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Lettre d’Atma Shanto au ministre du Travail

I have been instructed by workers regarding the prevailing situation at Future Textiles
Ltd situated at St. Julien D'Hotman.
This said company is owned by R. Mardaymootoo and manufactures pants jeans for
It was created in 2012 and employs around 150 workers, both local and expatriate.
According to our information workers have not yet been paid of January 2019 wages
which is unlawful.
They have not been communicated whether February 2019 wages shall be paid to
them and actually are on strike.
In addition management has started transferring finished products to Ferry Textiles
Ltd situated at Curepipe.
The above indications compel the federation to believe that the close down of Future
Textiles Ltd is imminent.
Our record shows that Denim De L'Ile Ltd situated at Ile D'Ambre, Rivière du Rempart
owned by one Mr. R. Mardaymootoo previously laid off several workers despite the
government gratified this company with millions of rupees under the Stimulus Package
introduced by the former Minister of Finance Mr. Rama Sithanen.
The F.T.U considers this situation as unacceptable and claiming for an urgent inquiry.