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I, CRISTINA P. AQUINO, of legal age, Filipino, single, with postal address in Barangay
_________________ after having been duly sworn to according to law hereby depose and state:

1. That my name as registered in the Local Civil Registrar’s Office in

_________where I was born is CRISTINA P. AQUINO, as shown by a copy of
my Certificate of Live Birth issued by the NSO is hereto attached;

2. That however, in my Baptismal Certificate, my first name is indicated as

CHRISTINE, which my mother taught me how to write and spell when I was a
little girl;

3. That from the time I went to school up to college, I have been using the name
CHRISTINE when the same should be CRISTINA;

4. Also, the entry in my Voter’s ID with respect to my first name was entered as
CHRISTINE, as it should be CRISTINA;

5. That the discrepancy in my given name may have been caused by my mother
who taught me to write and spell my name as CHRISTINE, instead of
CRISTINA, believing it will not become a problem in the future;

6. That the names, CRISTINA and CHRISTINE, refer to one and the same

7. I am executing this affidavit in order to attest to the truthfulness of the foregoing

circumstances and for all legal intents and purposes.