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Orientation Programs

Seattle University
STCN 320
901 12th Ave
Seattle, WA 98155

To: Tasmia Moosani, SDA Graduate Intern

From: Leah Quinn, Director

Re: Professional Promise

Throughout your internship with Orientation Programs, I have seen a tremendous amount of dedication
and skill to working with not only new students and their families, but also emerging and seasoned
student leaders. In the duration of your internship, I witnessed an expanded capacity to adapt your work
in higher education to different environments, populations, and institutions.

You are very adept at having one-on-one conversations with students whether in your capacity as an
academic advisor, or in addressing student leaders with feedback or praise. However, this role also
required your leadership in group settings with the full team of student leaders, and you were able to do
both with a great deal of professionalism, enthusiasm, and skill. Your creativity led to an approach of
supplementing planned training topics with activities to address deficiencies and needs you identified
within the team. Keeping our overall objectives in mind, and also taking into account the consequences
of potential solutions, you approached team supervision from an inclusive and ethical standpoint. You
built an incredibly strong rapport with our student leaders, and were able to push them to do more
excellent work, while maintaining a supportive presence for them. Your work demonstrated an excellent
understanding of working within a hierarchical leadership model, and a unique approach to student

Additionally, your logistical work creating small groups for incoming students expanded upon your own
professional portfolio, and again, your performance was exactly what we had hoped for. You were able
to provide insight given your assistantship in advising to build groups that were diverse, yet met the
complex set of needs from the professional advising teams at the University. You broadened your own
professional capacity by learning the intricacies of supporting concurrent programming for family
members, and also took more responsibility for managing campus partners and stakeholders as they
presented and facilitated sessions. Your calm nature and excellent communication made it a positive
and seamless experience not only for our audience, but also for our partners. You showed a great deal
of professionalism and reliability for these colleagues, and were able to troubleshoot on the spot when
the situation called for it.

I hope you’ll continue to rely upon your experience and understanding of student development and
higher education to further develop your professional practice. You are developing the knowledge and
skills necessary to thrive in this work, and I hope you’ll continue to gain the confidence in all that you
have and all that you are to fully contribute to the field. I have no doubt that you will continue to make
meaningful impacts on both the institutions and the students you serve in the future. I’m excited to one
day call you my professional colleague!