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Patient : “No, nurse..

Nurse : “Alright is there is no question, I will start to check.”

Patient : “Alright nurse..”

The nurse started to check the vital sign. After it’s done the nurse talked again to
the patient.

Nurse : “Alright, Madam.. I have checked your vital sign your blood pressure is 120/80 and
your body temperature is 37oC.”

Patient : “Is it normal, nurse?”

Nurse : “Yes, it is..”

Patient : “Thankyou nurse.”

Nurse : “My pleasure, Madam. Before I leave do you any question?”

Patient : “Nothing nurse..”

Nurse : “Alright Madam, about is 15 minutes I will go back to give the Madam medicine.”

Patient : “Alright nurse..”

Nurse : “Excusme, Madam..”

The nurse left the room Madam Yuli