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Oh, Baby, Baby!

Summer Camps Galore
Purim Is Coming
Supplement to The Jewish Standard • March 2019

“A” is the highest grade given by the Leapfrog Group, an organization dedicated to
patient safety. What’s more, Chilton Medical Center was voted #1 mid-size hospital by
New Jersey doctors three years in a row. Atlantic Health System is proud to bring our
best to the communities we serve.
Source: The Leapfrog Group, a national patient safety group

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March 2019

5 From Baby’s Beginnings

The tough and tender trials
of parenting
14 Generation G
Pets and the stories
that unfold
6 Oh, Baby, Baby!
Must-haves to celebrate
the little one
15 Camp Listings
Chock-a-block of local camps

8 Baby on Board 20 Gallery

Prenatal care for mother-to-be Pictures of our children

10 Low Numbers 21 Top Choices

Holy Name’s C-section phi- Great picks for March

12 Bringing Home Baby 22 Calendar

Things to do this month
A primer on newborn care

23 Purim is Coming
13 Three Common Questions Ideas for homemade costumes

Tummy time, sleep,
and diapers
23 Simchas
Marking our children’s All new
! 13 Cranial Therapy milestones experience!
New center opens in Teaneck

Cover photo by Stefanie Diamond Newer, Better, More Spectacular!

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About Our Children is designed to help Jewish families in our area live healthy, positive lives that make the most of • Giant Slides • Giant Spider
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Jewish family, babies to grandparents, needs to live life to the fullest in North Jersey and Rockland County.
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About Our Children is published 11 times a year by the New Jersey/Rockland Jewish Media Group,
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musings from the editor
proud new mama was I. none of that. It simply was an after- It was true. Yehuda, although
There was a kick in my noon walk with my new son whom I resting comfortably, sleeping most
step and a smile in my eye dressed in his new snazzy, new and, probably, did appear a little red in his
as I took Yehuda out on a stroll in his yes, blue togs, which came in an abun- little face.
new Snap ‘N Go, an ingenious car seat dance of gifts from family and friends. “Too many clothes!” she said as
cum carriage that was quite en vogue “Heidi,” I heard someone call out she started on her mission to relieve
at the time. It was September, I recall. to me. this infant.
Yehuda was a just a few weeks old, and I turned to see who it was. Off went the blanket. Off went the
the midday sun felt good and warm as It was a friend. socks. Off went the hat.
we walked together along Broadway. She was a mother and a writer, an “Heidi, it’s still summer!” she said.
It wasn’t quite Indian summer, editor, and a social worker by training. “But, he’s so new,” I stammered. “I before him.
but the summer season felt like it In between responsibilities that filled didn’t want him to get cold.” And in the future, there will be
was lingering. her busy schedule, she regularly host- “Heidi,” she said, “he feels what we many new adventures ahead of him.
It had been quite a whirlwind ed many people for Shabbos. She was feel. Hot!” I’m done with the days of not
since Yehuda was born in late August. to be admired. Gosh, I thought . I’m such a knowing how to dress him appro-
First child. First son. First post- “Oooh, it’s Yehuda,” she said com- new mother... priately for the weather. But there
partum hormones. First pregnancy ing up to get a peek. As I look back, the milestones is plenty of territory that I’ve never
weight-loss goal. The hubbub and There he was. On display. Strapped have moved fast. tread before.
the joy of the bris. Transitioning from and snapped in his Snap ’N Go. Yehuda graduated from preschool. I’m no longer a new mother.
working full time outside the house I puffed with pride. He had his bar mitzvah. He graduated But when you’re a mother, there
to being home with him on most “Heidi,” she exclaimed. “Look from middle school. always is something new.
days. It sure was a lot. But I was not at him!” Yehuda is now a post-high school Cheers,
the first new mother, nor would I be “What?” I asked, surprised at graduate in his gap year and ponder-
the last, to experience the sea change her tone. ing his adult future. He’s already had
of motherhood. “He’s schvitzing,” she said. “He’s so so many new experiences behind him.
But on this lovely day, there was hot! His face is red!” Now, there are so many new questions



From Baby’s Beginnings:

Parenting Is the Toughest, Most Tender Job
Adina Soclof discussing them. And enjoy
spending time with them!

arenting is one of our It’s important to tell your
toughest jobs. When we children that you love them,
leave the hospital with “I am so happy that God gave
our baby safely ensconced you to me; I love being your
in the car seat, we are on our mother” and to demonstrate
own. There’s no instructional that love with physical affec-
manual, no degree we need to tion like hugs, kisses, and ruf-
have. It seems as if parenting is fling their hair.
all on-the-job training.
It doesn’t have to be. Know your
Here’s a short primer on nine child’s strengths
fundamental things you need Every person is created with
to know to raise children in a their own strengths and tal-
positive, healthy way. ents. As parents our job is to
help our child discover those
Bring Jewish values and strengths and talents. We can
traditions into your home ask ourselves: What is my
Teaching children to embrace child’s strength? What charac-
Jewish values and traditions is teristic of my child brings me
one of the best gifts we can joy? What gives my child the
give our children. The Jewish most joy? What comes easy
faith introduced the world to them? They might be very
to the importance of family, different from what we expect.
kindness, justice, peace, char- A father who values academics
ity, honesty and so much more. These getting mad, focus on helping your behavior we reinforce their positive be- might have a child who loves the arts
are bedrock principles that will ensure kids listen, make eye contact when havior. It takes a while to retrain our or vice versa. Children thrive and flour-
that your children will behave with in- giving instructions, validate their feel- brains to look for the positive, but it is ish when they feel that their authentic
tegrity. Jewish traditions, Shabbat and ings, “I know its tough to stop playing well worth the effort. selves are valued and appreciated by
the holidays, prayer and other ritu- with your Legos to get ready for bed…” their parents.
als, lend stability, unity, and a strong Or make it fun: “Let’s pretend we are Let kids experience
sense of identity. These are essential airplanes and fly to the car.” their own feelings Foster independence
ingredients in building emotionally Children need to own their own feel- We need to live our lives as parents
healthy children. Kids test limits ings. You can’t tell them, “You can’t knowing that our children are only
Children need rules and limits that are be to hot, its cold outside,” “You can’t ours for a short time. Our job is to
You are the best teacher fair and consistent. It makes them feel be full – you only ate one bite of your teach them to go out into the world
Kids do what we do, not what we say. safe, secure, and encouraged. When we sandwich.” The fact is we don’t know and make their mark, and contribute to
If we want to be a good role model for are wishy-washy with our rules, kids how another person can feel, even our our society in positive ways. We need
our kids we need to walk the walk and feel rootless and don’t know what to own children. We need to teach our kids to teach them to think independently
talk the talk. If we want our children to expect. When children fight the rules, to trust their own gut and instincts; it and have the tools they need to make
be kind, respectful, and loving we need they are really testing us to see if we will serve them well when they need good decisions. We need to find ways
to be kind, respectful, and loving. They actually mean what we say. We need to make tough decision without us. To to encourage their autonomy by ask-
need to see us living our Jewish values, to stick to our guns and gently and do that, it’s better to say, “It feels cold ing their opinions, “What do you think
by giving charity, promoting peace in respectfully enforce the rules that we to me, but not to you…everyone feels would be the best way to schedule our
our interactions with others and by have for our family. things differently. ” Or “One bite of that day?” Give them choices, “Do you want
being truthful (no lying about their sandwich is enough for you, you know to wear your green or blue shirt today?”
age to get the discount at the amuse- Most children respond well how to read your hunger signals…” and responsibility and chores around
ment park). to positive reinforcement the house.
Your best bet to having great kids is to Shower your kids with love Parenting is indeed a tough job,
Children are not natural listeners give them loads of attention when they Children need parental attention to but it is also one of the most reward-
We are often surprised, indignant, and are behaving in positive ways — for ex- thrive. They also need to know that ing. And you are uniquely suited to raise
angry when our child doesn’t listen to ample, when they get into bed on time, we love them just the way they are. your kids.
us. The fact is, it is hard for kids to lis- brush their teeth and come when they To do that, we want to try to spend
ten to all the things that they need to are called. Ironically, we usually give time with them on their terms. Find Adina Soclof is a parent educator, pro-
do. From morning to night they need our kids more attention when they are out what they love to do, whether fessional development instructor and
to listen to instructions given to them misbehaving. When we give attention it’s going to their favorite ice cream speech pathologist. She is the founder of
by adults. They are not being bad; they to a kid’s negative behavior we inadver- store, playing their favorite sport with You can reach her
often don’t have the attention, energy tently reinforce their negative behavior. them in the backyard or even reading at or
or will to follow through. Instead of When we only focus on their positive the same books they are reading and
Oh, Baby, Baby

