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Heriot-Watt University

EPS Chemical Engineering B47AD-2016_2017: Foundation Engineering B Assignment 2

B47AD-2016_2017: Foundation Engineering B

Assignment 2 – Newspaper Article – Peer Review


Title of Article

Reviewer Date

Topics to Mark


Did the headline summarise the story in one sentence?


Did the content catch your attention - what is interesting/useful?

Did the “journalists” convince you that their story was important – did it have impact?
Did the article give you the basic facts - who, what, when, why?


Did each paragraph stand alone - stories are cut from the bottom up by editor.
Did the article highlight strengths and limitations of the technology under discussion


Did the “journalists” use easily understandable comparisons?

Could the article have been understood by a person aged 12 to 15?

Reviewers should add comments on individual sections above for feedback purposes.

Overall Grade

Please return this sheet to Assistant Professor Collie