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Nama : Fani Faletina, S.Pd

Satuan Pendidikan : SMKN 1 Gerung
Mata Pelajaran : bahasa inggris (Ap 1,2,3 )
Kelas/Semester : X/Ganjil
Tahun Pelajaran : 2018/2019

Level Bentu No
Kompetensi Dasar Materi Indikator Soal Kogn k Soal . Soal
3.3 Menganalisis fungsi social,  Daly 1. Siswa dapat 1 uraian 4
struktur teks dan unsur routine membuat dan
kebahasaan teks interaksi menceritakan
transaksional yang rutinitas sehari
melibatkan tindakan hari dalam bentuk
memberi dan meminta paragraf (50-100
informasi terkait kata)
kegiatan/tugas-tugas rutin
sederhana (simple routine
tasks) sesuai dengan
konteks penggunaan
didunia kerja.
3.1 Menganalisis fungsi Possessive 1. Menyedi 1 Uraian 1
sosial, struktur teks, dan pronoun akan sebuah
unsur kebahasaan teks Talking paragraf
interaksi transaksional lisan about self rumpang tentang
dan tulis yang melibatkan personal
tindakan memberi dan pronoun dengan 2
meminta informasi terkait jati benar.
2. Menyedi
diri dan hubungan keluarga,
akan sebuah teks
sesuai dengan konteks
dan menjawab
penggunaannya. (Perhatikan
unsur kebahasaan pronoun:
subjective, objective,
teks tentang
4.1 Menyusun teks interaksi
dengan benar.
transaksional lisan dan tulis
pendek dan sederhana yang
melibatkan tindakan memberi
dan meminta informasi terkait
jati diri, dengan
memperhatikan fungsi sosial,
struktur teks, dan unsur
kebahasaan yang benar dan
sesuai konteks
Congratula Peserta didik 5
3.2 Menganalisis fungsi
tion membiasakan
sosial, struktur teks, dan
unsur kebahasaan teks
ucapan selamat
interaksi interpersonal
sesuai dengan
lisan dan tulis yang
melibatkan tindakan
memberikan ucapan
selamat bersayap
(extended), dan
responnya, sesuai dengan
konteks penggunaannya.

4.2Menyusun teks interaksi

interpersonal lisan dan tulis
sederhana yang melibatkan
tindakan memberikan
ucapan selamat bersayap
(extended), dan responnya
dengan memperhatikan
fungsi sosial, struktur teks,
dan unsur kebahasaan
yang benar dan sesuai
Simple 2. Siswa 1 uraian 3
3.6 Menganalisis fungsi
present dapat melengkapi
sosial, struktur teks, dan
tense kalimat rumpang
unsur kebahasaan teks
tentang simple
interaksi transaksional lisan
dan tulis yang melibatkan present dengan
tindakan memberi dan
meminta informasi terkait
keadaan/tindakan/ kegiatan/
kejadian yang
dilakukan/terjadi di waktu
lampau yang merujuk waktu
terjadinya dan
kesudahannya, sesuai
dengan konteks
penggunaannya. (Perhatikan
unsur kebahasaan simple
present tense vs present
perfect tense)

1. Fill in the blank with the correct pronoun

We visit the new planetarium in the city. When we get there, a man showed ......(a) where
to leave our coats and backpacks. A special guide explains the tour to us. I learn many new
things. For example, I didn’t know our solar system was so big. We count many moons around
some of the planets. Toward the end of the tour, the guide invite me to visit the planetarium
again. I will definitely come back someday. (b)....... collect Our things and go back to school. I
ask friends to name a favorite planet. Mine is Saturn because of .......(c) many rings. The
teacher wants us to do reports on the planets. I want to report on the planet Saturn, but so does
Aquil. We decide to work together on the report. We want to talk about Titan, one of Saturn’s
biggest moons. We were interested in this moon, because Titan is the biggest moon, bigger than
the planet Mercury!

Read the text carefully, then answer the questions below

Good morning all.

On this occasion, allow me to make an introduction about who I am. My name is Dea Amanda. I
am the first of three children. I was born in Surakarta, 15 Juli 1990. Currently, my family and I
live in Jalan Mawar Merah number 25, Surakarta.Central java

Speaking of hobby, I have a musical hobby. I can play guitar since 4th grade and now I have
created 4 songs. Because of my love of music, I have a dream to make a band and will
share stage with Armada. Hopefully my dream can come true.

I have 2 siblings who are still in elementary school. My sisters’ name is Doni and Didi. They’re
twins. As a first child, I have to guide my siblings to grow well. My father works for a prominent
contractor that made him too busy, and my mother works in the hospital that also made her busy
enough to take care of us. So, as the eldest sister, I have to keep them well.Mmm … I guess
please enjoy one of my song before you leave this auditorium. Thank you very much for your
attention. I would like to express my gratitude

2. a. Where is the writer talk about herself?

b. Why does she tell about her self for others?

3. Put the verbs in the bracket with the correct present form!
Library is very important for students,The good students will use of the library for help
them.There are many books in library, but Don’t let the book just stay in the rack.Like my
friend,His name is Angga. He (like) ………… at the library in free time. Angga (read) …………
many kinds of book.He and his friends (discuss) …………the new issues happend in the
world.The topic.......(be) very interesting.Not only throw the time for nothing,if you... ...(come)
in the library ,you will get some information and you can talk about how amazing the world
.The librarian ....(serve)what do you need.You...(not feel) difficult to censentrate in the library
because the situation ...(make) you enjoyed.The librarian ....(not give) you punishment if you
forget to return the book but just only remember you for it.
4. Write a paragraph about what you usually do on sunday in 100-150 words.
5. Hou do you congratulate someone based on these situations. Choose on of them!
a. Your friend won a wrting novel competition
b. Your friend got a scholarship

The key word (1-5)

1. a. Us
b he
c them
2. a. at her school hall/at her school auditorium
b her friends want to know about her
3. a. likes
b. reads
c. are
d. is
e. comes
f. do not
g. makes
h. does not?doesn’t
4. let me tell you about my activity on Sunday, Sunday is great day to spend time with your
family and friends. I always wake up early in the morning although on Sunday.because Sunday
is wonderfull day to express my feeling. I ussually wake up at 05.00 am in the morning. And
after that i go to bath room and take wudhu and pray subuh. ...........(as an example by me )
5. there are some answer from me
a. Congratulation on your win
b I would like to congratulate you for your winning
c You are the champion, congratulations


Skor 4 : jika Jawaban sesuai kunci jawaban dan ada pengembangan
Skor 3 : jika jawaban sesuai kunci jawaban
Skor 2 : jika jawaban kurang sesuai dengan kunci jawaban
Skor 1 : jika jawaban tidak sesuai dengan kunci jawaban

Contoh Pengolahan Nilai

Ju mla h sk∨ ¿Skor x 100
Sk∨ma ksimal

1 0 x 100=83,33
Nilai =
No. soal
1 3 Nilai =
2 2
3 2
4 4
5 1
Jumlah skor 12
Skor maksimal 10