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Lesson Plan – English (revision)

Day: M T W T F Date: 14/02/2019 Time: Year: 1 Learning Area: English Topic: Language – Phonics and Word Knowledge

Curriculum content description:

o Understand that a letter can represent more than one sound and that a syllable must contain a vowel sound (ACELA1459)
o Use visual memory to read and write high-frequency words (ACELA1821)
Students’ prior knowledge and experience:
The students have completed phase 2 letters and sounds in pre-primary. After the initial assessment in the first week many students did not know the
letter name and/or sound for M, N, H, K.
Learning purpose:
The purpose of this lesson is to expose the students to these letters again for them to move forward with phase 3 letters and sounds.

Learning objectives: Evaluation:

Recognise the Capital, lower case, letter name and During the matching activity observe if the children can match the lower and capital letter together
letter sounds. with the corresponding picture. All letters are the right way up and in the correct order (Capital,
lower case then picture). Ask questions throughout this activity to check the understanding of
letter name and sound.
o Power Point Presentation and IWB
o Check list of who has completed the two must do activities
Rotation activities
o I Spy sheet and checklist (Must Do)
o M, N, H, K matching cards and Learning Journey Scrap Books (Must Do)
o Playdough and letter mats
o Silly sentence game
o Magnetic letters and mini white boards
Catering for diversity
During the must do activities provide more one on one support (verbal prompting) and questioning to assist the children.
Timing: Learning Experiences:
15mins 1. Introduction:
o Have the children seated on the mat on front of the IWB in a rainbow formation.
o Introduce the lesson “Today we are going to do some revision on the letters (say letter sound) m, n, h, k. Hands up if you
can tell me the letter name for m” continue with all letters. “We are going to start with a short activity on the mat then
move into rotations. There will be two must do activities that will need to be done before lunch.”
o Open the power point, click on the link and play the song. “during the song I will be looking for people using great mat
manners to come up and help with the next activity”
o Move onto the next slide (this slide is interactive). Choose the children who were showing great mat manners during the
song to come up and participate. Try and let all the children to participate.
o Repeat this for the rest of the slides.
2. Sequence of learning experiences:
o “We are now going to move on to our rotations. Remembering elbow voices. The first must do activity (show matching
cards) is a matching activity. You are to match the lower case to the corresponding capital and picture then glue them into
45 mins your books. The second activity is an I spy game. You have a list of things beginning with M, N, H, or K what you will need
to find. Once you find them on this sheet (show I spy sheet) you can colour them in then tick it off on the check list. The
other rotations or playdough, silly sentence game, and building words with the magnetic letters.”
o Place students at rotations to start with and only 4 per table.
o Sit between the two must do tables and check off once children have completed the activity. Once one child has finished
call upon other children to complete the activity.
o During rotations move around the room to ensure children are on task. Use the bell if the noise level is getting too high.
3. Lesson conclusion:
5 mins o 5 minutes before lunch ring the bell. “It is now 5 minutes till lunch so we need to clean up the room. All rotation activities
need to be back in their boxes and in the middle of the table with no rubbish on the floor. When you have finished cleaning
I would like you to come and sit on the mat.”
o Questioning time to check for understanding. Name of letters, sounds of letters and to draw the letters in the air.
o Leave pass to go for lunch. “All children with the letter M in their name may go to lunch.” Repeat with all focus letters
then move onto voles till all children are dismissed.

Lesson Evaluation:
(Reflect on the lesson. What worked? What did not work? What would you change? Why?)