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Preparing for Clinical research Interview


Good afternoon/evening sir, (for Vienna timed) I’m very glad to introduce myself, am mega shinta.
Presently work in Siloam international hospital in Indonesia as Pharmacy Assistant.

For my education background, i finished my undergraduate study in Mulawarman University Indonesia

for 3 years and 5 month. During almost 4 years I developed the strong leadership skills by actively
participated in organizational and community internally even externally, where I also deepen my
knowledge by accepted the offering to be lecturer assistant in technology formulation and
pharmaceutical after my second semester, beside I intern in legislative council to be exact in commission
4 in my last semester, where its responsible for public welfare such em healthcare, education and

*I have been working almost 6 month since graduation

*on these job occasion I have a chance to working for healthcare, drug dispensing and learn a few of
things about health management. It makes me more realized that health care system was interact from
one and another field of science such a leadership ability, management, ethics, pharmaceutical
regulatory and so much more about the health service.

I meet many type of patient and learn many things for my experienced in my job, even since I was in
college I love to dig health case study, the mores in pharmaceutical cases.

There are so many things should be and still in developing process for health care system, and I really
passionate to take a part for those transformation.
untuk itu dimasa depan saya ingin mengambil bagian di bidang politik kesehatan sehingga saya
berkesempatan untuk membuat kajian-kajian mengenai sistem kesehatan dan membuat gagasan
kebijakan yang dapat menjadi alternatif untuk sistem pelayanan kesehatan yang lebih baik.

di Indonesia sendiri karir yang dapat menunjang hal tersebut adalah dengan bekerja di komisi IX Dewan
Perwakilan Rakyat Indonesia atau kementerian kesehatan, namun semua hal tersebut saya akan
memulai dengan hal terkecil yaitu dengan mengembangkan kemampuan saya di bidang clinical research
dan kemudian mengimplementasikan pengetahuan saya baik secara langsung dalam management
kesehatan maupun kebijakan system kesehatan sehingga dapat mengurangi resiko malpraktek dan
pastinya untuk system pelayanan kesehatan yang lebih baik

kenapa memilih program clinical research di Vienna?

For some reason I choose to continue my education in Vienna university. Firstly, clinical research in
Vienna university is the only one I know was implemented the “triple track strategy” as far as I know was
approach where its combine the education, research and patient care whereas my country on focusing
to developing the relevant strategy for health care system such of pharmacovigilance study, health
management and specially regulation of health care. as I know Austria’s healthcare system was given 9th
place by World Health Organization for International ranking above of Japan and after Oman and france
for the first place. And the other reason why should be clinical research is I believed by improving clinical
research as I would have competence leading some research on international as developed the safety
and pharmaceutical cares and advances relevant clinical system on patient case safety with the
integrated of science in vienna university.

But its not only about the ranking, it is all about the quality and what the knowledge of science I will got
in Vienna university, and for sure I will not get it in any university in my country.

Actually my big motivation is the weakness of pharmaceutical regulation in my country, yah as I know..
of course its impact on many things of health care system, from patient care to the alternative of health
and drug management also the ability to developing the health system in Indonesia.

Why not choose other program?

for awhile ago I have been tried to apply in Manchester University in same program but as you I know
have obstacle to the registration system in UK, its called as General Pharmaceutical Council, I hv been
trying to find the information, required and equalization but for some reason I was hv a problem on it.
So I try again for same programme in Vienna university and I was so glad to get good respond from Ms.
Larissa Szaal, where has connect the me to you

why not Cambridge or Harvard?

I don’t think so I could passed with my grade and ability ahhahhah I think I need more time to deepen
my knowledge I believe I could get it in Vienna university

*Mercer consultant is the larges world human resources for consulting firm
Story telling about my big achievement and failure,

Let me start from my big failure, once I have ambition to be a doctor for exact is being a neurologist but
unfortunately I failed to get that chance bcs my passing grade is not enough. But, from my big failure I
learn many things also grateful bcs I was give the other chance to be a pharmacist. I even know that
pharmaceutical field is the one of best study even though unfortunate in Indonesia pharmacy still not
known by half of the society, that’s really my enthusiast and ambition to catching more the knowledge
to upgrade my profession beside to improved health care system in Indonesia.

Then lets move to my big achievement, where’s I have been finished my undergraduate successfully for
less 4 years with predicated very satisfied. Furthermore, I hv been make some achievement in
organizational by elected as deputy of governor of pharmacy student board in my college, it is definitely
was one of the achievement that I should be proud of. I love to be different from other, that’s why I
wouldn’t stop to honing my ability in some activity and organizational, and for all my successfully things I
did always being my big achievement and proud of.

The big difficulty in my life?

The big difficulty in my life is self-controlled. I hard controlled myself sometimes for running in my
ambition, though sometimes I forgot my body intake, that’s why slowly I tried to change my life style by
eating more, less the caffeine and spend some of my time to relaxing myself by playing guitar and

Are you sure about your language ability?

Yah I really sure, and for sure I could following the study activity in vienna with my adaptability and
quickly learn. I can make sure about it by seeing my experienced in some activity, and next I will
attached IELTS certificated. I still haven’t it bcs I still waiting for other participant to register for IELTS
test, so in my province IELTS test is little hard to be held bcs it could be held if only 2 or 3 participant, so
we should be waiting until the quota fulfill

If its not fulfill until the time was determined, my alternative is join the test in capital city, and maybe it
will spend more cost but I will keep fight for got it.

What your motivation in ur life? How u keep fighting if the laziness or deadlock struck to face some
things iin urlife?

My motivation is bring big changes for better in my country, my mom, and my ambition and be a
motivated person for young generation. When laziness or the deadlock struck I will try to fight it by
leaving my comfort zone, though move to crowded place such drink coffee in a place in roadside as
usually I have done.

Who is your favorite figure?

There are three of my favorite figures, firstly is my mom, she was a strong woman who has growth me
up with her best way until I could standing here and talked with u now. Secondly, is Albert Einstein yah it
is look really familiar and ordinary in few of people eyes but for me he was such a great man, he have
many things of great idea, innovation with creatively and for sure he always bring cheers in my life with
his quote. The last my favorite figures is all the motivator specially if it’s a woman with great
achievement. If u ask me why? It is bcs one of my dream is being a inspirational woman for many
people, specially for young generation. That’s why I hv big ambition and dream, also love to expand my
knowledge bcs I realized when I want to be inspirational I should scored my achievement both
experienced and in knowledge

When studied abroad u will meet many of new things. How u will respond all these things? And for sure
theres a few things u didn’t like?

It is all about self-control, as I have said before I was a adaptability person so I will give some respond by
learn what the things and why its happen, instead try to following that new things if it is possible and
good for me. If I am not like it, I will move to the other things to do and try to avoid or leave it. For sure
it is for bad things.

Do u know about vienna?

Vienna (German: Wien, Austro-Bavaria dialect: Wean, English: Vienna, Latin: Vindobona) is the federal
capital of the Republic of Austria and is one of 9 Austrian states. For centuries the city served as the
capital of the Habsburg Empire (Austro-Hungary) and the economic center of southern Central Europe.




How to keep strength living ther

The other motivation?