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1940 R
THIS GUIDE i~ issued by The Grand .Chu~,- H.P. * Cmp Cdl. (C.H. rss, drws swd
ter of the State of New York and I~ tur-
nished subject to the following conditloiis:
First:~ It is not to be copied in whole or
I & sits.)
C.H. E.H.P.
H.P. OraCoRAM.
C.H. Off tk yr resp Sta. Cmps b cl.
E.H.P., a C o R A M is dly or.
H.P. AraprRAM?
Second: It is not to be loaned or given to C.H. I wl asc & rpt. Cmp P.S., asc if a
any other than a Royal Arch Mason in good pronthsthsdothTbarRAM.Cmp
standing. R.A.C., asc if a pr on th nth sd o th Tb ar
Third: When not in use it must be kept ( Th two Off tk up thPbgng atthE&dwnt
thW.(Pnttkn fmOff.) Thy meet inthW&goup
under lock and key. dbl fi t thr Sta.)
(If either offzcer I~nds anyone present unable to give pass
correctly the following course u pursued
Fourth: It must not be used publicly and Off Comp C H, a gentleman without the pass
C H. Cause the gentleman to rise, (done) Can any Corn.
should not be used in open chapter. i)anton present vouch for the gentleman? (if pro perlv ~‘ouched
for) Invest the Companion with the pass and receive it from
bun (done) (if not properly ?,ouched for, he is conducted to
Acceptance of this book will be consid- the onte-roonz, by direction of H.P., for exa,ni,iation

ered as your agreement to observe above R.A.C. Cnip C.H., a pr on th nth sd o

conditions. P.S. Cmp C.H., a pr Ofl th sth sd o th
Committee on Rituals Tb ar R A M.
Cdl. E.H.P., a pr ar R A M.
H.P. Is thr a suf nm pr t opn a C o
R A M?
H.P. * (R.A.C. & MV8 seated.) Ar y a
C.H. Thr ar t t t. RAM?
H.P. Se tha th cmps ar in ord a~ It A M. CM. ~
C.H. Cmps,b in ord as HA £~1. (Done.) H.P. HwshllknytbaR AM?
E.H.P., th cmps ar in ord as H A M. C.H. By t t t.
H.P. *WhnaCoRAMisabttbopd, H.P. WhrwrymdaRAM?
wht bec yr fst dty?
C.H. Wthn a leg c & dly opd C oR A M,
C.H. To se tha th otr crts o th Tb ar asmbld in a p1 rpsg th Tb ercd by our anc
sec gd. bren nr th r o K S T.
H.P. Ar thy s? H.P. HwmnycomaCoRAM?
C.H. I wl snd & se. Cmp R.A.C., C.H. N o mr.
(R.A.C. & MVs rs & drw swds. R.A.C. H.P. Whn com o only n, wh ar thy?
sits.) C.H. Th E.H.P., K. & S.~ C.H., P.S. &
R.A.C. Cmp C.H. R.A.C.; & thr Ms o th Vs.
C.H. Se tha th otr crts o th Tb ar sec H.P. Whm d th fst thr rps?
gd & inf th Sntl tha th E.H.P. is abt t opn C.H. J, Z & H, ths thr anc wor wh com
a C o H A M; drc hm t tk du not thrf & lh fst G in Cn at J & hld thr mtgs in th Tb.
gd ac. H.P. Whm d th last thr rps?
R.A.C. (Goes t dr, MVs sit as he C.H. Ths thr o our anc bren wh dis &
passes.) * br t 1 th p s o ths deg, aftr thy hd lain b i d
Sntl. * fm th d o G M H A untl th erctn o th s T &
R.A.C. Cmp Sntl, I am drctd t inf y as a rwd fr thr v ls wr xltd t b th thr Ms o
tha th E.H.P. is abt t opn a C o H A M. Tk th Vs.
du not thrf & gd ac. (Cis dr.) *
H.P. Th M1V Sta?
Sntl. *** *4i* C.H. Wthn th fst V.
R.A.C. Cmp C.H., th otr crts o th Tb
H.P. ** Cmp M1V (M1V stps out &
ar sec gd. sits.)
C.H. E.H.P., th Tb is sec.
M1V. • E.H.P. ths clrs, t shw th I cnnctn tha xsts btwn
H.P. Yr dty? th M M deg & th H R A.
M1V. To gd th fst V & adm nu wtht H.P. Th M3V Sta?
th P. M2V. Wthn th thd V.
H.P. Wht is th P? H.P. Cmp M3V. (M3V stps out & sits.)
** * * *
M1V. M3V. E.H.P.
H.P. Th dr o yr b? H.P. Yr dty?
M1V.. M3V. To gd th thd V & adm nn wtht
th wds & s o th M2V.
M1V. F, wch is th pclr chstc o a M M. H.P. Wht ar hs wds?
H.P. Th M2V Sta? M3V. **&*
MIV. Wthn th sec V. H.P. Whtishss?
H.P. Cmp M2V (M2V stps out & sits.) M3V. AnimtothagvnbthLuntM
M2V. E.H.P. whn he cmnd hm t pt hs hnd mt hs b.
H.P. Yr dty? H.P. Th dr o yr b?
M2V. To gd th sec V & adm nn wtht th M3V.
wds & s o th M1V. H.P. Wht ds it dnt?
H.P. Whtarhswds? M3V. Tha f & z wch shd evr a al
M2V. ~ RAM.
H.P. Wht is hs s? H.P. Th R.A.C. Sta?
M2V. An imt o tha gvn by th.L unt M M3V. Wthn th Sc.
whn he cmnd hm t cst hs r on th g. H.P.
.3, sits.) Cmp R.A.C. (R.A.C. stps out &
h.P. Thclroyrb?
M2V. R.A.C. E.H.P.
H.P. Wht ds it dnt? H.P. Yr dty?
M2V. U,&bngcomoadumxtob& R.A.C. To gd th Sc & adm nn wtht th
s, is plcd btwn th fst & thd Vs, wch ar o wds, s & sg o th M3V.
6 7

