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Technical Proposal

Consultancy Services for TPQQM for rural water supply piped project

The experts at Feedback have gone through the TOR and the clarifications provided during the Pre -
Bid meeting and issuance of corrigendum through Mails. Based on the above an Approach and
Methodology has been devised and is organized in to the following paragraphs.
1 Understanding of the Assignment.
2 Approach and methodology.
3 Team Deployment
4 Work Plan and Time Schedule. – enclosed as annexure 1

1. Understanding of the Assignment.

In order to maintain the Quality of rural water supply project and efficient Monitoring
of the project, Andhra Pradesh Drinking water supply corporation (APDWSC) has
issued a tender for Third party quality and quantity monitoring (TPQQM) Work of
Quality and Quantity monitoring of Rural Water Supply Schemes in Kurnool District,
Andhra Pradesh for the duration of 24 months period.

Feedback Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (FIPL) is a multidisciplinary consultancy firm with a successful
track record of completing various infrastructure projects within scheduled time, with Quality and
quantity monitoring has envisaged a keen interest to take up this project.

We need to meet the following objectives:

i. We need to assist the field Engineers in maintaining the quality standards of the
execution of PWS project works by review, inspection and independent assessment/
audit/ monitoring of the quality of works at various stages of construction of Pipe water
supply works as per CPHEO Manual & relevant IS code.
ii. Independent quality tests to verify adherence to quality control norms.
iii. Review, Inspection & monitoring of O&M
iv. Stream line the quality control process
v. Communicating the observations promptly to the respective Executive Engineers, for
prompt follow up action
vi. Assess and report on the compliance of observations so made, through Action Taken
Reports (ATR) which is intended to be linked with the clearance of work bills of the
completed items.

The above mentioned objectives are fulfilled by TPQQM consultant by carrying out role in five
steps from complete chain of works of rural water supply project works.

Role of TPQQM Consultant

Inspect Pre- Activities Defects Post

ion of constru during Correctio constru
Materia ction construct n ction
l Activitie ion supervisi (O&M)
s on

TPQQM agency shall establish the review mechanism for quality and quantity check
through for all the works proposed to be implemented through contractor can be a
combination of the following based on applicability for various villages:

a. Development of source/ intake

b. Construction of summer storage tanks
c. Construction of Water Treatment Plant

Feedback Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd.

Technical Proposal
Consultancy Services for TPQQM for rural water supply piped project

d. Laying of distribution system

e. Laying of pumping mains
f. Construction of ELSR/ GLSR
g. Providing House Service Connections
h. Chlorination of treated water
i. Real Time water quality monitoring to be made available for the dash
j. Any other activity related to water supply not covered above

2. Detailed Approach and Methodology

Kick off MEETING

TPQQM consultant proposes to hold a pre-construction conference that will be attended by
the EPC Contractor, our Team Leader and the team of APDWSC Department. It will clearly
define the project vision, objectives, scope & deliverables; project stake-holders roles &
responsibilities; proposed approach towards implementing the project.
During the conference, the following subjects will be reviewed:
 Approach to initiate, plan , execute & close the project
 Generic Implementation plan listing the phases, activities & timeframes involved
 Identifying the project mile-stone including their criticality for the project
 Identifying external dependencies that are critical to the project
 Resource Plan for undertaking the project
 Financial Resources required
 Quality Plan
 Identifying the risks, issues, assumptions and constraints
 Legal allegations and responsibilities; licenses and permits; and local ordinances
 Public and employee safety and Lines of communication

FIPL’s TPQQM methodology is an end-results-oriented implementation of an integrated series of

management services. Tailored to meet the objectives of Rural water supply and sanitation
department referred as “Owner” to align with the five components, FIPL as a TPQQM, will strictly
follow the RFP terms and conditions while executing the project on ground.
This depends on
 Design Optimization
 Contractor’s Planning & Work Program
 Adequate and timely mobilizations of resources i.e. material, personnel, and equipment
foreseeing likely problems and forward planning Continuous review of targets vis-à-vis
achievements and consequent review of work program and resource reinforcement
 Client-Consultants-Contractors’ effective communication and timely decision making for
effective contract administration, and avoidance of delays

The TPQQM agency shall be responsible for Project Management & Construction
Supervision and responsibility shall include

1. To help and guide the corporation for initiating action to ensure that site is handed
over to the contractor under guidance and control of corporation. – TPPQM
agency shall develop the protocol for documentation purpose in order to
have smooth and transparent handover and takeover of the site which will
be signed between the corporation and contractor.

