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What consists of the arrival of the


The teaching that the reader will read was delivered on the day 21th in the
constellation of Virgo of the Luniheliokron (year) 2016; that according to the
chronological satanic order, profane order, known by all, is August 29, 2010.
The reader will find in this document very useful information related to
Hercolubus (Hercolobus), Mayan Prophecies, Jupiter, Solar explosions, The
Mayan Calendar, The end of the world, Doctrine of Samael Aun Weor.

Due to the last events occurred in the Cosmos, after the explosion happened in
the Sun that shines on us, the day of August first of this year 2010, the GRAN
WEORSSHAMADDIHAAEL) gave a great wise teaching, which is the one that we
will be sharing with you. We are confident that this will be very useful, and that
it will help you to understand the difficult and complex times in which the
inhabitants of this world, this solar system, such as this galaxy and from other
galaxies are going through.

This message has been a great awakening for us, and we want also to be the
same to you, your family, friends, classmates and workmates. Please get the
message across to them, by any means, convenient to you, and help them to
be saved, helping to save the Earth and the Cosmos.

Here is the message:



After the Birth of The Great SHILOH

That according to Satan is Sunday August 29, 2010

The Great Elohim Weorsshamaddihaael says: Dear brothers of the People

of God and all other inhabitants of Earth, greets you and talks to you the GRAN
KOMENDADOR, a humble servant of yours, of the humanity and of the Gods on
Earth. Página 1

As I had said a few hours ago, fulfilling the divine will on this day, and knowing
the great quantity of events that loom over humanity, I feel the supreme duty
to make known to you, aspects of huge importance that cannot be silenced to
the eyes and the ears of those who dwell on earth, because they are related to
the life of the humanities and the many races, people, nations and languages
that inhabit the Earth, and that if they are swept away from the face of the
world and this servant of yours, and of the gods, does not mention them to
you, would be the cosmic weight of responsibility, because of the silence of not
being mentioned to a humanity that was putting out its existence, the serious
risk that hangs over the humanity itself.

It is not my wish to sow panic, but if for fear of it, the mankind perishes in
ignorance... serious is the karma, due to the silence of the one who knows the
huge danger, and it will be like the watchman in whose responsibility, a city
rests safe, and he sees to come the destructive force, and in order to do not
sow panic in the city, keeps silent and the city falls victim to the invaders, all
the bloodshed, is upon the watchman, that by remaining silent, being a
destroyers’ accomplice, says nothing about the coming danger, thus removing
the opportunity to be saved, if not all of the inhabitants of the city, some of
them. Thus the world of our days.

As I told you dear brothers, at the first opportunity that I had to talk about the
terrible rigors of the Katun 13, I just described to you some of the many things
that the Venerable Masters described to me in that respect, but today given the
new circumstances that surround us and threaten life on Earth, my silence
cannot be continued. It is undoubtedly essential that in this opportunity I make
know to you more specific details that we must know as members of the People
of God, because the degree of risk is beyond any expectation, is beyond any
approximation; even more, the human mind is not capable of comprehending
the true extent of the danger; perhaps, it is just capable of seeing some results.

On the 20th of the current month, which is now ending, the Earth observatories
and their instruments detected some kind of fire in the atmosphere of the Sun,
which generated as a result the opening of a large hole, which is an effect of
the internal activity of the Sun, and that the solar plasma, due to its internal
activation, effects of the Katun 13 or effects of the arrival of that epoch, is
threatening to be just the beginning of an activity never happened before, and
as its first result is offering as a risk, a huge emission of energy against the
Earth, which threatens to change even the Earth's magnetic fields.

The rupture of the solar atmosphere produces the risk of the occurrence of
solar explosions, similar to those occurred a few days ago, those explosions Página 2

produced devastating effects on the Sun, where died or disembodied million of

beings who lived there.

And as shown in the fierce heat of these deserts where I am, I knew that the
Venerable Master SAMAEL JOHAV BATHOR WEOR had three immortal bodies in
the Sun and in the effort to contain the force of the explosions, He with millions
of beings more, placed their bodies in the mouth of the fire where they built a
giant Mandala, in order to stand between the solar fire and Earth. And their
bodies, one of the three, with more than five million Beings than were on that
Mandalic area, became cosmic dust, thus stopping the wrath and fury of the
fire, and if they themselves had not been placed their bodies there, maybe the
energetic shield that the Earth has, would have been impotent, and humanity
would now be history.

But today, the danger is rising again, and it is not only a blast, but the breaking
of its magnetic field, which can generate multiple explosions, launching giant
solar flares of fire against the Earth; which the science itself already evaluates
and sees it as a serious risk, the first thing that would be destroyed will be the
communication systems, and then the electricity networks.

And I say to you: this is just the beginning of the solar activity, because this
lack of control would produce as a result that the solar fires sprout to the
surface of the Solar Heavenly Body, as new explosions, that compared to the
ones that have already happened, would be tiny sparks; this also produces the
risk, due to unbalanced attractive force, that the internal fires of the Earth want
to come to the surface, which would make the surface of the world an
impressive sea of fire, which evaporates the water from the oceans, turning it
into steam, generating the activation of huge volcanoes that exist on Earth, of
which humanity has not been able to imagine in its totality the damage that
they would produce. Among these volcanoes, there exists one in the United
States, that if erupts, in the first few seconds of the volcanic eruption can erase
three-quarters of the United States and have covered the Earth, in a matter of
minutes, of lava in its totality, taking the Earth out of its orbit and making it
crashing against any other world or due to the Sun's gravitational force
throwing The Earth against the Sun.

The full document is available for download:
the-time-of-the-katun-13/ Página 3