H.P. Wht ar hs wds? H.P. Cmp CM. (C.H. sits.)

R.A.C. **&~ C.H. E.H.P.
H.P. Whtishss?
H.P. Yr dty?
R.A.C. An imt o tha gvn by th L unt C.H. Toobythcmndsomc,tbnrat
M whn he cmnd hm tp w upon th dl. h t xct hs ords, t intrdc strs amg th wkmn
H.P. Wht is hs sg? & t se tha th otr crts o th Tb ar sec gd.
R.A.C. Tha o Z, or t. H.P. ThS.Sta?
H.P~. Thclroyrb? C.H. On th 1 o th E.H.P.
H.P. Hs dty?
H.P. Wht ds it dnt? C.H. To ast th E.H.P. in th dis o hs dts
R.A.C. Tha p o h & r o c wch ar essntl & in hs abs&thaothK.,tprsovrthC.
t gn admn mt th S S,or H o Hs. H.P. Th K. Sta?
H.P. Wht d th four bs rps? C.H. Onth rothE.H.P.
R.A.C. Ths bin thru th w by th four p H.P. Hs dty?
trbs o th C o I, nmly: J, R, E & D, mblm C.H. To ast th E.H.P. in th dis o hs
rpsg th s o th 1, th i o m, th p o th o & th dts & in hs abs, t prs ovr th C.
so the. H.P. Th E.H.P. Sta?
H.P. ThP.S.Sta? C.H. In th E o th Sc.
R.A.C. On th 1 o th Cn. H.P. Hs dty?
H.P. Cmp P.S. (P.S. ems t s oF.) C.H. To prs ovr & gv th C wth f, t o in
P.S. E.H.P. A th Tb, t rd & e th law t hs cmps & t ofr up
H.P. Yr dty? th i o a p & c h t th G * *
P.S. To brng th b by a w tha thy knew H.P. Cmp C.H., se tha th cmps ar
nt, t ld thin in plhs tha thy’ hv nt knwn, t in du fm fr our dvs.
mk d I bfr thin, & ckd t s. C.H. Cmps, fm in pro in two fis on th
H.P. Th C.H. Sta? nth sd o th Tb, fcg th E. (C.H. hds ift fi,
P.S. OnthrothCn. R.A.C. hds rt fi.) Frd. Mch. Hlt. Inw fc.
8 9
(C.H. drets cmps t dress t th E.) I(n on th t t t. (Done.) Rs th A. (Done.) Gv th wd
rt k. Fm a c wth th r h ovr th I a. (C.H. & ith A. (Done.) Bat t t t. (Done.) Th Cn
sits H.P. wth hs swd.) E.H.P., th emps ar wi rtn. Cmp C.H., it is my ord tha th C b
in du fm fr our dvs & awt yr pr. (C.H. nw opd.
rtns swd & tks p1 kng in th in.) C.H. (In th entr, fcg th W, swd at a
H.P. Th Cn wl dscd. carry.) Cmps, it is th ord o th E.H.P. tha
C,No. oRAM,bnwopd&
PRAYER std opn fr th tins o sch bus as rn r & c b br
Direct us, 0 Lord, in these and all our bi~r it. Tk du not thrf & gv yr ac. (At hs
doings with Thy most gracious favor, and Sta.) Cinp P.S., atd at th alt. (Opn B at
further us with Thy continual help; that Ezra, I. Done.)
in all our works, begun, continued and H.P. Cmps, atd t gvg th ss, ob th E.
ended in Thee, we may glorify Thy Holy (Done.) Thn ~ ~ ~ Cmps, in th
Name and finally, by Thy mercy, obtain Nm o th G * I nw dcl th C dly opn. Cmp

everlasting life. Amen. C.H., inf th Sntl.

