearm safety is everyone’s target.
incident is being investigated by the Since 2000 there have been nine responsibility. My father, who was a Another safety issue is loaded
Michigan State Police. years where there was only one fatal WWII and Korean War veteran, taught firearms in a motor vehicle. Before you
To date there have been four other hunting incident and there have been all six of his kids gun safety. Includ- let someone in your vehicle, make sure
hunting incidents reported in 2018. 9 years where there have been no fatal ing my three sisters who didn’t hunt. it’s unloaded. You would be surprised
On January 16, 2018 a 36-year- hunting incidents. He wanted his kids to be familiar with how many unloaded firearms have
old rabbit hunter was shot in Branch Lt. Wanless believes the reason firearms and not afraid of them and to killed people!
County when there was an accidental for the drop off in hunting incidents respect them. Let’s hope that in 2019 we don’t
discharge from a shot gun injuring the over the years is because of mandatory At my deer camp when I had my have any hunting incidents and certain-
hunter’s hand hunter safety courses and mandatory two brothers, brother-in-law, son, ly no fatal ones.
On September 1, 2018 during the hunter orange requirements. grandson and nephew there hunting, I Author is Jeff Pendergraff, retired
goose opener a 17-year-old hunter was When I started as a Conservation always had a little safety talk with ev- Captain from the Law Enforcement
swinging to follow a flock of geese Officer in 1980, it had only been three eryone. Even my brother and son who Division of the DNR.n


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By John Ozoga...The Science behind

he white-tailed largely controlled by hormones. seasonal changes in the amount testes.
deer’s cycle of This cycle involves a complex of daylight. The cycle follows More so than the timing of
antler growth, interplay between the tiny pineal the seasonal, rhythmic rise and other antler events, nutrition
hardening, cast- gland, the hypothalamus of the fall in blood levels of the male can have a strong influence on
ing (dropping off), brain, the pituitary gland, and hormone testosterone, which the timing of antler casting. In
and regrowth is the testes, and is a response to is produced principally by the fact, within a given region of the
country, the timing of a buck’s
antler casting will provide a
reasonably good indication of his
general health status. Prolonged
antler retention is indicative of
good health, whereas physically

Find your escape.

No matter where your passion for the outdoors takes you,
GreenStone can help you get there. We’re experts in The white-tailed deer’s cycle
financing homes off the beaten path and properties of antler growth, hardening,
of any size. casting (dropping off), and
regrowth is largely controlled by
Contact your local branch office to learn more, hormones. This cycle involves a
or visit us online to apply today. complex interplay between the
tiny pineal gland, the hypothala-
800-444-3276 mus of the brain, the pituitary
gland, and the testes, and is a
response to seasonal changes in
the amount of daylight.
exhausted, malnourished, in-
jured, or diseased bucks tend to
drop antlers early.
Antlers are cast when blood
levels of the male hormone tes-
tosterone decline, which in turn
are dependent upon the buck’s
dominance rank and physical condition. Because antler cast-
ing is under hormonal control, a
buck may drop both of his antlers
on the same day, possibly only
minutes apart, or, more rarely,
A buck’s
nutrition and
general health
status, as well
as his domi-
nance rank
carry one antler for a week or and length
longer than the other. I observed of the breed-
one buck that had been injured ing season,
while fighting drop its antlers a interact to
month apart. determine
On northern range, where the time and
harsh winters tend to start in order in which
early December, bucks generally he casts his
drop antlers from mid-December antlers. Kenny
to late January. Large old domi- Darwin photos
nant bucks tend to drop their ant-
lers earlier than do small young
In the Midwest, where the
weather is not so severe and THE ULTIMATE WOOD HEAT
nutrition is better, antler casting
may extend from January to late Models available
March. Bucks with large antlers for any size home or
reportedly retain them longer application.
than do bucks with small antlers. More comfort for your entire home

By comparison, in the Deep

South, where deer breeding sea-
sons are prolonged, some bucks
may retain their antlers until
March or April, and large-ant-
lered bucks there tend to carry
antlers later than small-antlered Keep the fire and mess outside - EPA-Certified
ones. long burn times (24 hours or more)
Classic Edge™
It is important to note, Titanium HD Series
though, that it is not latitude per Outdoor Wood Furnaces

se that causes the north-to-south Features a Titanium-Enhanced

Stainless Steel Firebox
difference in the timing of antler
casting. A buck’s nutrition and
general health status, as well as
his dominance rank and length of More convenience,
the breeding season, interact to safety and savings than
determine the time and order in any other method of
which he casts his antlers. Burn less wood than an indoor stove, wood heat.
We demonstrated, for ex- deliver more heat
ample, that artificially raising the
nutritional level of the Cusino Call a Central Boiler dealer near you today!
Enclosure deer herd via supple-
mental feeding greatly delayed Valentine Enterprise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bannister, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 989-862-5972
antler casting and caused many Beaverton Outdoor Wood Furnace . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Beaverton, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 989-435-9240
Gauthier Heating & Cooling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Black River, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 989-471-2478
bucks, especially two and one-
SOS Property Maintenance LLP. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Caledonia, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 616-554-8669
half year olds, to carry their Snowbelt Stoves LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chatham, MI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 906-439-5161
antlers until March or, in some Nature Trail Enterprises . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fremont, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 231-924-7946
instances, even into April. Im- Hettinger’s Backyard & Power Store . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Galesburg, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 269-484-9273
proved nutrition for our northern Harbor Hardwoods Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Harbor Springs, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 231-526-8405
bucks, then, produced an antler Able Heating & Cooling Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Homer, MI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 517-568-5522
casting schedule more closely re- Greenstone Renewable Energy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lake Linden, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 906-296-0417
sembling that of southern white- B&S Wood Boilers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lapeer, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 810-664-5060
tails, even though the breeding White Pine Outdoor Boilers Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Marion, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 231-282-3194
schedule of enclosure does was Midwest Outdoor Furnaces LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Newport, MI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 734-755-2005
not prolonged. P & J Sales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sagola, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 906-396-7136
In a nutshell, antler reten- K & A Boilers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sault Sainte Marie, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 906-635-9571
tion is a good indicator of nu- Alternative Outdoor Energy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . St. Clair, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 586-709-7165
Twin Ponds Alternative Heat. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Stanton, MI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 989-831-4890
tritional conditions for deer in
Double L Tack Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tower, MI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 989-733-7651
northern areas. If you see many Northwoods Outdoor Stoves . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Traverse City, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 231-676-0659
bucks without antlers during C.H.S. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ubly, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 989-658-4328
the extended archery season, in Matt Simerson Sales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vassar, MI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 989-233-1420
December, you’ll know range D-2 Outdoor Wood Boilers LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Wayland, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 616-877-4081
conditions are not the best in Westmoreland Construction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Webberville, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 517-468-3685
your general area. On the other Timberland Outdoor Boilers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Wellston, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 231-862-3134
hand, if bucks in your area carry
their antlers until late February,
VIDEO: How It Works
or longer, it’s a good sign that
they’re nutritionally well-off >
It’s important that your outdoor furnace and system be properly
Explore > How it Works sized and installed. See your local dealer for more information.
and likely to survive the winter
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Brown Trout
Wobbling plugs like this 3.5 Mag Lip by
Yakima Bait are impor tant tools for targets
not only suspended browns, but fish that
are holding on bottom structure as well.

As fishermen we tend to covet the things we can’t have or can’t have often
enough to satisfy our addiction. It’s true that “the tug is the drug” and for
me brown trout are an addiction I just can’t get enough of...

arly spring right after numbers requires sizable stocking will of course take two more years is a few degrees warmer. Drowned
ice out is one of the efforts. In many cases, brown trout before these fish are maturing, but river mouth lakes that pour nutrient
best times to find stocking efforts have been pitted anglers who enjoy fishing these rich, stained and slightly warmer
Great Lakes browns against other popular species like ports should be treated to exception- water into the Great Lakes are prime
concentrated in predict- king salmon or steelhead. When al fishing opportunities in the spring spots to find spring browns. Brown
able places, but at the push comes to shove and biologists of 2020 and beyond. trout will also concentrate near
same time weather conditions in the are limited as to what species they In effect, the Michigan DNR smaller creeks and rivers that dump
spring are anything but predictable can stock, brown trout are often has stopped stocking brown trout in stained and somewhat warmer
or stable. Anglers can find them- found on the bottom of the list. in southern ports of Lake Michigan water.
selves enjoying world class fishing Historically, the Michigan DNR and Lake Huron in favor of estab- Warm water discharge sites from
one day only to see success disin- has been very active in brown trout lishing fisheries in the northern parts power plants and municipalities are
tegrate the next. And so it goes for stocking efforts. Unfortunately, not of the lake where the habitat is more yet another place where slightly
the Great Lakes angler who wants to all the places that were conducive to brown trout warmer water temperatures will
target brown trout. stocked historically pro- survival. attract brown trout. Just one or two
Four factors control brown trout duced noteworthy fisheries. degrees of water temperature can
fishing in the Great Lakes including Two places in Michigan Water make all the difference in where
that have enjoyed sig-
stocking efforts, water temperature,
water clarity and the presence of nificant success with brown Temperature spring brown trout turn up.
Most modern sonar/GPS units
structure. In those unique places trout stocking include the Anglers anxious to feature a surface water temperature
where all of these elements come northern one-third of Lakes target brown trout are often probe mounted at the transducer.
together, brown trout fishing can be Michigan and Huron. launching boats even before Carefully monitoring water tem-
nothing short of incredible. Take Ludington, ice has fully melted from perature and concentrating fishing
away any one of these important
keys to success and brown trout
Manistee and
Frankfort on
By Mark Romanack public access
sites. Ironically,
efforts in places that are just a few
degrees warmer than the surround-
fishing success quickly becomes the best brown
Lake Michigan and Alpena on Lake ing water routinely pays off in big
fleeting. trout fishing typically takes place in dividends.
Huron have the right mix of habitats water temperatures ranging from 45
Stocking Efforts to support good brown trout fishing. to 55 degrees. Water Clarity
For all sorts of reasons, brown While these areas of the state have At ice out the main lake water Water clarity is another criti-
trout stocked in Great Lakes wa- not seen brown trout stocking efforts temperature is generally too cold cally important variable for the
ters do not enjoy significant natural in recent years, starting in 2018 a to support good fishing success. In- angler targeting brown trout in the
reproduction success. Therefore, significant DNR stocking effort stead anglers need to seek out select spring. Crystal clear water may look
sustaining brown trout in catchable began taking place in these ports. It areas where the water temperature inviting, but clear water is missing


the key ingredients needed to sup-
port the building blocks of the food
chain. Water that contains lots of
zooplankton and phytoplankton has
the critically important ingredients
needed to attract baitfish and in turn
predators like brown trout.
Plankton rich waters tend to be
stained in color. To the trained eye
these waters appear “green” and
in fact lots of skillful anglers find
their most productive fishing spots
using nothing more than their eyes
and ability to identify water that is
laden with plankton. Some anglers
even claim they can “smell” the best
places to fish. Nutrient rich water
does tend to have a “fishy” smell for
lack of a better description.
Unfortunately, the subject of wa-
ter clarity is a slippery slope because
water clarity changes rapidly and
modest changes can and do make
a huge difference in fishing suc-
cess. In general, clear water doesn’t
attract significant numbers of fish This rather modest brown trout caught near the mouth of the Niagara River by lure designer Buzz Ramsey marks
and on the other end of the spectrum a rather impor tant breakthrough in plug design. This 3.0 Mag Lip was the first prototype and Ramsey brought it
dirty water makes it hard for fish to with him from Washington to test it out on brown trout in Lake Ontario while filming a TV episode with the author.
see and hunt for prey. round goby, sticklebacks, suckers having to clear any inside board are often a mainstay in the brown
The “just right” water clarity is and sculpins. lines. trout diet during early spring. Some
stained enough that the prop on the
outboard can be seen, but the outline The Best Fishing Spots Known as the “loop trick” when
it’s time to put the board on the line,
of my favorite spring stickbaits for
brown trout include the Yo-Zuri
of the prop is diffused. In other The best brown trout spots tend
to be places where two or more of I wrap the line over my index finger Crystal Minnow, Rapala Husky
words, water clarity that allows and spin my finger a few times to Jerk, Smithwick Perfect 10 and Reef
things to be seen two or three feet these important fish holding ele-
ments are found. Find a place that create a small loop of line. This loop Runner Ripstick.
down is considered ideal. is placed in the line release on the Trolling spoons are also a good
When targeting spring brown has stained water, good structure
and the right water temperatures and tow arm of the board. Next, I place option for fishing in shallow water
trout on the Great Lakes the water the line in a second line release or near the surface. In-line trolling
browns are almost sure to be found
pouring in from tributary streams (OR16 Snap Weight Clip) mounted sinkers like the Off Shore Tackle
and rivers is often too dirty to be in large numbers. to the back of the board. This re- Tadpole Diver are a very handy tool
ideal. However, when this dirty wa- Boards Are Best lease is unique in that it has a small for fishing spoons in deeper water.
ter mixes with the clear water of the Lots of anglers target spring plastic pin that indexes into a hole in The No. 1 is the smallest size Tad-
Great Lakes the resulting mixture brown trout by long lining their the rubber pinch pad. When the line pole and ideal for targeting browns
is often nearly perfect for holding favorite plugs and spoons straight is placed behind this pin, the board from near the surface down to about
baitfish and brown trout. out the back of the boat. In order to is effectively “pinned” to the line. 20 feet deep.
Stained water is not only created maximize this simple presentation, This rigging method allows the Small mini-divers such as the
just near river mouths. Often stained long trolling leads, light line and line to pop free from the release on Luhr Jensen Mini Dipsy and Big
water occurs when wind and wave hard to see line types such as fluoro- the tow arm when a fish is hooked, Jon Mini Disks are other good op-
action stirs up sediment from shore- carbon are popular. yet the board is still attached to the tions for targeting brown trout with
line erosion. A ribbon of stained It’s often said that brown trout line thanks to that OR16 clip. Be- spoons. The most productive spoons
water along the shoreline can be a are line shy. Perhaps this is true to a cause the board is no longer planing for brown trout are the standard and
magnet for brown trout. degree, but I tend to see this situa- to the side, the weight of the strug- mini sizes. The Wolverine Tackle
Structure tion differently. Anglers who are try- gling fish pulls the board backwards Mini Streak has been my “go to”
and away from the other board lines.
Bottom structure is the final ing to use their salmon gear to target brown trout spoon for many years.
brown trout might find their lines The beauty of this set up is fish can Mini Streaks are the right size for
piece of the puzzle when searching
a bit on the heavy side for browns. be hooked and landed without hav- brown trout and they come in a host
for the most productive brown trout ing to clear any of the other planer
waters. While browns can and do Walleye trolling gear is in my mind of fish catching color options.
ideally suited to targeting spring board lines. To say rigging in-line When brown trout are found in
suspend in the water column to feed boards this way is slick would be an
upon pelagic forage species, this brown trout. I’m fishing a 7’-6” deeper water, a diving crankbait is
telescopic rod produced by Daiwa understatement. Rigging boards to an important addition to the tackle
species is most at home at or near release is essential for serious troll-
the bottom. marketed as a walleye in-line board box. Brown trout are readily caught
rod. Matched up with a 300 size ing success. on a wide variety of high action
Brown trout are most likely to
be hanging out where rock, boulders Lexa Line Counter reel and 10 to Hot Brown Trout Lures wobbling plugs. The best lures
and various mixtures of gravel form 12 pound test green monofilament, I Brown trout will strike a wide in this category have aggressive
reefs, points that taper into deeper caught countless brown trout on this variety of lure types and colors. side-to-side actions, loud rattles and
water or shoals. In part, browns like utilitarian set up. Standards that every fisherman plenty of flash.
bottom structure because it favors Instead of long lining my lures should own include some shallow Classic brown trout plugs
their ambush hunting style. Sec- out the back of the boat, I use in-line diving stickbaits, deeper diving include the Storm Hot-N-Tot and
ondly, a lot of minnow species that planer boards like the iconic Side- wobbling plugs and an assortment Wiggle Wart series, Yakima Bait
end up in the stomach contents of Planer by Off Shore Tackle to stack of medium to small size trolling U20 FlatFish and Luhr Jensen
browns are benthic creatures that two or three lines out each side of spoons. KwikFish series. Each of these lures
live their whole lives on our near the the boat. I use a rather unique board When fishing near shore or shal- has earned the respect of anglers
bottom. rigging method that enables me to low structure stickbaits are always who routinely target brown trout in
Good examples of bottom loving trip or release the board when a fish a good option. Stickbaits do an
minnows include spottail shiners, strikes and fight that fish without excellent job of imitating smelt that Brown Trout page 36
Brown Trout:
in the water does a great job of triggering strikes
from browns and also causes them to strike with
much enthusiasm.
The problem with most scent products is they
from page 35 are water soluble and wash off almost as quickly
as they are applied. Pro Cure Bait Scents pro-
1916 - 2019 the Great Lakes. duces the Super Gel series of fishing scents that
A CANADIAN A new series of wobblers produced by Ya- are super sticky and super concentrated. Made by
CLASSIC WITH kima Bait have literally taken over among plug grinding up real forage minnows and combining
WORLD WIDE fishermen in the Great Lakes region. The Mag with a sticky and odor free gel, the results are
RECOGNITION Lip family features seven baits including the potent fishing scents that generate a long lasting
2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0 sizes. Among scent stream.
anglers who target browns, the most popular sizes A small dab of Super Gel about the size of a
FT include the 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 sizes, but I have also pencil eraser is enough scent to attract fish for 30
Firetiger enjoyed excellent success using the 4.0 and 4.5 to 35 minutes before it needs to be reapplied.
sizes as well.
What’s different about the Mag Lip plugs Custom Touches
is they have a great “hunting” style action at A growing number of Great Lakes trollers are
slow, moderate and fast trolling speeds. Yakima going the extra mile to customize their favorite
describes this as a “skip beat” action because the spoons, plugs and stickbaits. Using after-market
plug will without warning dart out to the side and hooks that do a better job of hooking and holding
then resume its steady rhythmic action. This built the fish that bite is an easy way to add a custom
in hiccup in the action triggers strikes unlike any touch to baits.
other plug. Most manufacturers of spoons, plugs and
The larger sizes of Mag Lip feature a sig- stickbaits equip their lures with round-bend style
nificant dive curve and are deadly when fished treble hooks. Switching these out for wide bend
in combination with planer boards. The smaller style hooks does an excellent job of keeping the
sizes can also be used for deep water work by fish that bite buttoned up. My favorite after-mar-
fishing them on a simple three-way swivel rig ket hook is the Eagle Claw Trokar TK310 series
or in combination with Off Shore Tackle Snap of wide bend trebles. For most lures I’d recom-
Weights to gain more depth from these lures. mend replacing the factory hook with the same
Wobbling plugs fished in close proximity size Trokar. I carry a good assortment of No. 6, 4
to the bottom has evolved into one of the most and 2 hooks for this purpose.
productive ways to target brown trout. The recent Many anglers recommend using larger hooks
popularity of plugs is not happening by accident. than factory supplied. This can be a slippery
Rather, the explosion of the round goby into slope as many lures are so delicately balanced
Great Lakes waters has fueled an abundant food that adding a larger hook can actually destroy the
source for predators that are not afraid to hunt on lure’s action.
the bottom. Some biologists feel the current bio- When fishing plugs in contact with the bot-
mass of round goby in the Great Lakes exceeds tom, I’d also recommend removing the belly
all other forage fish species combined! hook to keep snags to a minimum. Most wob-
Brown trout, lake trout, smallmouth bass and bling plugs will fish just fine without the belly
walleye are just some of the species that are feed- hook. Another option is to remove both the treble
ing more often on round goby than traditional hooks and replace these with single Siwash
forage minnows like emerald shiners, smelt, hooks.
alewife and gizzard shad. Wobbling plugs do an Adding two split rings to plugs and spoons
is another easy way to land more of the fish that
Genuine silver, excellent job of imitating a round goby scurry-
strike. Powerful browns often roll and jump when
24k gold & ing around the bottom. Fishing these plugs deep
enough that they collide with and ricochet off hooked. Baits that feature multiple hooks give
copper finishes rocks and boulders is one of the best ways to trig- the fish leverage that literally allows the fish to
ger strikes while fishing plugs. “tear free” and escape. By placing two split rings
on baits, the hook can rotate more freely and it’s
Brown Trout Colors much more difficult for hooked fish to shake the
A wide variety of lure colors will catch brown bait.
trout in Great Lakes waters. Painted finishes are
good, but it’s the plating finish that generates the It’s All Good
flash so important to catching brown trout. The Michigan’s tradition of spring brown trout
The original Williams most productive baits feature a metallic copper, fishing is currently in a slump, but the future
looks bright for anglers who can’t get enough of
lure that started it all gold or silver base coat with contrasting accent
colors added over top of the metallic finish. these impressive fish. In the meantime, anglers
over 100 years ago. The most productive color combinations who aren’t afraid to put the boat on a trailer can
find great spring brown trout fishing in a host
• Multispecies change day to day as water clarity and light con-
of other ports. My favorite brown trout destina-
ditions also change. Every serious brown trout
• Stabilising ridge fisherman I know carries an extensive collective tions include Racine, Milwaukee and Sheboygan
Wisconsin, the Niagara Falls region of Lake
• 7 sizes, 29 colours of spoons, stickbaits and wobbling plugs in a
wide variety of color options. Ontario in New York and the Pulaski Region of
Lake Ontario near the Salmon River. All of these
Adding a Scent Stream destinations deliver limit catches of impressive
The vast majority of brown trout caught in the brown trout day in and day out in April
Great Lakes are taken in March, April and May and May.
when the water temperatures are cold and water This spring, gear up and get out often. Brown
/williamslures clarity is stained. At this time of year it’s impor- trout are the best way I know to shake the cob-
tant to also add natural scent products to stick- webs of winter and celebrate spring in the Great baits, spoons and plugs. Creating a scent stream Lakes.n

Dave Mroz of Oz Motor Sports in Almont

took this monster Lapeer Co. 10-pt. beast
Eric Ringstad of Columbus took this with a crossbow on Oct. 29. The 180
monster Lapeer Co. buck. pound buck should score in the 150s.

Keith Koster took

this record book
buck opening morn-
ing on state land
hunting a swamp in
Kalamazoo Co. After
Tracy Crammer’s thick the shot, the buck
tined buck was green took three bounds
scored at nearly 170
and was stuck in the
inches and should be in
mud. It should score
the top ten largest bucks
in the high 160s.
from Shiawassee Co.

“Hunt your PASSION, not a price point!”

Central Michigan’s premier hunting destination is waiting for you to make lasting memories, now and for the seasons to come.

Whether hunting for your passion or making

NOW BOOKING memories with those you love, FAMILY
2019 HUNTS! the Refuge Ranch can help you accomplish both.
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Book your hunt today! Paul Wyman (616) 460-8100 The Refuge Ranch • HUNTYOURPASSION.COM 9999 – 70th Ave. • Mecosta, MI 49332
Michigan’s Mighty
Meadow Vole
astern coyotes love pect a meadow vole might be a tasty
meadow voles. The little nugget for a cougar or wolf in
record breaking sub-zero our north country.
temperatures last month So what exactly is a vole?
that slammed Michigan The simple answer is this:
did nothing to slow Meadow voles are a small somewhat
down their love affair with these mouse-like rodent bearing the scien-
tiny creatures that remain active all tific name Microtus pennsylanicus. A young
winter and thrive under a wintery Voles, although related to mice,
blanket of snow. However, are not mice even though
it’s a one way love affair confusion reigns when they vole
because these slightly are referred to as meadow
pudgy meaty mouse-sized mice. And when a coyote from a mole’s tunnel causing even a cat brings one home as a ‘gift.’
morsels that we call voles or fox leaps up in the air more confusion. A vole is simply They are almost twice as heavy as
are delectable delicacies for and pounces down on a a vole and with that point of clari- our common white-footed mouse
the wild canids that must meadow vole it’s called fication out of the way, my rodent and unlike mice that have ears that
continue to hunt no matter “mousing.” ramble is specifically about the most “stick up,” voles have rounded ears
what Mother Nature brings. During the snow melt, common vole in my neck of the that are almost concealed and short
As a just prior woods, the meadow vole. They are stubby tails. Meadow voles also
matter of
fact there
By Jonathan Schechter to the po-
lar vortex
prolific breeders and often produce
six litters per year with their off-
have a ‘cute factor,’ perhaps because
of their beady black eyes and their
is hardly a winter active predator spawned big freeze, a neighbor spring becoming sexually mature at luxurious appearing rather glossy
in Michigan that hasn’t developed noticed the abundance of exposed just one month old. We may not see fur coat. Another difference that the
a taste for the meadow voles. The vole tunnels in melting snow in his meadow voles, but their evidence hungry predators do not care about,
vole-snatchers list includes red yard and asked me if a vole is a during times of winter snow melt is but observant humans may notice, is
foxes, owls, hawks, mink, weasels, cross between a mole and mouse. unmistakable. mice have a more pointed snout than
opossums, skunks, raccoons, feral They aren’t that either; even though Meadow voles can easily be the rather rounded face of vole.
cats and domestic cats. And I sus- at times voles may enter and emerge mistaken for a chubby mouse when Perhaps the most noticeable

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feature of the voles however, is not (“nives”) and refers to the open,
their appearance but rather their tun- shallow layer that usually forms
nels under the snow; runways that under deep, layered snow.” MSU
are lined with grasses. They are easy goes on to explain “The tunnels lead
to notice during periods of winter from entrances to sleeping areas
snow melt, and again in the earliest and to known sources of food. The
days of spring before grass greens entrance holes double as ventilation
back up. Voles create extensive shafts, allowing the carbon dioxide
runway systems through dry grasses created from animal respiration
that are above the frozen ground as well as carbon dioxide released
but beneath the snow. The runways from the ground to escape.” MSU
include hidden nesting areas that confirms that even when the winds
sometimes serve unintentionally may be howling and the mercury
as dining areas for their predators. plunging the subnivean zone the
That system of runways, perhaps temperate remains close to 32°F. This coyote sniffing out voles was
best described as meadow vole Being protected from the ele- caught by the author’s trail cam.
expressways, are about 1 ½ inches ments does not insure safety for
wide and may go on for dozens or meadow voles. Predators know along in their topside world. Unlike Walk slowly and look about
even hundreds of feet often in a mix where to find them, by sound and the bounding tracks of white-footed and the tunnels of voles and tracks
of crisscross patterns and occasion- sometimes by scent. Eastern coyotes mice that usually leave a clear four- of mice may be noted in meadows,
ally almost in straight lines. The are masterful mousers; skilled in the print pattern with their front feet parks, the edges of golf course
runways lead to areas where they survival art of listening and sniffing landing side by side as they travel fairways and along the thousands
feed under the snow on young tree for a vole in its tunnel nest or run- along the surface of the snow, and of miles of trails that crisscross our
bark, grasses and other plant materi- way, and then pouncing. One of my their hind feet landing side by side, state. And when the next big snow
als. trail cameras even captured a coyote the meadow vole generally leaves melt arrives, explore some more and
Their tunnel habitat is known on a midnight vole hunt at the edge an alternate-track trail with no feet you are sure to discover the tunnels
as the subnivean zone; the area of my woods. landing side by side. Mouse tracks of the mighty meadow voles, the
between the surface of the frozen Winter is a great time to explore tend to stay on the surface for a best fast food for the coyotes in our
ground and the bottom of the snow- the secrets of nature’s creatures, long time and often end at the base midst.
pack. The Michigan State Univer- even those in the subnivean zone. of a hollow tree - a perfect winter Jonathan Schechter is the Na-
sity Extension Service defines the Snow is deep now and most sub- home for a mouse—or near shrubs ture Education Writer for Oakland
word subnivean this way “The word nivean tunnels are hidden. But every where they have transformed an County Government and an avid
“subnivean” comes from the Latin now and then a vole emerges from abandoned bird’s nest into a winter explorer of the woods of Michigan.
words for under (“sub”) and snow a tunnel hole and scurries briefly retreat. Email: oaknature@aol.comn

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Mossberg celebrates
its 100th Anniversary
With the new MC1sc 9mm small, concealable pistol...
time was five dollars. This illustrat-

s it celebrates its keep the MC1’s weight down. Addi- A unique feature of the gun is
100th anniversary, ed the company’s goal it maintains tionally, the slide and barrel feature Mossberg’s patent-pending Safe
O.F. Mossberg & to this day as it enters its second a DLC (Diamond Like Coating) fin- Takedown System (STS). Unlike
Sons, Inc. is nod- century of existence: “a simple ish, which reduces slide friction and other brands of guns, this one does
ding in the direc- dream to manufacture du- wear resistance. not require the user to pull the trig-
tion of its origins rable and reliable firearms The trigger on the MC1 ger during the disassembly process
with the release of the MC1sc, a that the working class could sc is very smooth to operate or to fumble to engage a slide-side
full-featured, 9mm concealed carry afford.” with a 5 to 6 pound pull unlocking lever. Rather, the STS
handgun. The MC1sc fits that weight. The smooth take- begins with the shooter opening a
“A handgun from Mossberg?” description perfectly. up combined with the flat sliding cover on the rear of the slide
would be an understandable reaction The “sc” designation trigger face offers a clean, in order to remove the striker assem-
from those familiar with the classic stands for “subcompact,” crisp trigger break. Trigger bly. Also, the gun features another
Mossberg Model 500 pump and its but the MC1 does not feel guards are also oversized patent-pending item: Mossberg’s
other self-defense shotguns. But it’s like a tiny pistol. While for ease of access and com- signature grip texturing, added palm
not unheard of. In fact, Mossberg’s
first production piece was a hand-
it’s difficult for a
layman to speak in By Tom Carney fort.
It includes
swell and grip angle (similar to a
1911’s) for a more natural and com-
gun. terms of ergonom- two single-stack, fortable grip.
The “Brownie” was a .22 caliber ics, suffice it to say that the MC1 “Clear-Count” magazines con- First available in January 2019,
pistol that had four holes in its bar- simply handles in a way that just structed of a transparent, lubricious the MC1sc comes in five iterations:
rel, one for each shot. “Mr. Trapper, feels “right.” It has an overall length polymer compound, which provides standard, cross-bolt safety, standard
You need this pocket pistol in your of 6.25 inches, a barrel length of 3.4 a quick and easy way to determine with Tritium Pro sights, standard
business,” reads a 1928 ad for the inches and a weight of 19 ounces the number and types of rounds with Viridian E-Series red laser and
Brownie. “Just the thing to finish (with an empty magazine). Its loaded. One magazine is a flush a special Centennial Limited Edition
trapped animals.” glass-reinforced, polymer frame and 6-round version; the other, a 7-round of 1,000 units with special serial
The cost of a Brownie at the stainless steel slide and barrel help extended. numbers and 24 karat gold accents

Superior Game Ranch

Route 3 Box 163 • Cornell, MI 49818
Incredible U.P. of Michigan
Hunting Opportunities
Private farmland in south Marquette
County Michigan, fully guided
bow and firearm hunts in
hunting preserve for: Elk,
Whitetail Deer, Buffalo, Wild Large Russian Boar
Boar, Red Stag & Fallow Deer. Hunts Available!

