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This Getting Started guide provides basic instructions on how to successfully navigate and use the BLOOMBERG
PROFESSIONAL® service. We recommend the essential function codes listed below.

Remember, press after each command to run the function.

Getting Started World Monitors

MAIN Main menu WEI World Equity Indices
PDFU Set personal defaults WEIF World Equity Index Futures
BIO Manage your personal profile WB World Government Bonds
BLP Bloomberg Launchpad™ WBF World Bond Futures
FAVE Bookmark your favorite functions WIR World Interest Rate Futures
SECF Security finder WCDS World CDS Pricing
DES* Security description WCRS World Currency Ranker
EIS List of exchange products CMDS U.S. soft/hard commodity markets
MAG Bloomberg Markets magazine BTMM U.S. Treasury and money markets monitor
EASY Essential tips and shortcuts The Economy
MOBILE Bloomberg mobile products N ECO TOP economic news
Training and Resources ECO Economic calendars
BREP Sales and installation representatives ECFC Economic forecasts
HELP PAGE Press <HELP> to access Help page ECOF Economic indicators
HELP DESK Press <HELP><HELP> to contact Help Desk ECST World Economic Statistics
CHEA Cheat sheet directory CENB Central Banks
BU Bloomberg University (training resources) Equity Markets
News You Can Use N STK TOP stock news
N News on Bloomberg EQS Equity Screening
NSE News Search Engine EVTS Events and earnings calendar
RES Research reports MA Mergers and acquisitions
BRIEF Bloomberg Brief newsletters MMAP Analyze and chart global markets
FIRS Bloomberg First Word news stories AQR* Average Quote Recap
LIVE Live broadcasts and interviews MGMT* Company management profiles
SALT Suggested real-time and daily news alerts FA* Financial history of companies or indices
BKMK Manage news and research stories EEO* Earnings projections
NLRT Manage news alerts RV* Peer group relative value analysis
NRR News Readership Rankings Credit Markets
Communication Tools N BON TOP bond news
MSG Message System function FICM Fixed Income Credit Monitor
MSGM Message System main menu GC Graph Curves
MGU Message Defaults NIM New Issue Monitor
MSGH Message System enhancements RATC Company credit rating revisions
IBH Instant Bloomberg® enhancements IMGR Inventory from RUNZ and message mining
BVLT Bloomberg Vault message archiving YAS* Yield and spread analysis
MEMO Create, store, and search personal memos TFLO TRACE Market Flow
TAGS Manage Message System shortcut buttons BVAL* Snapshot of Bloomberg Valuation prices
PFM Personal File Manager for Message System FIGH* Hedge Calculator
SPDL Address book of your contacts FIPX* Live Quotes
PEOP People Search FIRV* Relative Value and comparables
Emerging Markets Credit Default Swaps
N EM Emerging markets news CDS Analyze single name credit default swaps
EMG Emerging Markets Gateway GCDS Analyze and chart credit default swaps
EMMV Emerging Markets: Market View CMOV World credit default swap biggest movers
EMEQ Emerging markets equity indices CDSW* Create and value credit default swaps
EMMR Emerging Markets Money Rates SOVR Monitor CDS rates for sovereigns
ISLM Islamic finance QCDS Quick CDS calculator
Municipal Markets Mortgage Markets
MSRC Municipal bond search MDF Mortgage defaults
SMUN Municipal issuer screening CPD* CMO and ABS paydown information
CDRA Municipal fixed rate calendar SYT* Mortgage price, yield, and spread analysis
SPLY Municipal bond visible supply SYTH* Historical prepayment, default, and severities
MNPL Municipal key news SPA* Structure Paydown Analysis
TDH* Trade disclosure history OAS1* Option-adjusted spread analysis
PICK Municipal bond offerings/trades CLC* Collateral composition
Funds CLP* Collateral performance
N FUND TOP fund news MTCS* Mortgage credit support
FL Fund ticker lookup Charts
FSRC Fund search TDEF Set chart and technical study defaults
FLNG 13F filing summaries CHAR Charts home page
FUND Funds and portfolio holdings G Create custom charts from templates
HFND Hedge fund home page ALRT Manage custom alerts
FREP* Fund performance reports Portfolio Management
Commodity Markets PRTU Create and manage portfolios
N CMD TOP commodities news PORT Portfolio Risk & Analytics
FDM Commodity fundamental data PREP Portfolio reports
CPLY Commodity playbook overview PORT HP Historical portfolio analysis
NATG Natural gas markets PORT CH Portfolio Characteristics
COAL Coal markets BSA Portfolio P&L and horizon reports
VOLT Electricity markets and statistics BBU Portfolio Upload
ENVR Emissions/green markets BPRA Portfolios analytics info page
OIL Oil markets Electronic Trading
BMAP Bloomberg maps FIT Stage, monitor, execute, and allocate trades
Foreign Exchange Markets EMSX Execution management system
N FX TOP foreign exchange news BTRD Bloomberg Tradebook home page
XDSH FX dashboard FXGO FX electronic trading
FRD Calculate spot and forward rates BOOM Search money market offerings
FXDV FX derivatives menu Order Management
FXC Currency rates matrix OMS Bloomberg order management systems
FXIP FX Information Portal AIM Asset and Investment Manager
FXFC Composite FX forecasts TOMS Trade Order Management System
Interest Rate Derivatives SSEOMS Sell-side Execution and Order Management
IRDD List interest rate derivative deals Data Solutions
USSW U.S. Govt, swap, and agency monitor DAPI Excel data and calculations
SWPM Manage interest rate swaps and derivatives WAPI API developer’s help site
ICVS Custom interest rate swap curves DLIN Data licensing
FWCM Forward curve matrix BVLI BVAL info
OIS OIS resource center REG Third-party vendor documentation
VCUB Swaption volatility cube XLTP Excel template library

* Denotes a security-specific function.