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201-357-0417 Baby on Board:
y Appointment
by by
(201) by
by Appointment
call by (201)
Appointment (201)
Appointment (201) 384-0300
Prenatal Care for
(201) 384-0300

a Healthy Pregnancy
Howard M.M.M.
Friedman, M.D.M. Friedman,
M.D. Heidi Mae Bratt M.D.drugs. You should minimize alcohol
intake and stop completely once you
ward M. Friedman, Howard
M.D. M. Friedman,
Christopher M.D.
Weiss, D.O. Weiss, D.O.
Howard Weiss,
M.Weiss, D.O.
Friedman, D.O.
M.D. etting ready could be pregnant. If
hristopher Weiss, Shana
ShanaM. M.
M. Weiss,
Kaye, D.O.
M.D.M.D. M. Kaye, M.D.
Christopher Weiss, D.O. for baby is you have any medi-
Shana M.
Shana M. Kaye, Margaret
Margaret M. Kaye,
M. M.D.
M.D. M.D. M. as any.
Love,as big a job
M.D. cal issues, you should
Margaret M. Love, Margaret
M. Kaye, M.D.
M. Love, M.D. A mother-to- speak with your doc-
Early SickMargaret CallCall
now Call now
EarlySick Sick
Call now
M. Love,forM.D.
camp camp
be has plenty to do tor before you get
Visits Call now
for your camp in preparation for for yourpregnant camp in order to
for your camp for & school
& school
your now
& school & school these is-
Early Sick
Available! & school physicals!
and during her preg- make sure
Available! for
& your
school camp
physicals! nancy. About Our physicals! sues are controlled
Available! physicals! physicals!
& school Children consulted and discuss how a
Available! physicals! with Dr. Shelly Nitz, pregnancy may be
an obstetrician and affected. You should
gynecologist with also start taking a
the Valley Medical prenatal vitamin pri-
Group in Ramsey, for or to starting to try
her expertise. Dr. Shelly Nitz to get pregnant. You
AOC: What is may take over-the-
the best way to prepare for pregnancy? counter vitamins or ask your doctor
Dr. Nitz: The best way to prepare for a prescription.
for pregnancy is to be healthy. First, AOC: Once pregnant what are
you should be at a normal weight, the current guidelines for good prena-
and have a balanced diet and exercise tal care?
regimen. You should not smoke ciga- Dr. Nitz: Good prenatal care in-
rettes, for many reasons, or use illicit volves remaining healthy throughout



the pregnancy: attending all routine classes that are designed to teach specific
prenatal appointments, maintaining a methods to help with labor pain, such as Offices in Tenafly, Teaneck, Fort Lee, Closter, Paramus,
healthy diet, and limiting weight gain Lamaze or the Bradley method. Though Oakland, Clifton, Hoboken, and Park Ridge
to the recommended amount, which there are many options available, what’s
depends upon your starting weight. important is that you and your partner
Open 365 days a year
You should get your flu vaccine every attend some sort of birthing class to
year, especially while pregnant. know what to expect when labor is start- Evening hours for sick
AOC: How many prenatal visits ing, and for the entire labor and delivery visits and checkups!
are typical? process. Going into that day without a
Dr. Nitz: Usually, prenatal visits real idea of how things will happen can Early Walk-In Hours
are monthly, then increase in frequency be very scary, so having that background At All Office
over the course of the pregnancy so knowledge is important. Locations on
that by the last month, you are seeing AOC: Are there any pregnancy Weekdays
your doctor every week. myths from an earlier generation that
AOC: What are the standard tests have been dispelled such as weight gain
during a pregnancy? or other things? Call our main office to schedule a FREE
Dr. Nitz: Standard tests include Dr. Nitz: There are many things “Meet-the-Doctor” visit. Meet a physician and the staff!
blood tests, a urine sample, and a Pap that have changed over the years. The
smear at your first visit to check for old adage of “eating for two” is no lon- New York Magazine’s FIRST
certain conditions that could affect a ger appropriate. For a woman starting
fetus, as well as to assess your overall at a normal weight, a total weight gain
“Best Doctors” list! PLACE
health. Also, an early ultrasound, usu- of 25-35 pounds is recommended. This
ally done at about 6–8 weeks, is done does not equate to a certain number
to confirm your due date. Another of pounds per week, as the majority
ultrasound at 18–20 weeks is recom- of weight gain usually happens in the
mended to check the development second half of the pregnancy. Overall,
of your baby. Every pregnant woman if you’re eating healthy, your baby will 201-569-2400 ·
should be checked for gestational dia- be healthy. Women who gain excess
betes around 24–28 weeks. Also, your weight during pregnancy not only
doctor will perform a vaginal swab at make it harder on themselves to lose
35–36 weeks to check for a bacteria the weight after the baby comes, they
called Group B Streptococcus. This is
a normal bacteria that does not cause
infection in adults, but if it is present in
the vagina during labor, it could possi-
also increase their risks for complica-
tions during pregnancy and delivery.
Also, there is no tried and true way
to guess the gender: how someone
Trending This Winter!
bly be passed to the baby during birth, is showing, how fast the fetal heart
and it could cause an infection in the rate is, or specific food cravings have
baby. If it is found on the swab, you nothing to do with the gender of the
will receive antibiotics while in labor baby. If you have questions about
to try to prevent this from happening. something you may have heard from
Additional tests and ultrasounds may a family member or friend, make sure
be indicated depending on your medi- to ask your doctor to get the most up-
cal history or if you have any pregnan- to-date recommendations.
cy complications. Additional genetic AOC: Is there anything else you
tests are also available if desired, but would like to add?
not required; this is something you Dr. Nitz: This advice is all very gen-
should discuss with your doctor at eral. Every pregnancy is different, so
your first visit. there is no way to give “one size fits all”
AOC: Is there a way to make the advice. Remember that what applied
baby smarter or happier in the womb? to your friend’s, sister’s, or mother’s
Dr. Nitz: There is nothing that a pregnancy may not apply to yours.
woman can do while pregnant that is
proven to improve a baby’s intelligence
Your doctor will be able to provide in-
dividualized care to you and your baby.
Call today to make
or happiness. Staying healthy will give
your baby the best chance for a healthy
Always bring your questions to your
appointments. Write them down so
an appointment!
pregnancy and delivery. you don’t forget them. Pregnancy is a 23 W. Palisade Avenue
AOC: How can a mother-to- fun and exciting time in a woman’s life.
be best prepare for a seamless and And though it may come with a lot of
healthy birth? unknowns, your doctor can help you 201-408-4441
Dr. Nitz: Aside from staying healthy throughout the process to stay healthy
and active throughout the pregnancy, and enjoy the ride. 1016 Main Avenue
some sort of education is extremely Clifton
helpful. Childbirth classes are usually Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor 973-546-5700
offered at most hospitals. There are also of About Our Children JS 19B



Low Numbers
Mean High Pride
at Holy Name
Medical Center
Heidi Mae Bratt patience has a large part to do with it.
Labor takes a long time. Labor is a

report that compared hospital long process and you have to allow it
rates of Cesarean sections (C- to take its course safely. And there are
sections) ranked Holy Name really very few situations where that
Medical Center in Teaneck among the can’t happen. Of course it does. There
state’s lowest with a rate of 16.2 per- are pelvises that are too small and very
cent as compared to the New Jersey large babies, and there are times of
average of 36.1, according to the report distress, but I really feel that we give
recently issued by the Leapfrog Group, our patients adequate time to labor.
a Washington, D.C.- What is considered
based nonprofit that active labor for one
provides quality com- patient may not be
parisons of hospitals. considered act ive
A C-section, labor for another.
explained Dr. Payal We make that a goal
Shah, the director of ours to try to get
of the Department them into active la-
of Obstetrics and bor to see if they can
Give your child the Jewish education he or she Gynecology at Holy progress before we
deserves and the inclusive, individualized Name Medical Cen-
ter, is usually indi-
throw in the towel
and say well noth-
SPECIAL EDUCATION cated when there ing’s happening.”
that only SINAI can provide. is a medical reason Dr. Shah said
or emergency, such Dr. Payal Shah the nurses also help
as fetal distress, or patients with their
if the baby is not tolerating labor, or expectations in the one-to-one care
if the baby is in a breech position. they give.
There may be other factors that ne- “One of the things we do here is
cessitate a C-section, such as if the ‘labor down,’ so even if you’re fully di-
mother has an elevated blood pressure lated, we don’t begin pushing until you
or pre-eclampsia. can feel the urge to push. We feel that
But when there is not a medical in- it helps decrease the time that a patient
dication, said Dr. Shah, the staff at Holy is pushing, decreasing the time allow-
Name prides itself on its “culture of ing the patient to get exhausted, push-
working hard to ensure that the woman ing for three and four and five hours.
can have a vaginal delivery. We don’t let that happen. We go by the
“Our goal is for every patient to patient cues. We believe in laboring
have a vaginal delivery and we all do re- down,” calling the approach “more ho-
ally aim for that. That is the culture of listic. We intervene as minimally as pos-
what we believe here. We try to help sible,” she said.
SPECIAL EDUCATION each other achieve that,” she said. “We also try to set the patient’s
integrated within Among the factors for achieving expectations about what to expect,
that goal, Dr. Patel said, “we have a how we are going to go through the
Jewish day schools great working relationship with each labor process, and what’s coming next.
Ordinary Moments Made Extraordinary! other. We cover each other quite a bit
so there is no end of shift for our doc-
That also decreases the patient’s anxi-
ety.” If they know that their labor will
tors,” explaining that when one doctor take time, they won’t worry as much,
leaves and another comes in during the Dr. Shah added.
INTELLECTUAL, AND COMPLEX LEARNING DISABILITIES. birth process, sometimes that is when a
Elementary, Middle, and High Schools C-section can occur. Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor
“We are all very patient and I think of About Our Children. • 201-833-1134


Zankhana Raval, MD
Interventional Cardiologist
Teaneck, NJ


M A K E Y O U F E E L B E T T E R,
I T H E L P S Y O U H E A L B E T T E R.

