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1. Which ligament attaches the ovary to the wall 8.

The following are advantages of median

of the pelvis? episiotomy, EXCEPT:
A. Suspensory ligament of the ovary A. Easy to repair
B. Ovarian Ligament B. Less blood loss
C. Cardinal Ligament C. Dyspareunia is rare
D. Mesovarium D. Extension to the anal sphincter and to the
E. Round ligament rectum

2. The layers that comprise the wall of the uterus 9. Direct visualization of the pelvic viscera using
are the ff. EXCEPT: a fiber optic laparoscope.
A. Endometrium A. Hysterosalpingography
B. Perimetrium B. Laparoscopy
C. Myometrium C. Culposcopy
D. Mesometrium D. Culdocentesis
E. None of the Above E. Pap Smear

3. The original position of the Uterus is? 10. Radiographic procedure using a contrast
A. Anteflexed and Anterverted media to determine the patency of the pelvis for
B. Retroverted and Retroflexed fertility workup
C. Retroflexed and Anteverted A. Laparoscopy
D. Anteverted and Retroverted B. Pap Smear
E. Anteflexed and Retroverted C. Hysterosalpingography
D. Culdocentesis
4. The labia majora are homologous with which E. Culposcopy
of the following structures?
A. Glans Penis 11.Muscles that form the pelvic diaphragm,
B. Testis EXCEPT:
C. Scrotum A. Puborectalis
D. Epididymis B. Iliococcygeus
E. Corpora Cavernosa C. Pubococcygeus
D. Coccygeus
5. What is the principal erogenous organ or area E. None
in women?
A. Vagina 12. Functions of the vagina include all of the
B. Vestibule of the Vagina following, EXCEPT:
C. Labia minora A. Uterine Excretory Duct
D. Clitoris B. Major supporting structure of the Pelvis
E. Labia Majora C. Female Copulatory Organ
D. Route of access for pelvic surgery
6. Local anesthesia in which the anesthetic E. A portion of birth canal
agent is injected into the tissue surrounding the
pudendal nerve. 13. In young female child, the ratio between the
A. Caudal Epidural Block length of the uterine corpus and that of the
B. Pudendal Nerve Block cervix:
C. Ilioinguinal Nerve Block A. 3:1
D. Spinal Block B. 2:2
E. B and C only C. 2:1
D. 1:2
7. Functions of the Vagina include all of the E. 4:2
following, EXCEPT:
A. Uterine Excretory Duct
B. Major supporting structure of the Pelvis
C. Female Copulatory Organ
D. Route of access for pelvic surgery
E. A portion of birth canal
14. In young nulliparous female, the ratio 21. Forms the prepuce of the Clitoris:
between the length of the uterine corpus and A. Labia Majora
that of the cervix is: B. Vestibule
A. 3:2 C. Labia Minora – Lateral Lamina
B. 2:2 D. Labia Minora – Medial Lamina
C. 4:1
D. 2:1 22. The structure contained within the vulva
E. 1:2 include the:
A. Vestibule of the Vagina
15. Localized collection of blood in the Labia and B. Labia Minora
vulva usually due to trauma: C. Labi Majora
A. Ectopic pregnancy D. Clitoris
B. Vulvar Hematoma E. All of the Above
C. Salpingitis
D. Vulvavaginitis 23. The following are true of the anterior lobe of
E. Bartholinitis the prostate, EXCEPT:
A. ***** out from the anterior wall of the urethra
16. Structures found in the female urogenital B. Glandular elements gradually disappear
diaphragm: C. Adenomas frequently occur in this lobe
A. Labia majora D. Its encroachment of the former of the Urethra
B. Labia minora comes from this direction
C. Clitoris
D. Perineal Muscles 24. The following are true of the median lobe of
E. All of the Above the prostate, EXCEPT:
A. It is the most important lobe.
17. Part of the fallopian tube where fertilization B. Originates on the posterior surface of the floor
of oocyte normally takes place: of the ejaculatory ducts.
A. Infundibulum C. Located just below the neck of the bladder
B. Fimbrae D. Contains very few glandular tissue
C. Ampulla
D. Interstitial portion 25. Prominence in the Urethral floor of the
E. Isthmus prostatic urethra, EXCEPT:
A. Vera
18. Fold of peritoneum that connects the anterior B. Cista Arterialis
surface of the ovary with the posterior layer of C. Seminal Colliculus
the broad ligament: D. None of the Above.
A. Mesovarium
B. Mesosalpinx 26. The following are true of the false capsule of
C. Ovarian Ligament the prostate, EXCEPT:
D. Suspensory ligament of the Ovary A. Formed by a condensation of tissue at the
periphery of the gland
19. The vestibule of the vagina is pierced by the: B. Formed by the visceral layer of the pelvic
A. Urethra, Vagina and Anus fascia
B. Urethra and Vagina only C. Provides a sheath to both the bladder and the
C. Urethra, Vagina, Duct of Bartholin Gland prostate
D. Bartholin’s duct and Skene’s duct only D. *******

20. The Left Ovarian Vein drains directly to the: 27. The weight upon standing is transferred from
A. Inferior Vena Cava the axial skeleton to the:
B. Inferior Mesenteric Vein A. Ilium and Femur
C. Left Renal Vein B. Sacrum and Coccyx
D. Left Common Ilia Vein C. Ischium and Pubis
D. Rectum and Anus
28. The two muscles are called lateral rotators of 35. The following structures pass through the
the hip greater sciatic foramen except the:
A. Obturator internus and Piriformis muscles A. sciatic nerve
B. Gluteus Maximus and Gluteus Medius B. superior gluteal nerve
C. Psoas and Iliacus C. inferior gluteal nerve
D. None of the Above D. pudendal nerve