Feedback Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd.

Technical Proposal
Consultancy Services for TPQQM for rural water supply piped project

ii. Reviewing alignment plan and profile for the project component based on
drawing and designed prepared by contractor before actual start of work on
site by the contractor. – site engineer of the TPQQM agency will check &
verify the alignment plan at site physically for the levels and its

1. Administer the civil contracts, approve materials, issue variation orders if any with
due approval of Corporation to the contractors and ensure that the quality of the
works is in accordance with contractual specifications.- TPQQM agency shall
develop the checklist for the actual material receipt at site against the order
quantity as well check the material for quality in the lab.

2. TPQQM agency shall evaluate quantity assurance manual submitted by the

contractor and there afterwards implement the same.

3. Recommend the contractor work program and source of material for approval.

4. All necessary approval will be obtained with assistance of corporation.

5. Monitoring and controlling the progress by using project management

technologies such as CPM, PERT, Bar Chart, Prime Vera. In addition to that
FIPL as TPQQM agency for the real time based monitoring of the project
will used the in-house developed software call as DC9 by installing
application in all the field engineers mobile.

6. Check and approve all drawings/ working drawings (including structural drawing)
necessary for construction in specified time frame.

7. a) The TPQQM agency will be responsible for taking measurements of work done
and levels and record the same in measurement book. The corporation engineer
will have right to cross check and verify the measurement taken by TPQQM
agency. It would mandatory for TPQQM agency that if measurements are wrong,
get it corrected as required.

b) if it is further found out such mistake are repeatedly done by the TPQQM
agency’s engineer, it would be mandatory for TPQQM agnecy to initiate action
against concerned engineer and remove engineer from service depending upon
gravity of the mistake. Corporation will also have right to act against the TPQQM
agency / Engineer as feel appropriate.

8. Ensure quality tests of material as per norms and frequency as specified in

tender/IS codes during execution and of completed works, and order the removal
or improper or substandard, sub quality, bad quality works. TPQQM agency
need to maintain all records in the digitized form and handover the same to
corporation after completion of work to corporation.

9. Scrutinizing and recommending the request for advances if any as per tender
conditions by contractors to corporation.

10. Assistance to corporation for preparing financial statements.

11. Inspecting the works on completion before taking over and indicate to the
corporation any leftover work. In addition, ensure that defects if any be rectified
prior to taking and ensure defects liability maintenance manual.

Feedback Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd.

Technical Proposal
Consultancy Services for TPQQM for rural water supply piped project

12. Staffing Pattern : TPQQM agency has mentioned the team deployment at site
in the next chapter.

13. It is mandatory to all staff to remain present at project Head quarter.

14. TPQQM agency should give Weekly progress report of each work site
stating work done, daily labour force employed and machinery available on
the day effectively all details can be seen through FIPL in-house developed
software on real time basis.

15. TPQQM agency should give power point presentation, field note and all
necessary data and hard copy/ soft copy as required during the visit or meeting of
VIP’s / Senior Official & even all meetings of the Government. No extra charges
will be paid for that.

16. Responsibility towards quality and quantity of work will solely rest with
TPQQM agency. All bills, checklists, measurements should be signed and
Stamped by FIPL’s Engineer. Corporation engineer will coordinate all
issues related to front- availability, land availability, utility shifting, and
other statutory duties as prescribed etc which consultant can’t address.

17. TPQQM will maintain reports, files etc. separately site wise and contractor wise.

18. All documents related to quality control and all registers of quality control tests
shall be maintained & updated from time to time by the quality control
engineer of the TPQQM and submit to APDWSC too on quarterly basis.

