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My ALL Music by Marian Carey & Walter Afanasieff Words by Mariah Carey. cat pb Gout br 1am think - ing you__ in my sleep - less (2) feel me i+ ma-gin-ing I'm 19 Gm ig Gm agen “GE Ti-tude_ to = night, if its wrong ing in__ your eye 1 can see GF bmi? Ee then my heart just won't vi-vid-ly_ em - blaz- rT SH my right, cause I've drowned in you and I wor't pull mind, and youre just so far, like ais - tant + “s a a through with-out you by my side.— stay I'm wish-ing_ on to-night. 20 Ebmaj? more night with you, Td Bou? Binay ans avs - in mn HH tHE bo - dy next_ to mine, ‘cause! can't go on. for your love to-night ory of __ our song, ZT 2, Ba-by can you , OL to have just one more night with you, Td risk_ my life ne SS — == SS) rer Saye ype og — —| — = ; 2 FB = SS === » Cm Bhai? Fh? dy next_ to mine ‘causeT can't go on_ Ez, of__ our song, Td give my rit. freely tempo rit, b ef = cmt cmt Gm — \_F for your love to-night. — 23