Trophy Elk,
Trophy Red Stag &
Trophy Fallow Deer
Lodging available for
groups of up to 12 people.
Still Booking Hunts!
Call (906) 238-4482 or

Visit MI.DUCKS.ORG for more information, or contact (906) 630-1617

Dean Noble, MI DU Volunteer Chairman (989) 414-0981
Jim Toth, MI DU State Chairman for more information and reservations.
(810) 869-5323 •
engraved on the slide. The prices And to tell you the truth, though
range from $421 to $686. I’ve test shot probably at least a
In an online video pointing dozen 9mm pistols, this is
out the features of the MC1, and the first one of which I can
its durability (800 rounds fired in honestly say it was “fun” to shoot.
two days) Mossberg spokesperson In fact, it’s the first time I set down
Jeremy Stafford says, “None of that a pistol after firing it that the
makes a difference if you can’t pick thought “I don’t need to look
this gun up and hit the targets you any further for a handgun” entered
need to hit, quickly.” my mind.
And for my money, that’s where The MC1 likely has what it takes
this gun sings, in its accuracy. For to be a most decent concealed-carry
the purpose of this review you gun for you, too. It’s tremendously
should know that when it comes to accurate. It’s durable and not overly
handgun shooting, I have no train- fancy or complicated. It comes in
ing or skills. Seriously. With my .22 at a very nice price point. And it’s
pistol at a local indoor range, I have made in America.
trouble shooting a tight pattern in Taking those qualities into ac-
the target at seven yards. Yet at a count, at the press event, Kevin
recent press event to introduce the Michalowski, Director of Content
MC1, the gun helped me to shoot for the U.S. Concealed Carry As-
better than I can. At a distance of sociation and Editor of its “Con-
about 25 yards, I hit the metal tar- Top left: The grip on Mossberg’s new MC1 pistol is meant to provide cealed Carry Magazine,” liked what
gets with eight out of 10 shots, the he saw. “It can be a real nice starter
both texture and smoothness in all the right places. Top right: The roomy
last five in a row – on four different gun,” he said.
targets. trigger guard on the Mossberg MC1 is meant to be roomy enough for a And from my vantage point, the
So, not only did I have to re-aim gloved finger to operate the trigger without restraint. Bottom left: One of MC1sc would also be a very nice
but I also had to refocus and mental- the affordable models of the Mossberg MC1sc comes with a Viridian Laser gun with which to finish.
ly recalibrate from one target to the sight. Bottom right: The four-shot Brownie was the first gun produced by For more info: www.mossberg.
next. I have large hands, yet the gun O.F. Mossberg & sons, in 1919. O.F. Mossberg & Sons photos com.
did not feel uncomfortable; in fact, it For a video discussing the
felt just the opposite. The gun I used bench at the range, so the choice of fired by many people before me that MC1’s features: www.mossberg.
was one of about a half dozen on the guns was purely random. It had been day. And yet it performed admirably. com/mc1sc-features-overview/.n

Randy’s Hunting Center Oakland-Macomb

Friends of NRA
EXCLUSIVE Dinner Banquet
77 Hawkeye 450 Bushmaster April 16th • 5:00PM
“STAINLESS” Walnut Palazzo Grande
54660 Van Dyke • Shelby Twp.

Join our efforts to support

the shooting sports:
Three position safety, controlled round feed, Women on Target, High School
full length extractor, what an elegant rifle! Trap teams, 4H and more!
Over 190 different exclusive
Ruger models in 450 Bushmaster Club Level Committee Exclusive 2019 Gun of the year

3,000 ON HAND Raffles, Games, Auctions, Dinner and More!

Randy’s Hunting Center Reserve your seats online at:
721 E. Huron Ave.
Bad Axe, MI 48413
(989) 269-GUNS (4867) Or email for a paper form Questions?......Mike 810-523-5014

’ve scouted properties
and prepared locations for
friends since the mid-1970s,
but something I’ve been
doing over the last sev-
eral years is professionally
scouting properties for other hunters
and while it’s been primarily private
properties, on three occasions it’s
been public lands in Michigan’s
Zone 3 (southern half of Michigan’s
lower-peninsula) which are the most
heavily pressured hunting lands in
the country.
As always I researched aerial
photos for marshes, deep creeks,
rivers and lakes to cross to access
remote areas and islands where most
other hunters wouldn’t put forth the
work effort to access. These remote
areas typically require hip boots,
chest waders or occasionally a canoe
or boat to access and understandably
they are the exact same areas where
mature deer and bucks in particular
that have survived through one or
more deer seasons get pushed into
during pre-season scouting ventures
and during season.
From personal experience these
remote areas are the only places
on heavily pressured public lands
where mature bucks can be killed
with any chance of consistency and
even then only if they’re hunted
using the right entries and exits and
seasonal and daily timing. Of course
for these areas to be most effectively
hunted they need to be scouted out The author begins his scouting with detailed aerial maps and a plan.
and locations be prepared during
post season (January through April) locations in the exact same man- intrusions it won’t take long before boils down to the simplicity of lo-
so as not to disturb the area during ner as if scouting private ground by the mature does and subordinate cating areas that don’t get pounded
pre-season or until it’s the seasonal focusing on destination locations bucks will become comfortable on a regular basis and then being
time to go in and hunt it. such as scrape areas, preferred mast moving within that area during patient and waiting until the rut
Once accessed, many of the trees such as oaks, fruit trees such daylight and will feed on whatever phases begin before hunting them.
public land locations I’ve set up as apple and crabapple, locust trees natural mast and browse the area All buck activity during the rut
and hunted over the years have that drop those long dark beans, has to offer until they leave the area phases revolves around doe activity
been; on small islands, in openings the most secure bedding areas and after dark. and any hunting prior to then will
within bedding areas, in dry cattail transition cover to them, openings The mature bucks on the other alter the very doe activity that the
marshes, and in swampy areas with where several runways may con- hand will likely remain somewhat mature bucks you’re pursuing will
interspersed tamaracks, cedars and verge and pinch points within transi- nocturnal until the rut phases begin be focused on. Depending on the
brush. In 1981 I took a state record tion corridors. and their testosterone levels rise to size of the area you may also spook
buck from an island within a cattail Once deer are pushed into dif- the point they begin moving some the deer from it with a morning exit
marsh from public land in zone 3. ficult to access areas they are still during daylight hours. Then they or evening entry as most of these
On many other occasions how- deer and will act as such if the will also begin moving within the types of areas require all day sits.
ever, once a remote area had been area warrants some secure daytime remote areas in search of estrous In actuality the pre-season
accessed it opened up into what movements due to the lack of hu- does during daylight and that’s the scouting and location preparation
I would consider normal timber, man or hunter activity. If a remote time frame when you can do dam- ventures and early season hunting
terrain or ground. When that was area remains devoid of pre-season age. pressure by other hunters in the easy
the case I searched for hunting scouting and early season hunting On heavily pressured lands it to access areas from the guard railed
public land parking lots immediately that wanted to improve their prop-
eliminates those areas as places I erty. What I definitely wouldn’t do
will even consider looking at, thus is base my decision on who had the
eliminating a huge portion of the best horticulture background or who
property to scout. created the most impressive bro-
But what really threw me off chure because anyone can get basic
from the scouting aspect were four YouTube land management advice
of the many private parcels I’ve online.
scouted. On these four properties To me it’s all about fulfilling the
(two in Michigan and one each in objectives of the property owner
Ohio and West Virginia) the owners which typically boils down to one
had paid exorbitant fees to have land very specific goal of killing mature
management teams come in to show bucks. While I’ve never owned or
them what they needed to do to the leased any property and am not
property. into land management or creating
All four of the land management a deer utopia with so many mature
suggestions were pretty basic like; bucks that the sheer law of aver-
hinge cutting trees to open up the ages would aid in me killing one,
canopy which will thicken up the if I were, what I would research is
understudy to create dense bedding what mature bucks the land manage-
areas, keeping those bedding areas ment person or team had killed prior
as sanctuaries that were never to be to ever hunting on any managed
hunted in, creating berms or using property because then I would know
storm fencing to funnel deer traf- they also knew how to hunt and kill
fic, planting several (too many in mature bucks.
my opinion) food plots, suggesting The true meaning of quality deer
where to prepare hunting locations management (QDM) is keeping the
around perimeters of the exposed deer herd numbers in check with the
food plots and a very general and in land’s carrying capacity or available Remote areas are the only places on heavily pressured public lands
my opinion strange hunting plan. food sources and has nothing to do where mature bucks can be taken. These areas, to be most effec-
To impress the property owners with allowing lots of bucks to grow tively hunted, need to be scouted and prepared during post sea-
the two out of state land manage- to maturity. Over the past 20 years son; January through April.
ment teams drafted long beautiful however, many hunters associate Especially during the rut phases, from Mississippi and they came in
dissertation pamphlets with nice QDM to nothing more than trophy bucks will move beyond your and filled him with a bunch of fluffy
color pictures they had taken of the buck management. property lines and those that survive dreams about turning his property
property, what hinge cut bedding ar- While I’m not an antler point re- their first antlered season in heav- into a hunting utopia like you see on
eas and lush green food plots looked striction advocate, if you own 40 to ily pressured areas will be much TV.
like, what type of forage plants to a couple hundred acres of land in a smarter and not be as easy to kill as The Mississippi team never took
put in the food plots and maps with heavily hunted state or area and it’s the bucks commonly seen taken by into consideration that West Vir-
descriptions of where everything surrounded by property owners that TV and video personalities and their ginia has one of the highest hunter
needed to be done. don’t share your same goals or kill spouses and young kids from micro- densities per absolute square mile
There are a couple seriously criterias, if you want to improve the managed properties and pay to hunt in the country and that his property
good land management teams I property you better make sure the ranches that are large enough to was surrounded by many smaller
know of in Michigan and one of land management team also knows encompass many of the bucks entire parcels and that the area beyond his
them has been doing it since 1995 how to go about killing heavily core living areas. fences got pounded by other hunters
and I would suggest them to anyone pressured bucks. I asked all four property owners that just wanted to kill legal antlered
why they called me to scout their bucks making any bucks he passed
property when they had already paid on extremely vulnerable once they
a land management team to suggest crossed his fences. You simply can’t
land manipulation improvements scout properties and lay out plans
for growing and holding more deer assuming that all hunting circum-
on their property. They all said they stances surrounding the property
had more deer and were seeing and you’re hunting are the same, be-
getting motion pictures of more cause most likely they are not!
mature bucks on their properties The team put together a glossy
than before, but they were still hav- copy and paste four page land
ing issues trying to kill them from management document with all the
the suggested locations which were pictures and hunting verbiage previ-
typically bordering their exposed ously described and added a few
food plots. After all, that’s why they pics of his property to make it look
spent the money in the first place, to more personal, what a crock!
make kills, not to collect nighttime He emailed me their document
motion pictures of big bucks in their and by simply looking at aerial and
food plots or at their mineral licks. topo (was in hilly terrain) maps on-
I like to write about things while line I was shocked at what they sug-
they’re fresh on my mind and earlier gested he do and how they advised
in the year the hunter from West him to hunt it. And that was even
Virginia contacted me about scout- before I knew what type of hunting
ing his 145 acres. Two years prior
The author prepares a tree for the 2019 deer hunting season. he hired a land management team Scouting page 44
Scouting for deer hunters:
from page 43
pressure surrounded his property. There was a primary scrape area
Their plan was as if the property at the SW corner of the northern
were nestled into and surrounded cornfield with ample perimeter secu-
by like-minded, micro-managed rity cover in the form of the standing
properties in Iowa or southern Il- corn as well as excellent transition
linois and that was certainly not the security cover from other bedding
case. For the heavily pressured area areas to it. By plowing and leaving
he was in, the one man two-day ven- the southern field bare it would also
ture, $4,000 (not including flights cause the destination scrape area to
and hotel) cost Mississippi land have more daytime traffic.
management plan document wasn’t There was only one tree in
worth the paper it was printed on. which every scrape would be within
After some back and forth con- shooting distance and it was huge Within a bedding area the author checks out mature buck rubs from the
previous season. There were brow tine grooves four-foot off the ground
versations I agreed and he flew me and had several large vines of poi- on the center rub.
out for a weekend in April to scout son oak running up it. While prepar-
and suggest to him what to change, ing the tree I was pointing out what ning east to west at its base, to the tend to overthink and make things
choose a few locations as if hunting needed to be cut for shooting lanes north was a gradual rising ridge with much more difficult than they need
public ground, prepare at least one and of course I got poison oak on ample understudy security cover for be. When land management teams
of them so he would know how to my wrists, neck and a little on my deer to move through and it was in- suggest planting so many food plots,
properly prepare the rest of them face from wiping sweat. Number terspersed with white and red oaks, they are creating many destination
and create a seasonal and daily hunt- one location was done. an old logging road along the east/ locations that reduces the odds of
ing plan with proper entry and exit The next tree I prepared was west creek in the valley and from an opportunity with a hunt at one of
routes. dead center of the best bedding area the north was another deep valley them. They are also not taking into
He was a very good bowhunter, on the property which the manage- with briars that dumped into the old consideration that mature bucks in
had a couple good bucks on the wall ment team wanted kept as a sanctu- logging road. In all there were six pressured areas gravitate to moving
from Ohio, was detail oriented, kept ary area. The core of the bedding well used runways that were within through transition zones offering
in excellent shape, hunted from a area was a bit more open with inter- shooting distance of the third tree. security cover and into destination
harness as I do, which would make spersed trees and brush making it The maple tree we chose was locations that offer perimeter secu-
preparing locations much easier perfectly suited as a secure chasing clean (no vines) and I asked him if rity cover.
and had all the necessary location and breeding area. Again the large he wanted to prepare it and he was For bowhunters pursuing mature
preparation tools. As we walked the tree I chose was covered in poison all over it and did a great job. While bucks in pressured areas, if your
property I was making notes on an oak and there were so many saplings he prepared the tree I walked down sites offer some form of perimeter
aerial photo. and vines spread out around the base each runway and asked him to let security cover at them and transi-
It didn’t hurt that his property of the tree that it took half an hour me know where the least amount of tion security cover to them from
laid in a lush valley with ample to cut them with a chain saw and cutting would be necessary to offer known bedding areas, the likelihood
amounts of dense bedding areas, remove them from the area before a shot at. By the time I cut the all the for opportunities will be far greater
a large river running north/south screwing in the first step. lanes he was finished in the tree and than if the site locations are visu-
that bordered his east side and that I didn’t count them but within 30 together we moved all the cut trees, ally exposed to open areas or there’s
his home was dead center in the yards of the tree there were at least saplings, brush and briars out of the no security cover understudy in the
middle of the property which gave 15 scrapes from the previous fall way of any runways. The number area. If you’re happy taking subor-
him many more quiet entry and exit and after about an hour and a half of three location was done and I had dinate bucks, does or just like seeing
route options because the deer were cutting vines and pulling them down enough time to shower and make deer, you can hunt exposed areas
comfortable with the non-threaten- from the intertwined branches above my flight home. and be successful.
ing routine traffic noise to and from I reached the location in the tree to While preparing the locations we I have 31 bucks in the Michi-
his house. perch in and finished the job. All discussed the best seasonal and daily gan record book from 19 different
There were two ten acre crop the time I was having the property timing to hunt each and even though properties and 19 P&Y bucks from
fields that bordered the river on the owner go to each scrape and making he really didn’t need it because he 13 different properties on 22 out-of-
east side of the property and they sure there was a lane either to it or was already using ScentLok and do- state bowhunts during Michigan’s
were separated by a narrow swatch to the runways that fed it. Keep in ing everything almost perfectly and gun season.
of open timber. They had been in mind this is a bedding area and we wasn’t getting winded, we still went While there are thousands of
corn every year and were left stand- used both a regular and an extend- over a proper scent control regi- hunters with several book bucks
ing until gun season and the south- able Stihl chainsaw to cut shooting men and the proper care and use of taken in lightly hunted states or
ernmost field bordered a neighbor- lanes and move the cuttings to as- ScentLok with a fine tooth comb. from managed properties, what
ing property owner that poached a sure they didn’t block any runways There were two other locations separates my accomplishment of
10 point the previous bow season and it took hours. in funnels of transition cover that I having 50 record book bucks from
with a .22 rifle which he heard and There is a great likelihood that if recommended he prepare which he 32 different properties (31 Michigan
found the buck a week later in a nice a bedding/chasing/breeding area is did. I also recommended he plant and 19 out of state) from any other
and neatly bedded position about available and is not bow hunted dur- a couple apple or pear trees each at hunter in the country is that I always
250 yards onto his property. ing the rut phases on very specific the first two locations we prepared. exclusively hunted on public and
I suggested he abandon four of all day hunts with extremely early At the cornfield scrape area location knock-on-doors for free permission
the six food interior plots the land arrivals and after dark exits, that the I suggested both trees be planted properties.
management team suggested and he dominant buck in the area will go next to the scrapes so he wouldn’t Whether you hunt public, free
planted and since crop yield money unscathed during bow season and have to move around the tree to permission, family owned, leased,
wasn’t an issue I suggested he disk possibly get shot during gun season shoot in a different direction and managed or out of state properties;
up the southern field and leave by a neighboring property owner. within the bedding area to plant you can attend one of my two-day
it that way so that mature bucks This was his number two location them to the left of his hanging posi- in-field/classroom workshops that
wouldn’t move across it and onto and without question, his best loca- tion so he wouldn’t have to move will give you the knowledge to take
his poaching neighbor’s property tion. to shoot at them. It was also recom- those big bucks you get on cam-
during daylight due to the lack of The last tree we set up was mended that he research which types era. For information on Eberhart’s
security cover, which the standing where three different terrain features of apples fall late into the season as Whitetail Workshops please visit:
cornfield had so nicely offered in the dumped together. There was a steep that’s what he should plant. or e-mail at:
past. hill to the south with a creek run- As bowhunters we oftentimes deerjohn51@gmail.comn



MARCH 14-17
Premier Fishing,
Hunting &
LimitLures! h Eppinger
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the firs Friday of th March 14 Thursday 1 pm-9 pm
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March 17 Sunday 10 am-5 pm

Schedules & Details:

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Ultimate Ultimate
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HAWG TROUGH Archery Shooting
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Guest fishing
experts will be on range and
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to provide seminars and fishing demonstrations skills. You
on this mobile 5,000 gallon tank. Audience can test fire
participation by both seasoned anglers and that new bow
freckle-faced kids keeps the crowd entertained throughout the day. while you’re at it.
A Canadian Fly-In Fishing Trip

Mark Romanack Will Schultz Chris Noffsinger


2:30-4:30pm Denny Geurink Theresa Maybrier Tim Andrus



Seminars & demos on
Features Mark Romanack and Jake
Romanack. Saturday Noon-2pm.
FREE Admission.

ULTIMATE BASS CLINIC 110,000 gallon indoor fishing lake!

Saturday With Michigan’s own Capt. Wayne Carpenter.


Presented by Combat Bass Fishing. Saturday
3-5pm. $25 fee includes goodie bag.


Sunday Features Capt. Dave Engle and Capt. Bill Bale
of Best Chance Too. Saturday 4:30-6:30pm.
FREE Admission.

Big Buck Night-West Marianne Huskey Mark Martin

Presented by Michigan Out-of-Doors TV Show.
Celebrity hosts Jimmy Gretzinger and Jenny Olsen
will interview the lucky Michigan hunters who
bagged some
of the largest Jim Bedford Dan Armitage Joe Thomas
whitetail deer


of the season.

The Great Alaskan IRONJACK Timber Team

will be battling it out in the Olympics of the
Forest at this year’s Outdoorama Show.  Two
top Alaskan Lumberjacks will be going head to
head in Chopping, Sawing, Axe Throwing, Hot
Saw, Tree Climbing and Log Rolling.  These
men have honed their skills all summer long
doing competitions for the Cruise Industry on
the Alaskan island town of Ketchikan.  These
rugged woodsmen are two of the worlds best
timber athletes and have been featured on the OUTDOOR CHANNEL. When not
cutting logs in competition you can find these men in the wilds hunting bear or
Meet Jimmy Gretzinger
and Jenny Olsen from mountain goats and catching halibut or king salmon on the ocean.  The action
Michigan Out-Of-Doors TV and stories provided by these men will captivate the crowds on stage at the
Ultimate Sport Show - Grand Rapids.
More Family Fun Features than ever!
The Annual Michigan Charter Boat Assn. State’s Best Taxidermy
Grand Rapids Video Fishing Simulator
Open Turkey Take the trolling rod in hand, watch the video screen and
get ready! The salmon takes that lure like a freight train
Calling and your job is to land that fish. Top scores for the week-
end will win charter trips on the Great Lakes.
Hosted by the Grand Valley Antique &
Chapter of the National Wild
Turkey Federation, the Saturday Classic Fishing
evening event will feature some of Michigan’s top callers
as they compete for cash and prizes. Judges will include
Tackle &
some of Michigan’s best known writers and call manufac- Sporting
turers. Top finalists from the competition will be eligible to
compete in the National Calling Competition. Collectibles The Michigan Taxidermists Association Display will be
located on the 3rd floor “Grand Gallery Overlook” of DeVos
Bring in your old tackle for free appraisals. This is the Place. If this year is your first time, come down and see
Woodland Carvers! biggest display of antiques and collectibles ever to visit
the show.
why the first thing so many people say when they walk
through the front door of the Sport Show is: “Which way
Wood carvings of every kind will be on display and carvers to the taxidermy?” The organization holds their annual
will be happy to talk about their work. Big Brothers/

competition and convention at the Ultimate Sport Show

Trout Pond Big Sisters each year. Fish, deer heads, small and large mammals are
on display, upwards of 250 mounts are entered. Most
Operated by Northern Rock Climb museums would love to have just a sample of this annual
Little League as a Participants can climb a display, and it’s free to see with paid admission.
fundraiser, you and 25-foot wall featuring state of
your kids are invited the art hydraulic billet safety Cran-Hill Ranch Kids Area
to come and try your system. Test your skills! All Play a yard game, get your face painted and more in the Cran-
hand at one of the proceeds go to Big Brothers/

Hill Ranch Kids Area!

state’s best trout Big Sisters.
ponds. It only costs $5 to give it a try. Fish cleaned and
iced by the Grand Rapids Steelheaders. Archery Shooting Range
Back by popular demand!

Tony Gates WLAV FREE K&E Bass Stopper!

We’re giving away 250 K&E Bass Stopper
Food Drive! to the first 250 attendees
on Saturday and Sunday!
Bring a sack of non-perishable
THURSDAY ONLY! Food will be
donated by Michigan Sportsmen
Against Hunger to God’s Kitchen
and other needy organizations.