19. To ensure that contractor has established well equipped field lab for testing of
materials. In addition to this TPQQM agency shall to maintain his own site lab
for cross verification as mandated to him.

20. Advice Corporation on all matters related to the execution of the works, including
processing of contractor claims if any

21. After completion of works necessary documents/data / maps and as-built

drawing etc, related to contract shall be handed over to corporation along with
maintenance manual both in soft and hard format.

22. TPQQM agency shall assist corporation in providing clarification/

explanations to observations/audit paras made, from time to time by

23. For any legal complications, the bidder should assist to prepare a relevant
document and attending with corporation staff if required.

24. The TPQQM will scrutinize and recommend interim (RA) and final payments
of the Contractors to Corporation for payment.

25. Interim (RA) / monthly payments shall be based on interim payment certificates
processed by the consultant following claims filed by the contractor (s). In
processing contractor’s payments, the TPQQM agency shall evolve a suitable
system of checking measurements to the satisfaction of the corporation.
Whenever measurements are to be made, FIPL’s Engineer will inform the
corporation engineer also for cross verification /Checking.

Feedback Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd.

Technical Proposal
Consultancy Services for TPQQM for rural water supply piped project

26. The TPQQM agency shall ensure that contractor submits monthly bills. The bill
submitted by FIPL to the corporation should be in electronic format/ as required
by corporation.

27. Duties and Responsibilities of the FIPL’s representative and his staff.

FIPL’s representative and his staff shall operate under the overall control of the
shall carry out such duties and exercise authority as may at any time be
delegated by the Engineer. Any delegation or revocation shall be in writing and
shall not take effect until a copy thereof has been delivered /approved by the

28. The principal duties of the FIPL’s representative shall be as follows

i. To check setting out of the project works.

ii. To inspect the performance of the works with regard to workmanship and
compliance with the specifications and to order, to supervise or perform test
on materials and or work and to approve or disapprove the contractor’s plant
and equipment.

iii. To order, if required the uncovering of completed work and/or the removal and
substitution of improper materials and/or work in consultation with the

iv. To check and approve working drawings to actual levels taken by the
contractor and to issue them progressively according to the contractor’s work

v. To check systematically progress of the works and to order invitation of

certain work this is part of the contract.

vi. To examine and attend the measurement of any work which is about to be
covered or put out of view before permanent work is placed thereon and/or
examine and attend the measurement of the completed works in the
prescribed form.

vii. To Check the contractor’s bills along with, invoices, and as regards
arithmetical error the compliance with the contract and if required to make
corrections thereof.

viii. To supervise the contractor’s work in all matters concerning quality, safety,
and care of the work and issue inspection report.

ix. The maintenance of day by day project diary which shall record all events
pertaining to the administration of the contract requests forms and orders
given to the contractor, and any other information which may at a later date,
be of assistance in resolving queries which may arise concerning execution of

x. To verify and get corrected the as-built drawing supplied by the Contractor.

xi. To carry out such duties under the terms of the contract as may be directed
by the Engineer.

Feedback Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd.

Technical Proposal
Consultancy Services for TPQQM for rural water supply piped project

xii. To attend site from time to time during inspections of corporation officers and
give compliance of remarks raised by them.

xiii. To conduct testing of all required materials as per norms and frequency and
to keep the updated record/maintain the updated register of the same.

xiv. To attend meetings as and when called by the Corporation / GoAPetc.. as a

representative of the corporation/along with corporation officials and present
progress of work and submit reports as required.

