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Predictive data analytics for maintenance

HealthHub is the Alstom General Description

approach to predictive HealthHub monitors asset health and uses advanced data analytics to predict their
maintenance. remaining useful life and replace assets on a truly as-needed basis. It is supported by
monitoring solutions which automatically capture condition data of rolling stock,
This innovative concept infrastructure or signaling assets.

uses advanced algorithms

to predict the future state of
a given component.
HealthHub is a key enabler Optimized lifecycle costs Asset health monitoring at-a-glance
HealthHub monitors the condition of HealthHub showcases the relevant data
towards zero in-service various railway assets and predicts their to various parties through ergonomic
remaining useful life. In other words, user interfaces. Real-time asset health
breakdowns, maximized HealthHub detects precisely when and data, coming from various sources, and
which components need to be changed. the predicted status of fleets, trains or
availability and optimized Material replacement is carried out when components are displayed at-a-glance.
lifecycle costs. needed to perform only the tasks that are
required. Component life is optimized,
preventive labor is reduced and trains,
infrastructure and signaling products are Optimized fleet size
fully operational. HealthHub is supported by a range of
automatic asset monitoring solutions.
Reduced time in the depot This drastically reduces the need for
HealthHub enables the implementation manual inspections while increasing
of a “Pit-Stop” approach by anticipating inspection frequency and accuracy.
maintenance activities. Everything is This allows an extension of the mileage
ready when the train arrives: materials between maintenance exams and
delivered and located at the right place, reduces service affecting failures, thus
in the correct quantities, allowing train increasing fleet availability.
maintainers to complete the tasks swiftly
and without waste.


Remaining useful life prediction

All types of assets monitored from
rolling stock to infrastructure and
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signaling products (over 700

trains monitored today)
TrainScanner, unique 4-in-1
diagnostic portal

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HealthHub features advanced

algorithms to predict the future state of
a given component i.e. its remaining
useful life.
The algorithms use time-series of asset
condition data combined with other
data such as past maintenance history,
track profile or even weather data.
Maintenance tasks for each asset are
anticipated and optimized.


HealthHub calculates a health index for

each asset. Current state of assets
(fleet, train or component) is displayed
at-a-glance to various parties through
an ergonomic user interface. The
information displayed is adapted to
each user.


HealthHub is supported by various data capture solutions monitoring rolling stock

(Alstom built or not), infrastructure and signaling assets.

Rolling stock
TrainScanner: unique 4-in-1 diagnostics portal automatically measuring the
condition of wheels, brake pads, pantograph carbon strips as well as train integrity
For more information
TrainTracer: remote monitoring providing real-time data on all on-board systems please contact Alstom Transport:
Motes: wireless vibration and temperature sensors for bearings monitoring
Specific monitoring solutions: «light» TMS for legacy fleets, test benches,… Alstom Transport
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TrackTracer: on-board monitoring of track and catenary Phone: +33 1 57 06 90 00

Signaling Visit us online:

Specific monitoring solutions for point machines and other trackside products

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