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The Search:

Aishwariya Rai talked about it – a vacuum in her

heart! She told the press once, “You know, as Miss
World, I was suddenly exposed to so much that after
that year was over, there was a vacuum!” (The Times
of India, 20 October, 1999).  Holly Madison, who
spent seven years of her life as one of the many

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girlfriends/sexual partners of Hugh Hefner, the

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founder of the pornographic Playboy magazine, in the
Playboy Mansion, confessed to People magazine this:
“It was a constant struggle. I was trying to sell this
image of ‘Oh everything is so great here,’ but I was
miserable inside.” (, 12 May 2016 post).

Have you felt the same vacuum in your heart?  Think
of the nights you hit the bed and stared into the
ceiling and asked the question, “Is that all there is
to life?” You may walk with a spring in your step.
You invariably flash a beaming smile. Your eyes

may sparkle. But deep down inside you are perhaps

Bollywood Actress Manisha Koirala admitted this

when she said: “I started questioning my life,

questioning this endless process of getting up, putting
on make-up, going for shoots and coming back
tired…” (Open, 9 July 2017). There is a universal
feeling that “life means more”. Life surely means more
than growing up, studying, finding a job, getting
married, having kids, becoming a grandpa and

dying. Human beings are constantly on the hunt to
discover that ‘something is more to life’.

If you are sincerely searching for the meaning,

purpose and joy in your life, here is a promise for you
from the God of the Bible: Yes, when you get serious
about finding me and want it more than anything else,
I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed (Jeremiah
29:11, The Bible, MSG).

The Surprise: Dr. Duke Jeyaraj

I translated into English a moving song from the movie
Mahanati (Telugu)/Nadigaiyar Thilagam (Tamil) One statement which Savitri made to her husband
on the life of the 1950s and 1960s actress Savitri Gemini Ganesan (played by Dulquer Salmaan) when
which released in the early part of 2018 with Keerthi she caught him red-handed committing adultery, in
Suresh playing the lead. The song is titled, Chivaraku the course of this movie particularly illustrated the
Migiledi (Telugu)/ Irudhiyil Enna Enjum (Tamil). Here truth that I learnt from the Bible book of Ecclesiastes
is an excerpt: and Jesus’ conversation with the sex-with-different-
men chasing Samaritan Woman found in John 4 of
When I was born there was a struggle (my father died the Bible (we will come to this later): “I was a fool to
prematurely) imagine a sexual thirst that did not abate post your
When I am about to die still in my forties (with relationship with Alamelu akka (Gemini Ganesan’s
deception by the love of my life and addiction to first wife), Pushpavalli (Gemini Ganesan’s mistress)
alcohol speeding this process), there is a struggle would abate following a sexual relationship and
Between these two events there is a small celebration marriage with me!”
(I became famous in the movie world! Yes, people
wanted my autograph! Yes, people wanted to be A comment (left in the first week on June 2018 by a
around me! Yes, people said, you are the most certain Abhishek Vaidya) on YouTube video of the
beautiful woman in the world who can also act above-quoted movie song in Tamil which went this
amazingly well!!) way: “This song suits every human in this world!”
At the end, it was all a big disappointment!!!! Savitri’s search for serenity isn’t a solo search!

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We too are searching because of a vacuum in our one of us were in the mind of God originally, before
hearts as well. the world began, before our parents got together (Eph.
1:4-5, The Bible). Yes, the God of the universe was
The Bible explains why we have such emptiness in our dreaming about each of us! That’s how we originated.
hearts in the first place. It is because of two reasons Then, this God sent us into the wombs of our mothers
(according to the Bible): Sin and Satan. That vacuum (during a chosen time post their coming together with
in the heart originated because we try to fill that our fathers).
emptiness without God, who alone can give us real
and ultimate enjoyment (Ecclesiastes 2:25, The Bible).
“Life under the sun will be meaningless and futile until
The Surrender:
we make a living relationship with the one above the Let’s look at a true and memorable-to-Indians Cricket
sun – God!” (This is how Selwyn Hughes summarized story which will help us to understand why Jesus Christ
the message of Ecclesiastes – one of the 66 books that came into this world. Virat Kohli had just gotten out
the Bible is a library of). Pascal put it precisely: “There as Tillakaratne Dilshan took a brilliant return catch.
is a God-shaped vacuum in our heart and only God Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar were already
can fill it!” (as Savitri and each one has experienced)! in the pavilion. 161 runs were still needed by India.
That God-shaped vacuum entered our souls because They had to score them in 170 balls. That was the
of sin, the Bible explains (Isaiah 57:20,21, The equation. It was the 22nd over. The Indians were in
Bible). This is a true account of what sin does to the a tight situation in the ODI World Cup final at the
human heart and soul: “Take account, Eternal One, packed Wankhade stadium in Mumbai, on 2nd April
of me; how miserable I am. My belly growls and 2011. India was in the danger of losing the game.
turns; My heart is wrung out like a rag; my faults and Then someone spoke up. “I will go in. Though it is
failings are to blame because I have been rebellious” not my turn to. Just give me a bat!” It was the Indian
(Lamentations 1:20, The Voice Bible). captain. It was Mahendra Singh Dhoni speaking.