29. What are the boundaries of the Pelvic 36. The following are true about the sciatic
Outlet? nerve, EXCEPT:
A. Pubic Arch anteriorly, Ischial Tuberosity A. It is formed by the anterior rami of the spinal
laterally, Sacrotuberous ligament nerves L4-S3
posterolaterally, Coccyx posteriorly B. It passes through the greater sciatic foramen
B. Pubic Arch anterior, Ischial Tuberosity inferior to the Piriformis to enter the gluteal
posterolaterally, Sacrotuberous ligament region
laterally, Coccyx posteriorly C. It descends along the posterior aspect of the
C. Sacral promontory posteriorly, pectinate line, thigh to supply the posterior lower limb
symphysis pubis anteriorly D. It enters the lesser sciatic foramen
D. None of the above
37. It is the main nerve of the perineum and
30. The narrowest portion through which the external genitalia
head of the baby passes through the vagina is A. Sciatic nerve
the: B. Obturator nerve
A. Diagonal conjugate C. Pudendal nerve
B. Obstetric conjugate D. Inferior gluteal nerve
C. Anatomical conjugate
D. Oblique diameter 38. What is the arterial supply of the Anal canal
superior to the Pectinate line?
31. The anterior gap between the medial A. Superior rectal artery
borders of the levator ani muscles of each side B. Superior hemorrhoidal artery
which gives passage to the urethra and vagina C. Rectalis inferior artery
is called D. Inferior hemorrhoidal artery
A. Perineum
B. Urogenital hiatus 39. What is the arterial supply of the anal canal
C. Anorectal hiatus inferior to the pectinate line and anal ****?
D. None of the above A. Superior rectal artery
B. Inferior hemorrhoidal artery
32. The following are part of the levator ani C. Inferior rectal artery
muscles except: D. Superior hemorroidal artery
A. Puborectalis
B. Pubococcygeus 40. The space enclosed by the Pelvic girdle and
C. Iliococcygeus subdivided into two?
D. Iliacus A. Abdominal cavity
B. Pelvic cavity
33. The difference between the male and the C. Pelvic brim
female pelvis are, EXECPT: D. Arcuate pelvis
A. Male is thick and heavy
B. Female is thin and light 41. The area formed by the bowl or funnel
C. The pelvic outlet in male is small shaped pelvic diaphragm
D. The pelvic inlet in female is heart shaped A. Pelvic cavity
B. Pelvic brim C. Pelvic floor
34. The primary joints of the pelvic girdle are: D. Pelvic fossa
A. sacroiliac joints
B. pubic symphysis
C. both
D. neither
42. These muscles arise from the lateral aspect 50. A plane type of synovial joint of the vertebral
of the inferior sacrum and coccyx? column
A. Obturator internus A. Sacroiliac joint
B. Pubococcygeus muscles B. Costovertebral joint
C. Levator ani muscles C. Atlantoaxial joint
D. Coccygeus muscle D. Between cervical axis and C3 vertebra.

43. What venous structure unites at the level of 51. Sacral prominence formed by fusion of
L4 or L5? sacral articular processes
A. Iliolumbar veins A. medial sacral crest
B. Internal iliac veins B. Lateral sacral crest
C. Common iliac vein C. Median sacral crest
D. Inferior vena cava D. Intermediate sacral crest

44. The pelvis is innervated by this nerve? CASE A: For the next 3 questions: A 25 year old
A. Sacral nerves male fell from the second floor MHAM building
B. Lumbar spinal nerves and landed on the floor with his buttock first.
C. Both
D. None 52. On Xray, a compression fracture of the 4th
and 5th lumbar vertebral bodies were noted.
45. The coccygeal plexus is formed by a Which of the following movements of the
network of fibres from the? vertebral column will be LEAST affected?
A. S4/S5 and Coccygeal plexus A. flexion
B. S4/S5 only B. rotation
C. Both C. extension
D. None D. lateral flexion

46. The Inferior Gluteal Nerve innervates what 53. MRI was done which revealed herniated disk
muscles? between the 4th and 5th Lumbar vertebra.
A. Gluteus minimus Which spinal nerves are most likely affected?
B. Gluteus maximus A. L3, L4 B. L5, S1 C. L4, L5
C. Both D. None of the above
D. None
54. Which part of the intervertebral joint that
47. During infancy these primary curvatures of herniates that may impinge the spinal nerve?
the vertebral column persists: A. Annulus fibrosus
A. Cervical and thoracic curvatures B. Vertebral body
B. Thoracic and Lumbar curvatures C. Nucleus Pulposus
C. Cervical curvature D. Nucleus Fibrosus
D. Sacral curvature
55. The ligaments that divides the sciatic
48. The vertebral artery courses through this foramen into greater and lesser?
foramina: a. Sacrotuberous
A. Vertebral foramina of Thoracic Vertebra b. Sacrospinous
B. Transverse foramina of Cervical Vertebra c. Both
C. Intervertebral foramina of Thoracic Vertebra d. None
D. None of the above
56. The muscle of the levator ani are except?
49. Characteristic of a typical Thoracic vertebra: a. Pubocoocygeus m.
A. Bifid spinous process b. Iliococcygeus m.
B. Heart shaped vertebral body c. Puborectalis
C. Articulating facets faces medially and laterally d. Superficial anal sphincter
D. All of the above
57. The greater pelvis is also called?
a. False pelvis
b. True pelvis
c. Male pelvis
d. Female pelvis

58. The lesser pelvis?

a. False pelvis
b. True pelvis
c. Male pelvis
d. Female pelvis

59. The ligaments that connect the sacrum to

the ilium?
a. Sacroiliac ligaments
b. Sacrospinous ligaments
c. Sacrotuberous liga
d. Symphysis pubis