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Black Coffee Words & Music by Paul Fr uA Medium slow y Paul Francis Webster & Sonny Burke (0-73) m feel - in’ migh - ty lone-some, have-n’t slept a — wink; ' talk -in’ to the sha-dows, one o’ clock to four; Ang c walk the floor and watch the door, and in be-tween | drinkblack cof-fee,— Lord how slow the mo-ments go,—when all | do is pourblack cof-fee.— Gv An? —3— 3 ; Zt r Since my gal went a - way.———— My nerves have gone to pie - ces, Love's a sor-ry af - fair. 1 know where all the blues are, rn I2. ' y 6 y ; 0 and my hair’s_turn-in’ grey.—____2. I'm ‘cos ba-by I've been there.- 6 e Cm Gm Now a man is born to love a — wo-man,— Te ‘coo gs 89s eter Ms Compa Sd Masi Crain, USA “ha sc cing Conny teu Gea Poa Sanden WG) ‘| Mase rbhng Lint ec os, 67 ag Se ocen SHE Go. "hs aranemen © ooh 9 8M ai Ring nts are o ae eal ‘a cele wren coin See Cm An?) prt G Bon? pb? work and slave to pay her debts; And, just be-cause he’s on - ly & Ben?” By An?” 3; - hu-man,— To drown his past re-grets in cof-fee and ci-gar-ettes!_ tm Ge moon - in’ all the —morn-in’ and —mourn-in’ all the night; And in be-tween it’s ni-co-tine- and not much heart to fight black cof -fee.— 3 Feel - in’ low as can be. It's driv-in’ me cra- zy, this An?” y 6 wait-in’ for my ba-by to may-be come a - round. 24