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Ms. Maryanne Moriconi, Principal

Mrs. Kathleen Gomez, Asst. Principal
To Whom It May Concern:

It is a privilege to write this recommendation for Udit Kumar. I have known Udit for three years as the adult coordinator for the
Youth Action Council of the Rochester Auburn Hills Community Coalition, RAHCC-YAC. As the Youth Coordinator for this
group, I have relied heavily on Udit to take on leadership roles in many capacities. He has held the positions of Vice President and
recently earned the roll of President. Udit Kumar is a student with a myriad of diverse leadership roles and is in charge of activities
inside and outside of school. In fact, he currently holds the title of president in two valuable service groups, the Rochester Auburn
Hills Youth Community Coalition and the Balabharathi Temple Youth Service Committee. As the president of the RAHYCC he is in
charge of leading initiatives, organizing community events, and creating public service announcements that all have one major goal:
to educate today’s youth on the danger and risks involving teen drug use, alcohol abuse, unhealthy eating, and to reduce
depression ,anxiety and promote mental health awareness. In addition, the coalition strives to educate local teens to practice self-
love, mindfulness, and self-compassion! This is all with the effort to combat the rise in drug abuse and the depression epidemic
amongst teens. He has led the RAHYCC in hosting many prominent community events such as youth dialogue days and teen
nights. Udit collaborates with Crittenton hospital (a prominent hospital in Rochester Hills, MI) to help make these events as
successful as possible. Overall, the coalition has made an impact on the lives of many teens in the community.

As president of Balbharati, a youth volunteer organization, he has organized monthly soup kitchens, where food goes to homeless
shelters in Pontiac, and events for the Indian community that have raised money for causes such as flood victims in Kerala, India or
the Flint water crisis. All these events have taken place in his local temple, The Bharatiya Temple. Adding to Udit’s leadership
experience are his major positions in school clubs. Udit is an officer of his science Olympiad club, where he leads the club to
compete in various science-related events and organizes fundraisers to generate club resources. As vice president of the quiz bowl
team, he competes as part of a team and helps the club find new members by creating membership drives. He is the
communications secretary for the Spanish national honors society, and his role is to inform members with club updates, point
opportunities, and meeting dates. Moreover, he also tutors Hispanic children in English and math at local elementary schools. In
addition to his volunteer work, Udit teaches people of all ages how to play tennis at a local racquet club and organizes clinics to help
teach the fundamentals of the game. Udit exemplifies the qualities and attributes of a true scholar athlete; he strives for excellence
and is in the top 5% of his class with a 4.32 GPA, 1550 SAT, and a 35 ACT, thus making him qualify as a semi-finalist for national
merit scholar. Udit has shown that he is very passionate about business by going to multiple business summer camps throughout
the years and is currently conducting research with a professor from the Ross School of Business. Udit continually strives to help
lead every organization he is a part of. His goal is to have a more widespread effect on the community or his school. I must say, as
an educator for close to 30 years, students like Udit are a rare & joyous find. He truly exemplifies the qualities and attributes of an
outstanding leader and positive role model to her peers.

Managing all these activities while balancing an intense academic schedule is no easy feat, and Udit manages to make it all look
easy. He is an outstanding young adult, with an intense drive to make a difference and accomplish as much as he humanly can. I
can give no higher recommendation than I do for Udit. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at (586)
344-6818 or


Maria S. Kopicki

Avondale Middle School

th th
7 /8 Grade Teacher
NJHS & Yearbook Sponsor
Youth in Government Advisor
S.A.D.D. Advisor/District Coordinator
RAHCC Youth Action Council Coordinator
Project Citizen Mentor/Advisor
1445 W. Auburn Road
Rochester Hills, MI 48309
(248) 537-6341

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