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Leave Application Form SECTION 1: (To be completed by the Applicant) Poston/Designation Posting Name: RID (If Any): Employee Type bos Duration of leave: [DD-MM-YY] from } to Request for day(s) Qeamed case! C-Media Quwe omer eave Purpose of leave requested for Contact Address! Phone during leave period: “Altachment: Medical pressipton/cetficate/ other papers ‘ppeants Signature — Recommended by: CuperveovTOTUON) — Date: Date: SECTION 2: For use by HRD of ACE-SMECBD Head Office LEAVE POSITION FOR THE CURRENT YEAR 1 Eamed Casual Medical Le. Others Note: Last leave Earned/ Casual/ Mecical/ LWP/ Other leave enjoyed fram to. No. of day(s) ‘Checked by: — Confined by: HRD General Manager, Corporate Date: Date: | SECTION 3: Approval Approved: day(s) (Jeamed Cicasuat Omedicat Cliwe QjotherLeave Approved by Managing/Deputy Managing Director/DirectoriGM, Corporate Date: ‘Eas Fam Leave ues of ACE SVECBD (a) Eom Lave = 20 cys pore ysrt be alowed on rola base on afr mathe’ cotnuos serie: (2) Cass es 10cys or eer yar be alowed on provat bas, maxinam See) days a ne (@) Medal Leave. 14 dys na your's Co lbwedon heath ground ol cage oe formar than 2) Saye mai cetfest om a regted iysicaninedl issn nave bbe odes. (a) Ferregulranpioyeeanyleave exert LP shal abe sufize or preeed with gee oly and been nae ped general hay stl at be ‘ensioed a ave: (e). Eamed& Cac iov shat nat be taken gate. (ETE Ennicjes's sal be ants (os aay eave casuslnedes) 682 month, Unies lav mayb cariovar to ext month tarda he eabendor Yar, awe maximum 3s unused ave can be avaled noe eh. TEE SEBO BATSET Hg) Fo TSO BTESIOS