Special thanks to Woods-N-Water News

for producing this flyer. DEVOS PLACE
Visit the Woods-N-Water News booth, March 14-17, 2019
Michigan’s premier outdoor publication, March 14
March 15
1 pm-9 pm
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DeVos Place
303 Monroe Ave, NW
Adults $12
Grand Rapids, MI Children 6-14 $5
at the Ultimate Sport Show and online at March 16
March 17
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10 am-5 pm Complete Show information,

seminar schedules, discount tickets and more at
810-724-0254 WNWN
A Fur Trading Post, A Fort and A Dark and Bloody Era

Henry Hamilton…”Hair Buyer”

istoric Fort Detroit American frontier settlements for,
witnessed the flags of “Making a diversion and exciting an
three different countries alarm upon the frontiers of Virginia
rippling in the cool and Pennsylvania.” (Now Ohio,
breeze coming off of the Indiana, and Kentucky.) The brutal
Detroit River. France Indian attacks sent out by Hamilton
first raised their flag in 1701 when throughout 1777 caused the Ameri-
Fort Pontchartrain du Detroit was can settlers to call it “the year of
established on the west bank of the the bloody sevens.” Hundreds of
Detroit River as a fur trading post. Americans were slaughtered by well
The wilderness area around the fort supplied Indian war parties sent out
eventually became established with from Fort Detroit.
missions, small farms, and several Henry Hamilton is alleged to
Indian villages, all to benefit from have paid a bounty of 100 pounds international law, and was sent to No. 1. Containing 43 scalps…
trade with the French. sterling for American prisoners London, England, in 1780. these are stretched on black hoops, 4
The French flag was replaced and 50 pounds sterling for scalps The accusations against Henry inches in diameter, the inside of the
by the British flag in 1760 after the brought back to Detroit. Sometimes, Hamilton were that he incited the skin painted red, with a small black
colonists fought and won the French painted and dressed as an Indian, Indians to attack American civil- spot to note their being killed by
and Indian War. Hamilton joined the war dances ians and bring him scalps, including bullets. Also 62 of farmers killed in
It wasn’t until after the Ameri- himself. He also developed strate- those of innocent women and chil- their homes; hoops painted red, skin
can Revolution, in 1783, that the gic plans to unite all Indian tribes dren, and that he paid or rewarded painted brown. And marked with
American flag, Old Glory, replaced against the Americans. Thus he was them for their grisly war trophies. a hoe… and a black hatchet in the
the British flag and was unfurled to not just performing unpleasant duty No one doubts that scalps were middle, signifying their being killed
wave above Fort Detroit. ordered by his superiors but was taken. But Henry Hamilton denied with that weapon.
However, it was during the eagerly inciting devastating raids ever paying for scalps No. 2. Containing 98 of farmers
American Revolution, when the on American settlements and farms. Today, Hamilton’s legacy re- killed in their houses; hoops red,
British still controlled Fort Detroit “Hair Buyer” Hamilton became mains mixed. Some modern histori- figure of a hoe…a little red foot to
that a dark and bloody era occurred; hated by Americans. ans have discounted the accusations show they stood upon their defense,
an era so despised by Americans Although technically a civilian, as legend, even calling it a complete and died fighting for their lives and
that it stained the reputation of Fort Hamilton himself led a large force fabrication. Others maintain that this families.
Detroit until the growing of military and Indians is only an attempt to sanitize history. No. 3. Containing 97 farmers...
city of Detroit finally de- to take Fort Sackville, at Granted, there may be no written killed in the fields…
molished the old, rundown Vincennes, (Indiana) from proof that Hamilton paid money for No. 4. 102 farmers…18 marked
Fort in 1827. the Americans. He captured scalps but there are written records with a yellow flame, to denote their
The instigator of the the fort on December 18, of numbers of scalps received by being prisoners burned alive after
atrocities was a man named 1778 and forced all the him; one time 81, another time 129, being scalped, their nails pulled out
Henry Hamilton, who was townspeople to swear an etc. If he didn’t pay a formal bounty by the roots, and other torments, one
well known among the Na- oath of allegiance to the on them, he certainly rewarded the was supposed to be an American
tive Americans as the “Hair British Crown. Then he Indians for their atrocities against clergyman…
Buyer.” Ham- made the mistake the Americans. No. 5. …88 scalps of women, hair
ilton, a former
British military
By Darryl Quidort of overwintering
at the fort.
Chilling evidence of the mag-
nitude of the atrocities exists in
braded in the Indian fashion to show
they were mothers, hoops blue, skin
officer turned politician, was ap- George Rogers Clark, who had a letter from British Governor of painted yellow with little red tad-
pointed by the Crown as Lieutenant been sent by General George Wash- Canada, Frederick Haldimand. The poles to represent…the tears of grief
Governor and Superintendent of In- ington to “clear up the Indian prob- war in the East was going badly for occasioned to their relations…17
dian Affairs at Fort Detroit in 1775. lem on the frontier,” led his men the British. In this letter, Haldimand others… they were knocked down
At his new post, Hamilton soon de- on a daring winter march to attack requested scalps that the Indians had dead, or had their brains beat out.
veloped a good relationship with the Fort Sackville. When the Americans taken be turned in from the frontier No. 6. 193 boy’s scalps of vari-
Native Americans which developed laid siege, Hamilton didn’t fight. He British posts to be sent to His Maj- ous ages…Knife, hatchet, or club as
into a deep alliance. He knew the knew he couldn’t hold the fort, so esty George III in England as proof their death happened.
art of giving. The Indians depended he bargained for terms of surrender. of winning the war on the American No. 7. 211 girls scalps of various
on Fort Detroit for supplies and he The Americans wanted to kill Henry frontier. Fort Detroit, Presque Isle, ages… tears, hatchet, club, scalping
kept them well supplied with arms Hamilton. Clark hated the hair buyer and Fort Niagara had large collec- knife, etc.
and provisions. Hamilton was not and considered what he had done to tions of scalps. The following letter, No. 8. This package a mixture…
against giving out an abundant sup- be a “breach of civil order,” but he from one of the Royal Indian agents, to the number of 122, with a box
ply of liquor either. 17,520 gallons refrained from killing him. accompanied the first shipment of of birch bark containing 29 little
of liquor per year was consumed at On March 8, 1779, Hamilton eight large, oilskin wrapped bundles. infant’s scalps of various sizes,…
Fort Detroit under his watch. was sent, under guard and in chains, More than 1,000 American civilian Hoops white…only a little knife
However, England was in dan- to Williamsburg to face the stern scalps were in this shipment alone. in the middle, to show they were
ger of losing the American’s war for justice of Thomas Jefferson. Jef- It is unknown how many shipments ripped out of their mother’s bellies.
Independence. A 1776 letter from ferson believed Hamilton was not were sent. One army’s war criminal might
Hamilton to the British Governor just a POW but was a war criminal May it please Your Excellency, be considered by the opposing army
of Canada, Frederick Haldimand, for paying a bounty on innocent January 3d, 1782 as a war hero. Henry Hamilton re-
shows that Hamilton was consider- civilian scalps. General Washington I herewith send to Your Excel- turned to Canada and was appointed
ing using “his” Indians in the war by agreed with Jefferson. However, lency, under the care of James Boyd, Lieutenant Governor, and then
sending them against the American due to professional legal advice on eight packages of scalps, cured, Deputy Governor of Quebec. He
settlers, even though he realized that international law, Washington was dried, hooped and painted with the was later awarded Governorships in
it was civilians that would be killed. forced to change his policy. Henry Indian triumphal marks, of which the British colonies of Bermuda and
In 1777 he was authorized Hamilton was eventually “prisoner the following is invoice and expla- Antigua in the Caribbean. He died
to encourage Indian raids on the exchanged,” in accordance with nation. on the island of Antigua in 1796.n
Ice fishing’s hot bites!
Long Lake/Grand Lake Hubbard Lake
Very similar, and the depths and fishing strate- Hubbard holds the biggest perch in the Lower
gies used, are basically identical in these Alpena Peninsula producing many in the two-pound club
County lakes. Perch can be found on every day. If you are looking for one
for the wall, don’t look any further than
both the north and south ends of the lakes
Hubbard for that trophy fish. The best
primarily. Focusing on depths of 15-20 thing is these fish are caught in the mix
feet throughout the winter months are with the walleye catches all over the lake.
usually the best. The fish will be shallow- The best chance is setting your spread of
er at first ice in depths less than 10 feet of tip-ups on the drop-offs putting them in
water and gradually move deeper as the 30-50 feet of water. A simple #10 treble
ice thickens. Locating a weed bed will be hook and split shot and an active emerald
a gold mine as these fish like holding on shiner will be the best bet. Taking home
structure of some sort. a tasty catch of walleye is
Late winter they will hold
just off the drop-offs out in
By John Bergsma even better with a few of these
jumbo perch in the mix.
the deeper basin flats. Most people use tip-ups by If you’re interested in a winter charter, get
using a small treble and split shot at the business ahold of Steve Hubert from Chum Bucket out of
end of the line. Jigging is another very produc- Alpena. Steve’s the best in the area and will get
tive method that shouldn’t be overlooked. Small you on the fish (989-657-4646). The nor th and south ends of Long Lake/Grand
Swedish Pimples, mini jigging Rapalas, and Rus- Marquette County Lake in Alpena Co. offer good perch fishing.
sian Spoons have their days also. Do huge varieties of fish species and multiple of fish, and if you want to put in a full weekend
If the fish don’t prefer the active jigs, then the (easily accessible) locations get you excited? If of fishing, you could put every one of them on the
dead stick method is usually king. Setting it just so, Marquette County in the Central U.P. is where ice!
like a tip-up with a small treble, split-shot, and you want to be. Right now, in Marquette and Of all the fishing going on right now the slow-
minnow, a foot or two off bottom have produced Alger counties you can hit the ice in search of any est bite has been the walleye. The crystal-clear
limits of fish. These fish are aggressive and using of the following: pike, perch, walleye, bluegill, inland lakes have been slow at best and only pro-
full size walleye minnows will keep the smaller crappie, splake, rainbow trout, coho, lake trout, ducing fish during the typical first light and last
fish off the baits and usually produce only keeper white fish, burbot, the occasional brown trout and light hours of the day when they head for the shal-
size fish. in the coming days- smelt. That’s twelve species lower mud flats and submerged structure in search

with your host

n B e r g sm a
Jo h Now on...
CBSSN: Saturday’s at 7:30 a.m January-March
Fox Sports Detroit: Sunday’s at 7:00 a.m January-June
Online viewing at:
Visit our website and find out about . . .
• Destinations • Fishing Reports •
• Our Show • Cooks Corner •


Chef Grant’s Country Smoke House
of bait fish. If you’re targeting walleye right now, Smothered Steak
your best bet is to fish the “dark water” systems with Roasted Vegetable Medley
such as the reservoirs and dammed storage basins Start preparing the vegetables; sweet
that Marquette County has to offer. Jigging Shiver potatoes, brussel
Minnows, Northland glow shot jigs and spoons sprouts, yellow bell
tipped with minnow heads has been working best. peppers - chop to
Perch fishing hasn’t been as good as it was, medium size pieces.
but the perch being caught have been nice qual- In large wok, heat
ity fish with a lot of them being in the 10 -14 inch ½ cup coconut oil
size range. Rosie red minnows and wigglers on or butter, 1 tsp. salt,
your favorite perch tackle has been the bait of 1 tsp. garlic powder. Add sweet potatoes and
choice. cook on “high,” after 5 minutes add brussel
Southern Marquette County offers multiple sprouts and bell peppers. Sauté for 10 more
locations to target panfish as well as splake and minutes on medium heat, stirring or tossing
rainbow trout. The best bluegill and crappie fish- every two minutes. Place sautéed vegetable
ing has been coming during the last few hours of medley on large baking sheet and spread to
daylight and has moved out into the deeper areas one layer. Roast for 8-10 minutes in 350-de-
of the lakes. For the splake and rainbows, light gree pre-heated oven. Remove when potatoes
green jigs and wigglers have been the top produc- are fork tender.
ers. To prepare the Country Smoke House
This young angler found exciting pike fishing
Munising Bay Beef Bacon and Mushroom Smother Sauce:
in southern Marquette County. Melt ¼ stick of butter in a medium sized
The most exciting fishing right now is Munis-
ing Bay. Anglers are catching everything from right on the bottom. sauce pan, add ½ lb. chopped mushrooms, ¼
perch, whitefish, coho, splake and burbot - and If you do head to Marquette County on a lb. Country Smoke House Beef Bacon (small
very soon you’ll be able to add lake trout and fishing adventure be sure to stop in at The Bob- diced), 1 Tbsp garlic powder and 1 Tbsp. salt.
smelt to that list. A lot of splake and coho are ber Shop. They are conveniently located in south Sauté until mushrooms are tender. Then add
coming on Swedish pimples with medium sized Marquette just as you’re entering town on Hwy 41 16 oz. beef broth and bring to boil. Thicken
minnows. Yellow and orange are two popular col- with easy in and out access. The Bobber Shop can with a roux of 1 Tbsp. corn starch and 1/2
ors right now and 40 to 70 foot has been the target provide you with all the gear, bait and up to date cup of water, blended fully. Do not add roux
depth. The presentation of choice for the perch, information you’re looking for as well as get you before mushroom sauce comes to a boil.
whitefish and smelt is a Hali jig with a wax worm out on the ice in one of their rental shacks that are Grill a 32 oz. steak of choice, seasoned
and single salmon egg. heated and ready for you to enjoy! Be sure to stop and cooked to your liking. Top with the bacon
If burbot fishing interest you - there’s no in, give them a call at (906) 362-3634 or check & mushroom sauce, add slivered scallions
shortage of them in Munising! After dark fishing them out on Facebook.n and serve with the roasted vegetables.
has been best and tactics for burbot have been
using any glow-in-the-dark jig tipped with dead, This recipe was provided by Chef Grant Bergsma at Fisherman’s Digest TV. For more recipes and excellent
medium sized minnows or frozen smelt and jigged video fishing reports check out or on Facebook@Great Lakes Fishermans Digest.

Fishing... Hunting... Or Just Simply

A Getaway Cabin To Enjoy Nature!!
Solid Logs with Perma Chink between

Cedar or Pine
• Fully Insulated
• Front Porch or Side Porch Styles Available
• Custom Built to Your Ideas!
• Stained & Preserved
• Delivered to Surrounding States
• Sizes from 8’ to 36’ Long!!
• Single and 2 Story Styles
• Delivered & Priced Fully Assembled

Relax In Style!

1205 N. SR 5
Monday-Friday • 8-5
Saturday • 8-3:30


Retrieve with ‘Midwest Finesse’ Style
idwest the late Chuck Woods,
Finesse a Kansas City house
is a style painter and devout bass
of fishing angler with developing
that just the technique.
plain In its purest form,
catches lots of bass, Midwest Finesse calls
which is why it’s gain- for short casts with
ing lots of fans. A big these open-hook jigs in
key to success is how relatively shallow
you retrieve the little
By Dave Mull water (12 feet and
less), employing one
While “finesse” techniques of six retrieves. When I fished with
include drop-shotting, split-shot Kehde back in October of 2016, he
rigging and tossing smaller Texas- demonstrated all six. Learn them,
rigged worms, Midwest Finesse uses and you’ll almost always be able to
open-hook jigs, primarily with plas- catch bass (and other species) with
tic bodies, 2 1/2 to 4 inches long. at least one type of retrieve on every
It calls for little jigheads—1/32- to outing. The fish can show a distinct
1/10-ounce—with relatively small preference.
hooks (as small as No. 6 hooks Swim, Glide & Shake
on 1/32-ounce jigs) and small soft Cast the lure and count it down
plastics. until it hits bottom. That’s your
Hair and marabou jigs were bottom detection cast. Now cast
common when the whole system again, engage your reel and shake it
started in the 1950s. Ned Kehde, the as it sinks. Count it one less count
77-year-old namesake of the popular and start slowly reeling before it
“Ned rig” is sort of the Jedi Master hits bottom. Make it swim back
of Midwest Finesse. Kehde credits towards you. Stop reeling and let

Ned Kehde poses with a largemouth caught with the Midwest Fi-
nesse techniques he has helped popularize.
the lure pendulum forward and its way to the bottom. Now reel two
glide towards bottom, but not touch. times around so the lure comes up
Shaking can happen during the and shuttles forward—not too fast
swim or the glide, and isn’t always or too high. Stop reeling. Shake rod
necessary. Kehde said if the fish are tip as the lure falls and repeat.
aggressively feeding, shaking often
can help get more hits. To shake the Drag & Deadstick
lure, just wiggle your rod tip a bit. The guy in the back of the boat
casts directly at shore, engages his
Hop & Bounce reel and lets the forward motion
In this one, your reel handle of the boat swing the lure around
creates the hops. After casting, point behind the boat. The “deadstick”
the rod tip downward, so it’s just happens when the angler peels some
Manufacturer of Fine Northern Hardwoods above the water surface. Shake the line off of his reel so the lure stays
rod to give the lure some action on motionless on the bottom, mov-
Buyers of by the Semi-Load
Standing Timber
Buyers of Standing Timber
SFI Trained Loggers and Forest Consultants
SFI Trained Loggers and Forest Consultants
Wildlife and
Wildlife andTimberland Improvements
Timberland Improvements
Select Cutting;
Select Clear
cutting; Clear cutting
Mechanized logging and handcutting
Mechanized logging and handcutting
• Drive-in housekeeping camp for Walleye, Pike & Smallmouth
Contact one
one of our buyers
of our or • ATV-in island outpost on Wenebegon Lake for Walleye & Pike
(616) 634-1522 or or (989)
544-9342 • Train-in outpost on Goldie Lake for Pike & Smallmouth
2725 Larch Rd. • Harrison, MI 48625
(616) 634-1522 or (989) 544-9342 • Black Bear hunting in an area over 300 sq.
2725 Larch Rd. miles, excellent success rates, all baiting,

retrieval, skinning and quartering included. Tree
Harrison, MI 48625 stands and ground blinds provided. ATV’s highly recommended. Boat and motor provided for fishing.

705-864-0201 Chapleau, Ontario
Web: 
Join the FNN
Want to join a cool bass fishing club? Drop a note to Ned Kehde at
ing again when the boat’s motion In shallower water, however, a and ask to be put on the Finesse News Network email
tightens the line. The technique gets 1/32-ounce head or a 1/20- or list. Ned, the reluctant namesake for the popular, diminutive Ned rig,
a light jighead to the bottom in as 1/16-ounce ShroomZ works best. distributes his own log as well as notes from fishing trips of other FNN
much as 12 feet of water. Cast and let the lure hit bottom. Reel members. You can also join in discussions on the Finesse News Network
Facebook page.
Straight Swim just fast enough to keep the lure
moving but touching bottom. Give it Kehde details his trips to reservoirs around his home in Lawrence,
This started with a curl-tail grub an occasional twitch. Or just reel, as Kansas, where he fishes nothing but Ned rigs, different styles on identical
and still works with one. It’s a great Charlie Brewer recommended. spinning combos. Others contribute, too. Most logs detail wind speed,
way to cover large expanses of a weather, water temperature and clarity, but the meat is the fishing itself.
flat with the wind pushing the boat Strolling Anglers reveal what lure types and colors worked as well as how they
(Ned often deploys a sea anchor to This is the “drag and deadstick” retrieved them—that last item extra important. For instance, a January
slow the boat’s progress in wind, without the deadstick part. Ned report from Steve Reideler of Denton, Texas covered a bank-walking trip
which is pretty much a constant in showed me how to do it from the on a small impoundment near Dallas:
Kansas). Ned says to take long casts back of his 16-foot Alumacraft “On the lower or south end of the west shoreline, I induced my first
and reel so the lure comes steadily tiller boat. Basically you just cast strike of the afternoon, and it produced a largemouth bass. This bass
back—much like the Charlie Brewer off the corner of the back of the was caught from the remaining stubble of a patch of submerged winter-
Slider technique discussed in the last boat at a 45-degree angle and let dead aquatic vegetation, which is situated about 25 feet from the water’s
issue. The late Charlie Brewer used the boat’s motion swing your lure edge in five feet of water. This largemouth engulfed a four-inch Z-Man’s
straight tail worms and imparted no behind the boat. I believe the fact pumpkin Finesse WormZ rigged on a custom-painted chartreuse
extra action. Ned notes that Z-Man’s the lure doesn’t travel in a straight 1/20-ounce Z-Man’s Finesse ShroomZ jig. This combo was employed
straight 4-inch Finesse WormZs or line as it swings has something to with an extremely slow drag-and-deadstick presentation, with each cast
4-inch Finesse ShadZs also work do with its effectiveness. Veteran and retrieve taking three to four minutes to complete.”
great with this retrieve. I’ve had weight-forward spinner and night- Many fishermen find that sort of description interesting.
good success with shortened Hula crawler chuckers from Lake Erie
StickZs (trimmed to about 3 inches) will understand this. Many bites
Double Tail Hula Grubs downwind forward. The effect is snap forward,
and the 2.75-inch Finesse TRDs, come as the lure swings. Strolling
as a powerful breeze pushed his bass fall, snap forward, and it’s a good
basically a straight, short worm. has been an effective technique
boat across a big flat. Greg would way to get a reaction strike from a
Drag & Shake with wind pushing my kayak
across a big flat.
hurl the grub as far as he could and fish whether you’re throwing those
Ned notes that this can work almost immediately start pulling deadly Yamamoto grubs or any of
best with a heavier jighead in deeper Slack-line Snap it back with the rod tip. He’d let the little Midwest Finesse lures.
water. I caught my personal-best This is Number 7 and isn’t one some slack form in his line before Dave Mull will present finesse
smallmouth, a 6-pound, 7-ounce of Ned’s. Greg Mangus, a truly great he started the rod action, so the line fishing seminars at the Ultimate
Lake Erie beast down 15 feet on a bass angler, showed me it one fall would be moving, and when the Outdoors Show, DeVos Place, Grand
1/6-ounce head and Finesse TRD. day years ago, throwing Yamamoto slack was gone, the lure would snap Rapids, March 14-17.n

Great lures for the Midwest Finesse style of fishing include (clock-
wise from top right) the Z-Man Finesse TRD, Z-Man 3-inch MinnowZ,
Keitech 4-inch Swing Impact and Z-Man Hula StickZ (shor tened
from 4 to about 3 inches).
H i f i ve Ke n n e l s AWAY?
1/2 WEEK
Wild Bird Dog Training SPECIALS!

• Proven Training Program

• All Pointing Breeds
• Pups & Star ted Dogs
Bruce & Neal Minard
231-499-3060 Michigan - Georgia
Getting Started...Black Powder Shooting

An honest commitment
“I’ve thought about tion, the walnut butt stock found the
hunt-stained suede patch on his right
trying grouse hunting shoulder. Most folks passing by the
with a muzzleloader,” canvas encampment at the 2018
the fifty-something Woods-N-Water News Outdoor
Weekend, held at the Eastern Michi-
gentleman in the camo gan State Fairgrounds in Imlay City,
hunting jacket said. paid no attention. He swung right,
then left, chasing fast-flying, imagi-
“Is that possible? How nary grouse.
would I get started?”

“I’m amazed at how well this
double handles. I had no idea. I
ure it’s possible,” could get used to this,” he said as he
I said, picking up looked back at his wife. She re-
the percussion turned a knowing smile.
double-barrel “You’re holding the grandfather
shotgun from to your modern double,” the familiar
the table and handing it to the avid explanation began. “Those smooth-
upland bird hunter. “Put this to your bores and double-barrel shotguns
shoulder.” fed a lot of families and
Mindful of muzzle defended countless home-
direction, the fellow tested steads. My grandfather
the weight of the gun in hunted with a muzzleload-
his hands, then scrunched ing shotgun, and in his later “Line up all three circles,” David Maddox coached Derek Palmer.
his graying eyebrows. “It years, a Damascus-twist, “Many times it only takes one or two shots, but the oppor tunity has
feels about the same as my breech-loading, black- to be there to learn,” Maddox later said. Wild River tree photos
double,” he said with a lilt powder side-by-side. I
of surprise in his baritone suspect yours did, too. To commitment.” powder is easier if each individual
voice. With a get started, all you “How do I get started?” For takes advantage of his or her exist-
smooth, fluid mo-
By Dennis Neely need is an honest those individuals who are passionate ing skill levels and acquired profi-

Mid Thumb Game Ranch

about America’s rich muzzleload- ciencies.
ing heritage that common question Likewise, hunters should con-
opens the door for an additional sider matching a muzzleloader to
opportunity to expound upon the their favorite game. The percussion
virtues of the black powder shooting side-by-side might work best for the
sports. Experienced shooters under- upland bird hunter or waterfowl en-
stand that only a handful of listeners thusiast, a small-bore flintlock rifle
will make the commitment, but that adapts well to the squirrel woods
545 West Burnsline • Melvin, Michigan 48454 knowledge never dampens the un- or a good all-around gun for small
M-90 between M-53 & M-19 -- Approx. 50 Miles North of Detroit paralleled exuberance that surrounds game, wild turkeys and deer is a
burning black powder. smooth-bored trade gun.

Contact at 810-378-5632 “Make an honest commitment.”

The greatest obstacle to any new
endeavor is making the initial com-
“Begin with a production
gun.” Purchasing an expensive
custom muzzleloader—pistol, rifle
DAILY 7 AM - 10 PM mitment. There is a big difference or shotgun—is a common mistake
between “I want to,” and “I will.” for those new to the black powder
The first allows escape routes and shooting sports. On the other hand,
80 ACRES, MOSTLY excuses; the latter focuses effort and
commences action.
an inexpensive “bargain,” acquired
based on incomplete knowledge, can
WOODED-HEAVY COVER The upland bird hunter left the
show with an honest commitment
quickly become a costly infatuation.
It is best to begin this lifelong jour-
to hunt grouse with a double-barrel ney with reasonable expectations,
NO LICENSE shotgun that used black powder as
a propellant—either a muzzleloader
rather than grand misconceptions.
The first year shooting black
or a black-powder cartridge gun. powder is filled with educational
REQUIRED The timing of the Outdoor Week-
end provided a year of preparation,
opportunities, both successes and
failures. Therefore, most veteran
$50 Deposit (personal check) which increased his probability of
shooters suggest starting with a
production gun, then upgrading.
“Start with what you like.” One A mass produced muzzleloader of
WWW.MIDTHUMBGAMERANCH.NET of the first questions asked of some-
one interested in branching out into
good quality is economical and reli-
able—plus parts are readily avail-
the black powder shooting sports is able, should that need arise.
Rams & Goats $325 “What do you like to shoot?” A wide variety of front-loading
The lady who punches paper at pistols, rifles and shotguns have
Hogs Fallow Bucks $1,000 a club pistol league, a fellow who
enjoys long-range precision bench
been produced over the years, either
with flint or percussion ignition
Call For Availability
Fallow Does • Red Stag Does shooting or a teen who shoots on
the high school trap team all possess
systems. A mentor, found at a lo-
cal muzzleloading club, perhaps a
a commitment to a specific type of friend who shoots black powder or a
PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE! modern arm. The transition to black field representative from the Nation-
al Muzzle Loading Rifle Association gained from shooting a muzzle-
can help narrow down the possible loader.
choices. Experienced black powder
“The search begins.” Muzzle- shooters emphasize the need for de-
loaders of good value abound, often liberate, step-by-step actions until a
tucked in the back of a gun safe and consistent rhythm is established. By
all but forgotten. A black powder its nature, muzzleloading is a slow-
gunsmith can assess the physical paced pastime, which facilitates
condition of a used arm, and some- learning and relaxation. Rather than
times a mentor can, as well. chambering a cartridge, each round
Written specifications work better must be “built” within the bore in
than searching by model number or reverse order: “powder-patch-ball”
specific maker. For example, one as the old adage goes. Thus, careful
might search for a rifle, .50-caliber, attention to details is critical.
full or half stock, double-set trig- Black powder guns are loaded at
During a special training session, a newcomer to black powder
gers, brass mounted hardware with a bench, which is behind the firing skeet received individual instruction. The range officer, designated
percussion ignition. When a rifle line. Range officers follow a fixed by the orange baseball cap, stood close by, overseeing the lesson
comes available, its pedigree is protocol at all times. Strict safety while waiting to release the clay pigeon.
compared to the specifications and a rules control loading, handling and
buying decision made. carrying the arm to and from the buy and what not to. if joking and good-natured kid-
As with any purchase, network- firing line. This unique process must “Keep the muzzleloader clean.” ding abound. Once again, a veteran
ing helps. A mentor can “put out the be learned and followed—both on Guns utilizing black powder as shooter can guide the newcomer to
word” that a newcomer is looking the range or when shooting on the a propellant must be thoroughly the most efficient cleaning method.
for a starter gun. Online forums “back forty.” Note taking is encour- cleaned after each use. Corrosion The enjoyment, the sheer plea-
dedicated to muzzleloading, liv- aged. from the fouling residue can be- sure of duplicating the marksman-
In addition, shooting techniques gin within a matter of hours. Left ship ability of our forefathers, using
are a bit different than modern arms. uncleaned, the bore can be rendered the arms that they used, is unsur-
The hold, sight picture and follow useless in a couple of days. passed in the shooting sports. All
through required for consistent Among modern shooters, this that is needed to get started in this
accuracy with a muzzleloader are cleaning process is villainized as joyous pastime is an honest commit-
different than that needed for mod- a prime reason for not shooting a ment.
ern arms. And all first-time flintlock muzzleloader. For most front-load- Give the black powder shooting
shooters experience an “adjustment ing guns, a proper cleaning takes sports a try, be safe and may God
period” when a small “forest fire” ten to fifteen minutes—a bit longer bless you.n
erupts inches in front of one’s nose.
“Assemble the necessities.”

The growing popularity of pistol

shooting among women is a
Hand-reloading a modern cartridge
requires certain supplies and tools.
Likewise, each muzzleloader has
an accompanying list of necessi-
Randy’s Hunting Center
natural transition point to the
black powder shooting spor ts.
ties: black powder, flints or percus-
sion caps, round balls or shot, and M&P
40 SUB
patches or wads. A powder measure,
ing history or re-enactments often short starter, range rod, jag, patch
have “trade blankets” or “for sale” worm, ball puller, nipple wrench,
categories. Family, friends or work
colleagues are good sources, too.
Above all, buyers should be patient
screwdriver, cleaning patches and
other sundry tools are needed to
support safe loading and handling of
with their search and stick to the these side-hammer arms. (Model 109253)
parameters set for that first black Experts suggest that when
powder arm. purchasing a muzzleloader, be sure comes with 2
“Learn from a mentor.” After to ask the owner if some or all of $
the purchase, the next step is to head
to the range. Here again, a men-
these necessities come with the gun.
Often a production muzzleloader is
10 round double
stack magazines 319.99
tor smooths out the learning curve,
helps a new shooter develop safe
a “one of a kind” item in a modern
shooter’s gun safe. When the sale is
handling habits, assists with avoid- made, the owner never thinks of the • Three Interchangeable Grip Sizes • High-strength Polymer Frame
ing common and sometimes costly supplies, which are deemed useless • Stainless Steel Drift Adjustable • Stainless-steel Chassis, Barrel
mistakes and offers valuable guid- to him or her once the gun changes Sights and Slide
ance for maximizing the efficiency hands. An experienced shooter is a • Standard and Finger Groove • Picatinny-style Rail
of the load and the enjoyment great resource for what supplies to Magazines Included • Magazine Safety, No Thumb
• Scalloped Slide Serrations Safety
Muzzle Loading State Events • Ambidextrous Slide Stop • MA Compliant
March 3 - Contemporary Muzzle Loading Arms Show: Lapeer: 810-620-3175 ALL BACKED BY OUR SMITH & WESSON LIFETIME SERVICE POLICY.
March 10 - Clinton River Muzzle Loaders Winterfest: Detroit Sportsman Availability subject to applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations, and ordinances.
Congress: 586-292-6821
March 16-17 - Kalamazoo Living History ShowTM: Kalamazoo: 765-563-6792 Randy’s Hunting Center
March 30 - April Fool Shoot: Benzie Sportsman Club: 231-378-2145 721 E. Huron Ave.
March 31 - Winter 1/2 Scale Silhouette Match: Linden: 810-629-0478
Bad Axe, MI 48413
For a complete 2019 shoot schedule, send a SASE or email to: Ron Fernwalt,
(989) 269-GUNS (4867)
16808 Peach Ridge, Kent City, MI, 49330, or email Ron


Ed Wilson of Paw
Paw took this 10-pt. Cory Corneau with husband Matt of Dryden landed Nathan
Mark Bannister with
in Monroe Co. on the her first ever steelhead on a fly rod on the Pere Mar- Miller, 15, of
family farm during a dandy Lapeer Co. Casco Twp.
quette River near Baldwin over the holiday season.
muzzleloader season. crappie! An awesome trip and a memory for a lifetime! took his first
buck hunt-
ing with his
Uncle Rich
in Macomb
Co. He made
a perfect 60
yard shot
with his muz-
zleloader on
Dec. 8. Nathan has video footage of
this buck during bow season. He cap-
tured this buck on his trail cam several
times including a photo (above) just
Successful Hunting Family: On Nov. 5 daughter before he took the nice 7-pt., you can
Heather Lang took a broken rack buck in Lapeer Co. see his blind in the background. Uncle
Nov. 15 Mike Deitering took a nice 8-pt., Laurie De- Zac Alfrejd of Portage caught this Rich set Nathan up on several bucks
itering took a 7-pt. on Nov. 16 and grandson Logan before taking this one. Both hunters
Lang, 11, took a unique 4-pt. All three bucks were 42 inch, 20 lb. monster, on Lake
taken in Sanilac Co. near Applegate. Onekama! were extremely excited after this hunt!