The vacuum in every human heart entered because of The world is in trouble. You and I are heading to
Satan, the Bible teaches. eternal, ever-burning hell, along with everyone else.
“I will go in to save the
Satan was originally an world, Father! Just give me
angel in God’s presence a body to clothe my eternal
once upon a time, ages spirit. I will get into Mary’s
past. But he fell into the womb!” So said the ever-
sin of pride (Ezek. 28:12- existing Jesus Christ possibly
17; Isa. 14:13-15, The in a planning meeting in
Bible). God decided the heavens dated eternity
to make his free-will past. Then, over 2000 years
permanent and send ago, Jesus executed what
him to Hell. Hell was was decided in that meeting.
originally created by God He entered the womb of the
for the Devil and other virgin Mary. Thus happened
angels who also decided the first ever Christmas (This
to copy the Devil, the Savitri’s search for serenity was not a solo search! paragraph is based on
Bible declares (Mathew the Bible passage found in
25:41, The Bible). It is the Devil who brings about an Hebrews 10:5-8 air-brushed with creativity).
endless restlessness and vacuum in our being as he is
in that very state, being the first sinner in the universe India became the first team to win the One Day
and ever-seeking to make everyone sin. In the Bible, International Cricket World Cup at home that day,
Jesus pointed out that he wanders around desperately thanks to Dhoni’s daring voluntary act. You and I have
looking for a place to rest (Mathew 12:43, The Bible). the only way of being saved from going to hell and
The restless Devil brings in restlessness and void in finding purpose in life because of Jesus’ sacrificial,
your heart and, if given room, he can push you to self- voluntary act that resulted in the first Christmas. Is there
destructive habits like smoking, porn-watching, having a connection between the first Christmas and the 2018
sex outside of marriage, fit of rage, use of profanity, Bollywood Movie Badhaai Ho? In this movie a woman
etc. (See Mark 5:5, The Bible). He can do the same in their late forties/early fifties becomes pregnant
with anyone who will cooperate with sin. The Devil will following a night of sexual passion which started with
make our lives a living hell and eventually take us to a her husband reading out a love poem he wrote for her.
literal hell, if we do not repent and come to Christ. The ‘Her beloved Nakul (played by Ayushmann Khurrana)
Bible also warns that Satan will ultimately take us to is the most torn. How can he imagine his parents
the lake of burning sulfur where worms would feast on doing it?’ (Raja Sen, Hindustan Times, 20 October
its ever-conscious human residents which Jesus called 2018 post). The unique thing about the first Christmas
as Hell where the Devil also will reside forever (Mark was this: Mary became pregnant before she had any
9:48; John 8:34: Revelation 21:8; The Bible). sexual union with the man she was engaged to be
married to. Yes, Jesus was born to a virgin. No one in
We weren’t created however to go to hell (John
whole wide world was born in the ultra unique way
3:17, The Bible). We were created to have fellowship
like Jesus was!
with God himself and have a living, daily, deep,
relationship with Him – the only thing that can give It was a heart-stopping event that captured the talk
us a “glorious” and “beyond-words” joy and eternal of the then-world. The day was September 5, 1986.
pleasures forever more (Psa. 16:11; I Pet. 1:8). Every Neerja Bhanot was the head-turning head purser of

