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Origin of the report:

With the growth and development of modern era here in Bangladesh, the education system
and its requirements are getting more advanced in terms of shape and characteristics. Hence
to fulfill the mandatory partial requirement of the course namely Principles of Marketing
which is one of the foundation courses offered regularly by the Department of Management
(Evening MBA), Faculty of Business studies, University of Dhaka; our respected instructor
of this course Md. Kazi Raihan Uddin has assigned us to make a comprehensive report
which should be focusing on a new product development. Thus we, the Creative Betas,
prepared this report on a product with almost a new concept namely PROTICINERGY
MILKSHAKE which is the inaugurator product for Agro BD.


The core purpose of this report is to learn the process of a new product development in a
practical way so that it makes sense to all of us and also make the concept clear enough to
identify. As per the instruction we have got on this report, we have found the following
objectives to the best of our knowledge –

The main objective of this report is to understand the process of new product
To observe the market policy and market place in Bangladesh.
To define what is new product
Market scenario in Bangladesh
To gather some practical knowledge about target marketing and positioning
Financial aspects and projections on the basis of a core product outflow
Ensuring marketing mix
Developing a brand as well as product for a newly inaugurated venture
Learning the steps in the new - product development process.
To understand the basic requirements on the field of knowledge and
experiences to be studied for a new product development.
Name of the Product - Proticinergy MilkShake

We named our product “Proticinergy MilkShake” which is the very initial product of our
company, Agro BD. The core reason behind choosing this name is to make it easier for the
common people to identify the health and nutritional aspect and also to make this name
meaningful in reality. The meaning of Proticinergy is the combination of Milk Protein,
Energy Boosting Caffeine and an Anti Reflux(Acidity) Formula which will energize the
young and potential people with the proper nutritional values with the cheapest, easiest and
healthiest possible way. We forecasted by our own that since this an uncommon theme with a
newly generated concept as well as wording which has a high possibility to be able to grab a
space in the consumer mind.

Brand Slogan: Drink Healthy – Live Stronger – Stay Energized

Product Logo

Company Logo
Product Description
Product Portrayal:

Proticinergy MilkShake is a product is an extraordinary type of shake which still has no

direct competitors in the market place here in Bangladesh. The product is a combination of
Milk Protein + Caffeine + Anti-Acidity (Reflux) Formula, which is a unique and pioneer for
the target segment of young, promising, energetic and potential population who are actually
the torch bearer to the whole development process of modern Bangladesh. The Proticinergy
MilkShake will be processed and sold in glass & bottle of convenient sizes of 250 ml, 500 ml
and 1 liter. The Proticinergy MilkShake will be very much refreshing, energizing and provide
great support to the young people. The basic benefits of Proticinergy MilkShake will be a
smoother relief from panic of workload by caffeine, energize and strengthen the body as well
as mind by milk protein and most importantly it will minimize the dependence on Antacid
tablets or syrups or any other anti acidity medications by the anti acidity formula. Our target
is to protect the young potential generation form the mental and physical barriers to their
effort and best contribution to the economic, social, educational and the whole infrastructural
development of our beloved Motherland Bangladesh.

Product Profile:

Name of the Product : Proticinergy MilkShake

Type of Product : MilkShake

Ingredients : Milk Protein, Caffeine, Anti-Acidity (Reflux) Formula, Mineral
Salts, refined saccharine, Vitamin E.
Container : Stylish glass bottle and polyester paper pack
Container size : 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Liter
Product Price : Pricing is unique by measuring the coast of every individual
packaging –
250 ml – BDT 30/-
500 ml – BDT 45/-
100 ml – BDT 60/-
Estimated Durability : 2 Months from date of manufactured
Machinery used : Advanced automatic machineries imported from Korea Republic
and Germany.
Brand Slogan : Drink Healthy – Live Stronger – Stay Energized

Packaging is to us nothing but wrapping product with a hygienic and attractive way to fulfill
the desired demand of our customers/consumers. The process of packaging our product is
fully automated and free from any touch of hands. Proticinergy MilkShake is bottled and
packaged in such a way that it looks attractive to the consumers and also ensures the safety of
this product by packaging it in an air-tight sealed, hologramed and of course approved by

Fig: 1 (Packaging)

Labeling: The label better explains the products and also the brand that it’s safe and healthy
by its color as well as design. Proticinergy MilkShkae has been shown its own value in the
labeling which is also forecasting the level of acceptance to consumers. The labeling of
Proticinergy MilkShkae makes it unique, focusing and more tangible in terms of values than
the existing products of competitors.

Nutrition Facts at Proticinergy MilkShake

Serving per bottle/Can of 500ml.
Milk Protein, Caffeine, Anti-Acidity (Reflux) Formula, Mineral
Salts, refined saccharine, Vitamin E, Minerals
BSTI Approved
Best to have within 40 days from to production
Company sign with hologram
100% Hallal and Healthy
Price: 250ml = BDT 30/- | 500ml = BDT 45/- | 1 Liter = BDT 60/-
No artificial color and No Fat

Fig: 2 (Labeling)