Ritsema Pat
took this Meehleder
Hickman buck took this
with in Van 8-pt. bow
a nice Buren hunting
buck Co. dur- Bay Co.
taken in ing the Nov. 3. His
Lowell archery buck was
during season chasing off
archery with his a smaller John Freeman of Troy caught this
season. 8-pt. Saginaw Bay lake trout Jan. 27
Jimmy Albrechy
bow. took this 7-pt.
opening day

Abby Kinzy
of Clay
caught 7, took
this nice her first
30 inch deer in
pike. She Hillsdale
checked to Co. Kinzy
see what
the pike loves the
was eating outdoors,
and found 55 perch in its stomach! walleye
Levi Tubergan, 11, mush-
with his first rabbit
and it was taken Tank Kids Continue Hunting Success: (lt-rt) Libby Tank, 11, with room
with his papa’s gun her fifth buck and seventh deer, a nice 8-pt. taken during the hunting.
youth hunt. Maylee Tank, 9, with her third buck and fifth deer,
he received for a spike, and Bryson Tank, 6, with his first ever deer, a spike! All
Christmas. three bucks were taken in Sanilac County.
By Millard H. Holton

Field trialing
with beagles
f you own a beagle or are sought after goal. After a couple of
contemplating purchasing decades of this new movement, the
one in the future you should brace beagle became more of a con-
know that there are recre- test dog than a rabbit hound. As speed
ational opportunities avail- is the easiest trait in the hound to ac-
able beyond the cottontail quire, accuracy in trailing a cottontail
and snowshoe hare hunting seasons. is the hardest quality to obtain and
The beagle field trial season runs the retain. In the wild the fastest canine
year around in Michigan and consists caught the prey while the slow ones
The author’s hounds with Bud and Wayne Anderson in the U.P.
of several formats, sanctioned by often starved; therefore speed became ceed 15 inches, they are not allowed had no rabbit running qualities but
the American Kennel Club (AKC). a dominant gene and is essential in to compete. still ended up being a family pet.
It is very important for one to know pursuing a snowshoe hare. The criteria for becoming an AKC Purchasing a beagle is a “short term”
the background of a beagle puppy As many hunters became disap- Field Champion is to win three trials, investment (dogs of any breed don’t
prior to purchasing it. There is such pointed in the usefulness of the brace licensed by AKC, as well as earning live very long) and it doesn’t cost any
a varied make up of the gene pool in beagle as a hunting hound, they 120 points. A hound is awarded a more to feed and maintain a good
beagles that an uninformed buyer of dropped out of the clubs altogether. point for each dog in the class that he hound than it does for a poor hunter.
a puppy may purchase one that will However, many beagle owners across wins, 1/2 point for a second, 1/3 point Owning a top quality hunting beagle,
have no interest in hunting or field the country petitioned the AKC for a for third place and 1/4 point for plac- even though there is an overwhelm-
trialing at all. format that would return the competi- ing fourth. In other words in a class ing chance you will have to bury it
The fact that all AKC registered tion to a style that credited the rabbit of 60 entries, points are awarded down the road, is the “price you pay
beagles, including those stylish hound for its huntable qualities. as follows: the winner receives 60 for a priceless experience.”
hounds that come from show or This new format was titled Small points, the second place hound earns The AKC Beagle Field Trial Rule
bench backgrounds can be crossed Pack Option and was usually run in 30, the third place gets 20 and the Book states in Procedure 5-B, “that
with each other, and can present a packs of four to seven hounds in first fourth place receives 15. A hound an ‘ideal beagle’ should be useful for
real problem for a person trying to series. Several small pack option with three wins for 90 points can earn all purposes afield, capable of serving
purchase a hunting hound. When I clubs still operate in Michigan today. the remaining 30 points with second, as a field trial hound, a gun dog or a
started hunting with hounds, over 60 There are still several brace beagle third or fourth place points. member of a pack on either rabbit or
years ago, some beagles could earn a clubs operating in Southern Michigan The hare hounds are trialed on hare.” I would add to this description
show championship on the bench, as where beaglers that enjoy the chal- snowshoe hare in packs that can by saying, an ‘ideal beagle’ should be
well as becoming a champion in the lenge of developing a slower, more exceed 40 beagles at one time. Now able to pursue a cottontail or hare on
field by pursuing both cottontail and accurate hound has a place to com- the snowshoe hare, unlike the slower both bare, and frozen ground, as well
snowshoe hare. However, time con- pete. twisting, turning, back tracking cot- as on snow. Unfortunately a pedigree
straints and travel costs caused many The loss of a source where a tontail, thinks he can outrun his pur- doesn’t furnish much information
contestants to specialize in just one hunter could purchase an accomplish- suer so he depends on speed to outrun on the hunting abilities of the listed
area. This caused many show beagles ing hound for hunting spawned the the hounds, rather than creating tricks ancestors.
to genetically lose their desire and creation of several new formats and in order to escape. Often a snowshoe This is the type of hound I always
ability to pursue rabbits and hare in associations. The American Rabbit will lead the pack on a chase that strived to breed for and almost all
a productive manner, as well as their Hound Association (ARHA) offered takes them out of hearing distance for were able to meet the “ideal beagle
enthusiasm to search for and find a completely new registry and created a long period of time before returning qualities.” My beagles were “adapt-
game also declining. trials in Little Pack, Progressive Pack to the area where the chase started. able” or had gears. They could turn
During and prior to the 1950s and Gun Dog Pack, each with their It is unfortunate that individual on the speed to push a straight run-
and 1960s, there were basically two separate trialing rules. My beagles hounds in all of the listed AKC for- ning snowshoe out of hearing and
AKC field trial formats in Michigan; were able to win many trials in the mats can be interbred and registered. bring it back to the gun on one day,
Brace Beagling on cottontail and Gun Dog Pack trials both on a local Therefore, if a purchaser of a beagle as well as shift gears the next day and
Large Pack on snowshoe hare. A few and national level. The ARHA was pup does not know anything about push a cottontail without breakdowns
hounds could successfully compete initially founded by Everett Morgan the parents’ abilities as a hunting either in the field or at a trial. It
in both formats. I personally bred and rapidly spread across the country hound, he could end up with a nice doesn’t get any better than that.
a female beagle to Field Champion and offered a format for every type of looking hound or one that has no I have only scratched the surface
Laingsburg Mac, that had won a hunting hound. desire to search for game, as well as in this writing referencing beagle
brace trial and large pack on the same Another opportunity exists for no patience or enthusiasm for hunt- field trials. It would require volumes
weekend. beaglers in Canada, where the On- ing. Good conformation is impor- to detail all of the formats available
The 15 or so brace beagle clubs tario Association of Beagle Clubs tant in allowing a hound to drive a to beagle owners today. I apologize
were located primarily in zone III and hold similar trials in both brace and hare or pursue a cottontail on an all for leaving out any group that I am
belonged to the Northern Association small pack. All entries must be a day hunt. Many beagles have loose not familiar with or not recognizing
of Beagle Clubs. The snowshoe hare rabbit hound in order to compete. By shoulders and short crooked front recent changes in formats that may
clubs ran their events primarily in the winning and becoming a Field Trial legs that often wear the hound out have occurred. Meanwhile get out
Upper Peninsula and were members Champion in both Canada and the in a short time, especially on deep and enjoy the many opportunities that
of the Northern Michigan Hare As- United States, a beagle earns the title or crusty snow. It would be great, as still exist with beagles!
sociation. These associations still of International Field Champion. well as useful, if more of our beagles The author has raised, hunted and field
exist today and their locations can be Now an AKC beagle field trial resembled the conformation dis- trialed hunting beagles for over 60 years.
found on the internet. normally runs in four classes: 13 inch played by the famous Uno, the beagle He has judged field trials in many states,
and Canada. He has bred, handled and
Unfortunately, the brace beaglers males, 13 inch females, 15 inch males that recently won “Best of Show” at finished many field champions in the gun
decided to require a more accurate and 15 inch females. All entered Madison Square Garden. dog formats. Watch for his next article;
trailing hound on cottontails and had hounds are subject to be measured by I personally know of a lot of how an ‘Ideal Beagle’ should perform in
to be slowed down to accomplish this the judges and if determined to ex- hunters that purchased a pup that the field. n


Icing Saginaw Bay’s
Late Season Walleyes
How to cash in on this fantastic fishery...

t’s no secret that Saginaw Bay serves ting rescued or worse.
up one of the best year round walleye Brandon Stanton relies mainly on jigging
fisheries in the world. Even during the spoons for consistent late season walleye produc-
winter, when conditions are decent, tion. In deeper water he prefers ½ ounce spoons
thousands of ice anglers hit the Bay that are about two inches long. Do Jiggers and
chasing those highly sought after wall- PK Spoons are his favorites with Wonder Bread,
eyes. Last winter’s DNR estimated winter catch Glow Red Dot, Bloody Nose and PK Flutter Fish
total for the Bay shattered past records at 123,793 being his most consistent patterns last winter.
walleyes. The DNR attributed the super success
rates to an ever increasing walleye population
coupled with very good ice fishing conditions
last winter. This winter has started off warm. As
I write this though we are in the grips of a late
January polar vortex that is making inches of ice
by the day that may very well last on the Bay
through the end of winter. Should that happen,
it’s well known that some of the best fishing of
the season occurs during late winter. Read on
for the scoop on how to cash in on this fantastic
Capt. Brandon Stanton owns and operates (989-963-0215)
offering guided ice fishing trips on Saginaw Bay
in addition to open water fishing charters too. He
departs from the east side of the Bay, but consid-
ers the best late winter walleye waters to be from
the middle of the shipping channel southward
towards the mouth of the Saginaw River. Stan-
ton said, “I believe that late winter walleyes use
the dredged river channel as a travel corridor at These late winter walleyes were a
that time of the year as they move back and forth blast to catch and made for some
between the Bay and the river mouth. I really fine table fare. Minnow imitating,
like the area around the Spark Plug due to deep jigging lures like this Moonshine
water there being adjacent to some fish attracting Shiver Minnow are popular on
structure.” The Spark Plug is a fixed, red buoy Saginaw Bay.
located six or seven miles from the river mouth
and is numbered Buoy 12 on charts.
There certainly are plenty of other spots on For shallow water though, I really prefer raise the lure up. Sometimes the lure is raised up
Saginaw Bay closer to shore where anglers can jigging spoons that are styled like the old fash- 10 or more feet from bottom before they smack
find fair to good walleye fishing. Stanton says, “If ioned Little Cleo with lighter, smaller sizes being it. On some occasions they will follow it all the
you try shallow water the best fishing is going to ideal. The extra flutter of these lighter spoons way to the surface and hit it just under the ice ris-
be the first and last two hours of the day. If you seems to get more strikes in tight. The ¼ oz. ing up sometimes 30 feet in the process. We have
fish deeper water though, the bite often lasts all Moonshine Mainliner spoons in Glow Bloody actually looked down the hole and seen multiple
day.” Night fishing in shallow water is sometimes Nose and Wonder Bread are great for waters less fish following a lure up from the bottom that
red hot and shouldn’t be ignored, especially when than 20 feet deep. Brandon Stanton also likes to way.” Even if fish aren’t marked near the lure, it
the ice is clear and the moon is bright and over- use minnow imitating, jigging lures on occasion. often pays to incorporate regular, slow rises in the
head at night. Jigging Raps and Shiver Minnows are the most jigging rhythm.
Brandon Stanton runs his guided trips on popular. Stanton fishes them with a minnow head Stanton had some words of advice for land-
snowmobiles. He said, “I used to have an airboat on the bottom hook. He tips his spoons too and ing fish too: “Everybody in our group is provided
but it was such a rough ride that it beat the tar out elaborated, “We start out with everyone using with a gaff. If a big fish is hooked, the gaff can
of me, my clients and my helpers. Snowmobiles a different style lure and also vary the minnow come in real handy. On smaller walleyes though,
and quads are a lot easier on the body on the usage too. Some will have a whole minnow while we usually skip the gaff and just pull them up
rough ice often found on the Bay.” However you others have a half minnow, and some are tipped through the hole by grabbing the line. On Sagi-
choose to travel on the ice, it certainly pays to be with just a head. When one setup shows a prefer- naw Bay we usually catch a lot of walleyes, but
extra cautious, as pressure cracks and open water ence, we switch over everyone to that hot rig. We instead of just tossing them out on the ice, we put
are common obstacles on the use mostly perch minnows but on some days the them in a plastic tub. This way they won’t freeze
Bay especially during or after larger walleye minnows may work better, so even delaying the cleaning process and it also keeps
warm and/or windy periods. the size of the minnows gets changed up now and your catch under wraps too.” If other anglers see
Savvy anglers will exercise then. a pile of walleyes flopping on the ice, then they
every safety precaution when Brandon Stanton shared a couple more tips: often swoop in and set up right on top of you
fishing on the Bay. Only fools “We target the bottom when jigging for walleyes oftentimes blowing fish right out of the area from
take unnecessary chances out on the Bay. We actually pound the bottom, which all their commotion. I just put the fish in a gar-
there and they are usually the kicks up sand and silt. That commotion draws in bage bag or better yet a plastic grain sack to keep
ones you see on the news get- fish and triggers strikes. On days when the fish them nicely. Safe fishing.
are not aggressive though, they will often come The author offers fishing charters specializing
By Michael Veine in and check the lure out without biting. When
we see that occurring on the sonar, we slowly
in Saginaw Bay walleyes. Contact Mike Veine at or 734-475-9146.n
On the day ‘Hell’ froze
over, did you go fishing?
Dear Fish Diary: Get it… the corner is 90-degrees. the fact that I would have a phone

Hell, Michigan, Jan. 31, 2019 Okay, well, whatever, back to app for every lake in the state. So if
ice fishing in Hell on the coldest I told them that my phone app for
hortly after the Federal day in 100-years. So why would I Silver Lake, Pickerel Lake, Half-
government reopened want to do that? I know me, I know moon Lake and Hi-Land Lake, all
after a long shutdown, I would light myself on fire by said stay home, they’d believe me.
the Michigan State standing too close to the propane I’m a published outdoor writer, we
government shut down heater, and I’d probably do it more must have special agent apps like
for three days due to ex- than once. The only bonus I see ice this in order to get our secret infor-
treme frigid temperatures. The Fed- Still, my face hurts and my fin-
fishing on a day like this is that if mation. Without that secret informa- gers and toes are numb. You can go
eral government shutdown you’re not good at jigging, tion we’d never be outdoor writers.
was over building a wall on ahead and go fishing without me, I’ll
the natural motion from That’s how it works, just so you be home asking God for forgiveness
our southern border and the shivering will help. know. Now, everything will work for my winter language. Yes, I will
costs involved. Meanwhile, So that my manhood fine until they read this. dress in layers…layers of donuts
folks in northern Michigan isn’t questioned, I thought Either way, it was so cold the
were building walls just while staying under the blankets.
these were good excuses local high school kids were actu- You go ahead and go fishing. As
fine with snow blowers and not to go. (My fishing line ally wearing their pants around
shovels for free. Across the a published outdoor writer with ce-
is only rated for 17-de- their waist and suddenly all of my lebrity status I have seriously impor-
Great Lakes State it will be grees.) See, this way I’m breakfast cereals are frosted flakes. tant things to do that don’t involve
Dear Fish Diary...
infamously blaming the I think weather conditions actually freezing. I have to do research so
known as the fishing line define our psychological state of I may continue to give you proper
By Ron St. Germain
day Hell froze and the manu- mind, not necessarily your man-
over. Record information. Such as, a cold snap is,
facturers for hood. If regular temperatures are snap it’s suddenly brutally cold, and
temperatures their inabil- minus-20 and Hell has frozen over not snap the cold is over. My biggest
blew across the state, in some cases ity to make a fishing line that will and you’re out there fishing, you are mission and mystery right now is to
breaking record lows that stood for actually not snap or freeze solid in clinically crazy. The ice is forming
100-years. It was a pair of days that figure this out. When it is zero de-
temperatures under 17-degrees. faster than you can drill it or chip it grees and the weather man says it’s
even the devil himself was probably (Oh dang, I just lent my rod-tip away. Quit thinking about yourself going to be twice as cold tomorrow,
wrapped up in a wool blanket. defroster to a friend.) Everybody and think about the fish. By the time how cold will it actually be?
When a friend asked to go ice knows, that fishing in artic condi- you actually land a fish and get it off
fishing during this polar vortex tions causes ice buildups in the eye- the hook, it’s frozen solid and you Funny fish stories wanted:
storm, I actually took it as an insult. lets of your fishing rod. The constant can’t release it if it’s too small… Strangest thing
“Hey, want to go fishing in the jerking, bouncing and wiping off the because it’s FROZEN. (Please, this you’ve ever caught...
Pinckney State Game area, over ice scares the fish and that actually is not a cue to start singing “Do you Send a short description of your
near Hell today?” makes fishing kind of redundant. want to build a snowman.”) “best or worst” fishing day, or worst
“Why?” Every fisherman will know, not hav- In weather like this my nose fishing-related adventure, or strang-
“It would be cool.” ing your rod-tip defroster is a totally runs but my truck doesn’t. Birds est thing you’ve caught to me. You
“Is that a joke?” viable excuse. fly south, bears hibernate, humans don’t have to write the entire story,
I mean, it was so cold I heard a (Hey, listen, I’m looking at my complain, and we call them dumb just a brief outline of what hap-
chickadee at my bird feeder going phone app for that area right now animals. pened. If it has some humor to it
“ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-chick-ah-ah-ah- and it says the fish are not biting at Oh, I know, we are Michigan- I’ll be getting in touch with you and
ah-da-da-da-da-dee-dee-dee-dee- all so don’t waste your time.) This ders. To most this was a major we’ll work on the completed story
dee-dee. Hot and Now was actually might be my best overall excuse. snowstorm, to us it was Wednesday together.
closed. I saw a squirrel bouncing You see, because I’m a published and Thursday. While counties were Contact - Woods-n-Water News
off an electric fence, while a local outdoor writer, they put me on this warning drivers not to go out, we columnist Ron St. Germain by
dog had to be chiseled off of a fire artificial pedestal but the pedestal take it as a challenge and invitation calling (517) 626-2814, e-mailing
hydrant. I’ve opened the refrigerator is not heated. They give me this to go out and see what all the fuss is Visit the
to heat the house and I’m standing false sense of celebrity status, which about. Frostbite to us is just a winter author’s Facebook page www.Face-
in a corner because it’s 90-degrees. means, they would totally buy into tan.


Flying and fly-fishing
hen I first got it down in the middle,
into fly-fishing, By William Kendy leave your line strung, it
things were is easier to store and ready
simple. Rods the energy and that deflection or to go,” Miller said. “If it
were basically a flex is where the energy is stored,” is a three, five or seven
two piece deal. Miller said. “When the deflection piece rod one section ends
Everything has changed. is released the energy is released up being longer than the
I recently had to fly for a two and that is when you perform those other which makes it more
week trip encompassing business, beautiful classic casts over your vulnerable to damage
family stuff and luckily some fly- head. or breakage from car or
fishing. Since all of my prior fishing A four piece rod has three over- even fishing camp screen
trips were “road trips” I never laps where the ferrules overlap each doors.”
considered the logistical issues of other. These are basically “dead” Line up or Line
airplane fishing rod transport, much spots and with older materials and Down?
less gear (another article). Also, technology, the flex in those areas While Miller believes
since I was driving I had room for wasn’t very good. That affects how that it is best to stay
multiple weight fly outfits so I didn’t the rod bends under the line load, its within the boundaries of
have to worry about rod perfor- performance and fly delivery. For- a matched outfit an angler The L.L.Bean Streamlight Ultra II 4-piece
mance with different weight fly tunately, engineering and modern can definitely “line up”
materials have basically negated that
5-weight fly rod, reel and line is a compact
lines. with a heavier line and
To find out the real deal on issue. even “line down” lighter if
and packable travel fly-fishing outfit.
today’s travel fly-fishing rods I “With lighter weight materials need be. pack either an additional reel or
interviewed Jeff Miller who is the and faster action rods you don’t no- “Almost all of today’s fly rods multiple spools. Miller supports the
L.L.Bean Corporate Merchant for tice those spots like you would have are designed to be a lot quicker with former.
Hunting and Fishing. Miller has 20 years ago, and it is easier to hide a faster action and will handle an “A spare spool is easier to
been designing rods for Bean for 20 the overlaps with the deflection of additional light weight fairly well,” travel with but I always recommend
years. the rod,” Miller said. “I think that if Miller said. “Many of today’s fly bringing an extra reel with a spare
Four Piece Only blindfolded, only about two-percent lines are actually a half line weight line up,” Miller said. “That way you
“I have designed and built 4, of the today’s anglers could tell the heavier than what is on the line. have a backup and, while it isn’t a
5, 6, 7 and even 8 piece rods, and difference between a two piece and They notch them up because the big deal, you don’t have to fuss with
because of better components, ma- a four piece rod.” lightness, action and responsive- switching lines.”
terials and pure engineering, today’s Miller said that there are some ness of the rods have progressed so While Miller advocates that the
multi-piece rods are very similar other considerations to keep in mind much and the slightly heavier lines five-weight, nine foot rod combina-
in performance to the original two when choosing the ideal travel fly compensate for that.” tion is the best all-around fly-fishing
piece rods to the point where there rod. “If you go to a heavier line your choice, whatever weight and con-
are very few two piece rods avail- “When you are on the water, as- presentation is not going to be as figured outfit an angler embraces
able anymore from anybody, not just sembling six or eight sections is just delicate but will allow you to cast should be matched and balanced.
L.L.Bean,” Miller said. “We have a cumbersome and time consuming,” a bigger dry fly, streamer or pop- “The five-weight is king and
couple of them but most of our rods said Miller. “You have to align the per within shorter distances,” added the most popular of any line weight
have transitioned to four pieces.” ferrules, line up all the guides and Miller. because it is so versatile,” said
Conversely L.L.Bean doesn’t with five or seven overlaps there “Functionally, today’s fly rods Miller. “It can delicately present a
sell any fly rods that have more than is more potential for a section to don’t perform as well going down dry fly on one hand and turn around
four pieces. loosen up.” a line as up,” Miller said. “A lighter and effectively and accurately chuck
“The reason the five and above “Plus, because of the additional line, say a four-weight line on a a #4 or #6 Wolly Bugger or a big
multi-piece rods are not in the line ferrules, the rod will be a little bit five-weight rod would be adequate grasshopper pattern.”
today is because while those mul- heavier,” he added. and perform best at longer casts “You can have the best rod in
tiple piece rods were super compact, As odd as it may sound, Miller because there is more weight to the the world but if you put too heavy
incredibly easy to travel and back advised anglers to beware of odd line,” Miller said. or light of a reel on it and a line that
pack with hot products for a while numbered piece rods that won’t Additional Reel doesn’t perform as well because it’s
we found that most anglers only break down in half. or Multiple Spools the wrong weight or taper, it can
needed one in their fishing quiver “As long as there are an even If you are going to line up or really mess up your fishing experi-
and sales decreased,” Miller said. number of sections you can break line down that means you need to ence,” Miller concluded.n
Miller points out that while

THE RINGNECK Green’s Deer Ranch

the type of water you are fishing
dictates your rod choice, the nine

foot five-weight rod is really the
mainstay for most fly-fishing. That
equates to four sections housed in a
“travel friendly” 30-32 inches hard Upland Game Whitetail Deer Hunts
case and is the most practical to Wing Shooting in Jackson County, MI
travel with. RINGNECKS - Dogs & guides available. BOOK N
According to Miller, when it FOR 20OW
Excellent cover. Full and half day hunts. No membership
fees. One hour or less from Ann Arbor, Battle Creek,
comes to multi-piece fly rods and Lansing, the Indiana and Ohio State lines. SEASO 19
rods in general it is all about the N
principle of deflection, or a rod’s Gift certificates
“flex profile,” which establishes and AVAILABLE.
identifies its action and power utiliz- 3376 Mertz Road
ing and in sync with the weight of Caro, MI 48723
the line. 517-524-8294 989.673.2648
“Deflection is the flex profile. FIELD HUNTS AND
When you cast the fly line the rod EUROPEAN STYLE SHOOTS
is the tool that loads and stores
Hunting Spring Gobblers...

By Darin Potter

Wake Up Call listening for any gobbles. If toms and later in the evenings is only marks. Droppings left by toms and
oes life ever slow remain silent use a locator call such half the battle. Now it is time to put jakes resemble a J-shape and can be
down? A forty-plus as a coyote call or an owl hooter to some boots on the ground and burn easily distinguished from the spiral-
hour work week, after reveal any toms if they are present. some calories in the turkey woods. shaped droppings of a hen. When
school activities with Driving into work isn’t the only Although birds are still in flocks, finding tracks, pay attention to how
your kids, family func- time to take advantage of scouting. any information that you can gather long the middle toe is. A tom’s
tions, daily chores, and If your shift ends late afternoon or now will put you that much closer to middle toe will measure around two
unexpected events can oftentimes early evening, glass open fields on tipping over a gobbler. Your ulti- and a half inches or longer.
put your spring turkey scouting on your way home. When commuting mate goal should be to find as many As the temperatures begin to
the back burner. However, there is back and forth to work take mul- places to hunt as possible so that warm turkeys will begin feeding on
a solution. Set your alarm clocks a tiple routes if possible and take note you have a variety of options once green grasses, insects, and seeds that
little earlier and do some scouting of the locations where you have the season gets underway. Relying are available. Fields planted with
on your drive to work. Dedicating found gobblers. Later on, use a plat on only a couple of places to hunt clover, winter wheat or picked corn
ten to twenty minutes in the early book so that you can determine the can result in disappointment and an fields with leftover kernels on the
morning at daybreak can mean the landowners and secure permission unfilled tag. Stubborn toms, pressure ground can be magnets for spring
difference between filling your to hunt these areas before the season from other hunters on public land, turkeys searching for food in the
spring tag and walking out of the begins. and birds that travel to neighbor- springtime. If you find turkey sign
turkey woods empty-handed. Two of the most important items ing properties are just a few of the in these areas set up a tent blind
While driving to work, take a that should never leave your vehicle problems that can put a damper on and return on opening day. Turkeys
route through turkey country stop- on the months leading up to spring your hunt. generally feed in the early morning
ping at higher vantage points along turkey season are a good pair of bin- Before heading out the door and and afternoon hours.
the way. This will allow you to oculars and a locator call. You never putting some miles on your hiking
listen for gobbles from several dif- know when a gobbler might make boots grab an aerial map of the areas Trail Cameras
ferent directions. Secondly, scan the an appearance. you plan on scouting so that you can About three years ago I decided
tops of tree limbs with binoculars Boots on the Ground highlight roosting sites, strutting
zone, travel routes, and feeding ar-
to place a couple of trail cameras
along the edge of a fifteen acre field
or a spotting scope for any roosted Nothing beats good old-fash-
turkeys that are sky lined against eas. Find these three things and you that I had permission to hunt. Up to
ioned legwork when scouting for
the morning sky. Once you exit the have found the ticket to an opening this point I had used them only for
spring turkeys. Glassing turkeys
vehicle spend a couple of minutes day paradise. deer hunting. Judging by the tracks
from afar in the early morning hours
A GPS unit is also an invaluable and droppings that I found I knew
scouting tool that will allow you to that birds were spending time in the
mark areas with turkey sign so that area, but I was uncertain which sides
you can return to these locations of the field they preferred and the
once the season begins. time of day they traveled through.
One of the most important pieces Therefore, I wanted to pinpoint the
of information that you can find best location to place a tent blind.
in the turkey woods is where the After checking the cameras a few
turkeys are spending the night. Lo- weeks later I was able to catch sev-
cate a turkey roosting site and you eral nice longbeards passing through
stand a good chance of filling your the area on camera. They didn’t
tag opening morning. They can be smile, but their long beards sure put
easily identified by searching out the one on my face from ear to ear.
tallest trees in an area with hori- I quickly found out that the deer
zontal branches. I have noticed that woods isn’t the only place for trail
large stands of white pines and ma- cameras. These scouting tools have
ture oaks and maples are a popular now found a permanent place in
choice among turkeys in the areas I my turkey hunting arsenal. In our
hunt. While walking beneath roost fast paced lives they save time and
sites scan the ground for clumps of remove unnecessary guesswork on
droppings beneath branches, tracks, where to setup up a tent blind or
and primary wing feathers. lean up against a tree.
Other important places to pay at- The best places to mount trail
tention to while continuing on with cameras are along field edges,
your search for prime turkey hunt- food plots, old logging roads or
ing real estate are areas where birds two-tracks, roosting sites, and strut
spend time feeding and strutting. zones. Before mounting cameras,
Toms prefer areas with higher vis- take into consideration the size of
ibility when strutting such as fields, a turkey compared to a deer along
logging roads, and creek beds. To with the surrounding area. Hang
After briefly scouting a small chunk of public land the author, Darin find these areas scan the ground for your cameras about chest high when
Potter, was able to connect on a spring longbeard. tracks, droppings, and wing drag placing them at the edge of a large
field or opening to capture birds that tion prior
are further away. In places where to the sea-
birds will be closer due to terrain son such
features or along a small two track as roost-
e.g. strap them around two to three ing sites,
feet off the ground. To increase feeding
your turkey sightings and cover areas,
more territory consider hanging strutting
multiple cameras in separate areas. zones,
This will allow you to figure out turkey
their travel patterns, the size of toms sign, and
in the area, and the best time of day locations
to set up in these locations. where
Networking have been
I use to think that networking
was only for people who just gradu-
ated from college and were looking
ing this
for a job. However, as I became
more serious about turkey hunting
tion will
I soon realized that networking is
allow you
the key to finding out where turkeys
to return
are spending time and helps you
to these
land permission to hunt them on
private property. One of the easiest
once the
ways to figure out where you should
turkey sea- Trail cameras are an essential tool for finding the best locations to set up on a spring gobbler.
hunt turkeys is by talking with the
son opens,
mailman, farmers, DNR wildlife
removing any guesswork. You can time. All of the useful information And most importantly it will allow
biologists, NWTF chapter members,
write as much or as little informa- that you have gathered each spring you to reminisce about your time in
or bus drivers. People in these types
tion as you would like. However, turkey season can be used to help the turkey woods with family and
of occupations cover a lot of terri-
the more detail you include the bet- you become a better turkey hunter. friends.n
tory and can be your “eyes and ears”
ter your chances are of pinpointing
helping you speed up the time it
where gobblers are spending time
takes to find areas that hold long-
throughout the day.

Once the season gets underway
Keep A Journal set aside a few minutes each eve-

When I was a teenager I used ning after you are finished hunt-
to keep a journal of camping trips ing for the day and jot down some
with my family along with hunting basic information. Details should
and fishing adventures. However, as include date, time, weather condi- CHARTERS STARTING AT ONLY $400 - GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE!
the years passed my journal writ- tions, location, type of hunting
ing dwindled when I decided that I (tent blind or run and gun), number Captain Mike Veine focuses on Saginaw Bay, which
would rely solely on my memory. of turkeys seen, and if you shot a
I learned quickly though that it is turkey, weapon and type of call many consider to be the Walleye Capital of the World.
impossible to remember every little used. Lastly, I like to include trophy
detail of each hunt, especially after information about the gobbler I shot. Saginaw Bay Walleye
sixteen years of turkey hunting. For example, I measure and record
That’s when I decided to start keep- the length of the beard and spurs. All through spring and
ing a turkey hunting journal. Keeping a turkey hunting journal summer our charters produce
This type of journal is an invalu- may sound like an inconvenience, consistant, world class fish-
able scouting tool that will allow especially after a long day in the tur- ing. Both eaters and lunkers
you to record a variety of informa- key woods, but it is well worth your are typically caught on most
charters for the perfect mix.


Early Spring yields larger
sized walleyes with some
trout and salmon mixed in for
good measure. Late spring
Experience some of the best and summer produces limit
walleye fishing in the country. catches on most charters
This year’s walleye run is going with more pleasant condi-
to be one of the best in years. tions and some perch, bass
and pike mixed in. We fish
DON'T MISS OUT. both the inner and outer por-
Reserve your date today. tions of the Bay including the
Morning & afternoon trips Charity Islands.

(5 hours) available.
Up to three people.

313-319-0100 or

COVER PHOTO...By Nathan Miller

started fishing for steel- next to me fighting these fish. I grew
head on my high school a hunger inside me I never knew
spring break in 1998 existed, the chase was on for steel-
at Tippy Dam. I was head, but I still had some learning
unsuccessful that week to do.
in catching a steelhead, Over the next few years I was
and little did I know then, it would found buying, reading, and research-
take two years at somewhat of a ing everything I could about river
decent attempt to catch my first fishing steelhead. I loved it and I
steelhead. I watched friends and had all the right equipment and read
other anglers fight these fish many all the stories and articles to become It took the author two years at somewhat of a decent attempt to
times through those two years, and a successful steelhead fisherman, catch his first steelie.
I can say watching the fish fight is but I was lacking the one thing I
what drew me to fall in love with never needed before: the confidence side others on a riverbank, asking told I spare no expense in my gear
the sport without ever reeling in one to go out and catch the fish. I grew questions when I could work up the and attire. He was right. Just as right
for myself. up fishing and hunting. It’s all I nerve, and taking a few guided trips as my wife every time I swipe that
It would be the spring of 2000 ever knew and it all came naturally when the money allowed. Hiring card to purchase the latest and great-
when I finally tore into a silver bul- to me. I was good at it. Steelhead a guide was one of the most unre- est. Everything from leader line and
let; running spin and float fishing though; they came with a price. A alistic ways to learn because I was split shots to waders and coats is
gear. Beneath my float was what my price my mind would have to pay catching so many fish with them I a must-need. I found that it solidi-
buddy Cam called a bumblebee fly. dearly for (and my wallet, I’ve lost sight of why I wanted to take fied my confidence over the years,
He had a half dozen tied up and we learned). the trip in the first place. knowing I was using the best or near
ran through all of them that day. It There was no steelhead mentor The high I got drove me back to best on the market. Side note: Be-
was my most memorable day on the in my life. Dad was always a big learn, so I had to book a second trip. lieve it or not, there are companies
water. I love watching other anglers walleye nut. I tended to fish along- I was mesmerized once again with out there that do not make good lead
the fishing and found myself off split shots.
course of the reason I was there, and My confidence was built over 20
 so I booked a third trip. This time,
though, something was different.
years of chasing chrome, but noth-
ing like the hours and days spent
 Somehow I could see my confi- on the bank or in the boat one drift
dence growing. I learned more from at a time: always learning, always
4 Birds $85 per gun watching the guide than I did asking trying to create a strike I wasn’t
questions. I knew my confidence sure existed. A year or so ago, while
TOWER SHOOTS was low on the river, but after catch- fishing a bank alone, I realized that
On Select Weekends!
ing some fish with the guide (quite I am the guy fighting the fish as you
See Web For Rates and Dates
a few fish actually) I had a renewed walk around the bend. I’m the guy
Affordable pheasant hunting on 317 acres of faith in river fishing for steelhead. I the younger, less experienced guys
switch grass, dwarf-milo sorgrum, and corn.
knew I could take them on, and win. are eyeing. Last year, for example,
Traditional Ringneck Pheasants • Extra birds shot are free.
Morning or afternoon hunts. • Bird Cleaning is available. When I dive into something like I was approached by other anglers
Excellent dogs and guides - $60 per 1/2 day. fishing, I go head first, and I dive that had been going through the
Brass or Steel shot loads only.
deep. I’m a gear guy, and whether same torment I had endured at the pursuing ducks and geese in the start of it all. I have given every
Walkiewicz Farms corn or fish on the river, I love the piece of wisdom and knowledge
6115 Chapin Road • Deford, Michigan 48729 gear that surrounds it all. A day on when the time (and the fish) allows.
Even the 1-989-683-2749 the river bank a few years ago with
a good fishing buddy of mine, I was
I have even taken the rod and reel
from those seeking insight and set
best turkey up my rig onto theirs. Knowledge
hunters appreciate Hot Shot Outfitters SPORTSMAN AUCTION should never be kept tucked away
in the mind but given to those who
less recoil and seek it.
Ray Hoody Every year when I step in the
muzzle jump!  water for the first time my confi-
dence level is as if it were day one
“I recommend Pro-Port to all my clients” of 1998. It’s not until I roll out those
Graig Everetts, Bluffton, South Carolina
Goose Hunts
SATURDAY first few casts and watch my float
drift away that it starts loading back
Phone: 586-469-6727 Youth Deer Hunts MARCH 2ND • 10 AM up. It’s that first drop of the float that
Fax: 586-469-0425 Turkey Hunts • Coyote Hunts Coldwater, MICHIGAN sends the fire back into my arms.
Shotgun Division MAG-NA-BRAKE Whitetail Hunts Selling nearly 500 firearms to include
Lack of confidence is a fisherman’s Colt, Winchester, Browning, Ruger, biggest fear. It is the one thing most
MAG-NA-BRAKE 6900 Huron City will probably never admit. I know,
• Reduce Recoil
Smith & Wesson, Remington and so
• Reduce Recoil
Port Hope, MI 48468 much more. Also lots and lots of I’ve seen, lived and have thought it
• Reduce Muzzle Jump
ammunition, scopes, holsters,
• Reduce Muzzle Jump
41302 Executive Drive
• Quality Porting Since• 1971
Quality Porting Since 1971
Mon - Fri: 989-428-5071 reloading supplies and so much more. many times. Every step into the wa-
Harrison Twp., MI 48045-1306 Weekends: 989-670-4336 For more information go to
ter is just another day to build even
41302 Executive Dr., Harrison Twp. MI 48045-1306
Ph: 586-469-6727 · Fax: 586-469-0425
41302 Executive Dr., Harrison Twp. MI 48045-1306 more confidence in what we all love
and live for.n
Ph: 586-469-6727 · Fax: 586-469-0425 Internet bidding is available thru Proxibid on all firearms.
By Mark Sak


t’s been quite a winter ing on the bigger waters dictates a
here in Michigan. A warm different rod set up. Good drags are
December had anglers a must as even whitefish can pull
in boats all over mid and plenty of line out on a run and lakers
southern Michigan and are always rough on tackle. Many
many did well. But it anglers are using 8-pound braid with
wasn’t good for hardwater anglers. a 2-3-foot fluorocarbon leader in
Ice didn’t start to form solidly until 10- or 12-pound test. Nothing quite
the last 10 days of January. Then compares to pulling a big trout or
it got cold. Crazy cold. Minus whitefish up from 100 foot with an
45-degree windchills make it tough ice rod.
fishing and the bite is usually off Next, we need to mention the
as well. But what all this weather Saginaw Bay and River for walleye
has done is set up some really good and perch. The bay always has bad
opportunities for late season ice ice somewhere so taking a guide is
success. even more highly recommended.
Many deep lakes throughout our But the evening walleye bite can be
state are last to freeze. The depths one of the best on the planet. Quick The author with a Higgins Lake whitefish.
can hold warmer water that adds to limits of 4- to 6-pound fish are com- river. The limit is still very gener- limits come easy, and other days
overall lake temperature, and big- mon, and many times those limits ous, with anglers keeping eight fish there doesn’t seem to be a perch
ger waves can develop and smash come quick. The Saginaw River has each down to 13-inches, some perch within five miles. Fish the packs and
up ice. But when they freeze, they a ton of fish and offers easy access could be bigger than the walleye move around the outside skirting the
can reach two to three feet of ice in many areas. Jigs and jigging kept. noise if possible. Always set a few
and more. These are usually the spoons as well as jigging Rapalas Last but never least is Lake St. tip ups on St. Clair as lots of wall-
lakes that offer the best late season take most of the fish. The trend Clair. There are days on St. Clair eyes are taken on them.
fishing but as always, every lake is lately has been leaning toward when the ice gets good and thick, Again, no ice trip is worth a life.
dangerous in its own way and no only using a minnow head on the shanty cities pop up and hold more There are lots of ways to make sure
one should ever run to a lake or area bait. anglers than the population of many the trip is a safe one. Use every pre-
without knowing how safe the lake Some crazy incidental fish can Michigan cities. It is truly an amaz- caution and don’t be afraid to talk to
is. come out of both the bay and river. ing thing to see thousands of shan- others. Most anglers understand the
One big problem that can affect Ice anglers have hooked sturgeon, ties running down a shoreline. An- importance of safety out there and
safety is slush build up and some steelhead and lakers. There is obvi- glers mostly go to St. Clair for perch will provide good information. I’ll
years it develops and ruins the rest ously a ton of bait in both bay and and there are some days when heavy see you on the ice.n
of the season. Wind also pushes ice
on big bodies of water and cracks
constantly develop. Talk to bait
shops and find anglers who are
fishing these lakes. Always go out
with groups. Guides are very cheap
and extremely knowledgeable of ice
conditions and technique and often
are on fish. Many ice guides are
very reasonably priced. They can
give you ten trips of knowledge in
one or two trips.
The Northern Lower Peninsula
gets the first mention as Burt Lake,
Mullet Lake and Higgins Lake all
provide tremendous ice fishing
for a multitude of species. From
super-jumbo perch in Burt Lake,
(anglers catch fish up to 16-inches),
to beautiful 3- and 4-pound wall-
eyes in Mullet Lake these lakes are
drawing a lot of attention from ice
anglers. When anglers fish Higgins
they are usually targeting big lakers
and whitefish. Higgins may also be
the top lake in Michigan for big pike
and a good number of anglers are
now targeting them.
Late season anglers in these
lakes will fish deeper. Thirty to
forty-feet deep for perch on Burt
Lake to 100 feet for lakers and
whitefish on Higgins Lake. Fish-
Hot Topic In The Outdoors...

Developing new participants

grows with new initiatives
he National Shooting Evans.
Sports Foundation® The sale of hunting licenses and
(NSSF®), along with tags, along with excise taxes on the
several other organiza- purchase of firearms and ammuni-
tions in the outdoor tion, assist federal and state wildlife
industry, announced at conservation efforts, with more than
the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor $1.67 billion contributed annually
Trade Show (SHOT Show®) a by sportsmen and -women. They
number of initiatives designed to provide the bulk of conservation
increase participation in hunting and funding, so maintaining hunter ranks
target shooting both through reac- and safeguarding this funding level
tivation of those who have lapsed, is vitally important for the nation’s
who have ceased to participate, or wildlife, the speakers said.
participate only sporadically and Another promising program
through recruitment of people com- called “Field to Fork” comes from
pletely new to the pastime. the Quality Deer Management As-
Hunter numbers have declined sociation (QDMA). This modern
in recent decades due to a variety of approach to attracting new hunters
reasons, including lack of mentor- works by connecting adults with an
ship, difficulty in accessing hunting all-natural, local, renewable, healthy
lands and shifts in cultural norms. food source. Field to Fork spans the
But there is cause for optimism. entire hunting process from hunter
Research shows that, despite the education to processing and prepar-
decline in participating numbers, ing the harvest for a meal, and it was
many Americans continue to have recently adapted to allow industry
a strong interest in hunting, and members to mentor and participate.
the programs announced today are Hank Forester, Hunting Heritage
a clear indicator of progress being Program Manager for QDMA, said,
made in developing the solutions “Mentoring a new hunter can seem
needed to connect those who are daunting at times, but experience
interested in hunting, but haven’t yet shows that many people interested
participated, with the resources they in hunting will welcome a personal
need to get started. invitation to try it. This is part of
“There’s a strong, well- what Field to Fork does, provide
documented interest in this great that invitation that can really make a
American pastime by people from difference.”
all walks of life, and one of the Forester added that, “People in
keys to taking that interest to active our own industry are interested in
participation is through the support learning to hunt, and we’re work-
of and encouragement by mentors,” Research shows that, despite the decline in par ticipating numbers, ing to make sure that those desires
said Jim Curcuruto, NSSF Director, many Americans continue to have a strong interest in hunting. become a reality by having current
Research and Market Development. participants teach newcomers the
“Programs that provide that ed to all things hunting, everything acknowledges the ropes.”
connection, such as mentoring pro- from discussion of calibers to use mutual interests of, for example, To learn more about opportuni-
grams, are what’s sorely needed to for elk, treestand safety and how to hikers and kayakers with hunting, ties to become involved in these
move people from wanting to get in- perfect one’s wingshooting skills to target shooting and angling pursuits, programs and to join the national
volved to actually being involved.” working with Western big-game tag and encourages participation. movement to recruit more hunt-
Curcuruto was joined in the draws and a wealth of tasty field-to- An innovative program in Geor- ers and target shooters, feel free
press conference by representa- table recipes. NSSF’s +ONE move- gia is underway to help college stu- to contact Jim Curcuruto at jcur-
tives from the Council to Advance ment is a central component of the dents give hunting a try. Charles Ev-, Hank Forester
Hunting and the Shooting Sports, site, as are the “Where to Hunt” and ans, the Georgia Wildlife Federation at, Charles
the Quality Deer Management As- “Apprenticeship” links. R3 coordinator, said this partnership Evans at
sociation and the Georgia Wildlife, LetsGo- program with NSSF addresses sur- or Samantha Pedder at samantha@
Federation, all of which support’s sister site is dedicated vey findings that suggest that many
programs specifically designed to to all things target sports, with a college students want to try hunting The National Shooting Sports
increase participation numbers. comprehensive library of video and target shooting, but have never Foundation is the trade associa-
Curcuruto outlined several new and reading resources, geo-locating had that opportunity. This program tion for the firearms industry. Its
NSSF participation initiatives, in- services for firearms ranges and offers an avenue to get started and mission is to promote, protect and
cluding its +ONE program, which retailers, safety instruction, the tools to help students continue preserve hunting and the shooting
encourages experienced hunters and shooting sports organizations and on their own. “We recognize that sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has
target shooters to mentor youth and more. college students are curious about a membership of more than 12,000
adults and recognizes the efforts of Finally, fo- hunting, the nutritional benefits of manufacturers, distributors, firearms
these mentors. This program and cuses on cross-participation across game meat and the hunter’s role in retailers, shooting ranges, sports-
others are supported by three new a spectrum of outdoor activities. conservation. Lifelong habits start in men’s organizations and publishers.
major websites developed by NSSF. Using geo-locating services simi- college, and hunting could be one of For more information, visit nssf. is dedicat- lar to that in the LetsGo websites, the better habits students form,” said org.n
Hot Topic In The Outdoors...

Eichinger draws on deep outdoor tradition

Michigan DNR’s 21st director youngest to hold the post…By John Pepin-MDNR

s a boy, Dan Eichinger said.
could be found with a His work then included aid-
spinning rod in hand, ing passage of legislation creating
haunting the tree-lined Michigan’s Recreation Passport to
banks of the Middle help fund state parks. The Passport
Branch River, trying to replaced vehicle windshield stickers
avoid the stream’s suckers in favor for park entry.
of a tug on his line from a big brown “I then joined the Wildlife Divi-
trout. sion and worked with Russ Mason as
Like lots of good Michigan folks, assistant to the chief,” Eichinger said.
he loves the woods and water – He would help establish the DNR
they’re in his blood. Wildlife Division’s first Policy and
Eichinger, 38, grew up hunting Regulations Unit, later serving as its
deer in that same part of Osceola supervisor.
County near Marion, a mid-Michigan In 2012, Eichinger left the DNR
village of about 850 people, situated for an administrator’s job at Central
along Highway 66 – about 10 miles Michigan University, which would
north of where the Middle Branch bring him closer to his home and
flows into the Muskegon River. family.
Born in Cadillac, raised in Hol- Two years later, he returned to
land, Eichinger’s paternal lineage is MUCC to become executive director
steeped in natural resources conser- – continuing his family’s tradition of Dan Eichinger, new director for the Michigan Depar tment of Natural Re-
vation advocacy and appreciation. holding top-level positions with the sources, shown in his office at Constitution Hall in Lansing. MDNR photo
“My grandfather was Ryan country’s most effective state-based
Bontekoe. He was a charter member conservation organization. find on our adventures,” he said. tem,” he said.
of the Pigeon River Advisory Coun- After the November 2018 elec- Eichinger sent a message to DNR With a declining user base of
cil and served on that group until tion, Eichinger said speculation be- employees soon after his appoint- hunting and fishing license buyers
he passed away in 1994,” Eichinger gan about who might serve in various ment. Eichinger said the DNR needs to
said. “So, he was involved from the positions in the new administration “Over the coming weeks, I look challenge itself to find solutions to
early 1970s to the mid-1990s.” of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Eichinger forward to reconnecting with many meeting funding needs heading into
Bontekoe was the president of was urged by several people to put of you, meeting those I don’t know the future. In the long term, he said
Michigan United Conservation Clubs his name forward, given his experi- and learning about how we can the department needs to continue its
in 1977. Not quite a decade later, that ence and situational awareness of advance new priorities, celebrate and work to recruit, retain and reactivate
same post was held by Eichinger’s state government. Weeks later, he maximize our current success, and declining numbers of hunters and
father, John. said he was fortunate to find himself continually strive toward personal anglers, reframing the conversation
“Later in his career, my dad was on a short list of finalists for the DNR and professional growth and develop- about those activities in rural commu-
the executive director of Safari Club director’s position. ment,” he wrote. “As employees of nities, while remaining relevant.
International and he was president/ He remembers getting the call the DNR, we are fortunate to wake “In the short-term, we’ve got to
CEO of the Ruffed Grouse Society and the nod as a “great Christmas up every day to work on things that change those trend lines now,” Eich-
until his retirement last June,” Eich- present.” matter to so many people.” inger said.
inger said. “I was still in my PJs on a Looking ahead, Eichinger said he To do that, he wants to focus on
Since those boyhood days in Sunday morning when I found out,” has a few top-drawer DNR priorities, enhanced efforts to make Michigan
Osceola County, where he got hooked Eichinger said. “It was a little before including continuing to battle fish and more of a destination state. Eich-
on fishing and hunting, Eichinger Christmas when I was talking to the wildlife diseases – with the scourge inger pointed to a recently released
has followed the boot prints of his governor.” of chronic wasting disease at the study commissioned by MUCC that
father and grandfather down a path His first day on the job was Jan. spearpoint of those efforts. Eichinger showed the statewide economic
to devoted service and support of 2. Eichinger is the DNR’s 21st direc- will insist Michigan remain a leader impacts from hunting and fishing li-
numerous conservation and natural tor, standing on the shoulders of gi- in preventing exotic bighead and cense purchases support 171,000 jobs
resources endeavors. ants with names like Hoffmaster and silver carp from entering the Great and generate $11.2 billion annually.
He was schooled at Michigan MacMullan. Lakes, while coordinating state and Eichinger suggested making those
State and Central Michigan Universi- “It’s a huge responsibility, only federal action to curb greater grass data available to a wider nationwide
ties, earning a bachelor’s degree in outweighed by the honor of doing the carp proliferation in Lake Erie. He audience would increase interest in
political theory and constitutional work,” Eichinger said. “This isn’t just also plans to continue fighting an en- greater development of Michigan’s
democracy and master’s degrees work that I do, this is how I live my tire suite of forest resource pests and recreation economy prospects.
in fisheries and wildlife and public life.” diseases, which can negatively affect During his first month on the
administration. Eichinger’s home is in western everything from commerce and ecol- job, Eichinger has been working to
Eichinger worked as membership Isabella County, where he lives with ogy to recreation and employment. reacquaint himself with the DNR,
director for MUCC, after a stint there his wife and the couple’s 8-year-old Eichinger said the DNR’s year- listening to constituents and partner
as an intern during college. From son and 5-year-old daughter. There, long park centennial celebration in groups, while developing his priori-
2004 to 2007, he was a conservation they hunt ruffed grouse and American 2019 reminds us of the century-old ties for the agency moving forward.
and natural resources policy advi- woodcock. They also enjoy camping heritage of state park development “The biggest impression so far is
sor to Lt. Gov. John Cherry during and fishing for bluegill. across Michigan. The downside of the quality of people we have work-
the Jennifer Granholm administra- A waterfowl shooter, he is also a that benchmark is a reminder that ing here,” he said.
tion. After that, he was hired by the birder. He said he has studied orni- Michigan has a 100-year-old park Eichinger said DNR person-
Michigan Department of Natural thology and has always been inter- system with a bulging backlog of nel see their jobs as “mission-based
Resources. ested in bird biology. unfunded park maintenance and im- work” they believe in because, like
“From 2007 to 2009, I served “I am not a life-lister, but usually provement projects. him, they are invested in natural
as legislative liaison, working under travel with my Audubon guide so that “I’m concerned that at some point
then-Director Becky Humphries,” he we can identify the different birds we that’s going to crush the park sys- New director page 68
Hot Topic in the Outdoors

“Recreational Rights”
Dear Woods-N-Water News: watching, hiking, etc.). The new the property for any recreational property with this stipulation, espe-
thought that the Michigan owner is banned from any such rec- use. cially if the prospective buyer wants
DNR’s article regarding reational activity on the property. It sounds unfair but it is a legal to use the property for any recre-
“mineral rights” was very In most cases, they can use the arrangement enforceable by law. If ational purpose. However in other
interesting (January 2019 property for agriculture and similar you don’t like it, don’t buy the prop- cases, the new owner may not care
WNW News). However, very few purposes but that’s about it (each erty or buy the property and wait about any type of recreational use
Michigan sportsmen are directly arrangement may differ). That ar- until the holder of the recreational and will purchase the property any-
affected by mineral rights. The new rangement/restriction is printed right rights dies. I happen to know the in- way. This is something all property
thing (“right”) that’s beginning to on the deed and even if the current dividual that set the legal precedent owners in Michigan should think
flourish around the state is “recre- owner sells the property to another for retaining “recreational rights” in about pursuing if they want to (or
ational rights.” In other words, prop- person, the restriction remains in Michigan some years ago. As word need to) sell property (look at legal
erties are being sold but the original effect. In most cases, it’s for the got around, more and more people
precedents/consult an attorney).
owner retains exclusive recreational lifetime of the original owner. That are jumping on the recreational
rights to the property (hunting, fish- person and invited guests are the rights bandwagon. In some cases, Rick Casey
ing, trapping, snowmobiling, bird only people allowed to legally use they may have difficulty selling the Paw Paw, MI

Stop Asian Carp: $778 million barrier

or restore native fish predators?
Dear Woods-N-Water News: of a 1,800 mile area. Plus they are what the biologists are calling for in species, so much so, the raised the
As you know the price of the spreading east and west and will go these studies. They can even do their harvest limit and lower the size of
Brandon Road Locke Barrier to try around any barrier you might have. barrier thing…whatever. the walleyes.
to stop Asian Carp in Illinois has Will you build a $778-million The Asian carp is a fish, it re- It can be done, we only need the
risen to $778-million, plus costs! In dollar lock for Duluth or picture sponds to predators, Chapman told DNR permission, when the Asian
my opinion this is blackmail pure any place where Asian carp will me in its native land the little fish is carp get in our lakes and rivers
and simple. This is only one spot be next? kept in check. You see we can make without predators no one will be
We have tried for 16 years to get the whole/any waterway lake river fishing or boating because they’ll get
permission from the DNR to restore etc. a deterrent to Asian carp by smacked in the face! Or we could

New Director: the native fish population that we

don’t have. We have an invasive spe-
cies population that is out of control,
restoring the native fish population
they will eat them while small eggs
stock the perch walleyes bluegills
and other native fish that the biolo-
gists call for?
from page 67 183 invaders at last count. We have The studies prove it can be Your call!
the people; the worst thing that could done, Saginaw Bay proves walleye Tom Matych
resources and recreation activities in happen is more native fish, which is can and are restored with invasive Twin Lake, MI
their own daily lives.