When Dr. Raval wanted a hospital that could match her commitment to
compassionate care, she found a home at Holy Name. When she asked
for the opportunity to succeed, we gave her the tools and technology
to go beyond. And when she didn’t want to feel like just another staff
member, we made her feel like a family member.
How to Care for the Newborn Baby
Heidi Mae Bratt Dr. Wong: Babies require an enor- with your doctor urgent- kets around the baby.
mous amount of time and attention. Ini- ly: bloody bowel move- You want to avoid

t’s been said by new parents that tially, they require very frequent feeding ments; refusal to feed; anything that can ob-
when they bring baby out of the of small amounts of breast milk or for- projectile vomiting; fever struct their breathing.
hospital, they should get a user man- mula, usually about an ounce every hour (temperature of greater AOC: Anything
ual on how care for their newborn baby. or two. Their stomachs are very small than 100.3°F); lethargic else you would like
About Our Children consulted with when they are born. A baby’s stomach behavior ; seizure-like to add?
Dr. Irene Wong, a family physician with is only the size of their fist. It is easy to activity (sudden shak- Dr. Wong: Take
Atlantic Medical Group, Primary Care at overfeed an infant, which can cause a ing and jerking of the a class for infant
Totowa, who is also on staff at Atlantic lot of spitting up or vomiting. They also baby’s body); swollen or CPR so that you are
Health System’s Chilton Medical Center. have very immature intestines, so they sunken-in soft spot on prepared for emer-
AOC: What are some of the most will often feed and then have a bowel the baby’s head. gencies, should they
important things a parent can do in car- movement. This is called the gastrocol- AOC: What myths arise. Have your pe-
ing for their newborn? ic reflex and is a normal phenomenon. from the past are re- diatrician or fam-
Dr. Wong: Newborn care can be a This results in a lot of dirty diapers, so tired and no longer hold Dr. Irene Wong ily doctor’s phone
scary thing, particularly for first-time be prepared. Newborns sleep a lot. They true about caring for number readily avail-
parents. It takes time to get to know your require all this sleep to help them grow. a newborn? able in case you need assistance. Know
baby and his or her habits. Parenting is They will wake up to be fed, changed, Dr. Wong: It is impossible to spoil which hospital is closest to you and if
something you learn over time and no or if they just want to held. It may be your baby when they are newborns. they have the capability to treat new-
one is instantaneously an expert at tak- necessary to wake them up for feedings. Hold them as much as you can. Pick them borns. Sleep when your baby sleeps.
ing care of a child. Not every child is the Newborns will sneeze and hiccup a lot. up when they cry. Soothe them when Remember that sleeping is just as im-
same, so do not be worried if your baby They have an immature nervous system, they need it. They will not be newborns portant to you as it is for your child.
is not doing everything someone else’s so this is normal for them. forever, so enjoy it as much as you can. When in doubt, contact your doctor.
baby is doing. This is normal. The most AOC: When would it be necessary Make sure that you have appropriate Even if you think it may be a silly ques-
important thing is to stay calm. You are for a parent to call the doctor? bedding for your newborn. Newborns tion, it is better than you know than not
the decision maker for your baby, so it Dr. Wong: You can call your pe- should be put down to bed on their know. We are here for you. Enjoy this
helps that you have a clear head to make diatrician or family doctor at any time backs to reduce the risk of sudden in- time with your baby.
the best decisions. if you have a question. We are here to fant death syndrome (SIDS). Make sure
AOC: What is “normal new- help and support your journey. The fol- that their bedding is firm and that there Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor
born behavior?” lowing problems should be brought up aren’t any loose sheets or excessive blan- of About Our Children

What’s Up With Diapers, Tummy Time, and Sleep? Teaneck Center Focuses
Almost every new parent knows the movements, track it. It might be no What if my baby just won’t go on Cranial Therapy
feeling: It’s 2 a.m., you’re bleary-eyed big deal, but it’s easier to remember to sleep?
and you want nothing more than ev- what happened a week or even a day It’s never easy to hear your baby Heidi Mae Bratt
eryone to get some sleep. However, ago when you have all the data right cry, but Dr. Elizabeth Super, a pedia-
you’re up, and so is your new baby. at your fingertips. Also remember, if trician and children’s sleep specialist A new state-of-the-art center to help infant
Though most parents wish their little you see anything out of the ordinary, it at Oregon Health & Science Univer- and babies with neck and head deformities and
one could tell them what is keeping is worth a call to your doctor to make sity’s Doernbecher Children’s Hos- other related conditions opened in Teaneck.
him or her awake, sometimes there is sure it is nothing to worry about. pital, has some advice for sleep-de- Cranial Therapy Centers specializes in
no clear answer. What’s the deal about tum- prived parents. According to Super, therapy interventions for treating torticollis, a
To help parents looking for an- my time? by around 6 months of age, many tightening or stiffening of the neck, and pla-
swers, including those regarding dia- You’ve probably read how im- babies no longer need a middle-of- giocephaly, the flattening of an infant’s head.
pers and what’s in them, sleep, and portant tummy time is for developing the-night feeding and are ready to The center offers physical and occupational
tummy time, the experts at Kinder- your baby’s muscles to get ready for start learning how to self-soothe. therapies that are specific for these deformi-
Care offer this advice. all of the crawling, rolling, scooting, However, about 25 percent of 1-year- ties, and helmet therapy to treat and correct
Why are the contents of baby’s sitting and walking ahead. While your olds still have problems waking up in these common conditions.
diaper a weird color? baby’s back is still the safest place for the middle of the night. The center has the latest in high-tech di-
Flash back to before your baby him or her to sleep, awake and super- “They should be sleeping agnosis, specially trained occupational and
was born. You probably never imag- vised tummy time is important, too. through the night and can be doing physical therapists, and custom-made helmets
ined you’d be searching the internet Tummy time doesn’t have to be long it, but it’s very common that they’re for helmet therapy. It also is equipped with a
for answers to questions about poop. to be effective. Talk to your doctor not,” Dr. Super said. “Know that lots STARscanner System for the most precise di-
Yet here you are, and many new par- to see what’s recommended for your of kids have sleep issues, and sleep agnosing, measuring, and monitoring of the
ents know how you feel. When you baby. Though tummy time can be any issues will come and go as they grow.” head and neck conditions.
have questions about bowel move- time, you might be more successful There’s no one-size-fits-all solu- Cranial Therapy Centers owner Judah
ments, however, you may find there’s right after a nap or diaper change tion, and it’s important to choose an Rosenberg, who opened his first facility in
an app for that. Many apps also track when your baby is well-rested and approach that fits your family. That Lakewood nine years ago, said he brought a
sleep, feeding, pumping, weight, and comfortable. If your baby just won’t might mean adjusting your sched- center here to address “an underserved area,”
more, making them useful tools to take to tummy time, try making it fun ule to accommodate an earlier baby and in the hopes of delivering high-level com-
add to your new baby starter kit. If with toys and make sure you’re get- bedtime or coming up with a simple prehensive therapy and treatment of these
you see a change in your baby’s bowel ting down on the floor to play, too. bedtime routine. Family Features conditions to this part of New Jersey.


The NEW Early Childhood Sundays, March 31-June 23
Overpeck Park in Palisades Park
Generous enrollment incentives available. 220 Roosevelt Place, Palisades Park, NJ · Sundays ONLY
Games will take place 12:00pm - 6:00pm
• Renovated facility with
• Warm, nurturing &
experienced staff 5-on-5
6-on-6Flag FlagFootball
Football •·Fast FastPacedPaced
Non6-on-6 Flag Football • Fast Paced
• Educational Non Contact
Contact Flag Football
Turf &Field •
Non Contact • Boys & Girls • Grades K-8
Fast Paced
·• Grades
Grades K-8K-8
philosophy guided Non6-on-6
Official Contact
NFL •Jerseys
Flag Boys
Football & Girls
• Fast •• Grades
completePaced K-8
by best practices in Official
OfficialNFL NFL Flag Footballand Flag complete
Belts! with
$165 withNFL •Jerseys
•bothBoys Boys
& Girls
Grades K-8K-8
early childhood education Official
Register Bird
Flag Early
by Feb. 24) with
Cost: $165 with bothat:
Early Bird and Sibling Discounts Available
OfficialNFL NFL Flag Flag Football
$175Football bycomplete
25)Belts!with with
No Official
RegisterNFL Jerseys – and Flag
Regular Fee: (register March
• All faiths and backgrounds welcome Experience
Official NFL
(register March and26Flag
or later) Belts!Belts!
Cost: $165 with both
No Experience EarlyDiscounts
Sibling Bird and Sibling
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– Beginners with Available
Call 201.666.6610 for more
with with
Bird Bird
and Sibling
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info, or to schedule a tour!
Affiliated with
Call: (201) 417-5729
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us on FB
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Generation G
A Son, His Pet,
We Do
and Tales That Are Told
Age-Appropriate Curriculum
Mommy & Me Music Classes for Babies, Ed Silberfarb
Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers

t’s the best birthday present I ever got,” said my
Register Now for Spring! five-year-old son.
NEW RIDGEWOOD He had unwrapped the 10-inch-cube-shaped
Choose a
LOCATION box with its puzzling perforations to reveal a live,
brown “teddy bear” hamster.
201-891-1807 that stands
“We wanted to get him a gerbil,” said his best apart from
friend’s mother, “but the long tail made it look too
the rest...

