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Technical Product Information

CESA® Cleaning Agent PA-91-H

General Processing of thermoplastic polymers needs a periodic complete elimination of thermo-oxidized deposits
from extruders and injection molding barrels and screws. This process prevents contamination of finished
The addition of CESA® –Cleaning Agent masterbatches reduces the lead time when cleaning, color and/or
polymer change is required

Description CESA® Cleaning Agent PA-91-H is a cleaning (purging) agent in pellet form in a polyethylene carrier.

Physical Form Pellets

Applications Purging of injection molding, film extrusion, blow molding and compounding equipment for the processing
of LD-PE, LLD-PE, HD-PE and polypropylene. Testing may be required to use CESA Cleaning Agent PA-91-
H to purge other polymers.
Cleaning of extruders and presses if a quick change of color or polymer is required.

Benefits High additive content

Favorable price- /performance ratio

Dosage Purging operation: The machine needs to be started up with a blend of 5-10% CESA® Cleaning Agent PA-
91-H and 95-90% polymer at low screw speed. After filling in the blend, the machine screw has to be
stopped for 20 minutes, proceed with usual starting operation, keep slow screw speed and replace the
blend with virgin polymer.

Packaging 20 kgs valve type PE bags

Remarks The product should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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