Quality - The most crucial item on time-cost optimization, requires constant monitoring on
 Quality of materials
 Construction technology
 Adequacy, appropriateness and upkeep of equipment
 Efficiency and adequacy of operators and supervisors
 Eagle eye surveillance on quality assurance
 Recording and documentation of quality control test results

Stages of work for the TPQQM

A. Construction Stage: During execution of this stage TPQQM has to provide below
mentioned seven reports for each project

i) Report on safety and Health aspects as well as community involvement

ii) Report on Physical Progress of the project
iii) Report and ensuring on Quality Assurance systems and Project
iv) Quality- as per Checklist for Quality Control of all materials and equipment’s to be used
as per manufacture’s test certificate and through field test lab.
v) Report on variations with respect to sanctioned estimate/agreement / provisions made in
vi) Report on remedial measures to improve physical progress and quality of the project.
vii) Report and ensuring joint measurement of all component of work by JE/AEE,EE.
viii) Report and ensuring the preparation of bill and payment in the schedule period.
B. Commissioning, trial run and testing stage :
i) Report on Assets created
ii) Reports on completion of projects
iii) Report on handing over of the Project to the Gram panchayat.
iv) Requirement of Operation and maintenance (O&M)
v) System & Structure of O&M
vi) Training requirements of staff
vii) Capacity building of PRI and the pump operator
viii) Ensuring involvement of community and PRI for tariff collection and maintaining the

C. Post construction Stage

i. Report on functionality & usage
ii. Report on O&M of assets created including common amenities
iii. Report on overall performance and sustainability of the assets created
iv. Installation of Timer for auto operation system.

D. Infrastructure works to be Inspected/ checked by TPQQM Consultant

Feedback Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd.

Technical Proposal
Consultancy Services for TPQQM for rural water supply piped project

Inspection of Works
a. P.H. Work
i. Laying of rising main and distribution system
ii. Fixing & fitting of all types of Valves
iii. House and Stand post connection
iv. Inlet and outlet pipe line for OHT/UGR/OGR
v. Infiltration Gallery
b. Civil Works
i. Construction of pump house and boundary wall
ii. Construction of OHT/ UGR/ OGR
iii. All valve chambers
iv. Intake well/ Percolation well
v. Construction of Standalone system
vi. Construction of Stand post
vii. Construction of WTP
c. Mechanical/Electrical Works
i. Internal wiring for pump house
ii. Electrical installation for pump & motor
iii. Installation of Mechanical Equipment
d. Hydraulic Works
i. Installation of pump & motor
ii. Connection of outlet pipe of pump to rising main
iii. All components of water treatment plant

Inspection of Materials
i. Pump & Motor, Starters, Transformers, Capacitors.
ii. All types of valves (such as sluice valve, NR valve, Gate valves, FWV etc.)
iii. All types of fittings for HDPE, DI, CI, GI pipes etc.
iv. PVC tanks
v. All types of cocks (PVC/CI/Brass
vi. Electrical fittings, panel board, cables, switch gears etc.
vii. Chlorination equipment
viii. All materials of WTP

E. Accountability on quality for various activities

Sr. No Component of works Critical Critical activities to be checked

activities to be checked
1 Tube well/ production well Drilling
Logging in case for Salinity
Lowering of assembly
Verticality test
Yield of Source
Size of tube well
2 Head works
Pump chamber Mortar proportion in brick masonry Centering &
shuttering for R.C.C. works Placing of reinforcing
steel Concrete mixing, vibrating and pouring
Cubing Housing of machinery & other equipment

Feedback Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd.

Technical Proposal
Consultancy Services for TPQQM for rural water supply piped project