“Cute,” said his older brother.
Our pharmacy stands “What a hostile gesture,” said his grandmother.

My wife kept a discrete silence as she envisioned
apart from the rest... a rodent hunt throughout the living room. I hurried
to unwrap and assemble the cage, a colorful plastic
container with breathing slots and a tube attached to
an exercise wheel for a fitness-prone hamster.
“We’ll call him Teddy,” said the older brother who white. The boys gave it the inexplicable name Sheepy.
began a campaign to get a hamster of his own.
Your one-stop Alas, Sheepy didn’t take to his foster parents and
Discounted Freeda, Solgar, and Blue Bonnet Vitamins There
independent was also a starter packet of food, a water
pharmacy showed it by biting our son. Instead of disposing of
Full Prescription Service • Accepting All Insurances forbottle,
over 30 years!
and an instruction booklet welcoming the own- him as a rogue hamster, we tried anger management.
Greeting Cards • AHAVA • Notary er to fun and frolic with his new pet. Daily combinations of feeding and touching ended his

Parkview Pharmacy It began simple enough until a problem we hadn’t

anticipated arose — the weekend getaway. How do we
fear of the human hand.
We thought we had mastered the basic care and
1430 Queen Anne Rd. · Teaneck, NJ · Tel 201-837-6368 visit my mother-in-law’s country house and leave Ted- feeding needs of hamsters — daily portions of pellets
M-F 9-6, Sat 10-1 Free Delivery dy uncared for? We briefly considered hiring a ham- and seeds, access to chewable toys to keep the incisors
(Across from Sammy’s) JS ster-sitter, but that seemed impractical, even frivolous. under control, and frantic jogging on the treadmill,
The obvious solution was to take him with us. It which might have been a power generator if we could
would be a true test of my mother-in-law’s affection have devised electrical connections.
for her grandsons. We fashioned a portable cage with One element of hamster behavior eluded us — the
water and food, and began the hour-and-a-half drive basic facts of life. It never occurred to us that introduc-
to New Jersey. To our shock, Teddy became comatose. ing another would change the dynamics of Hamster-
We arrived with a heavy heart and an unconscious land. We learned one morning when we heard a shriek
hamster. He came to life when we unpacked the car. of awe and delight from our son and saw half a dozen
Out of consideration for my mother-in-law, we tiny creatures wriggling about in the cage with Teddy.
placed the cage in a remote corner of the basement Our sons learned about the wonder of birth, but
and put the cares of the city out of our mind. Then the also learned the grim story of death by cannibal-
unthinkable happened. In a casual visit to the base- ism. It was necessary to separate the adults to save

Checkup Party ment we discovered that Teddy had escaped. Appar-

ently one of the boys had left the cage door unhinged.
The search began, but it seemed hopeless. It was
the babies.
Complications were just beginning. What to do
with babies that would soon become adults? An ob-
Sunday, March 17 particularly frustrating because we had to assure my vious solution was to connect more tubes and plastic
mother-in-law that nothing was amiss in the base- cages. Hamsterland became more prominent than the
8:50 AM to 1 PM ment. As a matter of fact, the basement had every bedroom furniture.
56 kids, 7 hygienists, 4 doctors, possible hiding place inaccessible to a human, and Just when we thought we would have to give up
1 magician, tons of giveaways there were apertures through which a six-inch rodent one room of our apartment, we were saved by the
Checkup Parties fill up quickly could easily make its way outside. We wondered if natural life cycle of a hamster and a technique of skill-
so call today to make sure Teddy would remain hidden behind the water pump, ful separation. We were out of the hamster-breeding
your family is included! slip into a box of abandoned toys, nestle unseen in a business in two years.
See our video on YouTube pile of forgotten clothes, or had he slipped outside and One of our son’s friends had just acquired a gerbil,
Dr. Ari Frohlich met an unfriendly raccoon. which fit comfortably in hamster housing, so we grad-
Dr. Richard S. Gertler We gave up and were about to go upstairs, then saw ually disposed of our tubes, tunnels, animal containers
Dr. Sami Solaimanzadeh what should have been obvious even to us amateurs. and exercise wheels.
The hamster with its pea-sized brain was conditioned It happened just in time. Our younger son discovered
TEANECK DENTIST to know where to get food. He had returned to his cage. that a guinea pig would be a gentle and delightful pet.
We decided that Teddy’s life was too confined.
201.837.3000 He needed to expand his boundaries and satisfy his Ed Silberfarb was a reporter for the Bergen Record in New
1008 Teaneck Road • Teaneck inquisitive mind. And so began Hamsterland in our Jersey, then the New York Herald Tribune where he was City apartment with tunnels and tubes interconnecting Hall bureau chief. Later, he was a public information officer for
in duplex fashion with another cage complete with the New York City Transit Authority and editor of one of its
treadmill and of course, another hamster, this one employee publications.
Counselor to camper ratio: 1:8, but lower to Club Getaway. The summer’s featured
in most cases extended overnight will be a four-day,
Camp Veritans is a summer day camp for three-night fun-filled exploration of Bos-
children entering Pre-K through 10th grade. ton where campers will experience all the
We offer a variety of fantastic activities sights Boston has to offer! Trips and meals
on our beautiful 64-acre campus, includ- are all included in the price of tuition. Visit
ing Red Cross swim instruction, amaz- our website at or
ing sports, creative arts, ropes/challenge call the camp office for more information
course, in addition to daily catered lunches, or to set up an appointment to find out
transportation and so much more. Special- more. 973-956-1220. Please see our ad on
ized trip and travel program for eighth and page 19.
ninth graders and a comprehensive CIT
program for our 10th graders. Please see
Neil Klatskin Day Camp
our ad on page 16. Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
Taub Campus
Camp Veritans Teen Travel Program 411 E. Clinton Avenue
225 Pompton Road Tenafly, NJ 07670
Haledon, NJ 07508 Phone: 201-408-1484
Phone: 973-956-1220
Fax: 973-956-5751 Age 3 – Grade 2 Mon – Fri, June 24 – August 16
Call for pricing & registration Entering 8th and 9th grades 9 a.m. to 4 p.m (shorter days available
Day Camps Swimming at Goldfish Swim School (2x per June 27 to Aug. 16 (closed July 4). First for preschoolers)
week), Tennis by Teddy Tennis, professional session July 1 to July 26; second session At Neil Klatskin Day Camp, kids rule the
Camp Little Feet teachers, outdoor water playground, new July 22 to Aug. 16; or full summer from day! Our campers experience an amazing
at Temple Beth Rishon air-conditioned facility. Please see our ad June 27 to August 16. summer of adventure, nonstop fun, and in-
585 Russell Avenue on page 18. Calling all 8th and 9th graders! Looking for credible friendships. NKDC offers children
Wyckoff, NJ 07481 the summer of your life? Camp Veritans the chance to be their best by offering an
Phone: 201-891-6074 Camp Veritans exciting array of activities, as well as op-
Masada, Trip and Travel Program provides
Fax: 201-891-0508 225 Pompton Road a travel experience and day camp in one. portunities to make their own choices and Haledon, NJ 07508 Campers enjoy two days per week in camp experience personal growth. Your camper
Ages 2 – 5 Phone: 973-956-1220 will learn new skills and explore what he/
experiencing all the fabulous fun our camp
Session: Celebration Week open for all Fax: 973-956-5751 she loves in our dynamic programming that
has to offer. Programs include: game truck,
children June 10-14, 8-week summer includes sports, Red Cross instructional
cooking, fine arts and our very own ver-
camp starting June 24 Pre-K to 10th grade and recreational swim, dance, art, drama,
sion of Survivor. The remaining three days,
Camper-teacher ratio is 5:1 June 27 to Aug. 16 (closed July 4), mini- music, Judaic programming, special events
Masada campers enjoy a variety of day and
Registration opens early March, on a mum any four weeks starting July 1. and more. We also offer a Hebrew immer-
Cost: Varies by grade entering in fall extended trips. Days trips include Six Flags,
first-come, first served basis Mt. Creek, Escape Room, Dave and Busters, sion option for our native/fluent Hebrew
to name a few and then a two-night trip speaking campers led by staff directly from


