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Behind Huron’s new be dropped off in the Baseball Lot, and

then walk to the band room.
working on plans for a traffic change at
Pioneer this upcoming year.
traffic safety plan For some students and This fall, AAPS will be work-

parents, the new traffic route ing with the city to improve the Fuller Please pay
won’t affect their mornings. crosswalk. This partnership has been
by Jack Harrison | Staff Editor But for senior Ayaka Inoki, her parents critical for traffic safety improvements, attention to the
that her commute will be several will not be driving her due to the added such as reduced speed zones. Recently,
minutes longer coming through the time. changes have come to Clague’s traffic new traffic plan:
Fuller Entrance. However, she ques- “You’re taking the Clague bus circles, and OHM is working on plans
tions how the policy improves safety. with your bassoon to school now,” her for a traffic change at Pioneer this up- Car drop-offs and pick-up can only
“I, as well as many other peo- parents said. coming year.
occur at the south circle drive
ple, will have to drive past both cross- Margolis mentioned that aside “Our partnership with the city
walks to the school which alone increas- from safety concerns, students illegally is aimed at education and improving off Fuller Rd. Bus drop off and
es the risk of harm to students that walk parking near the band room during the the roadways and sidewalks on school pick ups will occur on the North
to school,” Kramer said. “This plan was day contributed to the policy. campuses and in the school neighbor- circle drive off Huron Parkway. Only authorized vehicles will be
supposed to be safer for us, the student Kramer noted that there will hoods,” Margolis said. allowed to enter through the Huron Parkway entrance. Vehicles
body, and all I can think about is how be more traffic build up at the Fuller en- Expect Ann Arbor Police and
traveling east on Fuller Rd. must turn left into the school at the
I’m lucky I don’t walk to school.” trance, resulting in possible frustration Huron Administration to be around
Senior Lisa Stevens notes and tardiness. the Huron Parkway entrance as school signal in order to drop students off.
that her commute will be longer, po- “Imagine a frustrated driver starts, as there could be some not famil-
tentially causing stress for her and leaving the school after being stuck in iar with the new changes. REMEMBER: Vehicles traveling from the north or south on
other drives. However, she does think all that traffic, throwing caution to the Margolis is confident the plan Huron Parkway can turn onto Fuller Rd. and turn right into the
there could be benefits of the plan. wind in hopes of making it to work on will be a permanent solution due to the
school drive. After students activate the crosswalks, they need

Graphics by Julie Heng

“I think for parents picking time,” Kramer said. careful consideration received when
up after school it could potentially re- Margolis understands that outlined. However, if there are “some to make sure cars in both lanes have passed. There is no left
sult in less stress because their students parents and students need to consider fatal flaws,” she and OHM would be turn at the entrance between the athletic fields and Fuller Rd.
won’t have to search for them amongst, added time, but offers a different per- open to reconsidering their solutions. The policy applies from 7a.m. to 4pm.
before, or after the buses,” Stevens said. spective on potential traffic. “We understand change can be
Since only buses can travel “But actually, an increase of hard, and this will be a learning process,
through the Huron Pkwy. entrance, traffic will slow traffic down along this but we really need everyone to work
students with instruments cannot be corridor,” she notes. together to make Huron’s campus safer
dropped off directly in front of the Recently, changes have come to for our students,” Margolis emphasized.
band room. Instead, they will have to Clague’s traffic circles, and OHM is

