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FPSC Past Paper of Preventive Officer 2015 in Pakistan Customs FBR

Check below FPSC past paper of preventive Officer 2015

1) Which is the National Animal of Pakistan? Ans Markhor

2) Who was the second Prime Minister of Pakistan? Khawaja Nazimudin
3) Who is the Current Prime Minister of Iraq? *Nouri Almaliki * At the time of test Nouri
Almaliki was the PM of Iraq
4) Indus Water Treaty was signed ? 1960
6) Who was the second Commander in Chief of Pakistan Army? Ayub Khan
7) Indus Water Treaty was signed in which year? 19th September 1960
8 ) Who is the Author of Loyal Muhammadans of India? Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
9) ILO stands for what ? International Labor Organization
10) What is the new name of Burma? Myanmar
11) Which is the capital of Australia? Canberra
12) Who is the Current German Chancellor? Angela Merkel
13) When the Muslim League was formed? 30th December 1906, Dhaka, Bangladesh
14) Kashghar is situated in which Country ? China
15) Who is the Current Saudi King? Shah Salaman
16) 3rd Martial Law imposed on which date? 5th July 1977
17) Who was the first President of Muslim League? Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah (Agha Khan
18) Simon Commission arrived in India? 1928
19) Indus water treaty was signed in which year? 19th September 1960
20) Who is the current Chinese Prime Minister ? Li Keqiang
21) According to big bang theory age of universe is _____? 13.8 Billion Years
22) Total number of the SAARC Countries ? 8 Countries
23) From the given Countries which one is a landlocked Country? Nepal
24) Under which leadership of Pakistan one unit dissolved and four provinces were restored?
Ayub Khan
25) Who is the Current Chairman of Senatel ? Raza Rabbani (At the time of test Raza
Rabbani was Senate chairman)
26) Which Pass connects China with Pakistan? Khunjerab Pass
27)Who was the foreign Minister in Interim Government of 1946 in India? Jawahar Lal Nehru

Every Day Science

1. Moon is a _____? A. Planet B. Asteroid C. Star D. None of these

2. Dry ice is also known as ? Solid carbon dioxide.
3. Which is the hardest metal on Earth? Carbon
4. Vitamin D deficiency may cause what? Rickets
5. Current is the flow of What ? A. Electrons B. Protons C. Neutrons. D. None of these
6. Which of the following is Non-renewable source of energy? (A) Natural gas B. Wind C.
Solar System D. None of these)
7. Blood is cleaned by which organ of the body? A. Liver B. Heart C. Kidneys (D) None of thse
8. Animals eat other animals for survival are known as ?. Ans Predators
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9. Which poison is used for killing rats and Mices. Rodenticides

10. Which Gas is filled in electric bulb? Argon
11. A substance between melting and boiling point is known as ?
12. At room temperature which is liquid. (Mercury)
13. Which is the Freezing point of water? . 0 Degree Centigrade
14. Which is the famous Einstein’s equation related to energy and mass? E=MC2
15. Which is the thickest layer of earth? Mantle
16. Diamond is an allotropic form of What? Carbon
17. What is the Charge on neutron? Neutral means no charge
18. From the following which one is most elastic ? (A) Steel (B) Rubber (C) Glass (D) None of
19. Soap is a ____?


1. Mother name of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) ? Hazrat Amina (R.A)

2. Quran was revealed on Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) in how much time ? 23 Years
3. Ghazwa e Khandaq was fought in which Hijri Year (A) 2nd Hijri (B) 4th Hijri (C) 5th Hijri
(D) None of these
4. Zakat, fasting made obligatory in which Hijrah year ? 2nd Hijri
5. Hazrat Ali (R.A) was martyred by whom? Ibn e Muljam
6. Jannat ul Baqeeh is situated in which city of Saudi Arabia? Medina
7. Who accompanied the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) during migration to Medina? Hazrat Abu
Bakr Siddique (R.A)
8. What is meant Baqarah in the name of Suraah e Baqarah? Goat
9. What is meant by word " Zam Zam"? to stop flowing
10. Number of the Books of Hadith during 200-300 AH? Six

Choose the Synonym
1. Abate (A) Lessen (B) Essen (C) Boast (D) None of these
2. Abbreviation (A) Medium form (B) Long form (C) Short Form (D) Paraphrase
3. Abdicate (A) Harass (B) Disperse (C) To resign (D) Trick
4. Adorn (A) Adorn (B) Hate (C) Admire (D) None of these
5. Abode (A) Adorn (B) Hate (C) Dislike (D) Dwelling place
6. Abolish (A) Do away with (B) Simplify (C) Complete (D) Carry Away
7 .Abreast (A) Smart (B) Opposite (C) Informed (D) Side by Side
8. Abstemious (A) Diligent (B) Confused (C) Moderate (D) Sophisticated

Correction of Sentences
9. If you steal that apples from John’s garden you’ll be sorry.
10. The person who had made these cakes have my vote.
11. This elephant belongs to my sister and me.
12. He arranged the flowers and put them on the table.
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13. He took the offense at these words.

14. Raina and Daniel put their bags in their armpit.