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TRANSPORT Secretary inMetroManila.

times to discuss the ao-

Arthur Tugade's receni Seeing the publicclam- propriate standards arid
initiatives f or the assess- or on the legalization andiapicities of motorcycles
ment of motorcycle laxi rcgulation of motorcycle foi public transportition
operations in the coun- taxrs, I ransporL Secretary service, including deter-
try ahead of its legaliza- Arthur Tu_gade ea ruer is- mining thepiopei type of
tion and regulation have sued the directive to cre- motoriycki th;t c;l be
eamed praise ftom gov- ate the IWC to discuss granted a franchise, the
emment official8, trans- issues in relation to the minimum Cubic Centi-
Poltadvocates,commut- prospect of motorcycle meter (CC) ca pacitv of the
ers, and motorcycle rid- taxis operating as public molor, travei spied of
ets. kansport. motorcyde taxis,ftanchise
Earning the monicker "We attheDOTIknow route, i'eat and helmet re-
"Mr. Transpormer" from how lo listen. So even if quirements, and traiJring
transport groups for his the 5C has yet to issue a requirements for motor--
Positive tlansf ormation final ruJing, we already cvile bikerslooking to reg-
initiatives in the local formed a IWG to studv iiter as a Public"UtilH'
hansport sector, Sec. Tu- lhe prospect of motorcf- Vetucle driver. The TWd
gade earlier issued the cles serving as-public also discussed regulato-
directive to create a tech- transportation." Sec. fu- ry concerns on actount-
nical working group gade said in an earlier abjlityforpassengersaJe-
(TWG) to discuss issues news report. ty in the event of an acci-
inrelation to theprospect The TWC is headed bv dent.
of motorcycle taxis oper- Undersecretary Mark d'e On their second meet-
ating as public transport. Leon and was comprised ing, the TWG did an on-
"Secretary Tugade's of other representatit.<is sitF observation of Ang-
creation of a technical from the DOTr, Land kas touted safew traii-
working group is an im- fransportation Otfice iJlg program thafhas re-
porta nt step in sol ving an (LTO_), LandTransporta- sultid ii theh high safety
issue that's been plagu- tion Franchising and Reg- standards.
rng thecounky loryears/" ulatory Board-(LTFRB), After the thnee meet-
Rep. Winnie Castelo said, Philippine National Police ings, the TWC proposed
"I'mpleasedwiththiskind - Highway Patrol Grotrp toionduct a teit run for
of decisive leadershiD (PNP-HPG), Metro Mj- motor( ycle taxis ahead of
ftom the DOTr and it nila. Der elopment Au- thei! p;opos€d legaliza-
shows they ale sensitive thority (MMDA),g'enate, tion a;d iesulatio-n. The
to the neehs of the peo- Howeof Represenenives) -proposal is- stilJ up for
ple," he added. commuter welfare sec. Tugade,s approval.
Rep. Castelo is the groups, road sajety ad- Und"ersecreiiry de
chairman of the House locates, motorcyclehan- Leon said that the niotor-
Comrnittee on MehoMa- uJacturers, motorcycleor- cycle taxi proposed pilot
nil a Development. He has gan,z-atrons, and law run is partoftheeffortsof
called severil hearings on schools. the TWG to assess the vi_
motorcycle taxi regul;tion TheTwchasmettbree abilityofmotorcycletaxis
as ptiblic utility vehicles
as well as to test the irr-
plem en ting rules and reg_
ulations (tRR) thar tlie
group is drafting.
In an earlier meeting of
lransport secto! officials
and industry players
called by presiaentiai Ad-
viset on EnhepreneuJship
Joey Concepcion, he laud-
ed Sec. Tugade for creat-
ing theTWG. Concepcion
noled that the secretarv
has said that he is nrit
against any mode o,f
ttanspodation as long as
it is efficient, safe, and
Angkas head of Regu-
latory and Public Affairs
George Royeca likewaise
praised the DOTr for the
test run initiative. "We
would like to thank the
DOTi, especially Secre-
tary Tugade and Under-
secietary de I€o& for their
selfless consideration of
the plight of our commut-
els and motorcvcle rid-
ers," Royeca not"ed.