DNR wildlife staffers honored

Eichinger will be meeting DNR
staffers face-to-face over the next
few weeks through a series of all-
employee staff meetings being held
from Bellaire to Sault Ste. Marie.
Meanwhile, amid the hectic pace of
for expertise, dedication
his new job, Eichinger still plans to Three DNR employees recently were honored for
find time to return to nature himself, their work with turkeys and pheasants.
with his family and his hunting dog. DNR wildlife biologist Brian Piccolo's commit-
He said Beaver Island has be- ment to helping the National Wild Turkey Federation
come one of his favorite places on achieve its goals for habitat conservation and preser-
the planet. He also remains rooted vation of turkey hunting heritage was recognized last
in destinations he enjoyed in his month at the group's Michigan State Chapter Conven-
younger days, including the Lake tion in Big Rapids.
Michigan shore near Holland and the “Brian has gone above and beyond throughout the (lt-r t) DNR Biologist Brian Piccolo, Conser vation par t-
Pigeon River Country of the heart of last few years to ensure that our collaborative projects, ner program specialist Mike Parker, Upland game bird
the Lower Peninsula. partially funded through the DNR’s Wildlife Habitat specialist Al Stewar t
The forests, lakes, streams and Grant Program, have been successful,” said NWTF tive, including DNR staff, Farm Bill biologists and
elk there within the Pigeon’s 104,000 Michigan/Indiana district biologist Ryan Boyer. “Our Michigan United Conservation Clubs cooperative coor-
acres remind him of his grandfather partnerships, projects and successes wouldn’t have dinator Morgan Warda.
and make him feel very connected to been possible without him. He is well-deserving of this Stewart was honored with the first Michigan Pheas-
his family. award.” ants Forever Lifetime Service Award. His career has
From time to time, his mind drifts Conservation partners program specialist Mike spanned well over four decades in Michigan wildlife
back to those beautiful blueberry Parker and upland game bird specialist Al Stewart were management. He has been the state’s upland gamebird
days down around Marion where recognized by Michigan Pheasants Forever at January's specialist for close to 20 years, and before that, worked
he spent those early formative years state convention in Lansing. as a wildlife biologist in southern Michigan. Stewart
exploring the Middle Branch River in Parker was presented with the Michigan Pheas- has been a strong supporter of Pheasants Forever,
pursuit of German browns. ants Forever Partner of the Year award. Parker was working at the organization’s National Youth Leader-
“I trout fish now, mostly with nominated for the award for being an active member of ship Council training meeting in Michigan, contribut-
a fly rod,” he said. “But I still spin the Michigan Pheasant Restoration Initiative steering ing greatly to its success. He also has been working
quite a bit, and that is how I first committee and leading its Habitat Task Group. Parker closely with Pheasants Forever on oversight of the
started fishing.”n provides leadership to many involved with the initia- Enbridge Fund and the Adopt-A-Game-Area program.
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Woods-N-Water News
Michigan’s Premier Outdoor Publication
June 16 - 18, 1910
The World’s Championship Bass Fishing Contest
ill Jamison won the coin schooling, Bill worked a govern-
toss the first morning of ment claim for five years and then
the fishing contest. His went into the printing trade. It was
opponent was Anson while he was travelling as a printer,
Decker, a skillful and that he spent much of his free time
experienced fisherman fishing, his No. 1 hobby. In 1893, he
from Lake Hopatcong, New traveled to Chicago dur-
Jersey and the maker of the ing the World’s Columbian
Decker Surface Water Bass Exposition and was so
Bait. As the winner of the impressed with the many
coin toss, Bill had chosen business opportunities in
to fish a small cove filled the area plus the scores of
with water lilies and weed nearby lakes and streams Above; The Coaxer “Challenge” ad
beds reaching far out from that he and his wife moved from the May 1908 National Spor ts-
the shore at the north end of to Chicago. Printing re- man magazine. Steve Lumpkin
Congress Lake. Bill’s bait mained his occupation, and collection. Right; Two examples of
of choice was he eventually
Sporting Collectibles
the #1 Jamison Coaxer weedless
his Jamison went to work bait with the original box – one with
No. 1 Coaxer, for the Chi- the stinger hook attached and one
a weedless bait
that he had
By Terry McBurney cago Tribune
without. Lang’s Auction, Inc. photo.
Bottom-r t; A nice example of the #1
designed in 1900 with production all the while fishing close by lakes Conver tible Coaxer and its original
first starting in 1904. and rivers in Illinois and Wiscon- box. It has a removable double hook
He also won the right to fish off sin. Bill also worked on developing on the bottom. Otherwise, it is the
the front casting deck for the first new baits using his kitchen table same as the #1 Coaxer. Crossroads
hour before changing positions with as his workshop. He eventually left Angling Auction photo
Ans Decker for the second hour. The the Chicago Tribune and started his
two anglers then alternated back tackle business full-time in 1904. came with a stinger hook that was
and forth each hour from the front Jamison had a distinct advantage easily removed.
to the back of the boat, as well as over his challenger when fishing The No.1 Coaxer weighed in
determining where they were going weedy cover because his Coaxer at ½ oz., and the white body mea-
to fish. Bill felt the pressure starting was almost weedless as compared sured 1 ⅞ inches in length. The
first, and he began by making long, to the Decker Bass Bait, which was total length of the white pressed
curving casts into the heavy cover not. Bill used the standard No.1 cork body and the red feathers
all the time working the Coaxer in Weedless Coaxer most of the time varied between 3 ¼ inches and 3 ½
short jerks. during the contest - a white pressed inches based on the length of the
Bill Jamison was born on July cork bait with red flannel wings red feather tail. The only other bait
11, 1865 in Washington Court and a red goose feather tail. The he used sparingly during the contest
House, Ohio, which is about 40 single hook was hidden between red was the No.1 Convertible Coaxer.
miles southwest of Columbus. He feathers on both sides, and the hook It was basically the same as the No.
grew up there and also in Cherokee, and feather tail were glued solidly 1 Weedless Coaxer with the addi- earth”! In 1908, he had strong com-
Kansas, a small, rugged frontier into the white cork body, which was tion of a double hook to the bottom petition from Heddon, Joe Pepper
town where the family moved when painted with five coats of white bi- of the cork bait. The double hook lures, Pflueger, Shakespeare, Woods
he was fourteen. After finishing his cycle enamel paint. The Coaxer also was easily removed to make the lure Expert Wooden Minnows, and many
weedless, and just as easily replaced popular regional baits. No national
when fishing more open waters. or regional lure manufacturer took
The first bass came out of the “the bait” so to speak in 1908, so
cove from “a clear spot deep among he wrote a letter that was reprinted
the lily pads” and was caught by in the June 1909 issue of Field and
Ans Decker, not Jamison. Soon, Bill Stream magazine.
Jamison hooked and landed his first Jamison wrote in this letter
bass near the entrance to the cove . . that his Coaxer lure was “the best
. and the contest was on. all-around effective and satisfactory
The idea for the contest actu- bait in the world, and I stand ready
ally started early in 1908 when Bill to enter a contest covering three
Jamison came up with the challenge days’ fishing from the same boat,
as a marketing concept to promote each contestant to fish the ground
the different fishing products sold half the time, and no man or kind of
by his Chicago company, the W.J. bait barred. I will be willing to go
Jamison Company. He ran Coaxer to any lake within 300 miles (later
ads in the April issue of The Outer changed to 500 miles) of Chicago
Book and the May and June issues which is unknown to both parties.”
of National Sportsman magazine. Then he talked about how points
The ads started out: “We claim that would be scored, and that he would
the weedless “Coaxer” will catch restrict himself to fishing with just
more bass than any other bait on Coaxers, “barring no man or bait,
earth, and we stand ready to prove it or a variety of baits,” which is an
Left; A photo of Ans B. Decker from a booklet published in 1925. at any time.” amazing statement allowing his
Rob Pavey photo. Right; A “Smiling Bill” Jamison holding a nice That’s quite a claim to “catch opponent to fish with an assortment
steelhead. Bill Culler ton photo more bass than any other bait on of lures or even live bait. Lastly,
An unfished,
near perfect
he stated: “Fishing to be in a lake test was to take place on June 16, 17 example of
that has a fair amount of reeds and and 18, 1910. the Decker
lilies!” The location was 300-acre Con- Surface
Again, no one took him up gress Lake near Canton, Ohio. The Water Cast-
on his challenge . . . so he wrote lake and the grounds were owned ing Bass
another letter, this time reprinted in by the private Congress Lake Club Bait with its
the February 1910 issue of National of Canton,. The club closed the lake original box.
Sportsman magazine and the March to all spring fishing by its members Bill Lands-
1910 issue of Field and Stream through June 19th. They also invited tra’s Auction
magazine. Jamison’s challenge all interested area fishermen and the lure.
finally received a reply from An- general public to Congress Lake as
son B. Decker of Lake Hopatcong, guests during the contest.
New Jersey. Born in 1862, Anson Day one started out poorly
grew up on Raccoon Island on Lake with steamy conditions and a glass and the wind would pick up. They Weedless “Wobbler”, the Jamison’s
Hopatcong, New Jersey’s largest smooth Congress Lake, so the started again at 7 p.m. for two hours Humdinger, the Struggling Mouse,
freshwater lake, where his father opening time was moved back from of fishing with just one fish caught, the Jamison Barbless Fish Hooks,
ran a fishing guide service and also 8 a.m. by a half an hour. Mr. J. another bass for Decker. The score and my favorite, the Shannon Twin
worked as a commercial fisherman. William Macy was one of the three now stood at Jamison seventeen Spinner. Bill also continued tourna-
Ans, the nickname that he went judges. He represented Field and bass versus Decker with nine fish, ment casting with much success,
by, apparently started guiding in Stream magazine and wrote a “play an imposing lead. and he was one of the founding
1875 when he was just thirteen. He by play” account of each day’s ac- The last day of the contest “54” original members of the Izaak
became an accomplished and well tion that was later published in Field started with overcast skies with a Walton League, the American envi-
known fisherman and was in the lure and Stream and of great interest slight breeze but with a promise of ronmental organization founded in
business as early as 1907 making his to its readers. Macy reported that clearing later in the day. The fisher- 1922 by a group of sportsmen who
Ans. B. Decker Surface Water Bass Jamison was using one of the newly men were on the water by 8:15 a.m. wished to protect fishing for future
Bait. popular shorter 5 ½-ft. split bamboo with the best fishing of the contest generations. Sadly, he died on No-
According to a recorded talk bass rods matched with a Talbot about to start with each angler vember 9, 1926 after a second bout
that Anson gave in 1933 to a local casting reel - the same outfit that catching quite a few bass. The two of pneumonia.
sportsmen’s club, he first developed Jamison fished with on fishing trips fisherman stopped for lunch and I would like to acknowledge
his topwater revolving head bait in around the Midwest, as well as used then at 4 p.m. to take photos of their the many excellent articles written
1882. However, none of the baits in distance casting tournaments that catches. Then they finished up with about Bill Jamison, Ans Decker,
were commercially sold until ten he competed in. He had a second another one and a half hours on the and The World’s Championship
years later when he had perfected identical combo waiting in the boat water with both Jamison and Decker Bass Fishing Contest found in the
the lure’s design. They originally that he used when he switched from catching two more bass a piece. The NFLCC (National Fishing Lure
were made in two sizes - 2 ¾ inches fishing a standard weedless Coaxer final score was Jamison 28 bass with Collectors Club) Gazette and in the
and 3 ½ inches, came in white or to the “Convertible” Coaxer. Decker Decker landing sixteen fish over the NFLCC Magazine. I would also like
yellow, and the buyer could buy the fished with a 7-ft. rod that he made three days. This gave Jamison the to thank Bill Cullerton for the help
bait with single hooks to comply himself made out of sassafras wood. victory. he gave me in researching his Great-
with New Jersey’s stringent law on He matched it up with a Meissel- Both Jamison and Decker took Grandfather, Bill Jamison. I would
hooks or with treble hooks. bach Takapart casting reel. He also advantage of promoting the contest especially like to thank good friend,
The two fishermen wrote back carried a second outfit - the identical in their ads. Jamison promoted his Stephen L. Lumpkin for his newly
and forth to establish the rules for 7-ft. wood rod mounted with a Vom outright victory in numbers of bass published book entitled Jamison VS.
the challenge, which were published Hofe casting reel. caught. Decker emphasized the fact Decker, The World’s Champion-
in the June 1910 issue of Field and By noon, Jamison was in the that he had consistently caught the ship Bass Fishing Contest of 1910.
Stream magazine. It was to be a lead six fish to two for Decker. A larger bass over the three days. Ans Steve’s seminal book was published
3-day fishing contest on any lake well earned lunch break was taken Decker continued selling his Decker in 2018 by The Whitefish Press
within 500 miles of Chicago. Each near noon, and soon a thunderous lures for many years but was only (
day’s contest would be for a total summer storm moved through the moderately successful. He continued Feel free to contact the author
of eight hours. Jamison insisted area for 40 minutes. Fishing started guiding fishermen for the rest of his at with
that whatever lake was chosen, it again at 3 p.m. with slow action life while living on Lake Hopatcong your questions. Photographs are im-
“should contain at least at an aver- except that Jamison picked up four until his death in 1940. Bill Jamison, portant, so please send them. They
age amount of rushes, lilies and bass here and there while Decker or “Smiling Bill,” continued add- help me with identification and give
other vegetation,” and the chosen only scored with one additional fish. ing new lures to the Jamison lineup me an idea of the condition of the
lake had to be unknown to both fish- The first day’s score was Jamison adding the “Nemo” Bass Bait, the item.n
ermen. Each bass of legal size, ten ten bass versus Decker with only
inches in length or larger, counted three.
as one point. Bass landed under
legal size was given a one point
Day two was sunny and hot with
almost no breeze blowing, so the IT’S SPORT SHOW TIME AGAIN....
demerit, and whoever caught the start time was delayed until 9 a.m.
most legal bass over the three days
was the winner. Weight was not a
Jamison’s luck was still with him as
he landed five more bass before a Ultimate Sport Show, March 14-17
factor. Other species caught were
not counted unless agreed to by both
break for lunch. Decker managed to
land just one fish, but it was a lunker Devos Place, Grand Rapids
contestants. weighing an even four pounds.
The two anglers were to fish The score continued to rise for Bill Dick VanRaalte and I will again be setting up our antique displays at the Ulti-
from the same boat each choosing Jamison with the score Jamison fif- mate Sport Show in Grand Rapids. I will be exhibiting my “Made in Michigan”
where to fish and the position in the teen bass and Decker with only four fishing tackle collection and offering FREE appraisals on old tackle brought
boat half of the time changing every fish to his credit. The two anglers into the show. Dick VanRaalte, from Starboard Marine Restorations in Grand
hour. Each contestant would occupy started fishing again at 2:30 p.m. Haven, Michigan, will be exhibiting a display of vintage outboard motors. Dick
a seat on either end of the boat with with Decker landing the first two will also be answering your questions and offering free appraisals. Bring in
an oarsman who sat in the middle. bass, and then the two opponents your father’s or grandfather’s tackle box, old rods and reels, or a vintage out-
Bill Jamison was to fish with the landed two bass a piece. They de- board motor. We will be happy to answer your questions, as well as offer FREE
Coaxer, and Decker stipulated that cided to stop early and take a break appraisals. We are also interested in buying old sporting collectibles for our
he was going to use a white Decker and then get back on the water later collections. Please stop by and enjoy our displays. We will see you there!
Surface Water Bass Bait. The con- hoping that the heat would drop
Take care buying
Editor’s note: We are extremely lakes. As our family grew, and four
sad to inform our readers that our daughters came along, we all en-
‘Mr. Boat Smart,’ Capt. Fred Davis joyed fishing, cruising and what I’ll
has passed. A man who dedicated call, “Life on the damp side.” The
his life to the water has concluded girls really loved their sled rides be-
his voyage. Captain Fred Davis,
80, of Port Austin, died from hind the boat and as they got older, After intense research before buying, the author’s new boat gets
cancer. He will be remembered for water skiing was a favorite. checked out by Coast Guard Auxiliary. Author photo
his passion, enthusiasm, My daughters all uses. I owned boats made of wood, chase the buyer needs to look into
concern and knowledge of had friends who began fiberglass, steel and rubber; over before he signs on the dotted line.

the waters of Lake Huron. to join us for fun on the a dozen in all. Most of the time I One of the biggest problems in the
y parents water. We often took some was able to find a used boat to suit boat building industry has always
owned small of them along on cruises my needs but I did buy a brand- been warranty service.
boats 14 to across the lake to Tawas new one near the end of my boat- Problems stem from a variety
18 foot that and beyond. When each of ing days. Because of my extensive of reasons. Dealers are not paid a
carried us off- the girls was old enough boating background, I would like fair amount for correcting factory
shore a short distance from to pass the operators class, to offer some advice for you to defects thus they are reluctant to do
they were consider.
the harbor in warranty work when they can make
Port Austin allowed to Boat shows are a popular des- a better profit on out-of-warranty
for fishing. take our tination this time of year because
By Capt. Fred Davis
repairs. Another problem for the
This type of small Boston boaters start thinking about getting servicing dealer is; he may replace
boating was Whaler out on a new boat. Problems may have or repair a boat under warranty
always enjoy- their own and been encountered with a used boat only to find out the manufacturer
able and led me to spending much their pals went along. purchase and there is seldom an disclaims responsibility. Thus the
of my life working on the water. As my love of the water pro- option of going back on the seller. dealer is left without reimburse-
When I married, I discovered my gressed, I purchased and sold This fact often provides the incen- ment.
wife was unfamiliar with big wa- many boats of various types, sizes tive to take the plunge and shop for Getting parts needed for repairs
terways, she had only visited inland and styles for numerous intended a new boat. can present challenges. If a manu-
Buying a new boat can present facturer can only get enough parts
risk. Major boat manufactures may to keep his assembly of new boats
ED'S NEW DVD have changed hands, some more going, he may back order replace-
than once. A new company taking ment parts. The dealer therefore, al-
ULTIMATE over will have the bottom line as though willing to make the repairs,
CORN-BASED an objective. A manufacturer of cannot get needed parts. I have
DEER KILL PLOTS multiple model boats can obtain
volume discounts. This helps meet
heard of new boat owners missing
all or a good portion of a season
Takes you to a new concept of deer attraction.
Deer will freely enter your kill plot during daylight due
the anticipated profit margin and is just waiting for repairs.
to the security and endless variety of forage deer prefer just good business. When shopping for a boat of
Send Check or Money Order
Another way companies any size, a buyer usually makes
ORDER Made Out to: increase profits is by building the price comparisons. When compar-
YOUR Edward Spinazzola same brand name boat cheaper - us- ing a number of boats of like size
COPY 4986 Winewood Lane ing less material and inferior qual- and construction, if one is priced
TODAY! Commerce, MI 48382 ity material. Buyers may purchase well below the others beware, there
a NAME they know or have owned must be a reason. A buyer should
New DVD ~ $25 includes shipping in the past; not realizing it does not investigate before buying. If a boat
Name have the same quality. You may is cheaper priced because it is made
Address think, there is always the warranty. with cheaper material, it may not be
City State Zip This is another area of a boat pur- the best buy.
Phone #
A “brand” name is no longer
enough to guarantee a well-built
Bay View
Tony Lapratt and associate Chris Pierson The Brassica Blend provides both summer feed and winter forage. The Ultimate Blend is
product. If you are purchasing a
new boat, check with other boat-
Resort & Motel
with new associate Ed Spinazzola an excellent mix that includes both annual and perennials. The Wildlife Cover and Forage Blend
is designed to keep deer on your property by providing them a bedding area and food in close
WEBSITE -- proximity. Go to for a full list of ingredients and detailed planting instructions. ers. Ask if they believe they got the
ULTIMATE DEER FOOD PLOTS OR CALL ED AT 586-784-8090 FOR MORE INFORMATION best buy for their dollar and inquire
BOOK & DVD Seed Cost # Bags Total • Open Year Round about warranty repair matters.
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Home Of The New Record question them. There are also in-
Book $25 “DEER ATTRACTION” Lower Peninsula Michigan each additional bag Small Mouth Bass. formation hotlines that will tell you
then mail to: Shipping and handling – $12.00 first bag $8.00 about any major problems or recalls
DVD $20
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Upper Peninsula and the
rest of the Continental US
each additional bag
• A family and pet friendly – seek them out.
4986 Winewood Lane TOTAL
REMIT BY CHECK OR MONEY ORDER resort with 5 cottages and 3 Buying a new boat can be a
Ed Spinazzola • 24150 31 Mile Road, Ray Twp, MI 48096
motel rooms located on the lake. great experience. Do not rush into
Check the Following: Book @ $25 each DVD @ $20 each WEBSITE: For more information Call a deal until you have gathered all
Address 989-727-2341 the information you can get. Time
spent researching will increase the time you have for boating in the
City State Zip City State Zip
Phone # Phone #
hen I was a kid a cap then. I’d put my cased pis-
I read articles tols in the back. One spring match
about hunting was held on a particularly raw and
in the cold in windy day. The Ruger Blackhawk
Alaska, or the .357 I was using got really cold in
Arctic. One of the truck. When I got on the line the
the things mentioned was the need hand that was supposed to rise and
to get all the oil, or grease, off of a lock the cylinder in line with the
gun before hunting in extreme cold. barrel would not rise. The cylinder
Powdered graphite was used to just spun freely. I had an H&R .22
replace all other lubes. I might have revolver along and switched to it.
tried it on my deer rifle, if I had The .22 cartridge and the four-inch
figured out where to find some. barrel didn’t work well on the steel
Despite not having graphite ap- targets at 50, 75, and 100 meters. on the range but I had never taken dusk and I got out to make the gun
plied to them my guns have The Ruger Blackhawk a deer with it. The only deer I got a safe by firing it into the snowbank.
almost never had a problem had never failed me before, good look at that day was a big doe. The first time I pulled the trigger
while hunting, or shooting, and hasn’t since. With She stood on a logging road and the hammer fell but the rifle didn’t
in the cold. (These days my practice and matches I’d looked at me for a while, and then fire. It had been so cold when I
guns tolerate cold much been shooting it a lot and walked off into a little swamp and loaded up that morning that I
better than I do.) cleaning it less often than I stood broadside. She wouldn’t grow didn’t get the cap seated completely.
My son, Ethan, and should have. Gunk and cold antlers for me no matter how much I I cocked the hammer again and
I went deer hunting on combined to mess up my wished she would. the rifle fired on the second try.
the last day of the season match that day. Back at the vehicle I stood the The blast and flame from the

some years ago. It Later I hunted carbine in the snow and got in to muzzle ended my deer hunting for
was snowing lightly deer in muzzleload- warm up. My friend showed up at that year.n
in town but in the ing season with a
woods it was flying
past us sideways. We
By Lee Arten friend. We were
in an area that had BOOKS/DVDS BY RICHARD P. SMITH
had taken scoped rifles, but should recently been logged outside Trout
have brought shotguns with peep Creek. It was eight degrees with
sights and slugs. The rifles filled up a stiff wind. It felt so cold that, at
with snow but didn’t seem bothered
by the cold. We spent a lot of time
noon, my friend drove into town and
bought a new pair of hunting pants
Great Michigan Deer Tales
clearing scope lenses, and trying to to wear. I should have done the MORE BIG BUCK STORIES
keep the rifles somewhat dry. We same. The old, red, wool trousers
didn’t get any shots but I think they I was wearing had lasted through
would have worked okay. Back at
home we had to wipe them off sev-
many seasons. That day, however,
it felt like there were no knees on Tracking Wounded Deer
eral times because they condensed them at all. The wind knifed through Lots of NEW INFORMATION and ALL COLOR PHOTOS
heavily in the warmth of the house. them and I was cold all day.
Quantity Cost
When K.I. Sawyer Air Force My friend was bowhunting but
Base was still outside of Marquette, I didn’t think I could shoot a bow ____ *NEW* Great Michigan Deer Tales - Book 7 ($16.50) _______
____ Tracking Wounded Deer - 3rd Edition ($25) _______
I used to drive from the Western well in weather that cold. Instead, ____ Black Bear Hunting - 2nd Edition ($40.00) _______
U.P. to shoot NRA Hunter’s Pistol I used a sidehammer .50, percus- ____ Walking with Whitetails DVD ($24.00) _______
Silhouette matches there. I was sion gun, modeled after the Jenks ____ Deer Hunting - 4th Edition ($35.00) _______
driving a small Chevy pickup with Carbine. It had worked well for me ____ Great Michigan Deer Tales - Book 6 ($16.50) _______
____ Great Michigan Deer Tales - Book 5 ($16.50) _______
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Habitat Creation ____ Deer Tales Set - 2/$28; 3/$40; 4/$50; 5/$60; 6/$72; 7/$82
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YOUR PROPERTY IS OUR PRIORITY ____ Understanding Michigan Black Bear - 2nd Edition ($20.00) _______
SEND FOR YOUR ____ Animal Tracks & Signs of N.A. ($23) _______
• Brush Hog Serving Name
____ TOTAL _______

• Trail Creation Lower Address

• Hinge Cutting Michigan City State Zip
• Soil Testing
Phone #
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Make checks payable to: SMITH PUBLICATIONS
John Wittig 586-255-7676 814 Clark St. • Marquette, MI 49855
Michigan Meanders...

