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Friday, May 27, 1938. -SARRESTED | EIGHT ARRESTED AT SAR ATOGA CLUB {py INSARATOGA S| GAMING RAID Richard Gulliford Also Cited for Attacking Photographer | Armed with a search warrant and a sledge hammer, Decatur police sty sheriffs smashed the: nto the well-known y afternoon, and ar- men on gambling Byers, 920 Soi Webster ed in the rged as the keeper on te warrants, The re charged with being in- a gambling place. charges of disorderly cesduet were lodged against Rich- $2 Gullord, 1296 Nocth Main 4 Herald photog- | Y oe | wou Jason was ariel . : . a s oi oat z soners. a © ‘orn out before —" - te Tistice son. | _ Officers used a sledge hammer to smash their way |,, ‘Mugged and Fingerpris | it 5 red M a Kerpl oa rad into the luxurious Saratoga club. Their entrance set off | Mr. ‘ ‘printed, a| am elaborate alarm system. — (Herald-Review photos) Jor s : ot 2 leas ailing ae inet sce and ford continued a8 well a8 he 'y Koch stepped | 4 es quickly é hed Seven Inmates arrested in the raid and This photo shows men as they climbed out of Black Maria on way to the county jail. | alias Frank Smith, rie avenue, alias John Hott- avenue, alias Charles Brown, § a Helmick, alias Jimmy. Mar- ison, 333 West Main street. Harry Freshwater, alias Harry Grove club. alias John Eaton, d had smashed the mera, State's Attor- jutchens and City At- torney James E, Henson ordered he eight men to be locked in the ng investigation of als boncferna Fscorted to Cells ers were booked lieved of es- ed by Police Chief H. J. Schepper and Sheriff Emery Thornell, to- r with police officers and k last night Attorney The men nabbed in the raid on the § =e ; 3 repre ustice of the peace] Jeave county jail after being Hingétprinted ‘ind photo- |pa B Bond. Tnelined| graphed. mies for further inves ae " arama umeiceie CONFERON | f cases. He entered a plea of no Sed aaa tareng| AGAINST rece | SHOP WORK. tur won a divorce from Jo. seph Franklin Yates, better a ‘Joe, in the Macon Hess Meets Today With ‘a id on the state charge appear for trial next week in Must Give Right Names | Joe had unsuccessfully Wabash Officials bot an jee an-| the divorce from his | Possibility of resumption of ac " arrest-| cell in the federal tivities in the Decatur ¥ “ a he in. gambling raids) Atlanta. XGRaiiikiecaienaied tas es would be compelled to give their| Judge C. Y. Miller granted Louis ‘by road. officials [2% ‘ es and addresses, Embar-| the decree on grounds that Joe | ang George F. Hess: Decatur super- |< Tassment n a other| has been convicted of a felony. Jintendent of motive power is, Yesidents of the city when prisoners| Joe, a former Decatur gam ae ait fatale jus names and| ler, is now serving sentence in the past. the Atlanta federal prison for ee Aorting stolen diamonds, ifar"n a Florida robber ub came aft-| Ke? Wate lines im vilation | Local reports, hi lace and "was| of federal la e that the club had |not know if the shops would be | gir Jopened June 6 until after the con-| ing As today. day afternoon raid on ference in St. Lo toga Social club came aft- up to be sent to th the same thor-/and that © oper: * of the ea pi Ea re m, and table cov Preliminary repor em = = 22 1g resort. ‘er were seized by officers and for the month of Ap m % Mficers gathered near the club en to police headquarters, here the reve! = for |= 44:45 yesterday afternoon, smasb-|they will be held as evidence b¥|ing $5085.28 iesedea igi «nt batiged go anath| Via z ie ‘a city|resulted in a net loss for the road | 15 ss % ene wil be tried June 2 on of $60,575. srerarsanele onthel = 4 Both hearings will New Cotton Frocks a $1.98 at Fashion Shop Just received a new sI of those smart Cotton Frocks or. Freshwater was manager state warré the now defunct Hi-Hat club on pe held before Justice Pai ke Decatur before the place WaS| ‘The men who were bo am who also faces a| moods, to sell at $1.98 and ‘$2.98. ciicers aid tate, uae Serderly charge, ee, adnan newt raat 008 |b im system warned.of the off! | 560 er on at before Jus-| $995. Fashion Shop, 406 N. Water | pu Officers finally stopped the per-| tice Luther Morrison. —Adv. | ane Buzzer Alarm Sounds into the lux. triously, sppointed rooms of the Paine. Gurion