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Pan Am Flight 73 to New York from Mumbai. Just the abdomen, the shoulder and on her arm (her dad
22 years of age was this gutsy beauty. She was to writes). Around 20 passengers died and 120 were
celebrate her birthday on September 7th. injured in the mayhem unleashed by the terrorists.
Neerja too died. But not before rescuing those children
Enroute to New York, this flight was to stop at the and many other passengers.
Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, Pakistan and
later in Frankfurt, Germany. It was around 4:30 a.m. What Neerja did on that dramatic day typifies what
when the flight landed in Karachi. What was a stop Jesus did for us on the cross of calvary in an imperfect
for re-fueling became a spot for terrorist-boarding! way. Just as Neerja chose the safety of the still-inside-
the-flight children before the chute-escape, Jesus
This is what happened: Four Palestinian terrorists Christ, the only God-in-flesh, chose to love and save
menacingly came towards the flight dressed in airport you and me, instead of escaping the cruel cross – the
security uniforms. As the flight’s door was opened only way that was available for our salvation. Jesus’
in the business class side, these terrorists managed disciple, Peter, suggested that Jesus skip the cross –
to enter the flight even as the last passengers from the cruel punishment that was reserved for the worst
Karachi were boarding. They carried submachine guns of scoundrels of that time – some two thousand years
and grenades. ago (Matthew 16:22-28, The Bible). Yet, Jesus chose
to march towards Jerusalem to be crucified on a cross,
For the next seventeen hours, the plane stood in the
the Bible, God’s Word in human words,
airport under the control of the armed terrorists –
records (Luke 9:51).
“emotionally surcharged burly terrorists” (as Neerja’s
dad, a journalist, would write later on). That’s when Yes, Jesus Christ died a cruel death for each one of
Neerja, the senior-most flight official inside the plane, us when we were still sinners and far away from him,
stayed cool, calm and collected. enjoying the temporary pleasures of sin, the Bible
teaches (Hebrews 11:25; Romans 5:8, The Bible).
After the power inside the flight failed because of fuel
The punishment that brings us peace was upon him
exhaustion, the flight was plunged into darkness with
when he hung on the cross, the Bible declares (Isaiah
the hijack drama entering
53:5, The Bible). Our backs
the seventeenth hour
should have been whipped
having begun early in the
as a punishment for the
morning. That’s when the
sins of our body – be that
terrorists themselves got
compulsive over-eating
terrorized, knowing the
or masturbation coupled
Pakistani forces inside
with porn-watching or any
the airport could now
other sin (through wrong
engage them in combat at
attitudes or through wrong
any second. They started
action). But Jesus took that
shooting the passengers
punishment upon his own
and hurling hand
back. Strong-armed Tiger
grenades indiscriminately.
Shroff-like Roman Soldiers
Their plan – it was very
whipped Jesus’ back with
clear – was to kill as many
leather belts that had broken
passengers as possible.
bone and nail pieces embedded on them. As a result,
That’s when Neerja swung into action and flung open his back was lacerated and looked like a plowed
one of the emergency doors of the flight. She could field, in accordance to a Bible prophecy – just one of
have easily been the very first to exit the plane by over 110 major prophecies that Jesus fulfilled during
rolling out of the ballooning slanting cushion from his earthly life (Micah 3:12, The Bible). He loves us
the plane to the ground (the chute). But instead of so very madly that he himself took upon his body, the
choosing the chute she chose to help children – three punishment for our sins meant for our body
of them. Yes, she bravely chose to stay back guiding (I Peter 2:24, the Bible).
frantic and ducking passengers to that emergency exit.
Because Jesus Christ is 100% God (Titus 2:13, The
Neerja used her body to shield three children inside
Bible) who in turn is beyond the dimension of time,
the flight even as she guided them to the exit door’s
he could die for all humans of all times. Because He
chute. She received atleast three bullet wounds – on
is 100% human (Acts 17:31, The Bible) (even while
he was 100% God), he could become the substitute
for every human being. As the Bible puts it, “Jesus
loved us and gave himself for us” (Galatians 2:20, The
Bible). No one could have loved us the way Jesus did!
No one loves us the way Jesus does. And what is more
- Jesus came back to life, a feat that points to the fact
that he is God and he is above everyone in the long
line of self-proclaimed gods, so records
the Bible (Romans 1:4).

The only cure for the vacuum in your heart problem

is to leave your life of sin and believe in Jesus Christ.
That is to turn away from sin and turn to Jesus in sweet
Flight Attendant Neerja’s sacrifice is an imperfect picture
surrender. This is what the Bible teaches. U-Turn was
of the Cross of Christ

