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LED TV with Full Screen of Colorful Vertical Bars Problem Solved!

Model: KONKA LED32F1160 LED TV

Panel: BOE HV320WX2

Symptom: Screen fully of colorful vertical bars/stripes

A lots of TV repairers, when they see the TV like this, will tell the customer this is a screen panel
problem and not worth repairing or its beyond repair! This is not a joke, because I’ve seen this
happen many times around my area here. I also find lots of TV's with this symptom inside a
“Recycle Center”!

I’ve received an article written by one of my members who purchased my LCD/LED Screen Panel
Repair Guide and other ebooks. He has successfully repaired a Konka LED32F1160 LED TV with a
screen full of colorful vertical bars as per picture below:

led tv screen vertical stripes problem

As usual, learn from the ebooks. When the TV screen problem like this, first we check whether
the T-con board top 5 voltages are present or not. If yes, then we will continue to checking their
voltages and signals (for the Gate Drive side use) on the Source Drive board. If all voltages and
signals are present, continue to check their Gate Driver side.
lcd led panel gate driver tab cof

This HV320WX2 LED panel has 2 x Gate Driver (COF) ICs, or 2 Y-TABs. Their COFs IC part number
is 8586-M. We can use the Bypass Modification method in LCD/LED Screen Panel Repair Guide,
to do the troubleshooting and repairing. Refer to this part number COF IC testing point, found
that the Y1 VGH (or as it is called "Von") voltage is missing! Normally it is about 24V. Different
Panels have different voltages. As for this case, we can measure the Von testing point on the
Source Driver board to know their exactly voltage.

TAB COF testing voltage points

tab cof vgh von voltage

Be careful to solder a thin wire (normally we will recommended to use transformer coil wire or
laptop mainboard bypass wire, but this member was using normal wire) on the COF IC point.

To other end of the wire will solder onto the Source Driver board VON testing point there as per
picture below:
panel source driver board Von VGH testing point

Make sure everything is connected to their correct locations and points. Power on the TV. The
LED Panel is working perfectly!

screen vertical bars lines or stripes problem fix


With the above repair case, it will look like easy to repair lcd/led panel right? But before that,
you need to know the steps and knowledge on how to repair LCD/LED Panel first, after that you
know how to troubleshoot and repairing the panel.

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