as per standard departmental design

Intake works For with drawl of water from surface source and to
ensure entrance velocity as per standards given in
CPHEEO manual.
Water Treatment Plant/Storage Water tightness to reduce losses
sedimentation tank / Clariflocculator
Underground suction cum scour Collection chamber for pumping water should be
well tested for water tightness
Pumping plant Centrifugal pumps as per standard specification
installed for pumping raw water & clear water.
Hydraulic losses & efficiency of plant.
High level tank Should have scour and overflow arrangement. The
structure should be tested for water tightness.
Slow sand filter/ rapid sand gravity Drainage, filter media, inlet outlet channels as per
filter specifications. The structure should be tested for
water tightness.
Pressure Filter To ensure the required head for pumping and
quality and grading of filter material.
Clear water reservoir Scour / over flow pipes. Structure should be tested
for water tightness
3 OHR/ UGR RCC storage tank to supply water at minimum
residual pressure of 7 meter head at the tail end of
distribution system.
The staging of tank will be guided by standard IS
specification. The foundation design depends on
bearing capacity of soil. Regular testing of RCC
structures through cube test and ensuring water
tightness of tank by using the water bar.
4 Electrical &Mechanical equipment Installation of electrical & mechanical equipments
& such as pumps, motors & machinery and timer etc.
pumping machinery and timer Testing, trial run & commissioning of electrical &
Mechanical equipments.
Submersible pumps and motors confirmed to
different standard IS specification provided for
lifting of water for bore well as per manufacture’s
test certificate and characteristics curves.
5 Distribution system To convey water at adequate residual pressure in
sufficient quantity in convenient points
6 Disinfection Disinfection of water shall be carried out by
mechanical chlorinator using chlorine solution or
any other method prescribed in the manual as well
as GoI guidelines
7 Pipes Manufacturing test certificate.
Inspection reports of DGS&D/RITES/Crown
Inspecting Agencies for other than PVC/HDPE
Pre & post-delivery inspection reports of
CIPET in case of PVC / HDPE pipes
8 Laying of pipeline Excavation trenches for pipe laying
Laying & jointing of pipes in correct
Pressure/ leakage testing of pipeline
Backfilling in layers and watering
9 Materials as specified in ”B” above Manufacturing test certificates as well as
quality assurance certificate furnished by
inspecting agencies. If any doubt arises
regarding quality of the product then the

Feedback Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd.

Technical Proposal
Consultancy Services for TPQQM for rural water supply piped project

materials shall be tested in accredited

Labs. Also, materials shall be ISI marked.
The materials which are conforming to IS
specification shall be used after proper
examination of the quality of the material.

Critical points for inspection:

Sr. No Critical Points items

1 Installation of Mechanical Lowering of submersible pump to proper
Equipment’s depth
Size of cable
Installation of centrifugal pump and motor
and connection to rising main and ensuring
easy and fast priming arrangement.
ISI marking as per contract requirement
Efficiency of pump sets
2 Installation of Electrical Proper capacitor in control panel to improve
Equipment’s the power factor
Power connection are not loose and properly
insulated with use of lugs
Double earthing
Installation of oil cooled Servo stabiliser to
improve the power supply
3 Disinfection Unit Unit of specified capacity
Unit connected & working properly

Develop the standard Checklist for Quality Control by Third party Quality & Quantity
Monitoring (TPQQM) Consultancy for Piped Water Supply projects under APDWSC QUALITY

Cost - Always crucial and depends on:

 Programme implementation- any delay associates extra cost
 Optimum use of resources- material, personnel and equipment
 Appropriate planning, decision making and economic solution to site
 Proper sequencing of construction activities of the highway and avoidance of double
 Efficient contract administration
Conformity with Design/Drawing/Specification: These constitute the backbone to
define the project and would involve:
 Review at initial stage with reference to ground realities
 Necessary modifications during progress of the contract where so warranted by changed
ground conditions or for inducting more efficient and cost effective methods
 Strict control over setting-out of works
 Constant checking of the works for conformity

Feedback Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd.

Technical Proposal
Consultancy Services for TPQQM for rural water supply piped project


2.1 Review & Monitoring of Contractor’s Personnel
2.2 Inspection of Contractor’s Facilities & Equipment
2.3 Review of Contractor’s Work Program
Any sort of sub-contracting proposal from the Contractor will be carefully reviewed and our
recommendations shall be forwarded to RWS & S. Once the approval from RWS&S is
obtained, the same shall be conveyed to the Contractor. If not, alternatives would be sought
from the Contractor.

2.4 Review of Contractors Method Statement

We shall instruct the contractor to submit detailed method statements for different activities of
work. These statements shall include the following
 Description of work
 Specification for material and workmanship
 Details of plant & machinery to be used
 Details of supervisory staff
 Details of tests to be conducted
 Acceptance/ Approval criteria
The Method Statements shall be reviewed for adequacy, availability of materials, site
conditions, environmental impacts, statutory requirements and construction ease.


