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As of January 7, 2018

RP rep by DPWH IX vs BOLO

Civil Case No. 6956 | RTC 17
Republic of the upon verification with Court, I talked to KC, I was told that the summon was served to Marlo Bolo,
6956 RTC 17 Philippines son of defendant
Represented by the Dept letter request directed to SolGEn to amend complaint and rectify zonal valuation (from 2010 to
of 2017)
Public Works and defendant personally prepared and filed his answer today 11 October 2018. amendment should be
Highways with
(DPWH) Regional Office
IX vs Geronimo B. Bolo leave of court / talked with sol gen cruzat, he is now aware of need for leave of court.
court said they will set the case for pre--trial
Sec of Cruzat called today 29 oct 2018 asking if we can filed amended complaint tomorrow i said
rd is on travel
so they will send the complaint on nov 5 and the same will be filed on nov 5 or 6
jojo cruzat also asked if lawyer from dpwh is willing to attend hearing for motion for leave of court
amended complaint is based on the increase of zonal valuation
file amended complaint and motion on nov 7
hearing for motion is nov 16
order received last 23 nov 2018 directing plaintiff to inform court of date of receipt of amended

we filed our compliance/manifestation to the said order

clerk informed leo to prepare motion and attach the check in order for court to grant WOP.
This was referred to Solgen.

As of Jan 7, 2019, Jojo Cruzat said that he will file his motion this week and according to
Clerk of Court of Branch 17, the hearing for WOP can be set on January 24, the earliest.

Aniceta T. Antivo vs. DPWH

Determination and Payment of Just Compensation
Civil Case No. 7345 | RTC 6

7345 RTC 6 Aniceta T. Antivo vs. DPWH will go to Dipolog for ocular inspection
will get documents requested by SolGen
As of January 7, 2018

met SolGen for case conference oct 19 2018

solgen informed me that he will file answer
Solgen informed me this November 26, 2018 that he already filed his answer and he will email
the soft copy to me today

On Dec 12, 2018, I asked Solgen if there was an error in the Answer specifically in par 17. I
asked if Antivo was asked to submit Parcellary plan or Subdivision Plan.
On Jan 7, he replied that: he cannot contact engr. Caboverde or the DEO so he asked me to help
him contact the district and clarify the matter to him.

Talked to Solgen this January 7, 2018 and he asked me to verify to court if January 17, 2018
preliminary hearing for the affirmative defenses was calendared by court and if there was a
reply filed by Antivo

Leo will contact Court tomorrow ,Jan 8, 2018, to check if the same was calendared on Jan 17.



-draft IROW reso, done.

-Request for Representation sent to Solgen today 1/7/18.
- Madridijo contacted me and said that he cannot handle all three case. The other two cases will be assigned to other 2 Sol Gen. He asked
for Case Conference late January or Early February.
-We received reply from Solgen and they listed the needed documents
-Last January 4, 2018, I asked Ahmed if the Parcellary Sketch has been signed/approved and regarding the Status of the Letter Offer to
Alpapara and Baul. He told me that:
1. the parcellary sketch has been signed by Engr. Mira.
2. Letter Offer has not been served to Alpapara because they are in Manila
3. They didn’t serve the letter offer to Baul because of health reason

UNIRICH / MAKERS/ YU – last update this January 7, 2018, I texted Beng at 9:20AM asking her to give us the final list of title
owners who will not agree in the negotiated sale. I also requested for the documents we listed and asked her last year. She has not