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ASCA Process Data

Domain and (Projected Perception Data Outcome Data
Mindsets & number of (Type of surveys/ (Achievement, attendance
Grade Behaviors Curriculum and Projected students assessments to be and/or behavior data to be Contact
Level Group Topic Standard(s) Materials Start/End affected) used) collected) Person
Juniors Anger B-SS 1. Use Session 1 curriculum: Fall The small Pre- and post- tests Incidents of violence Crissy
Management, effective oral Anger Management semester: group will will be administered. amongst the group Vasquez
Conflict and written Session 1 materials: There will consist of 8-10 100% of students will members will decrease by
Resolution, communicati Anger management be 4 Junior males be able to identify 50% over the next school
Self on skills and self assessment sessions with the triggers and healthy year.
Compassion, listening Session 2 curriculum: weekly, highest ways to cope with
Healthy skillsB-SS 2. Conflict Resolution every number of feelings anger.
Relationships Create Session 2 materials: Friday in referrals for
positive and Ways to resolve a the first, incidents of
supportive conflict worksheet, second, violence.
relationships conflict resolution third, fourth
with other skills, role play weeks of
studentsB- scenario slips October.
SS 4. Session 3 curriculum:
Demonstrate Self Compassion:
empathyB- Making Friends With
SS 6. Use Yourself
effective Session 3 materials:
collaboration Components of self
and compassion
cooperation worksheet
skillsB-SMS Session 4: Building
7. Healthy Relationship
Demonstrate Session 4 materials:
effective relationship spectrum
coping skills toolkit, safety cards,
when faced relationship bill of
with a rights