speak to you some of the time, but some- days and weeks available. For info email Paramus, New Jersey 07652
times you just want to go back to the camp or call 201 391 8329. 201-820-3918
you grew up in? You can! Enjoy so many Grades: Entering 3rd and up in Sept. 2019
of the activities you loved in NKDC and NEW!!! Little Campers ages 12-24 Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey
build on that love with the NKDC Expe- months with caregiver @ ECP at Temple offers incentive grants of up to $1,000.
rience! Get all the fun of NKDC, with the Emanuel of the Pascack Valley Grants will be awarded to campers who
added bonus of weekly field trips, special Starting the week of June 24 attend one of the over 150 approved Jewish
workshops and more! An incredible vari- Monday: Music with Me (9:30 – 10:15 a.m.) overnight camps for the first time. Find the
ety of specialty camps is offered for a full In this entertaining music class children will right spot for your child to develop leader-
day of fun, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and are sing, wiggle, explore and have fun groov- ship skills, build community and strength-
all-inclusive, providing lunch, snacks, daily ing and moving. The class ends with a en their Jewish identity. To find a camp and
Israel. Plus our day camp is all-inclusive, swim and towel service. Campers also have snack and opportunity for both caregivers apply for the grant, please visit www.jew-
providing lunch, snacks, towel service and access to transportation and extended care and children to socialize with one anoth- Please see
access to transportation and extended care, services. Membership not right for you? All er. Free & Open to the Public with RSVP our ad on page19.
so it’s easy on parents too! Membership our camps are now open to the community. 201-391-8329
not right for you? All our camps are now Ask us about our NEW public rates!
Wednesday: Little Campers (9:30 – 10:45
open to the community. Ask us about our
Temple Emanuel a.m.) Children will explore and socialize in Science &
NEW public rates!
of the Pascack Valley this multi- sensory class. The class will visit
our outside nature inspired playground,
Technology Camps
The NKDC Experience 87 Overlook Drive
Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677 discover art, music and a whole lot more! Science Camp
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
Phone: 201-391-8329 Ages 12- 24 months. 8-week program (NKSC Specialty Camp)
Taub Campus
Website: starting June 26, $290.00.
411 East Clinton Avenue Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
Tenafly, NJ 07670 Summer Adventures ages 2-5 years @ ECP Friday – Shabbat in the Shade (9:30 – 10:15) Taub Campus
Phone: 201-408-1484 at Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley is Enjoy celebrating Shabbat with your little 411 East Clinton Avenue a summer camp experience for children 2-5 one outside under the trees with Shabbat Tenafly, NJ 07670
Age 3 – Grade 2 years old. Summer Adventures offers daily songs, stories challah and ice pops! Free 201-408-1484
Mon – Fri, June 24 – August 16, 9 a.m. – 4 outdoor and indoor exploration, water play, & Open to the Public with RSVP 201-391-
p.m. (one week sessions) music, sports, art and more! Special activi- 8329. Please see our ad on page 17. Grades 3rd through 6th grade
Grades: 3rd to 5th grade ties are offered throughout the summer Monday–Friday, June 24 – August 16,
9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (one-week sessions)
Do you love camp too much to pick just one
specialty each week? Do specialty camps
like visits from the petting zoo. Flexible
Grant Program Explore the world of STEAM — science,
technology, engineering, arts, and math-
One Happy Camper ematics. Each week, experienced science
Elisa J. Hirsch teachers will facilitate a challenging and

Your Child’s Jewish Federation

of Northern New Jersey
innovative program using hands-on ex-
periments, projects, and lots of FUN! All-

Summer Memories
50 Eisenhower Drive inclusive, providing lunch, snacks, daily

Start at Camp Veritans

Day Camp!
4 Week Minimum - June 27 - August 16, 2019 ONGOING

Ask about
our year-round
Tuition Includes: Wide Variety of Programs:
• Daily Catered Hot Kosher Lunches • Serving Pre-K • Arts & Crafts • Soccer
• Daily Transportation to 10th Grade • Archery • Football
• Low Camper to Counselor Ratio • Nature • Mad Science/ • …and so
• Red Cross Instructional Swim • Go Karts STEM
much more!
• Ropes Course • Basketball
• Extended Day Option Available • Cooking
4-Year-Old Heated For information
Program pool and contact Matt at
Available air conditioned
Call or Email for a 201-357-2221
Personalized Tour!
(973) 956-1220 No refunds of deposits are available, yet they can be redeemed for future BBS/BBPAC
WeLoveCampVeritans workshop credit in cases of unexpected withdrawal. No refund of balances are available due
(973) 956-1220 to any objections to material or final show choice(s).

225 Pompton Road, Haledon, NJ 07508



swim, and towel service. Campers have Black Box Studios at The Black Box
access to transportation and extended care Performing Arts Center

Sports Broadcasting Camp

services. Membership not right for you? All 200 Walraven Drive
our camps are now open to the community. Teaneck, NJ 07666
Ask us about our NEW public rates! 201-357-2221
Big Idea Hi-Tech Camp Ages 5 to Adult
(NKSC Specialty Camp) Boys &
Montclair State University JULY 8-12, 2019
The Tri-State area’s only cutting edge, fully
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
Taub Campus
collaborative performing arts school and 10-18
professional theater combined, with year-
411 East Clinton Avenue
round programs for all ages and experience
Tenafly, NJ 07670
levels. Classes in acting, improv, musical LEARN from top sports
Grades: 3rd to 8th grade
201-408-1484 theater and more, all taught by working broadcasters professionals, including a popular summer
intensive for teens. Email: blackboxpac@
MEET professional coaches and athletes
Sessions: Monday-Friday, June
24 – August 16, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (two-week Please see our ad on page 16 CREATE your own sports anchor,
sessions available) The Performing Arts School reporting, and play-by-play videos KENNY ALBERT
Get ready for a camp like no other. Led by at bergenPAC COMPETE in PTI-style contests
an Israeli staff who bring Israeli innova-
tion, excitement and spirit to the JCC. This
1 Depot Square PRACTICE sports social media and
Englewood, NJ 07631
camp offers a perfect mix of cutting-edge 201-482-8194 podcasting
tech workshops and outdoor summer fun.
Campers focus on projects in a variety of
hands-on workshops, including robotics,
Ages 5 to 18
Session dates: July 1-19, August 5 – 23
digital photography, coding, 3D modeling, Approximate cost per child: $450-$850 800-319-0884 |
DJ, film production, digital fashion design, Counselor to camper ratio: 8 to 1
and more. Curriculum developed by BIG Deadline for registration: June 1 with dis-
IDEA, the leaders of tech education in Is- count if registered by May 1
rael. Workshops presented in English and The Performing Arts Musical Theater
Hebrew. All-inclusive, providing lunch, Camp for ages 5-12 introduces kids to a
snacks, daily swim, and towel service. variety of performing and visual arts ac-
Campers have access to transportation tivities, in a relaxed setting, while the Mu-
and extended care services. Membership sical Theater Workshop for ages 13-18 runs
not right for you? All our camps are now in the evening and hones students “triple
open to the community. Ask us about our threat” skills with training in musical the-
NEW public rates! Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley • Woodcliff Lake, NJ
ater, dance styles, vocal technique and act-

ing. Please see our ad on page 15.

Academic & Bounce U

Enrichment Camps 70 Eisenhower Drive
Paramus, NJ 07652
at Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley

Big Time Sports Broadcasting Camp 201-843-5880 Our Kids are the
1420 Walnut Street, Suite 605 Heart & Future of the Community…
Philadelphia, PA 424 Market Street

Phone: 800-319-0884 Nanuet, NY 10954 845-623-5400
Boys & Girls Ages 10 – 18
Day/Overnight options available AN EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM…
Create and Bounce Art Camp — A little bit
The Sports Broadcasting Camp, located on of exercise goes a long way toward inspir-  Excellence in Education for over 40 continuous years
the campus of Montclair State University ing your artists’ minds. BounceU’s Create  Experienced Director ecked
in Montclair this summer, is celebrating its and Bounce program gives kids a chance to
 Quality Educators We’ve ch es!
14th year. Learn from the pros. Meet sports enjoy physical activity and creative time in
 Respecting Children as Unique Individuals all th
e box
celebrities; make play-by-play, sports equal doses, offering an experience that’s
anchor, and reporting tapes. Participate healthy, mentally engaging and seriously  Progressive Curriculum Our NEW ECP
in mock sports talk radio and PTI-style fun. Complete with lunch, snacks, and DIRECTOR,
shows, and much more. Please see our ad games, it’s a one-of-a-kind camp experi- Jessica Friedman,
on page 17. WE HAVE WHAT YOU NEED!
ence they’ll never forget. Please see our ad discusses WHY
on page 3.
 Ages 3 Months to 5 Years you should send your
 3, 4, 5 day/week Programs children to our ECP…
Arts & Performing Dance Intensive  Extended Hours
Arts Camps (NKSC Specialty Camp)

 ½ Days and Full Days C A M P Our Early Childhood
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades TURES
Taub Campus  Vacation Programs A DV E N Education philosophy
Art Center of Northern New Jersey  Parent Speaker Series is to nurture our ECP
411 East Clinton Avenue children to become
250 Center St. Tenafly, NJ 07670  Thriving Parent/Child Programs
New Milford, NJ 07646 lifelong learners and
201-408-1484 Beyond the Classroom
201-599-2992 innovative thinkers through high quality
Grades 4 through 9
Ages: 3 and up educational experiences
9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (two-week session)
and to cultivate
For more than 60 years, the Art Center of Enjoy two weeks of dance technique that collaborative
NNJ has offered art classes, workshops, and explores all the latest crazes and new dance relationships between
gallery shows for children and adults. We forms. Students take sessions in ballet, teachers and families
offer children and teens classes in drawing jazz, and hip-hop each day, while work- to create a shared vision
and painting and more. Our summer ses-

ing toward an end-of-camp dance perfor- for your child.
sion includes a variety of classes. Call for mance on stage and in costume! Improve
complete catalogue. Please see our ad on skill level, build strength, and gain more
page 3. flexibility while having a great time! All- Jessica Friedman - 201 391 8329 /
inclusive, providing lunch, snacks, daily Office - 201 391 0801 /
swim and towel service. Campers have ac-
cess to transportation and extended care 87 Overlook Dr., Woodcliff Lake NJ


