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1. Can you guess what am I?

I have my share in the cares of life, and yet I am always in luck.

Without me physics, chemistry, mathematics, and, in fact, all the exact
sciences would be meaningless jumble. While I am an absolute necessity to
princess, the commoner too could not cope without me.
I have my share of all practical accomplishments, yet in cooking I
have made a mere beginning. In sweeping, dusting, and washing I am
absolutely nowhere.
Now, if you cannot guess what I am, look carefully at your dictionary,
though you can also find me in any current cyclopedia.


2. Discover the “hidden word”.

My first is in cabbage but not in kings.

My second in house but not in wings.
My third in rex, maybe in regina;
My fourth is most singular—no letter is finer.
My fifth and sixth in good standing a pair.
My next two in damage, look for them there.
In days and in years you’ll discover my last.
My whole is approaching as soon as it’s past.
What is the word?