Time Out, Time Off

fter a while it gets also a problem. Because I’m a natu- take before boredom arrived?
to you, this habit of ral pack rat, the stuff I own tends to But it was hunger, not boredom
keeping a schedule breed more stuff. Fishing trips, for that stimulated me to return home,
and having to be example, require at least an hour to nearly four hours later. The last time
somewhere, on time, load all the rods and reels and tackle I had sat that long without stirring
all the time, and ready boxes, waders, spare clothes, rain was during deer hunting season four
for whatever. We learned this be- gear, cameras and other equipment. months earlier. Even then, though, I
havior early in life (“Don’t be tardy Going hunting is worse because had a book to read (No, I didn’t get
again for school; next one’s I must also think ahead and my buck).
a detention!”), and now pack food, water, kennels, On this spring morning I saw no
that we’re supposed to be leashes, and beepers, bells deer, but I did hear a pair of turkeys
retired, it’s hard to change. and whistles for the bird gobble. A catbird—no doubt an
After all, there will always dogs as well as the usual early arrival—mewed from the dog-
be a grandkid to pick up checklist of shotguns, shells wood thickets along a tiny stream
from school and a doctor’s and extra boots for me. that murmured through the woods
appointment to keep. Like me, don’t you ever before disappearing in a culvert. We
Maybe you, too, have wonder what it would be kids used to hear catbirds along a

By Tom Huggler
to be dependable like to go out- stream we visited in a place where
because you’ve doors, just once, the odor of wild spearmint was
always been that without having to sharp and where the leopard frogs
way and the people you care about take anything or anyone else along? were visible only to boy hunters
have expectations. If you don’t One morning in late March, who knew where to find them.
cook, they don’t eat. That kind of on the pretext of scouting for wild A mourning cloak wandered
thing. turkeys, I decided to find out. in and out of the forest edge that exactly the wrong thing to do. After
So, every now and then you I slipped on a jacket, after joined the meadow I had crossed all, this was supposed to be time off.
have to cut yourself loose and get checking the pockets to make sure earlier. I wondered if sixth graders Had I been bent over engrossed
out of Dodge to use an old cliché. they were as empty as my jeans, still caught butterflies for science in a book, I might have cracked
Go fishing or hunting, for your san- and walked outside. I ignored But- class as we used to do. Death by my neck when a red-headed wood-
ity and theirs. For me, at least, that’s terscotch, our yellow Lab, pressing chloroform in a Ball canning jar was pecker suddenly drilled into a
her black nose against the kennel just another hazard for the prized nearby snag. The shock made me
fence and whining to go along. monarchs heading to Mexico. think of an air wrench tightening
Come stay at When I told her “No,” she sank into Odd, isn’t it, how a person lug nuts at the local auto shop. After
startling each other, the bird flitted
Whispering Cedars Lodge a blonde pile, buried her head in
paws, and sulked.
thinks about stuff like that when
he’s left the cell phone in the truck off like a drop of blood rising and
Your home away from home! “It’s just me today.” back at the parking lot. There, in the falling through the naked woods.
Driving to a public hunting area, deer-empty woods, I experienced This uncommon species, along with
Year-round outdoor sportsmen’s I walked through a field along a sod- moments of absolute solitude which other woodpeckers, is making a
lakefront paradise just 20 minutes den path of decaying leaves and into reminded me of something Paul comeback, a positive consequence
a dark patch of woods beyond. I sat Gruchow said about experienc- of the emerald ash borer’s impact in
from Alpena. Beautifully decorated, it’s on a felled oak, placed a big poplar ing a landscape in his book, The Michigan.
a 4,400 sq ft luxurious home with all between my shoulder blades, and Necessity of Empty Places: “You One could argue that time spent
the modern comforts – that sleeps 14! leaned backwards. must go alone into it and sit down in woods without a gun or even
Now I was outdoors, alone, and somewhere quietly and wait for it to a mesh bag for collecting morels
for the first time since I don’t know come in its own good time to you.” is a waste. But every point has its
when, there was nothing to do. I had During my four-hour sojourn it counterpoint, and I wouldn’t trade
no camera. My shirt pocket held came often, in the form of birds and those hours for anything. That’s also
no notepad and pencil. There was butterflies and memories from long because that evening my family and
no story deadline and, therefore, no ago. Had I brought writing materi- I enjoyed a special chicken dinner,
need for them. The watch on my als, I could have penned a chapter thanks to a revived cook who sud-
wrist said 10:30. How long would it for a book, which would have been denly felt creative.n

Hunters, snowmobilers, ice- Enjoy

fisherman and winter lovers come
enjoy this majestic space on the Upland Bird Hunting
shores of Hubbard Lake, an 8,850 August 15—April 30
acre lake known for its excellent Licensed Shooting
bass, trout, walleye and yellow perch
fishing and as a winter ice-fishing Preserve
Mayville, MI
spot. Access to 450 acres of hunting
land included in rental. No Hunting (989) 843-6576
License • Dogs with Guides Available • Clubhouse
GREAT TURKEY Required! • Open 7 Days A Week • Bird Cleaning
HUNTING THIS • Fields With Excellent Cover &
Safety Fields In Between
• Morning And Afternoon
SPRING Michigan Association of • Birds Released After You Arrive • Extra Birds Shot are Free
For more information and Gamebird Breeders & Hunting Preserves • No Gun Or Membership Fees • Gift Certificates Available
rental details visit: For information & listing of our preserves near you go to: Located 17 Miles North of Lapeer
or Call 989.916.7280
Dog Training...By Len Jenkins

Quartering and bird excitement

any dogs quarter natu- sending him out again on a cheer- up over birds is to snag a pigeon in
rally but still need a little ful two-toots, only to be called back a fishing net and tease, saying “Bird,
training to develop this on the long blast! Now this is really Bird, Bird,” and then “Whoa!” At
ground covering pattern. putting the pieces to the training this point the dog should immedi-
The cue to turn and/or go forward puzzle together! ately freeze on point. This process
to hunt is two toots on the whistle. You’ll have to work your dog on should be repeated a few times.
These toots should be snappy and quartering a few times before you After your dog has had his memory
cheerful, sufficient in themselves to can trust him to consistently go for- refreshed, another technique you
instill enthusiasm. Note that this sig- ward and/or turn on the designated can employ is to take the pup into a
nal is much different from the heavy signal. When you feel secure that he pen of game birds, or even chickens.
authoritative long blast command- understands and will comply, drop In this way the dog will once again
ing the dog to come. Should your the checkcord. hear the word Bird, see the bird, and MDNR photo
dog initially want to come in upon Keep giving the signals to either then smell the bird–all at once.
hearing the new signal, send him turn or come in. If the dog misses After this you should try a more flies off, make a lot of noise, trying
out again, making sure that there is his cue, run and step on the cord and challenging technique. Use your to simulate the commotion your dog
no confusion in his mind as to what give the proper tug. Just be quick pigeon release harness and place a would hear if guns were fired. Do
these two very distinct signals mean. about it! From then on as you’re pigeon in high grass, out of sight but this several times. Before too long
Get your dog fired up and urge training, let the dog drag the check- upwind of the pup. Let the pup go you’ll be able to fire a blank gun and
him to go forward, tooting twice. cord. He’ll never even know you’re on point when you know he should then a .410 or 20 gauge near your
When he gets out twenty to thirty not actually holding the other end. smell the bird. You will know this dog.
feet to the side, give two toots again When you’re really confident because you will always work the Soon it will be time to shoot a
and tug on the checkcord, this time in your dog, replace the 30-50 foot dog into the wind. bird over him, thereby showing him
using your spiked force collar. As cord with one which is ten feet long. After the dog is on point, several that the point really does culminate
you proceed across a field of short Once again you’ll fool your dog feet from the hidden pigeon, lift the in total, absolute, unadulterated
grass (so your line doesn’t get and now he’ll work nicely with less bird by the string and gently swing satisfaction. All the pieces to our
tangled), zigzag in a way that you drag. it in such a way as to lull the already puzzle are beginning to fit! It’s now
signal and tug on the checkcord so The next step is to remove the pointing dog into an even more time to concentrate on the finer
that your dog learns he is to cover short lead–and even the spike collar. hypnotic point. Then, flush the bird aspects of pointing. This is getting
the field in windshield­wiper fash- Now you have a dog that consistent- by snapping the harness. As the bird to be fun!n
ion. Your pattern should be two ly heels, comes when called, quar-
toots--tug, two toots--tug, two toots- ters and goes forward on command,
-tug so he learns to turn eventually
on the two toots, thereby preventing
works a field in a zigzag pattern,
and searches for something birdy, to
Your chance
the discomfort caused by the tug. point. Let’s go on to the next stage. to win has never
You should periodically give him a The excitement builds–for both
long, hard blast to come in, thereby dog and handler! been better!
demonstrating for him the difference 3rd annual
between these two signals. If he gets Excitement Over Birds BETTER THAN
excited and seems reluctant to come
in, give him a pull and the spiked
Throughout the training process
you should remind your dog that the 1 in 34 chance to win!
collar will remind him that he is to name of the game is birds, birds and
obey this previously learned com- more birds! This is done through Prizes of guns and other merchandise from quality manufactures such as:
Praise enthusiastically when
frequently using the word Bird when
your dog is around birds, or sees or
Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Benelli
your dog masters the new signal and smells birds. Make the dog use all and much more.

$11,200 in prizes
automatically turns on two toots. In his senses. He should hear the word
order to refresh his memory, heel
him in for the conclusion of the les-
bird, see the bird, and best of all,
smell the bird. Now this is what a over
son, routinely giving him a Whoa, bird dog was bred for!
heeling again, and then perhaps A good way to get a bird dog fired- Eagle Eye Country Club • Bath, Michigan
March 23rd, 2019
ANTIQUE & CONTEMPORARY $20.00 per ticket
ACCOUTREMENTS SHOW 1. Savage 220 Slug 20ga Slug 12. Mossberg 500 Combo/Bantam 25. Ruger American 450 Bushmaster
Blued BBL 13. Marlin XT-22M 22 Mag 26. Stoeger P3500 12/26” MAX5
Sunday, March 3, 2019 2. Ruger LCP II 380ACP 14. Nikon Binoculars Pmp
LAPEER AMERICAN LEGION HALL • LAPEER, MI 3. Remington 870 express 12/28” 15. Walter P22QD Pistol 27. T/C Compass 30/06
4. Marlin 336W 30-30 16. Moss 715T 22LR 28. Stihl Chainsaw
1/2 mile West of M-24 on West Genesee St. 5. Stihl Chainsaw 17. Ruger American 243 Blued 29. Stoeger P3500 12/28” Pump
Sponsored by 6. Ruger 10/22 Takedown Blue 18. T/C Compass 30/06 30. Savage MKII 22LR Heavy BBL
Lapeer Firelocks Muzzleloading Club 7. Savage Model 64 w/Scope 19. Stihl Chainsaw 31. Traditions G4 Ultralight Muzz
8. Benelli Nova 3.5” 12/28” Matt 20. Ruger American 308 Predator 32. Nikon Binoculars
9:00 am - 4:00 pm 9. Henry Goldenboy 22 L.R. 21. Ruger AR556 33. Stoeger P3500 12/28” Pump
Open to the Public. $5.00 Donation at the Door 10. Bushnell Trophy Cam 22. Savage 93 .17HMR w/Scope 34. Benelli Nova 12/28” MX5 Camo
11. Reminton 870 express 12/20” 23. Bushnell Trophy Cam 35. Bushnell Trophy Cam
This will be a Juried Show to Feature the Finest in Custom and Production Muzzleloading Rifled BBL 24. S&W SD9VE Pistol
Arms in Conjunction with Firearms Constructed Before 1896, or Replicas thereof. *Commemorative Bucks of Michigan reserves the
call (517) 679-6226 to order tickets right to substitute prize of equal value if unforeseen
For Information Contact: Tom Berry, 810-620-3175
Visit: for more info
event occurs and prize is not available
F O O D A N D B E V E R A G E S AVA I L A B L E D U R I N G S H O W *Need not be present to win - License # R38163
Michigan Deer Camp Traditions
A series of stories about Deer Camps
in the Great State of Michigan

Memories at the
Lil’ Ponderosa
t was in the early 1960s along the Ruby Creek. It took little
when Don began looking convincing; Don knew immediately
for deer hunting prop- this was the right property for him Another successful year at Don’s hunting camp.
erty. Having completed his and his family to continue to grow
service in the U.S. Coast their deer hunting traditions. station for many hungry and thirsty have really set up their fellow deer
Guard, it was his intent With just a few short months hunters. hunters for success.
to use his mustering out pay for a left before the hunting season, time The fame of Don’s deer camp Each blind has been appropri-
much-desired deer camp of his own. was of the essence. Right away grew each and every year. Every lo- ately named and each holds a very
With a strong inclination towards Don and his family constructed a cal deer camp knew that on Novem- special meaning. Phyllis’s blind was
the U.P. Don bought a completely Wicks A-Frame cabin with a sign ber 14, Don would be cooking the rightfully named after she harvested
furnished cabin on 40 acres located above the door naming the camp hind quarters of a deer and everyone her first and only deer. Then there’s
in Paradise. Nestled half a mile back “Lil’ Ponderosa.” By October 1 of was welcome. It wasn’t uncommon the Regency, the Gully Blind, the
in the Tahquamenon River Swamp, 1976, the Lil’ Ponderosa was camp to have twenty to thirty deer hunt- Red Roof Inn with the Thunder-
this remote getaway provided many worthy. In 1982 Don’s hunters built ers packed in the kitchen and living bird seat inside, Thump’s Blind,
years of excellent deer hunting well a pole barn for tractor storage and a room. Hunters came from miles and the Green Barren. The Wal-
off the beaten path. dry place to keep fire wood. It didn’t away for Don’s world-renowned doorf was named after Don’s good
As time progressed, so did the take long before more and more of gravy that smothered both venison friend, Boone. Before he passed,
responsibilities in Don’s life. The Don’s family and friends called this and potatoes. Boone pointed to an exact location
annual retreats to Paradise became camp theirs as well. In 1986 Don After dinner and card games, on the property that should have a
increasingly more difficult with purchased the neighbor’s 10 acres it was lights out at 11 p.m. sharp. box blind. Although Boone never
young children clinging to and added a mudroom to Don ran a tight ship and no one had the opportunity to hunt it, The
Don, begging for dad not the cabin. questioned it. By 5 a.m., Don was Waldoorf was named and positioned
to go. On one of his final Even with the addi- flipping the light switches on and off in his honor. The dates of every deer
trips to the Tahquamenon tional storage space for alerting his hunters with the ritual that has been successfully harvested
River Swamp, Don shot an hunting gear, the need morning greeting, “Rise and shine, from this blind and the caliber that
impressive 10-point deep for more indoor living daylight in the swamp, let’s hit it”! was used is etched into the walls of
within the woods. Before quarters grew each year. Everyone knew they would be the Waldoorf. These are just a few
retrieving his buck, Don The camp continued to hunting all day in cold conditions of the many ways that Don’s family
hitchhiked his way to the add members from Don’s but knowing that the evening of No- members and friends still continue
local bar for a family and work vember 15 was Don’s annual Steak to remain part of the hunts.
brief refresher.
After conversing
By Jake Dykstra sphere. In 1988
a large twenty-
Night gave every hungry hunter
something to look forward to!
Most of Ted’s friends and hock-
ey teammates harvested their first
with the locals for
some time, Don of Wildlife Realty foot square living
room was added
Equally as good as the feasts
that Don hosted was the hunting
deer at Don’s camp. One couldn’t
ask for a better mentor or proving
mentioned that and in 1990, Don on the Ruby Creek deer camp. By grounds. Don made it his priority to
he had just shot a dandy buck way and his fellow deer hunters built the early ’90s Don’s camp grew to set his hunters up for success both
back in the swamp, which would be “The Apartment.” This was a two- 50 acres in size, but it also abutted in the woods and in their everyday
almost impossible to retrieve. The story addition that not only slept vast spans of state land. With almost lives. Whether it was a question on
gentleman that he was sitting next to more members, but also met the liv- two decades of hunting experience ballistics, navigating the woods, or
Don happened to be involved in the ing standards of Don’s wife Phyllis. on this acreage, Don and his son providing wisdom on the many dif-
4-Wheel Drive Club. Quite proud of Now fully complete, Don’s hunt- Ted knew their property well. The ficulties of life, it was Don’s mission
his club’s abilities, this four-wheel ing cabin was soon to become the majority of the property consisted to make an impact on all those that
aficionado boldly exclaimed, “There focal point of many a deer hunter’s of poplars, oaks, cherries, and other hunted with him.
ain’t no place we can’t go.” annual retreats. hardwoods. Although an abundance One Thanksgiving morning, Don
Not long after, Don and a Adorned in knotty pine, the of hardwoods often provided great had gone out and harvested a nice
crew of club members effortlessly interior of Don’s deer camp was a annual acorn crops, there were still buck. Rather than tracking the deer
dragged his buck back to the cabin. sportsman’s dream. The bulkhead some holes in the habitat that could himself, Don went back to the cabin
Once the deer had been hung, it separating the living room from the be improved. Don and Ted spent and woke up a sleepy Ted. This was
wasn’t long before Don’s newly kitchen serves as the focal point of many summers clearing food plots how Ted was to learn to track a deer.
found friend began to express his both conversation and aesthetics. with a chainsaw. After bundling up, father and son
interest in owning a property just Deer antlers adorn both sides of the Due to the very sandy soil made their way back to the location
like Don’s. Knowing how difficult beam, wrapping around the liv- conditions, thousands of pounds of of the shot. Slowly and methodically
this past trip had been on his fam- ing room as well. With each set of lime and horse manure had to be Ted followed the blood trail all the
ily, Don sold the club member the antlers hangs a figurative story from spread and worked into the ground way to the source. It was an incred-
property in 1975. hunters of the past and present. with the camp’s John Deere tractor. ible moment for the father and son,
With young future hunters to From some of the racks hang It took six years or so to build up the even though Don knew where the
consider, Don wasted no time in ball caps worn by Don’s hunters, ground to enable green growth in deer lay prior to inciting the help of
searching for the next property to each with a special meaning of their these plots. With many years behind Ted.
sink his deer camp tradition roots own. A large wood stove heats the them, these plots now boast tremen- As Ted grew older, many more
into. That winter a treacherous ice kitchen and dining room, filling the dous green carpets of winter wheat of his friends began to attend the
storm blew across the Lower Pen- air with a pleasantly subtle aroma of that the deer find irresistible. With annual deer camp retreats. Hunting
insula. Despite the conditions, Don smoke. The kitchen boasts a large blinds positioned systematically at the Lil’ Ponderosa was a tradition
walked 30 acres in Mason County island which serves as the filling around these plots, Don and Ted that everyone looked forward to. On
one particular evening, one of Ted’s first deer here as well. Having been
friends elected to go to bed early. up to the Lil’ Ponderosa for the
After he fell asleep, Ted and his opening day of rifle season, Ted
pals “fast-forwarded” the time on drove back on Friday pick Eliana up
the early retiree’s wristwatch. They from school at noon. A pop-up blind
also adjusted his alarm and moved had been set up with Eliana spe-
ahead the other clocks in the cabin. cifically in mind for this hunt, but
When the alarm clock rang, showing before the Ted and Eliana were able
6 a.m., the hunters in the cabin acted to get to it there were deer feeding
as though they were changing and in the oaks. Unfortunately, the deer
heading out! Eager to be the first to had to be spooked. A bit discour-
his stand, Ted’s friend shot out on aged, Eliana wondered if they would
his three-wheeler while everyone see anything more that evening,
else went back to bed! The young but before the blind could even get
hunter returned from the stand warm enough to turn down heater,
an hour later knowing something her moment had come
wasn’t right. He soon learned why Ted was watching through his
when he was greeted by the gang binoculars as the evening unfolded.
anxiously waiting to tell him it was A large doe was walking through
only 4 a.m.! the oak trees feeding on acorns.
Every deer that has been har- Eliana placed the crosshairs on the
vested since the first camp in Para- deer but was uncomfortable with the
dise has been accurately recorded shot angles she was presented. Like
on the Grid Sheet and the log book. a seasoned veteran, she patiently Eliana’s first deer taken at the Ruby Creek Deer Camp.
Whether it was your first deer or waited. Communicating quietly locate and follow a blood trail. cades ago continue to grow. The
last, your name, date, and weapon back and forth, Ted whispered to Eliana’s doe laid right where she lessons and woodsmanship skills
used went onto this sheet. The log Eliana that her shot opportunity was shot it. Being her first deer, Ted that Don has passed along continue
book accurately reflects each day now. Before the words were out of graciously field dressed Eliana’s to impact hunters now three genera-
someone is up at the cabin, again, his mouth the rifle cracked. Startled, doe. It was Ted’s way of teaching tions later. Over the years, many
dating back to Don’s first camp in Ted lost the deer in his binoculars. Eliana the anatomy lesson that Ted hunters have come and gone, but
Paradise over fifty years ago. In it Neither Eliana nor Ted were fully had learned from his mentor many most everyone comes back. Whether
contains the weather conditions, confident the shot had met its mark. years before. One couldn’t help but it’s for the hunting opportunities, the
how many deer were seen, where Immediately, Eliana was ready smile as father and daughter rode great food, the camaraderie or even
you sat, and any shots taken on a to track her deer. Ted, having (years back to camp together with another for guidance in life, all of Don’s
particular hunt. This too is a manda- ago) learned these lessons from “first deer” straddling the back of hunters know the wisdom they will
tory part of hunting at Don’s camp his father, took the opportunity to the four-wheeler. receive and the memories they make
as this log book is referred to often. explain why they needed to wait. The fruits of Don’s deer camp will be cherished for the rest of their
Ted’s daughter Eliana shot her This time, there was no need to efforts that had started many de- life.n

Tom Carney e n Je n ki ns
Among the Aspens L
Award-winning nature and outdoor
writer Thomas Carney returns to
form in his latest collection of
essays, Among the Aspens: Stolen
Moments in Secret Coverts.
As with his previous collections,
Custom Gun Dog Training English Setters
Sun-Drenched Days, Two-Blanket
Nights; and Bird Dogs and Betty
4989 Abbot Road • Reading, MI 49274
Cakes, Tom employs a variety of
perspectives and presentations Hunts Conducted On
as his writing glides effortlessly
across the lines that delineate
serious writing, humor, nostalgia,
analysis, description and storytelling.
In Good Cover (Including Blues)

Different this time around: Instead We Don’t Fool Around,

of moving from activity to activity
with the progressing seasons as he GUN DOG TRAINING
did in his first two books of essays,
in Among the Aspens Tom delivers
Your Dog & You Will Be Great (Lunch Provided)
the goods through a single form
of outdoor recreation: upland bird
To purchase: $34.95 (Michigan residents, please add $2.10 sales tax) plus
$6.35 postage/handling
From 47 Years Of Selective Breeding
Farm Raised, Exposed to Gun Fire and on Pheasants
Send check or money order to: Partridge Pointe Press, 2470 Strawberry
Farm St. NE, Belmont, Michigan 49306.

Purchase online at CALL NOW! 517.283.1559

Join us in sharing interesting and sometimes rare
trail cam and/or outdoor photos with our readers.
Send your photos to:

Joe Misiak says, “It’s January but looks more

like spring in Macomb Co.”

Richie Perry’s trail cam caught Paul Vogel’s trail cam caught a pair of Michigan
these feuding does in the Lowell rooster pheasants near Loomis.
Flat River Game Area.

Lauren Trainor’s trail cam caught this coyote

on the prowl.

Larry Piotrowski got a close up of an

R.J. Happley sent this unique trail cam photo of Oakland Co. buck with great poten-
does lined up with one peeking out from behind. tial.
Taken near Howell.

This Smokey Gray phase turkey was captured

on film in Oakland Co. by Larry Piotrowski.

Randy Carrol of Fennville Randy Landheer’s trail

Bob Lester caught this found these does mixing camera caught this Mus-
Joe Misiak of Macomb Co. had this peregrine falcon fish- young moose in Mar- it up on his trail cam on kegon Co. buck searching
ing with him and captured the catching on his camera. quette Co. on Nov. 13. Christmas day. for does behind his house.
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and motor, baited stands. Very ing, trapping, camping on these
check/money orders payable to Woods-N-Water News. Classified ads can not be THE OPPORTUNITY: A 54 experienced guides. High success
billed and once a classified is processed no refunds can be made. Limit of 75 words. year old, 440 acre hunting camp in 63 acres in southern Sanilac
rate. 3 hours from the Soo. Co. All pines and hardwoods
All classifieds posted to our website FREE! Hillman Michigan. 7 Members, 2 References on request. $1,650 U.S.
retiring. Nice clean cottage with full surrounding stream that runs
Use one of these useful classified categories... single hunter, including taxes and year-round through the proper-
kitchen, family room with fireplace, non-resident bear license/tag.
A = Archery FP = Food Plots HW = Help Wanted SM = Snowmobiles and 14 person bunk room (split into ty. $255,000 call 810-712-1175.
ATV = ATVs FW = Firewood M = Miscellanous T = Taxidermy Cheaper rate for more than one RE-2-2
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B = Boats G = Guns RE = Real Estate TK = Trucks
D = Dogs H = Hunting RR = Resorts/Rent TR = Trailers grouse. Barn with 6 ATVs and 2 705-869-3272. www.texasandsons.
F = Fishing HL = Hunting Leases RVC = RV’s/Campers W = Wanted sleds. Food plots, 15 heated blinds, com H-8-12/18 52 ACRES OF OUTSTAND-
F = Free tree stands. $30k to join, refundable .............................................. ING RECREATIONAL
APRIL 2019 CLASSIFIED DEADLINE MARCH 4, 2019 if you ever leave. Annual dues
range between $4k-$5k. Great
LENAWEE CTY. Has woods,
CLIP AND MAIL place for family getaway to the out- TROPHY RANCH HUNT
HOGS, Rams Longhorns, Big water, low land, native grasses, till-
Woods-N-Water News Classified Advertising doors. Call 248-705-5732. HC-3-1
.............................................. Lodge, Butcher Shop. Call for
open dates and free tours. 989-
able land. Within a few miles of
several lakes. A property of this
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Make sure phone number is included in your ad! 658-8634. www.trophyranch. caliber is hard to find and price is

HUNTING com. H-2-3 only $4,000 per acre. Call Larry at
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ADDRESS you want to kill a really good buck ..............................................

CITY                                           STATE                      ZIP you have to hunt areas that have RESORTS/RENT 32 PRIME HILLSDALE
COUNTY ACRES! Mix of hard-
good bucks. We have thousands of
acres of private farms on both sides woods, thickets, grassland and
DAYTIME PHONE NO. TRAILS END RESORT large pond. With food plots and
of Kentucky/Tennessee border.
These farms are some of the best ON BIG MANISTIQUE trails. Land contract available.
VISA/MASTERCARD#                                                       EXP: LAKE, Curtis Michigan - $125,000. Call 419-304-5051.
hunting around, but you do not have
Hunting, fishing and sightsee-
CLASSIFICATION OF AD                      MONTHS TO RUN to take my word for it, come visit me RE-3-1
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(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
tion. 270-348-4281. and pontoon rentals. Call 906-
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(7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) PROPERTY IN HILLS-
DALE, MI 78.65 acres. Ask-

(13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) BEAR PAW TRAIL ing $289,900. For additional
CAMP NORTHERN ON- information call Scott at 734-
(19) (20) $30.00 $30.25 $30.50 $30.75 TARIO. Excellent bear hunt-
CABIN FOR RENT ON 732-1164. RE-3-1
ing service. Baited stands,
$31.00 $31.25 $31.50 $31.75 $32.00 $32.25 MANISTEE. Sleeps 5, kitch-
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you to take home. Average
$32.50 $32.75 $33.00 $33.25 $33.50 $33.75 3,400 feet of private access SALE One in the U.P. with Great
size bear 200 pounds, we’ve
frontage and miles of wooded Lake frontage $485K. One in North
taken 500 pound bears before.
$34.00 $34.25 $34.50 $34.75 $35.00 $35.25 trails available. Clean quiet and Central Michigan $700K. Briggs
$1200 U.S., $200 deposit, book
safe. 231-590-1136. R/R-3-4 Realty
now for spring and fall. Over 25
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705-369-2013, PO BOX 149 RE-3-1
Enclosed is $                                               for
Opasapika, Ontario Canada Classifieds Work! ..............................................
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Woods-N-Water News
9.9 acres with new footings under cabin, re-rod in foot-
ings, mostly furnished. New septic tank, septic field and
new well. For more information call 810-724-8027.
PAGES 81-89
EAST TAWAS. Cabin has furnace and wood stove
with well water, cell phone and internet service avail- Spacious Ranch with 3 bed/1.5 bath w/heated attached garage & detached
able. Prime hunting, 2 ponds with Kunzy Creek running garage. Full basement, landscaped yard, etc. $198,000 #316501
through the back of the property. Lots of deer and other
wildlife including partridge, coyote, bobcat, coon and Affordable 3 bed/full bath home w/attached garage & large yard located in
more. Also listed on Zillow with many photos. Asking
$289,000. 989-225-0362. RE-2-3
country. Close to harbor, snowmobile trail & state land. $47,500 #315891
....................................................................... Village Living – 3 bed/1.5 bath w/updated carpet, paint. Large attached
garage. Close to snowmobile trail. $60,000 #316510
3 bed/1.5 bath updated home on full basement. Many improvements,
FOX BREED POINTING LAB PUPS AKC, windows, furnace, floors, baths, etc. Close to harbor. $54,900 #314962
UKC, OFA grand master background out of 2XNC
3XGMPR HRCH Reno's Black Ice MH. $1,200
REDUCED – Move in ready 2 bed/full bath updated home with attached
Rheaume's Kennel garage, large yard, fruit trees. Quiet country location. $55,000 #313271
989-864-8606. D-3-1


STATE WIDE REAL Check out our web site for
additional properties of all types.
PIES. AKC OSA out of excellent hunters. ESTATE OF HAWKS
(989) 864-8606. D-3-1

33 ACRES OF 80054 - 80033 -

Males and females available. Excellent hunting
dogs and superb family pets. Close working dogs
Two bedroom Immacu-

with strong point and retrieve instincts. Reasonably home on 25 acres late custom
priced for the sporting family. Money back guaran- designed for “off built home
tee. Eulenhof Kennels, Gladwin, MI. grid” recreation, on 40 989-426-4884 D-1-3 garden area, propane lights, solar panels, private drive, beautiful
lots of wildlife, morel mushrooms, wild berries, fruit wooded acres with your own private pond/
trees, indoor inverter for power. $79,900 small lake right out the back door. Custom
35 years experience with pointing and flushing kitchen with beautiful cabinetry, open concept,
breeds. All inclusive 4 week class customized to formal dining room, central vacuum, Anderson
meet your dog's needs. Excellent for young dogs Windows and life time shingles. 3 nice sized
starting out, for experienced dogs tuning up, or for bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths on the main floor, at-
dogs with issues. $700. Rheaume's Kennel (989) 864-8606. 111 N Sylt Road tached garage, partially finished basement with
D-3-1 a walkout to the water and the beautiful yard.
Lake Leelanau, MI There is a work shop, 3 car garage, and much
VACANT LAND – 33 ACRES: Untouched Atlanta, Michigan 599-18-0060 - 1 bedroom; 1 bath; more $374,900
hardwoods, flowering brush, ferns and 1 story; 1500 sq ft. This is a unique piece of property! 40
wildflowers. Natural habitat to local acres with state land on 3 sides and an 800 acre hunt club 80056 -
Outstanding field stock, great hunting dogs and on the north border. There is a 50 x 100 solid built pole Log sided 3
partners. Wonderful household companion, calm wildlife, including whitetail deer,
temperament, good with kids. Call 734-770-6109. bobcat, turkey, rabbit, and grouse. barn with a 1500 sq ft self sufficient home built inside, bedroom, 3
D-3-1 Excellent hiking and hunting! Beautiful which is run on solar, and an LP generator and it has a bath chalet
landscape of hill and valley, lowland flowing well. There is a well maintained apple orchard on 40 acres,
and highland, woods and clearing. that is fenced. Beautifully wooded property with a build- bordering
BRITTANY PUPS AKC Hall of fame back- ing site that has an additional 1000 gal septic tank that
ground out of NAFC DC AFC Renegade's Kansas
State Land with several deer blinds, trails, a 2 car
GREAT will allow for a lodge looking over the Blue Ribbon Trout garage, barn, and more outbuildings. Garage
Kid O-W and L-W $1,000 Rheaume's Kennel
POTENTIAL: Stream, the Gilchrist Creek of which there is over 1000 feet has nice attached room with separate outside (989) 864-8606.
D-3-1 a wonderful of frontage. The Gilchrist Creek and the Greasy Creek meet door which could be an office, man cave, hobby
homestead, on this property. There are 5 deer blinds set up for your or work room. A creek runs through which is a
hobby farm, hunting pleasure. This property has produced numerous
Classifieds or ‘up north’ Big Bucks. The property also holds ample wildlife such as
tributary of the Thunder Bay River. Property has
apple, pear, plum trees, and blueberry bushes.
work! hunters
deer, bear, turkey, partridge, bobcat, rabbits.... Don’t miss
out on this one! $239,900 Much, much more $259,900

