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School TNHS/ MHS/ VANHS Grade 12

DAILY LESSON LOG Teacher Learning Area HUMSS
Teaching Dates and Time Semester First Semester

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I. OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to:
1. discuss the meaning, goals, scope, principles, and core values of counseling
2. demonstrate a high level of understanding of the basic disciplines of counseling through group presentation
3. value the importance of counseling
A. Content Standards Disciplines of Counseling
B. Performance Standards Demonstrate a high level of understanding of the basic concepts of counseling through a group presentation of a situation in which
practitioners of counseling work together to assist individuals, group, or communities involved in difficult situations (e.g., post
disaster, court hearing about separation of celebrity couple, cyber bullying).
C. Learning Competencies 1. Identify the goals and scope of 2. Demonstrate 3. Discuss the core values of
/ Objectives counseling. HUMSS_DIASS12-Ib-3 comprehension of the counseling. --Group Performance--
principles of counseling. HUMSS_DIASS12-Ib-5

II. CONTENT The disciplines of counseling: The disciplines of counseling: The disciplines of counseling:
1.1 Counseling 1.1Counseling (continuation) 1.1Counseling (continuation)
1.1.1 Definitions 1.1.4 Core Values 1.1.5 Principles --Group Performance--
1.1.2 Goals
1.1.3 Scope
A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide pages DIASS CG, p. 1 of 7 DIASS CG, p. 1 of 7 DIASS CG, p. 1 of 7 DIASS CG, p. 1 of 7
2. Learner’s Materials
3. Textbook pages Dela Cruz, A. R. D.,, (2016). Disciplines and Ideas in the Applied Social Sciences. Phoenix Publishing House, Inc., pp. 19-34
Sampa, E.M., (2017) Disciplines and Ideas in the Social Sciences. Rex Book Store, Inc. pp. 11-18
4. Additional Materials
from Learning Resource
(LR) portal
B. Other Learning
A. Reviewing previous Ask the students to accomplish a Fact or Bluff: Definitions, Call a student to enumerate Ask a student to enumerate
lesson or presenting the Venn Diagram differentiating the Goals, and Scopes of the different core values of the principles of counseling
new lesson social sciences from the applied counseling. counseling.
social sciences. (5mins.) (4mins.)
What have you searched
about the principles of
B. Establishing a “Student Feud” Game Ask the students to recite “Prinsipyo Mo, Isulat Mo” Present the mechanics and
purpose for the lesson  Common problems among the core values of the rubrics for the evaluation of
senior high school students school. (2mins.) Instructions: the group presentation.
 Common misconceptions 1. In a piece of paper,
about counseling. students will write their
(5mins.) DepEd Core Values: principle in life.
2. All papers will be collected
Common Common  Maka-Diyos and placed in a box.
problems Misconceptions  Makatao 3. Three papers will be picked
1. Relationship 1. A person  Makabayan from the box.
problems seeing a  Makakalikasan 4. Let the students read and
2. Family counselor discuss their principle.
problems has mental (10mins.)
3. Academic illness
problems 2. Counseling
4. Financial means giving
problems advice
5. Personal 3. Counseling is
problems part of the
6. Etc. discipline
4. A counselor
is a problem
5. Counseling is
C. Presenting some Group Activity: “Kailangan Ko’y The teacher will present Processing question: Preparation for Group
examples and/or Ikaw” examples of core values 1. What transpires you to presentation (10mins.)
instances of the new from different organizations have these principles?
lesson Make a concept map showing the (e.g., other government 2. How do these principles
persons they turn to in times of agencies, business affect your life as a
troubles and uncertainties and institutions, etc.) student? (8mins.)
present it to the class (7mins.)
Example: Examples:

 Appreciate other
people’s interest beyond
_____ YOU _____

_____ Cebu Institute of Technology

 S-pirit of altruism
Processing Question:  P-assion for excellence
 I-ntegrity
1. What do you and the person
 R-esponsibility
to whom you go to do in trying
 I-nnovativeness
to solve your problem?
 T-eamwork
 T-enacity

Guide Question:

Why is there a need for an

organization to establish its
core values? (7mins.)
D. Discussing new Concept mapping: (10mins.) Interactive Discussion: Ask Discuss the Principles of Presentation of Group 1
concepts and practicing the students the following; Counseling through a power- (10mins)
new skills #1  What is counseling? (10mins.) point presentation. (10mins)

What core values should a Principles of Counseling:

_____ Counseling _____ counselor possess?
1. Reassurance
_____ Expected Answers: 2. Release of emotional
1. Respect for human tension
 How does counseling help dignity 3. Clarified thinking
individuals, groups, or 2. Partnership 4. Reorientation
communities? 3. Autonomy 5. Listening skills
4. Responsible caring 6. Respect
 What are the Goals of 5. Personal integrity 7. Empathy & positive regard
Counseling? 6. Social justice 8. Clarification, confrontation,
and interpretation.
Gibson and Mitchell (2003); Elaborative Learning: 9. Transference and
Generic Goals: 1. Do you think these
1. Development counselors’ core values
2. Preventive are important? Expound
3. Enhancement your answer.
4. Remedial
Human Dimensional Goals:
5. Exploratory
6. Reinforcement
7. Cognitive
8. Physiological
9. Psychological
E. Discussing new Discuss the scope of counseling as a Think, Pair, and Share/ Ask the students to answer Presentation of Group 2
concepts and practicing helping profession. (5mins.) Square: (15mins.) the following: (10mins)
new skills #2

