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Algebra 1 Support

Title of lesson: Rules of Exponents
Name: Katrina Dedvukaj
Length of lesson: 60 minutes

Context of lesson: These students have me twice a day for Support class and Algebra 1. Since this class is first
hour I needed to assess where my students’ understanding of the rules of exponents while giving them more
practice to apply their skills before they do an activity in Algebra 1 later on.
Overview: In this lesson students will do a formative assessment and then we will go over answers and
questions. After the formative assessment, students can apply their skills that we have developed to practice
problems. Later in Algebra 1, students will be applying their knowledge of the rules of exponents, so this group
needs more feedback to build mastery of the content.
Central problem/Essential Question: How can we use exponential rules to simplify exponential expressions?


Rewrite expressions involving radicals and rational exponents using the properties of exponents.

Students will be able to: Apply the rules of exponents to simplify exponential expressions.

Anticipated student conceptions or challenges to understanding: Students in Algebra Support tend to need
more time to understand concepts or complete tasks. All assignments in Algebra Support are designed to be
completed within class to hold students accountable as well as to not add to their Algebra 1 workload. For this
content, students may have trouble remembering all the rules of exponents as well as applying them to
simplify expressions. With that said, I find it beneficial in this case to start with formative assessment before
students’ practice.


o Progress Monitoring
o Properties of Exponents Worksheet (even problems only)

Instructional Sequence:
1. (5 minutes) I like to try and build positive relationships with my Algebra Support students so most days
I aim to do a Question of the Day. Today’s question: If you could go anywhere over Midwinter Break
where would you go? As I go around and ask my students (14 total), I will pass back an assignment they
did the previous day and go over it.
2. (10 – 15 minutes) Students will complete their Progress Monitor individually for 5-7 minutes and then
we will go over answers and questions as a class.
3. (30 – 35 minutes) By the end of the hour, I want students to complete all even numbered problems on
their Properties of Exponents Worksheet and get it checked by me before they turn it in.
4. (Extra time) Students can work on their homework for Algebra 1 and ask questions.

Assessment: Students have a quiz on the rules of exponents in Algebra 1 on 2/13/19.

Handouts attached