(810) 724-0254
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
12631 State St.
or try our website Carolyn
PO Box 663 Telgard Atlanta, MI 49709
email: Cell: 231-642-7117
989-785-2600 Office • 989-657-4904 Mobile
P.O. Box 278 • 594 N. Almont Ave. • Imlay City, MI 48444
Phone: (810) 724-0254 • Fax: (810) 724-8552

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of Buyingof
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Brandon Cropsey Sou

thern Michigan David Cergnul Mid-Michigan

| (office) 269.357.7036
BROKER, LAND •SPECIALIST or (cell) 269.816.3010
(office) 269.357.7036 or (cell) 269.816.3010

Cass County Berrien County

Barry County 67.6 +/- acres 94 +/- acres
99.6 +/- acres List Price $258,400 - An Calhoun County List Price $279,000 - 94 +/- Ontonagon County
List Price $549,000 - exceptional mixed use 67.6+/- 100 acres acres of primarily wooded 80 +/- acres
Beautiful cabin parcel of ground in Cass County, List Price $299,000 - EXCELLENT hunting property List Price $119,000 -
overlooking a spring Michigan with EXCELLENT Recreational Paradise in Berrien County, Michigan Wooded acreage in the
fed fish pond on Hunting, potential building with rolling woods, just South of I94, and directly Western Upper Peninsula
rolling wooded sites, and tillable ground a creek, swamp, and across the road from Point O’ with beautiful turn key
acreage generating farm rent yearly potential building sites Woods Golf Course D-style log cabin



52+ Acres, Benzie County,

Alcona/Alpeana County, Arenac County, Au Gres, 773.42 Acres, Near Interlochen and Traverse City,
408+/- Acres, Incredible Retreat, Arenac Co, 167+/- Acres, 3,500+/- ft Whitetail Paradise, Road/Trail System, Great Road Frontage, Beautiful Calhoun County, 74 Acres, Calhoun County, 67+/- Acres
3 Lodges, Large Pole Barn, Beaver Lake Huron, 6 Bedroom Lodge, Guest Large Pond, 10 Gun Shacks, Build Spots, Great Hunting, 1/2 Tillable ,1/2 Wooded, 300 ft. All Sports Prairie Lake,
Creek Frontage, Tons of Wildlife Cabin, Great Duck & Deer Hunting. Awesome Deer Hunting Property. Nation Forest Adjoins Property! Trophy Buck Genetics Tillable Acreage
$1,400,000 $550,000 $1,850/Acre $99,000 $275,000 $275,000

Roscommon County
480+/- Acres
Jackson County 38.14 Acres,
Calhoun County, 80 Acres, Big Buck Gladwin, 142 Acres, Isabella County, 80+/- Acres, Duck Log Home/Cabin, Tillable,
County, Lots of Deer Sign, Fully furnished Deer Ranch. and Deer Hunter’s Paradise, Over Timber Value, and 30 year old
Oak Ridges, Rolling Hills. The Rack Ranch a mile of Pony River Frontage. Walnut Timber Stands!
$275,000 $835,000 $160,000 $255,000


Jackson County, 537 +/- Acres, High Fence Deer Rach, First Class Lodge and
Jackson County, 105+/- Acres, WRP Excellent Duck, Deer & Turkey Hunting. Lapeer, 102 Acres, This property offers Lake County, 7 Acres, Little Manistee
Program, Mature Hardwoods, Great Area of Other Large Property Owners. House, 120’x60’ Pole Barn, Quality Deer Herd. room for multiple building sites and is River Frontage, Cozy Cabin,
Deer, Turkey & Waterfowl Hunting “Man Cave” w/Game Cleaning Station. just 3 Miles from the city of Lapeer. Great Hunting and Fishing
$199,000 $1,074,000 $2,900,000 $340,000 $125,000

6+ Acres, Mis-
saukee County,
Secluded 34’x16’
Pole Barn - Deer
Camp! This is a
an incredible
track record of
harvesting 38 Acres, Newaygo County, 80 Acres, Newaygo County,
40+/- Acres Mecosta, Fenced Midland County, 80 Acres MATURE Newaygo County 4+/- Acres White Cloud Cabin/Home, Five Food Plots, Mature Timber Value,
in pastureland and pond. Perfect for 12 Miles to Mount Pleasant, Whitetails! Muskegon Riverfront, New cabin, Mile Creek Frontage, Deer, Loaded With Deer And Turkey,
equestrians and cattle owners! Excellent Hunting Price Right!! Beautiful landscaping, Secluded woods. Bear, Turkey, and Seclusion! Economically Price!
$97,900 $176,000 $55,000 $220,000 $169,000 $160,000


Oceana County, 67 Acres, Great Deer Osceola County, Evart, 278 Acres, Presque Isle County, 1,500 Acres,
Newaygo County, 125 Acres, Three and Turkey Hunting, Tillable, Osceola County, 120 Acres, Trail Osceola County, 163+/- Acres, Great Major Deer Sign, Multiple Food Plots, High Fence Deer Ranch, 50,000+ sq. ft.
spring fed lakes, Excellent Deer, Thick Forest Floor, Food Plots, Pond, System, Near Reed City, Tons of Trail System, Awesome Hunting, Rolling Terrain,. Thick Bedding Cover, lodge, rolling hills, caretakers
Turkey and Waterfowl hunting Hunting Shack and Pole Barn. Deer and Turkey Sign, Food plot areas Rolling Hills, Must See! Near State Land, Great Deer History. house, and pole barn.
$325,000 $159,000 $255,000 $245,000 $517,000 $6,400,000


BLAKE VER WOERT: 616-308-3122
JAKE DYKSTRA: 616-916-8354
Diane JJ Scott Matthew Ives
(989) 306-0372
(989) 350-1711
(989) 370-3171
(248) 884-8616

High Fence Hunting Property For Sale

in Northern Michigan. All 260-Acres Beautiful custom engineered 2 Charming country home great for first-time
Log Home on 400-Acres of Pristine bed/2.75 bath log home built in 1996
total with 120-Acres Enclosure has home buyer or up north retreat. This like-
Rolling Woodland with Grass Airstrip and complete modern renovation in 160-Acres with 4-Bedroom Farm new Chalet features tongue & groove pine
10-Foot High-Fence with 3 separately
2700-Feet Long. North Fork Ranch Fenced areas within the enclosure can 2018. A Large Loft upstairs has its House, Excellent Hunting with ceiling in the loft, open floor plan, sliding
is a One of a Kind Executive Retreat be closed as needed. Main Lodge own bath. Mostly hardwood floors several Deer Blinds and Pond. door in the living room to deck, full finished
Perfect for Entertaining. Motel Style has 4-Bedrooms and 3½ Bathrooms. with some tile, and carpet in the loft. 90 Tillable Acres are Tiled and basement with laundry, and 2 1/2 car garage
Guest House with 3-Units Sleeps 6. Great Room boasts a Stone Fireplace Granite Countertops, water purification Irrigated. Irrigation System with for toys and ORV. Finished basement w/3
Bunk House sleeps 9 with Bath and with amazing Views of Sheridan Valley. carpeted rooms, inc. utility and laundry
Bunk House has 3-Bedrooms, Kitchen, system and new appliances. Wrap- 2-Pivot Irrigators are available room. New siding, new roof, and nice deck
Kitchenette. Fly-In Hunting Property around decking. Located on the 8th for an Additional cost. Storage
with Hangar and Additional Out Building Laundry Room and Family Room that to enjoy the great outdoors. On 5 lots with
looks directly into a Deer Feeding Fairway of a Par 5 hole on Thunder Barn: 60 x 112 with separate well privacy, enjoyment of a natural setting.
next to the Runway. Detached Garage Bay Golf Resort. This could be a great & pump Machine Shed: 120 x 30 Conveniently located 15 min. from Atlanta
Area. Additional 20 x 20 1-Bedroom
has Huge Commercial Kitchen, with Cabin. Spectacular views overlooking income property, a place to just stay Machine Shed: 30 x 70 Shop: or Onaway for all your shopping needs.
Heat and A/C. Corral Fenced for Horses Sheridan Valley, McCormick Lake can and golf or your year-round home. 50 x 60 with water & bath. On Canada Creek Ranch, a 13,500-acre
20-Food Plots, Heated Deer Blinds, be seen from parts of this property. Private Hunting & Fishing Club.
Excellent Black Bear Hunting. Land Land contract available.
Contract Available with $700,000 Down.

$2,400,000 • 400 ACRES $799,000 $249,900 $375,000 $110,000


3 BD, 1 BA mobile on 10 Wooded 10 acres with 1 BD, 1 BA, block home

acres. It has been used 10 wooded acres with trails throughout, ma- 3 BD cabin in the Big with great potential! To-
as a deer camp, yet has an older 1 BD, 1 BA ture trees and under- Star Lake area! Located tal of 20 acres with at-
all the comfort of home. trailer, well and septic. growth with lots of wild- on a quiet, paved road tached 2 car garage for
Can be lived in all year, Access to the beach is life. Comes with a well in a great recreational plenty of storage. Con-
has a 10x14 shed for right up the road and kept mobile home that area. Sitting on an acre veniently located just
storage and plenty of federal land is only a 1/4 offers sleeping for up of land with a detached south of Baldwin right
room to roam. of a mile away. to 7. 2 stall garage. off of M-37.
MLS 18031425 $34,900 MLS 18043192 $39,900 MLS 18048689 $50,000 MLS 18054346 $55,000 MLS 18014254 $79,900

2.4 acres of vacant land. 1.8 acres within Baldwin vil- Land Contract Terms Land Contract Terms
Access from a county lage limits. Great year round Available: Nicely wooded Land Contract Terms Available: Available: Nicely wooded
maintained road with location on one of the main 2+ Acres vacant land. A Wooded 2.5 acres in un-zoned 2+ Acre vacant land. A
electric available at the corners. Property has front- perfect spot to get away Cherry Valley. State land is just perfect spot to get away
street. Ideal camping age on 3 roads and has the up north for the weekend down the road. For those who up north for the weekend
location close to town potential of being split for to go camping! Close to love riding the trails, the Tin to go camping! Close to
and amenities. Land further development. Land public lands yet not too Cup Spring Trail is close by. public lands. Access is
Contract Terms Available. contract available! far off the beaten path. Electric is available at the road. from a county road.
MLS 18012543 $7,900 MLS 18052522 $9,600 MLS 18013168 $12,500 MLS 18036625 $13,900 MLS 18018478 $14,500
1953 S. M-33 3160 North M-65 2575 S. I-75 Business Loop,
West Branch, MI 48661 Hale, MI 48739 West Branch, MI 48661
10 miles north of I-75 exit 202 “Gateway to Huron National Forest” 1 mile north of I-75 Exit 212

Local: 989-345-2662 Local: 989-728-2540 Local: 989-345-0315

Toll Free: 800-535-6520 Toll Free: 800-495-2540 Toll Free: 866-345-0315



Lovely 3-bdrm, 2 bath home that is move-in ready w/little 3-bdrm home on full basement with garage!! Some This 2-bdrm home with attached garage sits on AN ACRE Nice 3-bdrm home located in great recreational area near Gorgeous 3-bdrm w/custom cabinets, mobile
updates needed and 90 feet of canal frontage leading to recent updates include updates to kitchen and of property and is just a short distance to all sports Lake many lakes and state land! Would make the perfect year kitchen island, Amish built furnishings, FP, 2
30 acre private lake! Open floor plan, newer appliances, bath. Outside there is a large covered deck w/ George. Has wood flooring, large front deck, full base- round home or an excellent weekend or vacation getaway! covered porches, oversized garage and all NES-
master suite, 31x15 deck with fantastic lake views!! beautiful views and trails for walking or the hunter!! ment, paved driveway and a second 24x28 garage!! Large fenced yard for your pets & deck for relaxing!! TLED ON 20 ACRES w/groomed trails & 4 blinds!!
$59,900 1853977 $154,900 1840412 $69,000 1844224 $59,900 1851030 $249,900 1855393

Spacious brick and vinyl 2-bdrm home with 1674 square SPACIOUS CUSTOM BUILT 3-bdrm, 3 bath This 3-bdrm home sits on a deep lot with some shade Well-maintained 2-bdrm home with a beautiful view of Over 2300 square feet of living space, 3-bdrm, 2 full bath
feet of living space, formal dining, some appliances, family home, large lot, full walkout bsmt, garage, trees and has been freshly painted. On almost an acre all sports RIFLE LAKE and just across the road from 20 and 4-car garage. Home has beautiful views from multiple
room w/its own entrance, huge 72x39 heated 5-car garage open floor plan, wood floors, AC, gorgeous of land and located in great recreational area and not foot access spot! Spacious living area, hickory cabinets, decks & is located in great subd w/access to 2 all sports
plus 24x32 pole bldg, both wired for electric & much more! kitchen, master suite & so much more!! far from lakes. Exterior of home does need some TLC!! knotty pine interior, carport, deck, covered porch & more!! lakes, golf course, tennis courts, trails, camping & more!!
$134,900 1848848 $232,500 1854973 $45,900 1848661 $79,500 1847245 $143,900 1846541

Affordable 2-bdrm, 2 bath home w/large rooms, appliances, Cute 3-bedroom, log home in great rec- 2-bdrm mobile in need of TLC on 10 WOOD- Well-maintained 2-bdrm home w/garage Updated 2-bdrm home near many all sports
lots of kitchen cabinets, generator, 16x14 sunroom, paved reational area not far from lakes and State ED ACRES for hunting or watching wildlife. on 10 ACRES. Fenced yard, pond, trails, lakes!! Laminate floors, stainless steel ap-
circular drive, breezeway from home to 24x24 garge, newer lands. Wood stove, garage, screened porch Wood stove, appliances, deck, 30x40 pole screened bldg to enjoy the wildlife and also pli, attic that could be dbrm #3, garage &
windows & newer roof & you can walk to State land!! and mostly furnished!! bldg & more!! near many lakes!! pole bldg!!
$49,900 1849274 $49,900 1850311 $42,900 1856509 $70,000 1856192 $84,000 1856575

3-bdrm home on OVER AN ACRE, fronts Spacious 3-bdrm, attached garage, open 2-bdrm, 2 ba home just down the road from Beautiful home, fantastic views, 2 garages, Nice 2-bdrm home w/garage & 120’ on 180
paved road near many lakes & thousands of floor plan, AC, master suite, full bsmt, natural boat access & near sandy beach! Wood AC, wood floors, stunning kitchen w/custom all sports lake! Wood floors, 2 full bath, floor
acres of hunting lands! Being sold in “as is” gas heat, blacktop drive, porch, generator & floors, nice kitchen w/lots of cupboards, deck, cabinets, stainless steel appli, open floor to ceiling windows, beautiful views, some fur-
condition. more!! 2 story garage & more!! plan and your very own pond!! nishings, AC & much more!!
$31,900 1856854 $89,000 1856504 $114,900 1849895 $139,000 1856423 $314,700 1856419


Almost 3 ACRES, with 250+ feet of water Nice partly wooded lot with vegetation to wa- Nice property and potential site for building Nice lot with frontage on the beautiful Rifle Great hunting acreage with property fronting
frontage on Ogemaw Creek. Located in great ter’s edge and 80” of frontage on private “no your new home or vacation or weekend get- River and fantastic views or potential site for on Nester Creek and a perfect spot for your
area and in subdivision with many fantastic motor” Fawn Lake. Also near other lakes and away in great subdivision and with frontage building your new home or vacation or week- home or hunt cabin. Electric at road with a
amenities!! the beautiful Rifle River!! on FLOWAGE LAKE!! end retreat. Adjacent lot also for sale!! driveway and shed already at the property!!
$76,000 1855915 $15,900 1850114 $101,000 1763735 $22,900 1843577 $35,000 1851406

Mostly cleared lot with some shade trees and Over a half acre of waterfront property front- Beautiful wooded property with frontage on Nice property with frontage on Ogemaw Nice waterfront lot and a fantastic spot for
gorgeous views of the Rifle River. Great spot ing on popular, all sports Lake Ogemaw with Turtle Lake, an 8 acre small fishing lake. Creek and in super subdivision with many building your dream home or vacation get-
for excellent fishing, kayaking and canoeing gentle slope to water. Located in fantastic Also not too far from many other all sports nice amenities like natural gas and municipal away with 94 feet of frontage on 42 acre all
and potential site for building!! subd & potential bldg site!! lakes and near State lands!! well & sewer and great spot for bldg!! sports lake. Elec at road!!
$22,900 1843574 $69,900 1790612 $14,900 1835692 $81,000 1855918 $54,900 1846598


Offices Serving Lower & YOOPER SPECIAL!
Upper Michigan
Bringing people and places together since 1945

• Houghton
• Newberry 80 Wooded Hunting Acres Renovated
Curtis •
Crystal Falls • Manistique • 4 Bdrm, 2 Full Bath, 2200 Sq Ft. Farm House.

Escanaba •
• Gladstone PRICE REDUCED $279,900
• Powers • • Hawks
Menominee • Hillman
Marinette • •
• Atlanta
Alpena Near W

3,960 ft
Mio • • Harrisville Marlette S

in Sanilac 121
County Acres
40 acres of Hunting Bliss. Ranch home OR
• Almont with a full walk out basement, 3 bedrooms, Will $
Linden • 2 full baths, gourmet kitchen. All season consider 2,600 per acre
Howell • Sun room with separate entrance. Attached 1,320 ft
all offers.
3 car garage plus a 32’ X 48’ Pole Barn (can
fit 2 semi trucks) 14 ft doors. Deer, rabbit
& turkey are bountiful. There also is a small
pond and swamp area on the property.
Contact Your Nearest State Wide Real Hunters Paradise is at 2152 Five Lakes Rd,
Estate Office To Buy or Sell In Michigan Metamora, MI 48455 $460,000


1100 W. Chisholm, 49707 430 S. US-23, 48740 1460 Marinette Ave., 54143
email: email: email:
989-356-2142 • Fax: 989-356-2144 989-724-5711 • 800-655-5735 715-735-9964 • Fax: 715-732-1107
Fax: 989-724-6833

844 Van Dyke Road HAWKS 856 W. Washington, 49855 BH&G style décor. Over 2100 sf featuring 4 bed- packed home offers 1800 sf of living space, 3
rooms and 3 full bathrooms. Stone fireplace, all bedrooms, 2 full baths, a screened porch, cozy 8383 Hwy. 451, 49743 email: seasons sun room, stone & stained-glass accents! sun room, fireplace, an attached 2 car garage
810-798-8591 • Fax: 810-798-8079 email: 906-228-9312 • Fax: 906-228-8069 Includes a 30x40 pole barn with a sauna and an plus a second 2 car heated garage. Awesome
989-734-4846 28x32 man cave-studio w/an 8’ covered patio. fishing and all sports lake with easy access to
Great hunting! $218,900 #316334 (Cheboygan) I75. $168,000 #317479 (Wolverine area)


225 Superior Ave HILLMAN 3631 10th Street, 49858
Crystal Falls, MI 49920 14938 State Street, P.O. Box 98, 49746 email:
PH: 906-874-3500 email: 906-863-9905
PH: 906-396-3002 989-742-4523 • 800-228-7856
email: Fax: 989-742-3931 Fax: 906-863-7935
518’ LAKE NETTIE. Affordable up north get-away on a quiet 149 SECLUDED ACRES! Trail roads, 11 estab-
all sports lake. 3 bedrooms, 2 bath home with a full-length lished blinds, small clearings for food plots, trail
MIO deck overlooking the lake, a breezeway, tiered landscaping and roads and a creek. Nicely wooded with a mix
HOUGHTON 102 West 8th St., P.O. Box 395, 48647 boat dock. Great fishing, swimming and year-round sporting of evergreens & hardwood, mostly high ground.
CURTIS/NEWBERRY activities. Snow trails & state land close by. Motivated seller Abundant game. Close to Hammond Bay Har-
Main Street, P.O. Box 305, 49820 500 Shelden Ave., 49931 email: wants an offer! $129,000 #308591 (Millersburg area) bor. $148,250 #313641 (Millersburg area)
email: email: 989-826-3292
906-482-6955 • 800-676-6323 Fax: 989-826-2108
906-586-9606 • Fax: 906-586-9607 Fax: 906-482-7699

2209 Ludington Street, 49829 1285 S. Michigan Ave., Howell, MI 48843 P.O. Box 478, 49765 325’ OCQUEOC RIVER FRONTAGE! 3 13 ACRES W/PRIVATE LAKE & 380’ ON
email: email: email: ACRE PARCEL ON A PRIVATE ROAD. Gen- THE OCQUEOC RIVER. Beautiful rolling
906-786-1308 • 800-900-0777 517-546-9060 • 800-531-4449 989-733-6522 tly rolling land that’s ideal for a walk-out parcel in a secluded setting. There’s a
Fax: 906-786-1388 Fax: 517-546-9148 basement. Great place to camp or build your small cabin roughed in, a hunting blind
Fax: 989-733-2427 up north cottage. Trout fishing or kayak- overlooking the lake with its own deck, a
ing. Land contract terms possible. Reduced! well and electric hook ups for your camp-
$25,700 #295457 (Millersburg area) er. Land contract available. $99,900
1401 Delta Ave., 10 N. State Highway M-149 W3776 US2 & 41, 49874
Carol Steiger, Associate Broker
Gladstone, MI 49837 Cooks, MI 49817 906-497-4190
(231) 627-9991 Office
906-825-9000 906-644-2304 Fax: 906-497-5328 (989) 351-0110 Cell
email: email: email:
846 S. Main, Cheboygan, MI
12.6 Acres Lake Huron
and 330 ft Water front
of water- – 99 ft of 223 W. Main, Edmore MI 48829
front on waterfront
all sports comes with a
Jewell Lake. Victorian style
Includes a 2 4 bedroom,
bed, 1 bath
home. Plus,
a bathhouse, bunkhouse, storage bldg. and fire-
2 bath home.
Home has
been modernized while still retaining its roman-
wood shelter. All in the heart of the Huron Nation- tic charm. Included is a gazebo, sun room, 2 car
al Forest with groomed snowmobile trails, ORV garage w/finished 2nd floor. Located in town and MECOSTA: 100ft Private frontage on Horsehead Lake. Enjoy wonderful
trail head, golf courses, other inland lakes, and within walking distance to amenities, Harrisville
Lake Huron minutes away. $215,000 18-0092 harbor and boat launch. $370,000 18-0082 panoramic views of the lake while sitting in front of the wood fire on cool
fall nights or out on the wrap around deck. MLS#18054498 - $259,900
120 Acres 40.53 Acres of fabu-
– Your lous recreation prop- RESTORED FARMHOUSE on 60 acres within a short drive to all Sports Crystal Lake in
Own Play- erty with many possible
ground! home sites and hunting Montcalm County. Owner Custom built 40 x 70 heated workshop plus additional office
Groomed just off a county main- with conference room and bathroom. Also included is a restored hip barn. $549,900
trails thru tained road. Square
the high, 40 acre parcel has nice
dry and ridges and valleys. Ma- EDMORE: Doublewide on Sixth Lake. This larger ranch home
hilly prop- ture oaks, a variety of sits on an acre with channel/lake frontage. Great fishing and
erty. Includes stocked pond with sandy evergreens and other you will be one of only a few with access. POLEBARN. $159,900
beach and bridge to the small island. Plus, a 3 hardwoods. Lots of deer
bed, 1 ½ bath renovated home, hunting cabin activity and buck rubs.
and 30x40 pole barn. $275,000 18-0070 $56,000 18-0102 LEROY: 2010 Built 4 Bedroom Ranch home on the
Eastern shore of McCoy Lake in Osceola County.
61 Acres Lake Hu- 60 Ft. of Water Frontage. MLS#19002944 - $98,900
of hunt- ron Water-
ing land front – 3
that has bedroom, BARRYTON: A total of 4 lots (one waterfront) come
rolling 1 ½ bath with this seasonal cottage w/67 Ft. of Frontage to
hills, flat home locat- Martiny Chain of Lakes. MLS#18034651 - $59,900
terrain, ed in one of
wooded the best
a r e a s , locations TOWNLINE LAKE MONTCALM COUNTY waterfront year-round home. This three bed-
open areas for food plots, and spring fed on Lake Huron. Many updates in 2012 in- room one bath walkout basement home has panoramic views of the lake from most of the
pond. Borders State Land on one side. In- clude new roof, Anderson windows, sliders, rooms for a little more investment you can own the property across the street. $224,900
cludes a 1,500 sf hunting camp w/walkout exterior paint and more. It’s your time to
basement, 22x31 pole barn and 15x10 start making memories along Lake Huron.
shed. $165,000 18-0095 $319,000 18-0107 VESTABURG: Log Cabin Cottage on shaded East bank
of all sports Rock Lake. Enjoy the beautiful panoramic
Barbara Bartlett • 989-590-0238 view of the lake. +Back Lot. MLS#18046701 - $117,500
Debbie Lewis • 941-270-0503 EAGLE REALTY REALTORS® DO NOT CHARGE
Shirl Hall • 989-302-6322 ADMIN FEES OR MAINTENANCE FEES.
Harrisville, MI 48740


250 DEER
ACRES Always Working Hard for You!

Amazing Applegate Hunting Preserve! 1/2 Million+ 810.449.1286 170 ACRES GENESEE COUNTY
Dollars Worth Deer/Elk Inventory Included in Sale. - OR - Amazing Ranch Home & Guest House,
Ranch Home & Lodge - Several Outbuildings Office:
Private Lake
*DV 810.653.4500
$1,250,000 *DV $1,650,000



Beautiful Banquet Hall 10,000 SQ FT Fantastic Development Opportunity. Drummond Island - Cabin
Tuscola County Engineered Drawings Available & Cottage on Lake Huron
*DV $299,500 $419,000 $949,000


4.36 ACRES
Excellent Commercial New Construction, 2000 sq ft Open Floor
Landscape Business building site Plan, 4 BD, 2.5 BA, Covered porch
$129,500 *DV $49,500 *DV $299,000
1,120 ACRES

192 ACRES 60+/- ACRES

Beautifully renovated historic Victorian Bed Deer Hunter’s Dream Property, Multiple Cabin & 2 Mobile Homes,
and Breakfast with horse facilities. lodges-Homes-Pole Barns, 2 Private Lakes 1 Mile+/- on Muskegon River
*DV $1,490,000 *DV 15 Miles of trails, 11 heated Blinds *DV $149,000


5 Pole Barns, 2-Story Home, 55 acres + 38 Bonus Hunting acres,
Beautiful Home, Private Lake Great Business Opportunity Gorgeous Home plus Hunting cabin
*DV $425,000 *DV $450,000 *DV $459,000



Deer Hunters Dream Property Great Building sites 1,800 SQFT Cabin, Completely Solar
Commercial Properties in Davison 700 acres of state land From $69,900 to powered, 90% Wooded
*DV $85,000 - $595,000 $119,000 *DV $89,900 *DV $349,000

Log Home, Pond, 30x40
10 Acres+/- Pole Barn, Watertown Woodland Deer Ranch in Davison, 6-car garage, Gorgeous 3270 Sq Ft Ranch with
St. Clair County Township pond, 5 blinds, 3 lg feeders, Lg polebarn, 4BD, 3BA loft, built 2011, 2 Pole Barns.
*DV $139,900 *DV $249,900 *DV $835,000 *DV $399,000

OR CALL 810-449-1286
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Mail to: Woods-N-Water News, PO Box 278, Imlay City, MI 48444
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