Campers have access to transportation and Comedic Cabaret site for schedule. All-inclusive, providing
extended care services. Membership not (NKDC Specialty Camp) lunch, snacks, daily swim and towel service.
right for you? All our camps are now open Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Campers have access to transportation and
to the community. Ask us about our NEW Taub Campus extended care services. Membership not
public rates! 411 East Clinton Avenue right for you? All our camps are now open
Tenafly, NJ 07670 to the community. Ask us about our NEW
Broadway Showtime 201-408-1484 public rates!
(NKSC Specialty Camp)
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Grades: 3rd through 6th Basketball Intensive
Taub Campus Sessions: two-week sessions (NKSC Specialty Camp)
411 East Clinton Avenue Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
A great chance to develop your own com-
Tenafly, NJ 07670 Taub Campus
services. Membership not right for you? All edy skills as you discover that acting is
201-408-1484 411 East Clinton Avenue
our camps are now open to the community. simply make-believe. Students gain con- Tenafly, NJ 07670
Ask us about our NEW public rates! fidence, conquer shyness and learn clever
Grades 4 through 9 201-408-1484
Sessions: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. acting skills while having fun! Lots of Im-
(two-week session) provisation brings expression, character-
(NKSC Specialty Camp) Grades: 3rd through 8th
ization, storytelling, creative excitement Sessions: one week sessions
An exciting musical theater experience for
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades and a lot of laughs! Enjoy “On Camera”
beginner through advanced students to ex- If you love basketball and want to improve
Taub Campus technique, great monologues, and stand-up
411 East Clinton Avenue perience the fun of performing at a high comedy tips. Program features a Comedy your game, this weeklong intensive camp
Tenafly, NJ 07670 level in a comedic version of Beauty and the Cabaret night performance at the JCC. Led is for you! Basketball coaches lead court
201-408-1484 Beast. Each student will have a challenging by Adam Sietz, a top VO artist and Stand- fundamentals and skills training, as well as role, the chance to create a great charac- up Comic. He’s been in Broadway shows, endurance and flexibility, in order to lead
Grades 4 though 9 ter, and to shine in big musical numbers many films, TV series, video games and campers to be the best basketball players
Sessions: (three-week session) with solo opportunities available. Includes over a hundred commercials. All-inclusive, they can be. Special events that vary by
workshops to build and foster confidence, providing lunch, snacks, daily swim and week may include special guests, field trips,
An exciting, high-level performing expe-
and develop skills in singing, movement, towel service. Campers have access to expert demonstrations, and competitions
rience for all students, beginners through
acting, and dance with highly experienced transportation and extended care services. against other clubs. All-inclusive, providing
advanced, in a Broadway-style musical,
director, choreographer and vocal instruc- JCC membership required for campers in lunch, snacks, daily swim and towel service.
Pirates and Pinafores. This production
tors. Program includes swim period. All- grade 3 through age 10. Membership not Campers have access to transportation and
cleverly interweaves three popular Gilbert
inclusive, providing lunch, snacks, daily right for you? All our camps are now open extended care services. Membership not
and Sullivan shows — “Pirates of Penzance,”
swim and towel service. Campers have ac- to the community. Ask us about our NEW right for you? All our camps are now open
“HMS Pinafore,” and “Ruddigore” — and
cess to transportation and extended care public rates! to the community. Ask us about our NEW
includes great scenery, costumes, challeng-
services. Membership not right for you? All public rates!
ing dialogue and big musical numbers with
solo opportunities. Our day includes work-
our camps are now open to the community. Fine Arts Camp
Ask us about our NEW public rates! (NKDC Specialty Camp) The Michelle Weiss
shops in acting, movement, singing, dance Children’s Tennis Camp
and improvisation. All-inclusive, providing Kaplen JCC on the Palisades (NKDC Specialty Camp)
lunch, snacks, daily swim and towel service. Taub Campus
411 East Clinton Avenue Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
Tenafly, NJ 07670 Taub Campus
201-408-1484 411 East Clinton Avenue

Camp Tenafly, NJ 07670

Grades: 3rd through 6th 201-567-8963
Sessions: one week sessions
Grades: 3rd through 8th

Get creative and have a blast at Fine Arts Sessions: one week sessions
Camp! Each week campers focus on a dif-
ferent, exciting project that will incorpo- Calling all tennis players! This weeklong
rate new art skills, methodology and me- intensive camp is for you! Tennis pros lead

Feet diums including jewelry making, painting, racquet and footwork instruction, as well
textiles, sculpting, and more. Each session as endurance and flexibility, in order to lead
features a visiting artist who will teach campers to be the best tennis players they
a hands-on workshop in their craft. All- can be. Special events that vary by week
inclusive, providing lunch, snacks, daily may include special guests, field trips, ex-
pert demonstrations, and competitions
Registration Is Open for Summer 2019 swim and towel service. Campers have ac-
cess to transportation and extended care against other clubs. All-inclusive, providing
Ages 2 – 6 • 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. services. Membership not right for you? All lunch, snacks, daily swim and towel service.
Campers have access to transportation and
Enroll for the summer or single weeks our camps are now open to the community.
Ask us about our NEW public rates! extended care services. Membership not
right for you? All our camps are now open
• Special themes and events every week to the community. Ask us about our NEW
• We bus children twice a week for Goldfish swim lessons Sports Camps public rates!
and lunch
Sports Camp Plus
• Teddy Tennis once a week (NKSC Specialty Camp) Special Needs
• Bright, enclosed playground with outdoor garden Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Summer Programs
• Seasoned, kind, and engaging teachers Taub Campus
411 East Clinton Avenue Camp Haverim
Pricing Online at: Tenafly, NJ 07670 Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
Taub Campus
411 E. Clinton Ave.
Grades: 3rd through 8th
Questions: Hillary Posner, Sessions: Monday through Friday, June
Tenafly, NJ 07607
Director Early Childhood Education 25 – August 17, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (one week
Try a different sport intensive each week! Ages: 3 – 21
Each session will focus on majoring in a Sessions: Monday through Friday, August
specific sport, while campers will also have 12 – 23, 9 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.
Temple Beth Rishon the opportunity to play other sports and
swim each day, and enjoy a weekly field
Where differences are celebrated. Camp
Haverim is a two-week camp for children
585 Russell Avenue Wyckoff, NJ trip or a culminating competition. Major
sports include soccer, volleyball/newcomb,
and teens with autism and other intellec-
tual, cognitive and developmental delays,
201.891.4466 floor hockey/lacrosse, swim camp, football,
challenge camp, and fitness camp. See web-
who attend 11 months of special schooling.
Campers with sufficient communication

and self-help skills participate in a diverse full-

day program including social skills, swimming
and water park activities, sports, yoga and di-
Tweens Ages 10 – 15
A special life skills camp that helps teens gain
the skills and confidence they need to become
Family Maker Day
verse physical education, academic enrichment,
music therapy, art and therapy dogs. Space is
self-sufficient in activities of daily living, while
enjoying a full camp experience. Special atten-
at Academies@GBDS
limited. Group sizes are between 4 and 8 tion is given to life skills as well as academic
campers. An intake interview is required for all enrichment. Group sizes are no more than 8 The Academies@GBDS invites and in many cases may introduce
new campers. campers.. the community to Family Maker maker culture, as well as the val-
Neil Klatskin Day Camp: Tikvah Day in collaboration with NJ ues associated with making, tin-
On Our Own Young Adult
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Summer Camp Maker Day. The event at GBDS kering and STEM-based learning.
Taub Campus Kaplen JCC on the Palisades takes place on Sunday, March 10 To celebrate making and maker
411 E. Clinton Avenue Taub Campus from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. culture, residents throughout
Tenafly, NJ 07607 411 E. Clinton Avenue “We are ecstatic to be able New Jersey come together in li-
201-408-1489 Tenafly, NJ 07607 to bring this type of program- braries, schools, museums, col-
programs ming to the Bergen County/ leges, maker spaces, businesses,
Sessions: Monday through Friday, June programs Oakland communit y,” said and other community locations.
24 – August 16, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Transitions: ages 14 – 21, Monday through Sheila Barbach, Academies @ At Gerrard Berman, the
Campers with communication, social, behav- Friday, June 24 – August 16
GBDS coordinator. event’s theme is “Make Your
ioral and learning differences participate in Adults (ages 21+), June 24 – August 9
a diverse, full-day camp program, including 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. “We are committed to find- Family’s Story” and will feature
social skills, sports, arts and crafts, ceramics, The On Our Own Summer Program at the ing ways to help people to learn multiple stations, including 3D
music, adaptive physical education, both in- Kaplen JCC on the Palisades is designed for new skills and to work collab- design and printing, Scratch ani-
structional and recreational swim, waterpark, teens (14-21) and young adults (21+) with in- oratively on exciting hands-on mation, stop-motion animation,
theme days, playground time, carnivals, Shab- tellectual and developmental delays, including
bat and more. Small camper to staff ratio to
projects.” Academies@GBDS paper collages, music, and other
autism, who are able to independently par-
meet individual camper needs with highly ticipate with a 1:4 staffing ratio. The program is proud to be a participating creative media.
qualified staff. Half-day afternoon (1–4 pm) helps participants gain the skills needed to site for New Jersey Makers Day. For more information, con-
option available for campers who attend become self-sufficient in important activities Community members ages 4 tact Sheila Barbach at (201) 337-
11-months of schooling (Proof of extended of daily living. Special attention is given to self- 1111 or Academies
and older are invited to join a day
school year is required). An intake interview is help skills, i.e., personal hygiene and dressing,
required for all new campers. filled with activities focusing on @ GBDS is located at 45 Spruce
cooking and safety, laundry and house clean-
ing. Volunteer job sampling experiences are in- maker culture. St., Oakland NJ 07436. Find out
Juniors Ages 5 – 9 (must be 5 by 6/1/19) cluded, both within the JCC and at community NJ Makers Day is a statewide more about New Jersey Makers
A traditional camp program. Group sizes are based organizations, and academic enrichment event that celebrates, promotes, Day at
no more than 6 campers. is also provided, along with typical summer

i n o ur RA M
me j o RO G
Co E L P
T R AV ders!
T E E N th and 9
gra th
ing 8 re m e
incom er to
for m m
e su
ild th
r ch Spend the summer
Give traveling through the
Metro NY Area and
experience our featured
“Big Trip” of the
Campers also compete in a
summer-long ”Survivor”
Our 2018 Survivor Champions! FIND OUT MORE TODAY!

