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Attendance System

Attendance is very important part of daily routine in educational institute, offices and
much other organization. In school and colleges this attendance marking is done
manually. But the advance technology is comes in the picture like smart phones, etc
using help of this technology we can mark attendance in single touch.

The attendance system consists of a web system for entire college and school to record
attendance. Each classroom or department has its own login on login the class faculty
see the list of students registered under it. And faculty may take attendance and mark in
as a present. This attendance is send over the database and stored there. The admin has
an own login and check all attendance and press button and see all defaulter lists.
Search for particular student attendance by name, parent of the student who’s having
attendance in below of 75% will get inform via text/mail.

Datta Meghe College of engineering is reputed institute in Navi Mumbai. This college is
established in 1988. DMCE is inviting interested bidder to submit the proposal for
automated attendance system. This system will provide ease of taking and storing
student attendance.

Proposal Guideline
This request for proposal represents the requirement for an open and competitive
process. Proposal will be accepted until 6 pm, August 26 2018 any proposal received
after this date and time will be return to the sender. All costs must be itemized to
include an, explanation of all fees and costs. Contract terms and condition will be
negotiation upon selection of the winning bidder. All contractual terms and condition
will be subject to review by DMCE legal department and also include scope, budget and
other necessary items.
Project purpose and Description
The purpose of this project: -

DMCE current attendance system was implemented in 2008 and management has
determined that it is not effectively work. DMCE believes that by using current wed
based technology and more effective system design, we can provide our client and
potential client with more information, a more user-friendly environment, and achieve
more wins from prospective client.


DMCE is seeking a provider to utilized the latest wed-based technology to create a wed
application that is user friendly, simple to used, provide the detailed information about
student attendance and easy to add and modify the student attendance.

The application design and layout should be essentially pleasing, simple for teacher to
navigate. It must be completely secure against intrusion.

Project scope
Taking attendance manually is time consuming as well as tough job for teacher. College
has many division and student so carry attendance sheet document of each class is
increasing a paper work. Traditionally the way of taking attendance is time consuming.

1. Design, development, installation and testing of system.

2. Designing database for the system.
3. The purpose system is made using Android operating system.
It has many dynamic features that are listed below as follows:
1. More traditional than secure system.
2. Attendance system available in college time period.
3. Provide notification if any student having attendance in below than
4. Monthly calculation is available for each student.
5. This attendance system is available not only for the teacher side but
also available for student side. Where they able to mark as present.
Project Timeline:
Request for Proposal Timeline:
All proposals in response to this RPF are due no later than 6pm August 26 2018.Evaluation
of proposals will be conducted from August 28, until September 11. If additional
informational or discussions are needed with any bidders during this two-week window,
the bidders will be notified.
The selection decision for the winning bidder will be made no later than August 29. Upon
notification, the contract negotiation with the winning bidder will begin immediately.
Contract negotiation will be conducted by September 26.
Notifications to bidders who were not selected will be completed by September 16.
Project Initiation phase must be completed by October 27 2018.Project Planning phase
will determine the timeline/schedule for the remaining phases of project.


All proposals must include proposed cost to complete the task describe in the project
scope. Costs should be stated as one-time or non-recurring costs (NRC) or monthly
recurring cost (MRC). Pricing should be listed for each of following items in accordance
with format below.

Module Cost(Rs.)

Project Initiation and Planning 20,000/-

Market Research 25,000/-

Site/Database develop 30,000/-

Site/Database Testing 20,000/-

Site/Database Hosting 35,000/-

Bidders Qualification:

The undersigned certifies under oath, the truth and correctness of all statements and of
all answers to questions made here in after.


NAME OF FIRM: Datta Meghe College of Engineering.

ADDRESS: Datta Meghe College of Engineering, Airoli, Navi Mumbai.


LOCATION OF HEAD OFFICE: Airoli, 1st floor, DMCE old building.




Project Evaluation Criteria:

DMCOE Consulting committee will assess all proposals based on following criteria:

Organization Express:
Bidder will be evaluated on the basis of experience of team members as well as previous
projects executed by them.

Value and Cost:

Cost will be the important criteria as the best proposal with the best suited cost will be

Technical Expertise and Experience:

Bidders must provide description and documentation of staff technical expertise and
experience. Each bidder must submit their proposal to the address mentioned below by
6 pm, Aug 26 2018.
Sector 3,
Airoli, Navi Mumbai. EMAIL: