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These learners who learn by doing.

need to get their hands dirty, to dive in with  brainstorming
both feet first. Have an open-minded  problem solving
approach to learning, involving themselves  group discussion
fully and without bias in new experiences.
 puzzles
 competitions
 role-play

These learners need to be able to see how to

put the learning into practice in the real  time to think about how to
world. Abstract concepts and games are of apply learning in reality
limited use unless they can see a way to put  case studies
the ideas into action in their lives.
 problem solving
Experimenters, trying out new ideas, theories
and techniques to see if they work.  discussion

 paired discussions
These learners learn by observing and
 self-analysis questionnaires
thinking about what happened. They may
Reflectors avoid leaping in and prefer to watch from the  personality questionnaires
sidelines. Prefer to stand back and view  time out
experiences from a number of different  observing activities
perspectives, collecting data and taking the
 feedback from others
time to work towards an appropriate
conclusion.  coaching
 interviews

 models
These learners like to understand the theory
 statistics
behind the actions. They need models,
Theorists concepts and facts in order to engage in the  stories
learning process. Prefer to analyze and  quotes
synthesize, drawing new information into a  background information
systematic and logical 'theory'.
 applying theories