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an Indian thriller movie released in 2018 starring repent. Don’t be so sure! Jesus talked about the wife
Samantha Akkineni. When we take a U-turn in our of a man called Lot who did not have lots of time to
sin-filled life journey and get back to the ancient repent in the Bible (Luke 17:32). She turned into a salt
path called Jesus, we will find rest for our souls, the shaft and suddenly died when she wanted to take one
Bible asserts (Jeremiah 6:16). The Bible calls this as last look at sin! It is never too early to come to Christ.
“repentance.” Jesus preached repentance. He said, But at any moment, it can be too late because there
“Unless you repent you too will all perish!” (Luke 13:5, is no salvation after death or after Jesus returns the
The Bible). Jesus narrated an incident in which a rich second time to judge everyone, as the Bible reveals (in
man who did not “repent” going on to experience Hebrews 9:27). So, we need to come to Jesus Christ,
terrible “torment” in hell (Luke 16:28-30, The Bible). swiftly, right now! If we uncovered our sins to Jesus
and confessed them to Him with a repentant heart, our
The Selection: sins will be covered when he comes back the second
time to judge the world, thanks to His shed blood on
Apple or android: which one do I use when it comes
the cross of Calvary, the Bible teaches (I John 1:9, The
to the phones? Subway or Saravana Bhavan: where
Bible). But, on the other hand, if we cover-up our sins
do I eat in, when it comes to restaurants? Amazon or
now and act as if we have not sinned, then, on the
Flipkart: on which website do I shop? Oh, life is full of
great day of judgment, our sins will be made public
choices! You and I must make a choice about Jesus.
before the whole world much to our shame, leading us
Jesus is the only way to God (who in turn can plug to an eternal torment in hell. This is the teaching of the
the vacuum in our hearts) (John 14:6, The Bible). Bible (Proverbs 28:13; Romans 2:5;
Salvation is found in no one else apart from the Name Revelation 21:7-8).
of Jesus (Acts 4:12, The Bible). You must make a So, come to Christ, with a simple faith – even if we
choice about Jesus (I Kings 18:21; Josh. 24:15, The may never fully understand all about him – that he died
Bible). You can call Jesus the biggest liar who ever and rose to take away the blankness in your bosom,
lived. Or you can call him a nut-loose – a lunatic. Or right now without any delay! Peace amidst the storm
you can call him the Lord - the only Savior of your soul will be yours when you are under Jesus’ wings – when
and invite him into you have an ever-warm relationship
your heart and life. with Him (Luke 19:42, The Bible).
But you have no way
of getting around his By praying this prayer with all your
claims to say, “Jesus heart, you can invite Jesus into your
was one of the good heart and life and see the vacuum
men who lived in the in your heart go away:
earth.” In fact, if you
call Jesus as one of Dear Jesus, I am a sinner. I
the many good men acknowledge that the vacuum in
or god men of this my heart is because I have sinned
world, you are in- against you. Please forgive me. I
effect, calling him a repent of my sins – sins of attitude
liar. You must select and of action. Thank you for dying
one of those options. Don’t be like the Belgium team of Russia 2018 when it for me on that hill and rising up
He can’t be a liar. He comes to salvation matters! again. Cleanse me with the sinless,
was sinless, the Bible precious blood that you voluntarily
records. He couldn’t be a lunatic. He did not giggle shed for me! I promise to live for you – with God the
in glee like a madman when he was hammered on Holy Spirit, helping me out. So be it!”
the cross – did you notice? That leaves us with just
You can read more writings like this by the author of
one option: he is the only Way to Heaven; the only
this piece, Dr. Duke Jeyaraj, an engineer turned full-
Way to fulfillment and purpose in life. He categorically
time Bible Truth presenter who once worked with the
stated in the Bible, “For unless you believe that I am
HSBC Group by visiting www.purposeSPOT.blogSPOT.
who I say I am, you will die (which ultimately means
com. If you have questions and clarifications, please
to be cast in the lake of burning sulfur to be tormented
feel free to email them to the author via emailduke@
forever) in your sins!” (John 8:24, Revelation 21:7-8 or After
The Bible).
having REPENTED from sin and BELIEVED on Christ,

The Swiftness: spurred on by your oozing love for him, delightfully

and diligently take time to 1) CHEW on the Bible.
“Belgium came back from two goals down to win To read the Bible you could download the free ESV
an extraordinary game versus Japan, and a place in Bible App onto your Smartphone. 2) CHAT with Christ
the quarter-finals, with two seconds of stoppage time in prayer. 3) CHECK into a local Bible-believing,
to play” – those are Simon Burnton’s words for The Holy Spirit-led church. 4) CHAMPION Christ’s cause
Guardian on 2 July 2018 on the most exciting game through your life and lips.
of the 2018 Football World Cup in Russia; Some of us
want to wait till the proverbial “last two seconds” of This write-up is for private circulation only. Sarah
our life to come to Jesus with a repentant heart! That’s Angileen’s picture is on the cover page and is used
not a good idea! post permission. Text editing was done by Hepsibah
Paul. This tract was designed by Ravi K. Alamothu.
We might think we have lots of time to make a choice This pamphlet was printed at the Caxton Printers,
about Jesus. We might think we have plenty of time to Hyderabad.

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