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Topics Sub-Topics Semi-topics

1. Introduction to MII
a. SAP MII Architecture
b. MII Admin page walk
i.System Management
ii.Security Services(UME)
iii.Data Services
iv.Content Development
v.Plant Connectivity Integration
vi.Message Service
vii.Alerts and KPI’s
viii.System Resource

2. MII Core Components

a. Data Connectors
b. Business Logic Services
c. Visualization Services
d. Analytic Services

3. Query Templates
a. Introduction
b. Feature of Query Template
c. Different type of Query

4. Display Template
a. Introduction
b. Feature of Display Template
c. Different type of Display

5. Business logic Part1

a. Transaction
b. Data Queries
c. Local Parameters
d. Global parameters
e. Data Types
f. Logic
g. Logging
h. Email
i. XML Functions
6. Business logic Part2
a. JCO
b. JRA
c. Reference Documents
d. Logging
e. Queueing
f. Web Service

7. Business logic Part 3

a. Expression Editor
b. Expression Editor - Functions
c. Expression Editor –

8. X-Path
a. Introduction
b. Examples

9. Message Listener
a. Processing Rule Setup
b. Clean up rule setup
c. Message Monitor

10. KPI and Alerts

11. Master Data Objects

(MDO) MDO Types
a. MDO Query

12. SAP Plant Connectivity

(PCo) Source, Target Agents
PCO Query