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Physics Test

Chapter 5a: Hooke's Law

Date: 27.02.2019 Duration: 30 min
1. A piece of elastic cord is 50 cm long. When it is stretched, its length increases to 62 cm. What is its
extension? [1]

2. State the Hooke's law in words. [2]

Write Hooke's law as an equation [1]

3. A spring has a spring constant k = 15 N/cm. What load is needed to produce an extension of 3 cm? [2]

4. A spring requires a load of 3 N to increase its length by 5.0 cm. The spring obeys Hooke's law. What load will
give it an extension of 10.0 cm? [2]
5. The diagrams show a steel spring and a graph of its length against the load applied to it.

What is the extension of the spring when a load of 20 N is applied to it? [2]

6. Objects with different masses are hung on a spring. The diagram shows how much the spring

The extension of the spring is directly proportional to the mass hung on it. What is the mass of
object M? [2]