 Norms and procedures for control of alignment, surface regularity for pavement layers
and concrete structures, leaks etc.
 Work and workmanship in regard to temporary works of various types
 Organisation of materials testing laboratory
 Equipment and organization for field tests and sampling of laboratory tests
 Norms for sampling of materials from stockyards during laying and finished works
 Formats for recording and compilation of test data
 Reporting system for test results and for issuing notices for corrective actions to be taken
in respect of quality

3.2 Review Materials Report & Test Results

3.3 Inspect & Approve Source of Material

3.5 Prepare Testing Program
We will require the Contractor to maintain systematic documentation of all testing including
the dates when samples are taken, time of sampling, delivery date to the laboratory, date of
test performed, description of sample after test and the test results.
Our Site Engineer will assist the Contractor to organize the documentation and a system for
storage of tested samples where required for later inspection. We will ensure that enough
samples are taken so that untested samples will be available for additional testing if original
tests are found to be deficient or questionable.

3.6 Finalization of Inspection Procedures

We will develop procedures to monitor the various items of construction and ensure that all
concerned in our team understand and implement these procedures with special emphasis on
proper testing before any element is covered up. The inspection program will lay down
procedures for construction of each element of the work.

Feedback Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd.

Technical Proposal
Consultancy Services for TPQQM for rural water supply piped project

4.0 CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISION (Quality & Quantity monitoring)

4.1 Review Contractor’s Working Drawings

The working drawings for all items of work shall be reviewed and shall issue construction
drawings to contractor after suitable modifications.
We will arrange for timely decisions in these cases and process variations as required.
4.2 Check Setting-out for Work
The Consultants will check all setting out data and laying of construction lines to ensure
conformity with contract. The data will be checked and related to survey stations.
4.3 Inspection of Works
To ensure that adequate quality is achieved, the Site Engineer will prescribe continual and
intensive inspection and testing of all construction by Contractor personnel. We will inspect
frequently to ensure that specifications are met. Random sampling procedures will be used.
4.4 Attend Measurements of Work
When a particular work is completed, after its quality is tested and accepted, it will be jointly
measured by the Contractors and the Consultants for payment purposes. All measurements
will be made of works before they are being covered up and no measurements will be made
for any unaccepted works. These measurements will form the basis for preparation of interim
payment certificates.
4.7 Verify & Certify Quality & Completion of Works
One of the tasks of the Consultants will be to verify and certify the quality of works, entered
in the Contractor’s interim bills. The Consultants will check all documents for compliance as
per the contract. Based on the work test results and inspection made by the Consultants’
staff, the Consultants would furnish a certificate on the quality of each item of works entered
by the Contractors in their interim payment certificate.

4.8 Review Contractor’s Design/Drawings for Temporary Works


5.1 Monitor & Check Quality Control & Workmanship

The day-to-day supervision and quality control of works and workmanship would be carried
out by the Consultants as per Quality Assurance Manual. The Consultants surveyor will in the
first instance verify correctness of the survey bench marks and site conditions in comparison
with Contractors surveying data, and thereafter check the alignment and levels set out by the
Contractors including level and profile of each work as specified in Contract specification
5.2 Testing of Materials & Works
The inspection staff will also maintain continuing visual inspection of the Contractor's
operations where materials are handled and incorporated into the work. Procedure that result
in damage or change in any material to the extent that it fails outside the specification limits
will not be permitted to continue. If we suspects that improper material has been
incorporated into the work, our Site Engineer will direct the Contractor to remove it or
uncover the completed work and test the material. If defective material is found, our Site
Engineer will direct contractors for removal of defective material and replace with material
that meets specifications.
5.3 Conducting Independent Tests
Generally we shall conduct independent testing of materials and works at intervals specified
in the QA procedures. Besides, whenever required we shall conduct independent testing if the
contractors results do not corroborate with visual interpretation.
5.4 Conducting Special Tests

Feedback Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd.

