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Planned Parenthood Resignations/Departures

(Partial Listing)
Cecile Richards President & CEO, Planned Parenthood Federation of Resigned 1/26/2018
America (PPFA)
Dawn Laguens Executive Vice President & Chief Brand Officer of Resigned 11/13/2018
PPFA & Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF)

Kevin Griffis Vice President of Communications, PPFA Resigned 12/3/2018

Deborah VanDerhei Vice President, Abortion Access; Director of Planned Resigned 2017
Parenthood's Consortium of Abortion Providers

Deborah Nucatola Chief Medical Officer, Planned Parenthood Reassigned to HI, 7/2016
Federation of America now gone 2019
Raegan McDonald- Replaced Nucatola as Chief Medical Officer, PPFA Resigned 6/5/2018
Wallace D’Souza Chief Financial Officer, PPFA Resigned Replaced 3/2018
Vanessa Cullins Vice President for External Medical Affairs, PPFA Unknown 2018 or 2019
(No longer listed at this position on PPFA’s 2018
Annual Report published under CEO Lena Wen)
Leslie Kantor Vice President of Education, PPFA Resigned 4/24/2018
Carolyn Westhoff Senior Medical Advisor PPFA Left 2018 (job still
Deirdre Schifeling Executive Director Planned Parenthood Action Fund Resigned 2/6/2019

Wendi Wallace Director of Political Outreach, PPFA Resigned 2/6/2019

Mary Gatter President, Medical Directors’ Council, PPFA; Medical Resigned Replaced 7/2017
Director, Planned Parenthood Pasadena

Savita Ginde Medical Director, Planned Parenthood Rocky Resigned 6/2017

L Darrel Jordan Chief Medical Officer, Planned Parenthood of Resigned 2017
Greater Texas
Katherine Sheehan Medical Director, Planned Parenthood Pacific Demoted 2015
DeShawn Taylor Medical Director, Planned Parenthood Arizona Resigned 2016
Jennifer Frizzel CEO PP New Hampshire and the Planned Parenthood Retired 1/12/2018
New Hampshire Action Fund
Mary Kogut CEO, Planned Parenthood Greater St. Louis Region Resigned 10/31/2018

Suzanne de Bacca President, Planned Parenthood Heartland Resigned 9/3/2018

Joan Malin President & CEO, Planned Parenthood New York City Resigned 7/1/2017

Kathy Kneer President, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California Resigned 7/1/2017

Barbara Zdravecky President, CEO, Planned Parenthood Southwest & Retired 1/9/2018
Central Florida
Stacy M. Cross CEO & Pres Planned Parenthood Columbia Resigned 7/1/2017
Heather Saunders Estes CEO Planned Parenthood Northern CA Resigned 2017