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rm W-9 Request for Taxpayer ive For tothe, Sey Identification Number and Certification oaaasua eet ass Sono HSS RET Tas a aaron, Ta Ta eck oe bos drt Sito Di inatvicisrscie proprietor (C] Corporation [1] S Corporation [] Partnership, () trustestate [Cl exempt payee Cy Unio toby company rte the tx caanetin (CxO erperaton, SuS eoporaon,Pupatnerie)> Oy othe fe nso)» ‘ates uit, wet and ap ors) aaa rae ears BH Gis, Ba, nD cas Print oF ype ‘See Speci Instructions on page 2. THR RSS na Fre “Taxpayer [dentfcation Number (IN) Ertoryour Tine appropiate box. The TN prodded must maich ie rare gue on he Ware” e Savi bcp witcing, Forbid sa your sod ecry uber SSN), However for 8 tease aon, on propor drearded ety soe he Pa linemen on page Farah 4] ]- tries, ki your erbeyer Gontatn numer EN) you do ot have asronese8 How got | Sosa esa rarer TIN on pages. Note f the accounts in more than one name, see the chart on page 4 for guidlines on whose. ruber to enter. Enployer enteaton arbor Centiication Under penalies of perry | certify that 1 The number shown on this form is ny comet taxpayer identification number (or am wating for arumber to be ised tome, and 2. Lam not subject to backup withholding because: (a) | am exempt rom backup withing, or) have not been notiled by te Internal Revenue ‘Service (FS) that | am subject to backup witiolding a a result ofa flue to report all Itavestordviends, or (the IRS has neled ma Vat | am no longer subjoct to backup witalding, and 8, Jama US. cizen or other US. person (defined below). Certification instructions. You must cross ou am 2 above if you have bean notified by the IRS that you are current subject to beckup witnhoding because you have faled te report al erst and dividends on your tx tum For real estate ransactons, tem 2 dose not spel. For morgage Interest pal, aoqustion or abanconment of secured proper Inetructons on page 4 ‘Sign’ Sign] signa ot General Instructions ‘Section references ae othe Intemal Revenue Code unless otherwise noted, Purpose of Form ‘Aperson who is requied to fe an infomation etum wth the IRS must ‘obtain your correct taxpayer erifietion number (TN) fo repor. or ‘example, noome pa fo you, real estate tansactons,mergege intrest YOU pal, accusiton or ebandonment of ssowred property, cancelation ‘Sf debt, or contoutons you made oan FA. Use Form W-8 ony Ifyou area US. person Gacuding @ resident ‘lier, o provide your coro TN tothe poraon requesting i tne ‘equesten and, when applicable to 1. Coty thatthe TN you ee giving is comet (or you are waltng fora rurbor to be issued), 2, Cutty that you are not subject to backup wihoing 3. Gaim exemption trom backup witiolng you area U.S. exempt ayes. ifappcabl, you are alo coring tat asa US, parson your Slocable shar of any parinership income fom a U.S ade or business 'S not subject to the witholding tax on foreign partners’ share of ete comected near (om No 10250K ‘cancion of debt, contabutons to an individual retremontarangament (FA), and ‘generally, payments other than interest and dvidends, you are nat requis 10 $ign the certian, bu you must prove your correct TIN, See the "Nota If requester gives you a form other than Form W-0 to request YoUrTIN, you must use the requester's form itis substantaly sida {othis Form W8, Definition ofa U.S, person. For foderal tx purposes, you are considered aU. person you are: + Anindivisual who isa U.S. czan or US. escent aon, * Aparinership, corporation, company, or association created or trganzedin the United States or uncer te laws ofthe United States, ‘+ Anextato(otner than a foreign estate), of + Adomestictust (as define in Regulations secon 301.7701-7. ‘Special rules for partnerships. Partnerships that conduct a trade or business inthe United Stats are generally required to pay a witnhaling taxon ay foreign partners share of income fom such business. Further, i certan cases whore a Form W-8 has ot been recsived, partnership ls roquired to presume that a partner i a forion parson, ‘and pay the withnolding tax. Therefore, you ae a U.S, person thats & partner in a partnership conducting a rade o business in the United ‘tates, provide Form W-2 fo the partnership to establish your U.S. ‘satus and avoid withholding on your share of partnership income. FarW-9 fev 122617)