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Documented By: Namit Satyawadi

In Report FBL1N You can add new fields or add customized logic for changing the data of existing fields.

This can be achieved by Implementing BTE-00001650.

If you want to add new fields in the output then you need to append structure RFPOS/RFPOSX. After
appending the structure run the report RFPOSXEXTEND in order to update the structure RFPOSXEXT
from RFPOSX.

Now the below Screen shots will helps you in implementing the solution :-

Log on to the transaction FIBF.

Navigate to the Path Environment Info System(P/S)

Press find button and enter the BTE number

Double click the selected Item, it will open the below screen

Then select the Sample Function Module

Then Copy the FM to New FM

After creation of FM put break-point on it, after that go back to the FIBF Transaction & select the below
Now Select the New Entry

Entry the Entry and save it

Select Active button to make the BTE work

Below Screen will open

Then Save It

Code in the Function Module : ZSAMPLE_INTERFACE_00001650

DATA: ls_bseg TYPE bseg,
lv_belnr TYPE belnr_d,
lv_prctr TYPE prctr,
lv_gjahr TYPE gjahr,
lv_bukrs type BUKRS .

"Pass accounting document number and fiscal year to local variables

lv_belnr = i_postab-belnr. "Accounting Document Number
lv_gjahr = i_postab-gjahr. "Fiscal Year
lv_bukrs = i_postab-bukrs.

"fetch profit center value

FROM bseg
INTO ls_bseg
WHERE BUKRS = lv_bukrs and belnr = lv_belnr AND gjahr = lv_gjahr.
AND koart = 'S'.
IF sy-subrc = 0.
lv_prctr = ls_bseg-prctr. "profit centre

"pass profit center to importing structure

i_postab-prctr = lv_prctr.

e_postab = i_postab.