• Three Days a Week Traveling Also enrolling

children ages 4
• Two Days a Week at Camp and up for our
Day Camp
• Day Trips and Overnight Trips programs!
• Team Competitions Ask us today!


Visit us at
For more information contact our Camp Office at 973-256-1220
225 Pompton Rd. Haledon, NJ 07508


Friendship Circle
at Aeon Fitness
Valley Chabad’s Friendship
Circle spent a day of fun at Aeon
Fitness. More than 50 children
with special needs and their teen
volunteers and families came
to Aeon Fitness in Hillsdale.
The youngsters enjoyed them-
selves as they jumped on the big
trampolines, walked on balance
beams, and swung from ropes
together with their Friendship
Circle teen friends.

Schechter Students Build Their Torah Muscles

Flexing their Torah muscles during this year’s chumash ceremony, the second-
graders at Solomon Schechter Day School of Bergen County in New Milford sang,
danced, and acted out key stories in the Bible.

Shabbat Shalom at Temple Beth Tikvah in Wayne

It’s a real hands-on experience when it comes to teaching about
Shabbat at Temple Beth Tikvah in Wayne. At a recent Tot Shabbat,
Rabbi Meeka Simerly joined the parents and children as they sang
and welcomed in the Shabbat.

She Shoots — She Scores

Senior forward Michal Alge of Boston broke the Yeshiva
University all-time scoring record of 1,134 points set by Daniela
Epstein during the 2002-2003 season. Michal also enjoyed a his-
tory-making year by becoming the first player in the 1,000-point,
1,000-rebound club and was named to the Skyline Conference
weekly Honor Roll four times.

BCHSJS Visits Yad Leah Volunteer Center

Students from
Bergen County
High School of
Jewish Studies
visited the Yad
Leah Volunteer
Center in Passaic.
The students held
several clothing
drives before their
visit. Jessica Katz,
who heads Yad
Leah, talked about
the importance
of the clothing for
Israel. The stu-
dents then sorted,
folded, and packed the clothing into boxes to be sent from BCHSJS to
families in Israel. Pictured here, BCHSJS student Spencer Seigel-Laddy. Chumash Ceremony at Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley
The religious school of Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley in Woodcliff Lake held its annual sixth
grade chumash ceremony and service.



TopChoices MARCH 2019

Compiled by Heidi Mae Bratt

Black Box Gives Young Actors More Than a Stage

In little more than a decade, artistic chance to work in dramatic and musi- Black Box Studios and
director and creator Matt Okin has cal theater, act, write, and perform Black Box Performing Arts Center
taken Black Box Studios and the newer music. The productions take place at 200 Walraven Drive
Black Box Performing Arts Center into the performing arts center. Black Box Teaneck
the nexus of New Jersey/New York also gives young aspirants a chance (201) 357-2221
regional theater. The collaborative to interact with professional mentors.
performing arts school offers children The studio offers year-round classes
from first grade to teens and adults a and has a popular summer program.

Bubbly Fun at ‘The Underwater Bubble Show’

Watch out. Here come the bubbles at inhabited by seahorses, dragon fish, March 3
bergenPAC. “The Underwater Bubble starfish, mermaids, clown fish, and 2 and 5 p.m.
Show” takes place in the colorful more. They carry Mr. B along his imagi- bergenPAC
underwater world of Bubblelandia. nary journey in this beautiful under- 30 North Van Brunt Street
After another long day full of meet- water world where fantasy becomes Englewood
ings and deadlines, Mr. B finds himself reality and the audience is invited to (201) 227-1030
transported to a magical world that’s follow him.

The Pop Ups Concert at The Jewish Museum

Catch the high energy of the puppets, and an epic costume Sunday, March 17
Grammy-nominated band The party just in time for Purim. Hear 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Pop Ups as they light up the favorites from their hit albums The Jewish Museum
stage in a special unplugged “Giants of Science,” “Radio 1109 Fifth Ave. at 92 Street
acoustic concert with their musi- Jungle,” and more. Great show New York, NY
cian friends. Experience live for youngsters 3 to 8. (212) 423-3200
drawing with sound, hilarious

Shake It With ‘Disney Junior Dance Party!’

Kids of all ages and their families Elena of Avalos, Sofia the First, Sunday, March, 17
are invited to what is sure to be the Doc McStuffins, Puppy Dog Pals, 3 p.m.
biggest dance party around. “Disney and Fancy Nancy. Audiences will NJPAC
Junior Dance Party!” On Tour will also experience magical on-screen 1 Center Street
feature live appearances with moments with Muppet Babies and Newark, NJ,
Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Vamp Irina, the Lion Guard. (1-888) GO-NJPAC


The Good Life With Kids
To Add Your Event
to Our Calendar

Send it to:
Calendar Editor
About Our Children
New Jersey/Rockland Jewish Media Group
1086 Teaneck Road
Teaneck, NJ 07666
or fax it to: 201-833-4959
This calendar is a day-by-day schedule of events. Although all information is as timely as we can make it, it’s a good idea to call to verify details before you go. Deadline for April issue:
published March 29, Tuesday, March 20

Friday, March 1 and kids ages 8 and up. 5 p.m. Bris Avrohom
of Fair Lawn, 30-02 Fair Lawn Ave., Fair Lawn.
Tot Shabbat at Kaplen JCC: Children 3 to 201-791-7200,
24 months and parents join songster Matty
Roxx for a warm, meaningful Shabbat experi-
ence with challah, grape juice, singing, music,
Friday, March 15
movement and stories. From 9:30 to 10:15 a.m. Tot Shabbat in Closter: Temple Beth El of
$10 drop in fee. Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, Northern Valley will host a Tot Shabbat from
411 E. Clinton Ave., Tenafly. 201-408-1433, 5:15 to 6:15 p.m. for local families. Join us for a Getting Ready for Purim themed service with
Rabbi David Widzer and Cantor Elizabeth
Sunday, March 3 Goldmann, followed by a fun craft project
designed for children up to age 5 and their
Annual Hamantaschen Bake, see Sunday,
Purim 5K Run-1 Mile Walk in Fair Lawn: March 10
families. 221 Schraalenburgh Road, Closter,
Join the Sisterhood of the Fair Lawn Jewish 201-767-5112,, Paterson Shul for Purim: Looking for some-
Center/Congregation B’nai Israel in our 7th thing different, maybe a little quieter and a more
Annual Purim 5K Run/1 Mile Walk at 10
a.m. in the synagogue parking lot at 10-10
Sunday, March 17 intimate setting for adults and children? 7:30
Purim Carnival: Jewish Commmunity Center p.m. for Megillah reading. Thursday, March
Norma Avenue, Fair Lawn. All the registration 21 9 a.m. Shachris followed by Megillah and
proceeds get directly donated to the Tikvah of Paramus/Congregation Beth Tikvah noon
to 2 p.m. Bouncy castle, moon walk, games, free seudah. 510 E. 27 St., corner of 12th Ave.,
Program of Camp Ramah, an overnight camp Paterson.908-581-2972,,
for children with special needs. There will be lunch, snacks, cotton candy and prizes galore.
Wear your favorite Purim costume. Bring your
music, snacks and awards for top three finish-
friends. Jewish Community Center of Paramus/
ers. Purim costumes are encouraged. You can
Congregation Beth Tikvah, E. 304 Midland Ave., Thursday, March 21
go to
Paper Bag Players at The Jewish Museum, see Paramus, 201-262-7691, Babies, Books and Bagels: Younger babies
Purim5KFunRun1milewalk to register to walk or
Sunday March 31 for more information. and parents and will have the opportunity to
run or to make a donation. Contact Ilene Laufer
socialize and get exposure to developmentally
at with any questions. Tot Shabbat at Kaplen JCC: Children 3 to 24 Sunday, March 17 appropriate books, finger plays, and familiar
months and parents join songster Matty Roxx
Tuesday, March 5 for a warm, meaningful Shabbat experience
Open House for BCHSJS: Open house for songs. 9:30 to 10:15 a.m. for young babies.
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, 411 E. Clinton Ave.,
Dr. Frank Sileo at Temple Emanuel: prospective students. 9:30 a.m. Bergen County
with challah, grape juice, singing, music, move- High School of Jewish Studies, 53 South Tenafly. For information Nanette Greenberg
Psychologist and children’s author Dr. Frank ment and stories. From 9:30 to 10:15 a.m. $10 201-408-1435,,
Sileo will meet with the 3 and 4 year olds of the Woodland St., Englewood. Also on Sunday,
drop in fee. Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, 411 March 31. 201-488-0834,
Early Childhood Program of Temple Emanuel E. Clinton Ave., Tenafly. 201-408-1433, www.
of the Pascack Valley to read his new book. 87 Rubach Family Purim Celebration at Kaplen
JCC: Bring your children in their favorite
Friday, March 22
Overlook Dr., Woodcliff Lake, 201-391-0801.
Tot Shabbat at Kaplen JCC: Children 3 to
Saturday, March 9 costumes to enjoy junior bounce and moon
Wednesday, March 6 Karaoke Night: Jewish Commmunity Center
bounce, slides, games, an inflatable photo 24 months and parents join songster Matty
Roxx for a warm, meaningful Shabbat experi-
Infant-Child CPR and First Aid at Kaplen JCC: booth, face painting, prizes, life-size cartoon
of Paramus/Congregation Beth Tikvah and ence with challah, grape juice, singing, music,
Learn prevention, recognition and treatment characters, cotton candy, snacks, a DJ, Israeli
FLIPPER USY invite all teens to Karaoke night movement and stories. From 9:30 to 10:15 a.m.
of first aid emergencies. Topics covered will dancing, and more. From 1 to 4 p.m. 411 E.
with snacks and ice cream sundaes. 8 to 10 $10 drop in fee. Kaplen JCC on the Palisades,
include Infant/Child CPR and choking, com- Clinton Ave., Tenafly. 212-408-1485, www.
p.m. Jewish Community Center of Paramus/ 411 E. Clinton Ave., Tenafly. 201-408-1433,
mon first aid emergency handling, and will also
Congregation Beth Tikvah, E. 304 Midland Ave.,
include hands-on on practice on mannequins
and take home resource sheets. This non-
Paramus, 201-262-7691,
for more information.
Wednesday, March 20 Sunday, March 24
certifying course is perfect for parents, grand- Babies, Books and Bagels: Older babies
Voices in Harmony: An artistic celebration
parents, caregivers, or anyone who is around Sunday, March 10 and parents and will have the opportunity to
featuring singers, musicians and dances from
children and wants to be prepared in the event socialize and get exposure to developmentally
ETC Hadassah Presents Passover Pals: 18 schools in six counties serving students
of an emergency. 9 to 10 a.m. Kaplen JCC appropriate books, finger plays, and familiar
Children, parents, and grandparents will enjoy with disabilities.3 p.m. bergenPAC, 30 North
on the Palisades, 411 E. Clinton Ave., Tenafly. songs. 9:30 to 10:15 a.m. for older babies.
special projects for Passover that can be used Van Brunt St., Englewood. 201-227-1030,
201-569-7900, Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, 411 E. Clinton Ave.,
on the Seder table. Make whimsical projects
Tenafly. For information Nanette Greenberg
out of clay such as baby Moses in a cradle,
Friday, March 8 frogs, spring flowers, dancing matzahs and
Friday, March 29
Tot Shabbat in Franklin Lakes: Tot Shabbat
bugs! Princesses, pharaohs and kings will also Tot Shabbat at Kaplen JCC: Children 3 to
and Pizza Dinner at Barnert Temple at 5 p.m. be made into puppets. Ages 2 to 12. 1 to 2:30 Megillah Reading: Jewish Commmunity
Center of Paramus/Congregation Beth Tikvah 24 months and parents join songster Matty
with Rabbi Rachel Steiner and Cantorial Intern p.m. Cresskill Community Center, 100 Third St.,
will have their Annual Purim Celebration with Roxx for a warm, meaningful Shabbat experi-
Danielle Rodnizki. This musical family friendly Cresskill. RSVP to
a full Megillah reading at 8:15. Join the festivi- ence with challah, grape juice, singing, music,
service welcomes pre-readers. 747 Route
movement and stories. From 9:30 to 10:15 a.m.
208 South, Franklin Lakes. 201-848-1027 Sunday, March 10 ties in costume and enjoy food, drink, singing,
$10 drop in fee. Kaplen JCC on the Palisades,
or, www. dancing and live music. Jewish Community
Golf and Sports: JCCP/CBT and FLIPPER 411 E. Clinton Ave., Tenafly. 201-408-1433, Center of Paramus/Congregation Beth Tikvah,
Kadima go mini golfing and bankshot basketball
E. 304 Midland Ave., Paramus, 201-262-7691,
gaming at Bogota Golf & Sports Complex 3:30 for more information.
to 5:30 p.m. Bogota Golf and Sports Complex, Sunday, March 31
30 Cross St., Bogota. For more info visit Paper Bag Players at The Jewish Museum: See a giant dinosaur, dancing bears, and other
Annual Hamantaschen Bake: Moms and kids surprises in “Stand Up and Cheer, We’re 60
join for a fun and meaningful time together, This Year!” honoring the 60th season of the
make traditional Hamantaschen, with your adored theatrical troupe The Paper Bag Players.
friends and community! Follow step-by-step Delight in a blend of classic and new sketches
instruction, as you measure, mix, roll, shape and showcasing their playful sets, whimsical sto-
fill these Purim treats with a variety of fillings. ries, and lovable characters that will have your
Each participant makes their very own batch so family singing and giggling for more. 11:30 a.m.
you have plenty to take home, enjoy and share The Jewish Museum, at The Jewish Museum,

973-661-9368 with family and friends! Suitable for women

Rubach Family Purim Celebration, see
1109 Fifth Ave., New York at 92 Street.
Sunday, March 17

Make it Yourself:
Creative Costumes for Purim Fun
Heidi Mae Bratt A wrapped gift
Using the box method again (cutouts for the head and

urim is coming on the evening of March 20 arms) wrap the entire box in gift-wrap paper. Match
and your children may be starting to ask, your child’s leggings or pants to the color of the wrap-
“What should I be this year?” Why not get ping paper. To top it all off, stick a matching bow atop
creative and make your Purim costumes? It’s a fun your child’s head. It’s true: Good things do come in
project to do together, and you probably already have small (child-sized) packages.
plenty of items on hand. Here are a few easy ones.
Happy Purim and don’t forget to take plenty Pulling off a Pollock
of pictures. Have your child dress up as an art-
ist. This one takes a few items. Have him or
Lego lad or lass her wear a beret and carry a
To make this favorite snap-together paint palette. They can top it
toy, you’ll need a cardboard box big enough for some- off with a smock full of paint
one to wear, some plastic cups and paint. Cut a hole smudges. You can even get
for the head and arms. Attach plastic cups to the front. an old pair of sneakers,
Paint the whole shebang a bright, primary color and, pants, or skirt and put paint
voila, you have your Lego piece. You can make one for splotches on them as well.
the whole family because what good is a single Lego?
My child,
Tourist in your own town the doctor
This one requires no glue gun. Rifle Cal ling al l
through your closet and find any p ra c t i t i o -
combination of Hawaiian shirt, straw ners! Put a
hat, sunglasses, visor, fanny pack, large white
and a copy of Fodor’s travel, if you Hail to the Queen Esther shirt on your
like. Better yet, just have your child There is nothing as exciting as spending a day as the child as a doc-
hold the Smartphone. Who checks beautiful Queen Esther. A white, pink, or colored tor’s white coat.
books anymore? dress with a petticoat, a crown, and some jew- Have him or her wear
elry from a dollar store are sure to complete a toy stethoscope
Hippie yippy, ai yay the essential Queen Esther look. She’s Purim’s (from a toy doctor’s
This one also requires great heroine, after all. kit). Put the rest of
no glue gun. Be- the doctor tools in a
come a hippie with Ready for the robot black bag.
a tie-dyed shirt and Get that cardboard box ready with cutouts
faded jeans with holes for the child’s head and arms. Spray-paint Heidi Mae Bratt
in the knees. Combine the box gray or silver. After the paint dries, is the editor of
this with a headband, a find a bunch of nuts and bolts and glue them About Our Children.
ponytail wig, and a jacket to the box. You may also create attachments
or vest covered in fringe, from aluminum foil, dryer vents, duct tape, or
scarves, and funky jewelry and whatever you have lying around the house. Gray
you will have the most authen- sweatpants complete the ensemble. If you want to
tic-looking hippie costume. go for it, silver face paint, too.

Simchas Send us your simchas!

We welcome simcha announcements for Send to
births and b’nai mitzvah. Announcements or mail to NJ Jewish Media Group,
Bnai mitzvah are subject to editing. There is a $10 ATT: Simchas
Lee Benson charge for photos. Photos must be high 1086 Teaneck Road
Lee Benson, son of Wendy and Barry Benson of River Edge, and brother of resolution jpg files. Teaneck, NJ 07666
Mitchell, celebrated becoming a bar mitzvah on MARCH 16 at Temple Avodat Call (201) 837-8818 for information. If a photograph is to be returned, include
Shalom in River Edge. a SASE.



We know that you want the best care and the most comfortable
environment to welcome your baby. And now, we’re delivering.

With the opening of our brand-new Mother-Baby unit, all of our

new moms can count on:
Spacious, private rooms
Private bathrooms and showers
A brand-new nursery
You asked. We delivered. All the advanced care and personal touches
New Mother-Baby Suites you’ve come to expect at Valley

at The Valley Hospital. To arrange a tour of the Center for Childbirth,

please visit