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EE110 - Elements of Electrical Engineering Weightage: 10%
Assignment-2 Total: 86 Marks
1. Calculate the readings of the two wattmeters connected to measure the total power for a
balanced Y connected load fed from a 3 phase 400V balanced supply with phase sequence RYB.
Current coils of wattmeters are connected to the lines R & B. The load impedance per phase is
(20+j15) ohm. Also find the line currents, total power, power factor, total VA and total VAR. (5M)

2. A 3 phase 400V system supplies a delta connected load having phase impedances Z AB  250
Z BC  2530 & ZCA  25  30 .Two wattmeters are connected in the circuit to measure the load
power. Determine the wattmeter readings if their current coils are in the lines A&B. Phase
sequence is ABC. (5M)

3. Two impedances Z1 and Z2 when connected separately across a 230V, 50Hz A.C supply
consume 100W and 60 W at power factors of 0.5 lagging and 0.6 leading respectively. If these
impedances are now connected in series across the same supply, find 1) Total power absorbed
and the overall P.F 2) Value of impedance to be added in series to raise the overall P.F. to unity.

4. The following loads are connected in parallel to a single phase supply of 415V, 50Hz.
a) 40kVA, 0.75 lagging power factor
b) 5kVA, unity power factor
c) 10kVA, 0.9 leading power factor
Find the capacitance needed to correct the power factor to 0.95 lagging. (5M)

5. A balanced star connected load with each phase having a resistance of 10 ohm and inductive
reactance of 30 ohm is connected to a 400 V, 50 Hz supply. The phase sequence is RYB.
Wattmeters connected to read total power have their current coils connected in the blue and red
phases respectively. Calculate the reading on each wattmeter and draw the phasor diagram. (5M)

6. The waveform of the voltage and current of a circuit are given by e= 120 sin (314t) and i = 10
sin (314t + 2.14 /6). Calculate the values of the resistance, capacitance which are connected in
series to form the circuit. Draw waveform for current, voltage and phasor diagram and calculate
power consumed by the circuit. (5M)

7. Two coils A and B are connected in series across 200v, 50 HZ ac supply. The power input to
the circuit is 2.2 KW and 1.5 KVAR. If the resistance of coil A is 4 ohm and the reactance is 8
ohm. Calculate resistance and reactance of coil B. also calculate active power consumed by coil
A and coil B, total impedance of the circuit. (6M)
8. A series combination of 3 ohm resistance and a 796.18 micro F capacitor in each branch forms
a 3 phase star connected balanced load. Which is connected to a 415 v, 3 phase 50 HZ ac supply,
calculate a)the power consumed b) current drawn by the load If same load is now connected as
a delta determine 1. power consumed 2. current drawn from the supply. (6M)

9. A resistance of 10ohm is connected in series with an inductive reactance of 5ohm across 100V,
50HZ supply. Determine:
(a) impedance of the circuit.
(b) current drawn from the supply.
(c) the power factor.
(d) real power drawn from the supply.
Calculate the value of the capacitor that would be required to correct the power factor to 0.96
lagging (6M)

10. A 3 phase 10kVA load has a power factor of 0.342. The power is measured by two wattmeter
method. Find the reading of each wattmeter when i) power factor is lagging ii) power factor is
leading. (4M)

11. A current of 5A flows through a non-inductive resistance in series with a chock coil when
supplied at 250V, 50Hz AC. If voltage across the resistance is 125V and across the coil is 200V.
Calculate i) Impedance, reactance and resistance of the coil ii) power absorbed by the coil iii)
total power. Draw the vector diagram. (8M)

12. Two inductive coils A and B are in parallel across 100V, 50Hz AC supply. Coil A takes 12A
at 0.9 power factor and total current for both the coil is 20A at 0.8 power factor. Determine i)
Equivalent resistance and equivalent reactance ii) individual resistance of both the coils iii) power
factor of the coil. (8M)

13. A balanced 3 phase star connected load is connected across 400V, 50 Hz 3 phase AC supply.
Current per phase is 25A lagging. The total active power drawn by the load is 13.856kW.
Determine the resistance and inductance of the load ii) reactive power absorbed by the load iii)
apparent power taken by the load. (6M)

14. A choking coil and a pure resistor are connected in series across a supply of 230V, 50 Hz. The
voltage drop across the resistor is 10 V and that across the choking coil is 150V. Find graphically
the voltage drop across the inductance and resistance of the choking coil. Hence find their values
if the current is 1A. (4M)

15. A 3-wire, 3-phase supply feeds a load consisting of three equal resistors. By how much is the
load reduced if one of the resistors be removed when the load is in (i) star, (ii) delta. Non inductive
loads of 8 kW, 6kW, 4kW are connected between neutral, red, and blue phase respectively of a
3-phase 4 – wire system. The line voltage is 400V. Find the current in each line conductor and
neutral. (4M)
16. Two wattmeters are used to measure the power in a 3- phase balanced system. What is the
power factor when (i) both the meters read equal; (ii) both the meters read equal but one is
negative; (iii) one reads twice the other. (4M)