Technical Proposal
Consultancy Services for TPQQM for rural water supply piped project

Certain site conditions or for any other reason, certain special tests on materials and/or works
may have to be conducted. The same shall be discussed with RWS & S and a formal note
shall be generated highlighting the requirement and description of such test, testing
procedure and its cost reasonableness. Upon receipt of approval from RWS & S, instructions
shall be given to the contractor for carrying out such test.


6.1 Assistance in Contractual Matters
6.2 Interpretation of Technical Specifications/Contract Documents
6.3 Site Meetings and Daily Logs
6.5 Issue Variation Orders
6.6 Monitor Progress of Works
The Consultants will endeavor to uphold the spirit that time is the essence of the Contract.
Therefore, the Consultants will control, appraise and monitor the progress with a view to:
 Identifying the bottlenecks and problems
 Seeking solutions to the bottlenecks and problems
 Rescheduling the work program, where necessary, for completion within the period
prescribed in the Contract or extended due to any variation
6.7 Monitor Contractor’s Equipment Resources
The Consultants will review the contractor’s Equipment Inventory with respect to the
requirement as per the project plan. The deployment of equipment and its movement will be
monitored and would be recorded in standard formats subject to work requirement.
6.8 Monitor Material Inventory
6.9 Check Contractor’s Safety Measures
6.10 Direct Contractor on Emergency Activities
6.11 Contract Performance Monitoring & Evaluation
Consultants will periodically review, monitor and evaluate the performance of Contractors once
in a month/fortnight/ week as decided by Consultants with respect to the program already
submitted. Any shortfalls, slippages will be critically examined and taken note of by
Consultants. The Contractors shall then submit revised program showing the modifications,
necessary to ensure completion of the works within the time for completion.

6.12 Final Inspection

After completion of the construction, we will make an inspection of the entire project or parts
of the project with representatives of the Contractor. We will make whatever inspections and
tests deems necessary to determine that the provisions of the specifications are satisfied. All
defects, imperfections, and faults will be noted and instructions given to the Contractor for
rectification of the defects. Once the contractor has attended to all the defects a final
inspection will be done & a report shall be submitted.


7.1 Measurement Records

TPQQM will be responsible for the correct measurement of the Works. Duties will include the
 Measurement and recording of all work as executed, so that the Contractor’s estimates may
be checked. The recorded measurement will be entered on Taking Off Sheets, Abstract
Sheets, Site Measurement Forms and Record Drawings. All recorded measurements and
quantities of work executed will be agreed with the Contractor as far as possible; any
difference of opinion will be noted.

Feedback Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd.

Technical Proposal
Consultancy Services for TPQQM for rural water supply piped project

If our TL has been notified of an impending claim, he will record particulars of labour and plant
materials employed and of any other circumstances that may be relevant.
7.2 Check Contractor’s Accounts/Invoices/Claims
7.3 Settlement of Final Bills & Accounts
7.4 Update Cost Estimates

10.1 Inspect, Supervise Remedial Works & prepare the inspection reports
Our representative will monitor the condition of the completed works at least twice before the
final Defect Liability Inspection in order to observe any defects in workmanship or materials.
These inspections will occur at approximately the fourth and eighth month during the Defect
Liability Period. In addition to programmed inspections, additional inspections will be performed
if significant problems are reported to us.

3. Team Deployment at Site

Feedback Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd.

Technical Proposal
Consultancy Services for TPQQM for rural water supply piped project

After complete understanding on the scope of work for the Kurnool District to be executed in
period of 2 years having total expenditure of Rs 1000 Cr which is spread of 54 Mandals
and to meet the Objectives of APDWSC department.

We have estimated the manpower deployment for TPQQM assignment considering the
Schedules & reports to be complied as mentioned in the RFP document.

Considering the above, for we have proposed the following team Deployment is as under:

Organization Chart for Kurnool District

Team Leader -1

Deputy Project
Deputy Team Leader-
Manager (QC and
2 Site Engineer- 75
QA) - 1

Feedback Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd.