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CHEM 31.

Rubrics for Checking Formal Reports

4 3 2 1
Contains purpose of the Purpose of lab, question Lacks one or two Lacks one or two
lab or question to be to be answered stated but significant parts of the significant parts of the
answered, overview of not clear. Method abstract. abstracts, whereas those
Abstract the procedure, significant presentation is confusing. presented were unclear
results and conclusions Results and conclusion and not well defined.
drawn from results and presented but not well
sources of error. identified.
Report shows significant Report lacks significant Hardly any background of
Introduction background about the background about the the experiment was
experiment. experiment. provided.
2 1 0
The experiment is Procedures are listed in Procedure was poorly
reproducible based on the clear steps. However, presented and all criteria
written procedure i. e. steps are not expressed in were violated.
step are detailed. The a complete sentence or
author also used the third the author does not used
person and the writing is the third person, or
in the past tense writing is not in the past
The student is able to - - -
address the points given
in the guide questions.
The student should also
be able to discuss the
experiment in the context
Discussion of Results
of related literature.
Pertinent reaction
mechanisms are included.
Sources of error are
mentioned and are used
to justify the results.
3 2 1 0
Conclusion summarizes Conclusion lacks certain Conclusion does not Conclusion shows little
the whole experiment; elements of the summary summarize the whole effort and reflection.
it includes whether the of the whole experiment; experiment; it only
Conclusion and findings supported the it includes what was includes what was learned
Recommendations hypothesis and states was learned from the from the experiment and
learned from the experiment and some some findings. Lame
experiment. It also gives a findings. It gives a valid recommendations are
valid recommendation recommendation provided.
Lab report is typewritten Lab report is typewritten Lab report is typewritten Lab report is disorganized
and follows prescribed but does not prescribe to but does not prescribe to with cross-outs, erasures
Appearance/ format. It is consistent the given format. It is the given format. It is and/or tears and creases.
Organization with the tense and has consistent with the tense inconsistent with the
logical flow. and has logical flow. tense and illogically
- Includes four or more Includes less than four Included no print
print references, scientific print references and/or references.
journals and reliable questionable internet
internet sources sources
1 0.5 0
- Organized presentation of Disorganized presentation No data sheet included in
data; completely filled up of data but completely the report.
and included with the filled up and included
report with the report.

Total: 26 points