National conversation on teenage suicide awareness continues Raghavendran fights for Right to Repair
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 2016 Suicide Rates by Age Group - National Violent Death Reporting System CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1
by Julie Heng | Staff Editor by Jack Harrison | Staff Writer
influenza, and chronic lung disease Michigan, which reached over 720 signa- panies,” Raghavendran noted.
combined. 65-74 tures in mid-August, and he is currently Raghavendran needs the sup-
In many schools and commu- working to collect more signatures. port of students to get more signatures,
nities, however, suicide is often seen as 55-64 Raghavendran first reached which readers can participate in.
some kind of taboo. out to Gay Gordon, who started the “For too long large corpora-
Epling, a video producer and 45-54 Right to Repair Coalition to assemble tions are monopolizing their repair in-
visual journalist at MSU, said this is petitions at Re- dustry by using various forms of devious
common trend in high schools, but that 35-44 She sug- (and sometimes il-
it should be exactly the opposite. His gested Raghaven- legal) techniques,”
efforts led to Matt’s Safe Schools Law, 25-34 dran reach out to Raghavendran
named for his son, which formally re- Nathan Proctor, emphasized.
quires schools have an anti-bullying 15-24 the head of the SIGN THE PETITION: To get fur-
policy in place. Right to Repair ther involved, he
Epling also spoke at Huron 10-14 efforts at the state-senate-right-to-repair-in- encourages stu-
to students and parents in 2014. Then, USPrig, a public michigan dents to support
he already emphasized how ordinary 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 research center small repair busi-
students can be “superheros in the hall- calling your therapist or how about we to promote cit- nesses and to at-
emphasizes the importance of main- CONTACT:
ways.” hang out together and check out a mov- izens’ interests. tempt fixing their
taining positive relationships with stu- right2repairmichigan@gmail.
Counselor Nina Perko re- ie and you’ll feel better?’” Colombini But Proctor him- own electronics
dents at risk of suicide. com
minds students that Huron has a sup- said. self saw one of with the help of
“Suicide almost all the time
port system for those who need it, According to a 2015 poll from Raghavendran’s his business and
is not about dying - it’s about stopping
including teachers and community as- tweets and called SKR Screen the internet.
pain,” Colombini said. “People do a lot the American Society for Suicide Pre-
sistants. of things in life to try and stop pain. vention, over 50 percent of Americans him up first. Repair: “If we could
“We also now have a full time We know some of the good things - we report barriers in helping someone at H e (734) 707-5599 create an atmo-
social worker, Mr. Samaha, who is an risk of suicide. Colombini advocates the talked with sphere of more
work out, maybe we journal, listen to
excellent resource, especially for mental #BeThere campaign, which encourages Proctor and got DIY, more people
health issues,” Perko said. “If students students to spend time with at-risk stu- on the email will save money
Suicide, like these other activi-
do not want to talk to adults, they can dents. list to various elected officials. Proc- and learn a couple
ties, can become a mental habit. Colom-
utilize the Peer Lab, which is right next After all, simply being there tor also talked strategy with him, of things from the cell phones they use
bini likens the situation to a person who
to the counseling office. These are stu- will be the starting point in the nation- discussing how to present the chal- every day,” Raghavendran said. “With
goes to a room but forgets the reason
dents who have taken the Peer Facili- al conversation on suicide prevention. lenges to people and why it matters. everyone involved, we together can
why. A person under stress - say, when
tating class, expressed interest in be- “While I like to believe that But to really make change, he’s met with make a difference.
preparing for finals - can wonder what
ing a Peer, and interviewed to get the River Rats are above bullying and mean State Senator Rebekah Warren in at- Raghavendran met with Sen-
they entered that room for. Oftentimes,
‘job.’ Ultimately, any adult in the school behaviors, I know it does happen,” tempt to formulate legislation for a pro- ator Warren to discuss the issue and
a person contemplating suicide makes a
can be a resource and a support for Perko said. “We encourage students to posed vote. However, he has not heard possible legislation at her Ann Arbor
mental habit out of it, and since stress
students. Don’t be afraid to reach out. stick up for one another, confront bul- back an update about the drafting of office. “It’s up to the manufacturers
diminishes mental capacity, that person
Huron staff are people too, not just the lies, and report your concerns to anyone the legislation. Right to Repair has not to disclose device schematics, diag-
cannot think of an alternative that can
‘adults.’” in the building. If any student feels they been passed in other states, though it nostic equipment, and replacement
help or think clearly for themselves.
Colombini, a crisis center are being bullied by someone, please has been proposed in some other states, parts to all that request it,” he told her.
“Someone out there being
supervisor and psychotherapist, also say something so we can help!” “but was quickly squashed by large com-
there for them can go, ‘Well what about

Raymond Kim: new face and only guy in this year’s Color Guard squad
Jack Harrison | Staff Writer en, in fact explaining that “Huron’s Col-

or Guard became accustomed to that
Senior Raymond Kim stereotype.”
marched in the Rhythm Rat Marching “Having a guy last year and
Band last year playing trumpet. This this year had me thrilled, but we defi-
year he’ll be on the field again, but not nitely had to shift out environment,”
marching with a trumpet in his left Cho said. “But they weren’t big changes
hand. He’ll be in Color Guard, with a and it all worked out in the end.”
flag in his hand, or at least some of the With all the practicing, it
time, when it isn’t spinning in the sky means that the Guard meets frequent-
on the 50 yard line. ly, in fact every Monday and sometimes
Kim eyed joining Guard Wednesday during the falls.
last year, after playing trumpet in the “I like how they meet more
marching band which he had not played than other squads because it builds
since freshman year. He switched to more relationships,” Kim said.
Kim is aware that he is the
bassoon his sophomore year, and did
not want to march with a clarinet, since only male in the Guard and knows that 1 2
bassoons are not marched with. This could potentially be uncomfortable for
year the guard grew, but Raymond is some. Instead of directly criticizing
these individuals, he feels they need to 1. Kim with the Color Guard team at
the only male on the team, following their recent annual trip to Interlochen
the first male for many years James Rid- be more open minded. Center for the Arts. They had dinner
dell. But that’s the least of his worries. “I think everyone’s thoughts together in Stone Cafeteria to discuss
are different and I can understand peo- their demonstration on Sunday
Kim wasn’t worried for his Aug., 19.
first practices and felt that “everyone ple who doesn’t want to join,” Kim said.
acted like there were no difference in “But I think it’s very immature to not 2. Members of the Huron Color
join or criticize just because of gender.” Guard marching in line at Interlochen
gender.” Kim did add that he was ner- on the Lakeside Field for a marching
vous for Color Guard’s first perfor- Kim hasn’t faced any chal- practice.
mance at Interlochen because he did lenges yet, but his first show does not
take place until September 7 at the first 3. Former River Rat James Riddell
not prepare enough, and realized there became the first male to join Color
was a lot of work involved in learning Huron Varsity home football game. Guard after many years of male
and practicing the moves. But looking ahead, he doesn’t miss the absence. Here he is on Opera field at
trumpet. Interlochen for Huron’s 2017 demon-
Color Guard Captain Joann stration at the end of camp.
Cho believes that Color Guard is a ac- “I’m already liking Color
Guard more than my previous march-
tivity for everyone, but does feel that it
is definitely more associated with wom- ing instrument, trumpet,” he added. 3 3
4 4. The 2018 Color Guard parades with
the band to Lot Q. The team is led by
Captains Alexis Joslin and Joann Cho.

2018 Color Guard Game Schedule

Where: Riverbank Stadium - Time: 7:30 p.m. SEP 7 SEP 28 OCT 5