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Preliminary Examination

Name:_________________________________________ Date of Examination: ___________________

Year Level and Section: Gr. 12 HUMSS Score: _______________________________


______________________ 1. According to this principle, each client must be accepted as an individual

and dealt with as such. The counselor should give, due regard to the rights of the client.
______________________ 2. A goal of counseling which aims to develop good social interaction skills,
learning emotional control, develop a positive self-concept and so on.
______________________ 3. This type of counseling focuses on teaching the client. Undesirable
behaviour may have to be unlearned. The counselor in this case is a teacher.
______________________ 4. Field of study or discipline that is involved in the provision of advice or
guidance in decision-making, particularly in emotionally significant situations.
______________________ 5. A type of counseling that deals with deep-seated problems of the
______________________ 6. Points out to the client his/her actions.
______________________ 7. Identify and further improve the special skills and abilities that the client
______________________ 8. Takes place in a casual setting.
______________________ 9. This is the type of counselling used to stop problems before they begin or
to prevent things from getting worse.
______________________ 10. The type of counselling employed to people who want to find spiritual
answers and to those who are seeking for a purpose in life.
______________________ 11. A principle in counselling that emphasizes thinking with the individual. It
is the role of the counselor to think about all the forces around the client in order to join client’s thinking
process and to work collectively with the client regarding his problem.
______________________ 12.A goal in counseling that involves acquiring the basic understandings and
habits for good health.
______________________ 13. A goal in counseling that aims to help clients who needs to recognize that
what they are doing, thinking and/or feeling is okay.
______________________ 14. This area of specialization has been viewed as one in which standardized
tests were used for career assessment and planning.
______________________ 15. This process is initiated when a state of psychological contact or
relationship is established between the counsellor and the client.
______________________ 16. It is necessary to the advancement of the profession of counselling. It can
provide empirically based data relevant to implement effective methods in counseling.
______________________ 17. An ethical principle wherein counselors have a responsibility to avoid
utilizing interventions that could or have the potential to harm clients.
______________________ 18. An ethical principle wherein counselors are expected to act in a non-
discriminatory manner to individuals or group.
______________________ 19. A goal in counseling that involves examining of options, testing of skills,
and trying of new and different activities, environments, relationships, and etc.
______________________ 20. It is basically about human conduct and moral decision making. When it
comes to counselling, ethics is a big deal because of the needed confidentiality of this job.

II- Multiple Choice. Encircle the letter of the most appropriate answer for each number.

1. A basic characteristic of a counselor wherein he must practice to have tightly closed lips. No one
wants a counselor who spreads information. Client needs an assurance that their issues are not
being discussed casually with others.
a. Have a caring Spirit c. Do not display passion to reform everyone.
b. Be sensitive to human relationships. d. Have a reputation for confidentiality.
2. The freedom of clients to choose their own direction – respecting that the clients has the ability to
make choices free from constraint of others.
a. Respect for Autonomy c. Fidelity
b. Non-maleficence d. Beneficence

3. The main clients of these counselors are people who have problems in various mood-altering
a. Mental Health Counseling c. Rehabilitation Counseling
b. Substance Abuse Counseling d. Private Practice Counseling

4. In terms of core competencies of counselor, which of the following correctly defines knowledge?
a. Maintain confidentiality and know the limits of informed consent.
b. Counselors should be familiar with the aspects in personal development, factors that affect
human functioning, cultural diversity, and various theories in psychotherapy and group
c. Exhibit empathy, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard.
d. Counselors should use a mode of counselling based on a given framework, be able to help
clients develop a sense of self-worth and be able to assess their progress. They should also be
able to identify client’s needs, be able to deal with client’s distress and conflict.

5. Which of the following characteristics does not describe a good counselor?

a. Be natural. C. Eagerness to reform the counselee
b. Show confidence in people and their potential for growth. D. Observe boundaries

III- Enumeration

Give atleast three (3) suggested strategies in dealing with reluctant client.(5 pts.)

Enumerate the four (4) competencies of a good counselor. (5pts.)

IV- ESSAY (use the back page of your paper)

1. A very delicate issue is how social and personal relationships mix with therapeutic once. How can
a conselor balance a friendship with a therapeutic relationship? (5 pts.)

2. Why is Confidentiality so important in the field of Counseling? Cite the five (5) exceptions to the
rule of confidentiality. (10 pts.)