The scope of counseling covers Guide Question: 1. Which among the
personal, social, cognitive, counseling principles do
behavioral, psychological, 1. Why do you think that the you agree most? Why?
emotional, spiritual, occupational counselors should 2. Do you think that all these
and even health aspect of an adhere and dwell to a set principles are necessary in
individual. However, it does not of counseling core counseling? Why or why
deal with the clinical cases such values? Explain. not?
as mental illness.
F. Developing mastery Situational Analysis: (5mins.) Show a Graphic Organizer Video showing about Presentation of Group 3
(Leads to Formative and let the students indicate counseling. (5mins.) (10mins)
Assessment 3) Present different situations, and ask the different core values of
the students to identify if counseling counseling. (7mins.)
is applicable in each situation:

1. Cases of students suffering from

physical violence as a result of Processing Question:
bullying in school
2. Cases of students’ absenteeism 1. What principles of
3. Choosing a career track in SHS counseling did the
4. Students suicidal attempts in counselor exhibit in the
school video clip?
5. Cases of students with clinical
depression and self-mutilation

G. Finding practical Role-Playing (Dyad): Essay: Present the activity: (15mins)

applications of concepts
and skills in daily living If you have a friend who’s thinking of Why should counselors “Be My Counselor”
dropping or cutting classes from your imbibe the core values of
class, how will you help him/her counseling? (7mins.) Note: The teacher will only
using the different concepts of choose through draw lots 3
counseling? (10mins.) pairs to present in the class.

1. Through a role-playing
(dyad), demonstrate how
the counseling principles
can be exhibited in a
counseling session.
2. Pair up with a classmate.
Assign which of you will
act as a counselor and a
3. In five minutes, the
counselee thinks of a life
issue to bring up with the
counselor and the
counselor applies the
principles of counseling.
4. Start the role-play.
5. After five minutes, reverse
H. Making / Asking Call a student to summarize the Give the core values of Ask: Give feedbacks to each
generalizations and topic. (3mins.) counseling and the 1. What are the principles of group presentation.
abstractions about the importance of these to the counseling?
lesson Expected answer: field and its members. 2. How these principles help
(5mins.) to achieve effective
Counseling is a professional counseling? (5mins.)
relationship that empowers diverse Expected Answer:
individuals, families, and groups to 1. Respect for human Expected Answer:
accomplish mental health, wellness, dignity 1. Reassurance
education, and career goals. The 1. Partnership 2. Release of emotional
primary goal of counseling is to help 2. Autonomy tension
people utilize their prevailing social 3. Responsible caring 3. Clarified thinking
skills and problem solving skills more 4. Personal integrity 4. Reorientation
functionally, or to cultivate new 5. Social justice 5. Listening skills
surviving and coping skills. 6. Respect
7. Empathy and positive
8. Clarification, confrontation,
and interpretation.
9. Transference and
I. Evaluating learning Short Quiz about the topic True or False type of quiz. Assignment/ Journal Writing: The students will be graded
discussed. (5mins.) Justify your answers using Write an essay elucidating according to the rubric.
what you learned in the how the principles of
1. Define counseling in two to three lesson. (1 mins.) counseling can be applied to
sentences. daily dealings.
2. Give at least five goals of 1. Counselors act with care
counseling. and respect for individual
3. Give at least five scope of and cultural differences.
counseling. 2. Counselors can harm
their clients provided with
valid and legal reasons.
3. Counselors can divulge
information regarding
their clients.
4. Counselors can make-up
stories to protect the
interest of his or her
5. Counselors practice
within the scope of their
J. Additional activities for Prepare a group demonstration of a Advance Reading: (Look for Prepare for group
application or remediation situation in which practitioners of different sources, i.e., books, presentations.
counseling work together to assist internet, etc.) about the
individuals, groups, or communities Principles of Counseling.
involved in difficult situations which
will be presented at the end of the

The class will be grouped into three

to perform the following cases: (Time
allotment: 10 mins.)

Group 1: post-disaster
Group 2: separation of parents
Group 3: cyber bullying

Rubrics will be presented to the

class. (5mins.)

A. No. of learners who
earned 80% on the
formative assessment
B. No. of learners who
require additional
activities for remediation.
C. Did the remedial
lessons work? No. of
learners who have
caught up with the
D. No. of learners who
continue to require
E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well?
Why did these work?
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my
principal or supervisor
can help me solve?
G. What innovation or
localized materials did I
use/discover which I
wish to share with other

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