All. So mt it b. C.H. Cmp R.A.C., inf th Sntl.
H.P. Cmps, bl t t t, tkg tm fm th E. R.A.C. (To dr, bck o in.) *******
Rise. Sntl. *~* *** *
(An opng ODE may nw b sung.) R.A.C. (Opns dr.) Cmp Sntl, th C is
H.P. Cmp C.H., se tha th cmps fm in dly opn. (Cis dr.) (R.A.C. bek o in t Sta.)
grps o thr, fr th prps o rsg th R A. Cmp C.H., th Sntl is inf.
C.H. E.H.P., th Sntl is inf.
C.H. Cmps, fm in grps o thr, fr th C.H.&R.A.C. i Sta in ih W, sngl /1. MVs sit as
prps o rsg th R A, cmncg wth th Vs. thy pass.)
(Done.) E.H.P., th grps ar find. H.P. *
H.P. Cmps, rpt a me: A w t d a - H.P. Cmp C.H., (C.H. ems t s o F.) asc
p1 a u t sw t s; a w t d a i p1 a u t s
- - - if any cands ar in wtg, thr nms & fr wht
w t k; s w t d n a i p 1 a u t r t R A. Bat
- - deg?
10 11
CII. Cmp R.A.C., (R.A.C. alps in I mt M:) Cmps, Bros A & B ar in wtg t rec th
o, & fcs C.H. at hs Sta in th W; ails wth ha deg o M E M, thy hvg md suit prof in th
swd.) asc if any cands ar in wtg, I:hr nins prec degs. If thr is no obi I shl cnfr th deg
& fr wht deg? upn thin. (Pause.) Thr bng no obj I wl
R.A.C. **4i *** proceed.*
Sntl. * H.P. (If cands in wIg fr th deg o R A
R.A.C. (Opns dr & goes out. Snti hnds M:) Cinps, Bros A, B & C ar in wtg t rec
hm card with full nms o cands & deg fr th deg o R A M, thy hvg md suit prof in th
wch th~y ar in~ wtg. R.A.C. rtns carrying prec degs, thr ms hvg bn rcrd & a cnstnl
card in ift hnd, sIps in frnt o C.H., sits tm hvng elpsd. If thr is no obj I shl cnfr
wth hs swd & hnds hm th card. C.H. drws th deg upn thin. (Pause.) Thr bng no obj
swd & he & R.A.C. proceed I th K, sngi /1, I wl proceed.*
MVs slIg. C.H. carrying card in hs ifI hnd, (If any o th L degs ar to be en/rd. 1 in ~h C inst
sits H.P., rtns swd & hnds card t H.P. b dspnsd uth.)
C.H. & R.A.C. 1k thr Sta in th E.)
H .P. (Rising & reading fm card. If DISPENSING WITH LABOR
cands in wtg fr deg o M M M:) H.P. ~ Cmps, I nwedcl 1 dspnsd wth
H.P. Cmps, Bros A & B ar in wtg t rec in th C fr th prps o opng a L o (M M M or
th deg o M M M, thy hvg bn dly elcd. If P M or M E M) fr w & instn. Cmp C.H.,
thr is no obj I shl cnfr th deg upn thin. inf th Sntl.
(Pause.).Thr bng no obj I wl proceed.*
C.H. Cmp P.S., atd at th alt. (P.S. brks
H.P. (If cand in wtg fr th deg o PM:) Ls.) Cinp R.A.C. inf th Sntl tha 1 is dspnsd
Cmps, Bro A is in wtg t rec th deg o P M, wth in th C fr th prps oopng a Lo (MM
he bng dly ql. If thr is no obj I shl cnfr th M or P M or M E M) fr w & instn.
deg upn hm. (Pause.) Thr bng no obj, I wl
proceed.* R.A.C. *** **~ *
H.P. (If cands in wtg fr deg o M E Sntl. *** *** *
12 13
R.A.C. (Opns dr.) Cmp S~tI, I am MMM
drctd t inf y tha us dspnsd wth in th C fr
th prps o opng a L ~ (M M M or P M or OPENING
M E M) fr w & instn. Cinp C.H., th Sntl
is inf. R.W.M. *BrO Mar., or a L o M M M.
C.H. E.H.P., th Sntl is inf. Mar. Off tk yr resp Sta & pls. Bren
H.P. ~.
b ci. R.W.M., a L o M~M M is dly or.
(Note~: Labor must be rsmd in th C at tr ech L R.W.M. * Bro S.W., ar a pr M M M?
deg.) S.W. AprarMMM.
RESUMING LABOR R.W.M. Se tha th bren ar in ord as
H.P. * Cinp C.H., rorg th C. MMM.
C.H. All blw th deg o R A M wl please S. W. Bren, b in ord as M M M. (Done.)
rtr. Off tk yr resp Sta. Cmps b cl. (Done.) R.W.M., th bren ar in ord as M M M.
E.H.P., th C is dly rorg. R.W.M. * BroJ.D.,whnaLoMMM
H.P. ~ Cmps, I nw dcl I rsmd in th is abt t b opd what bec yr fst dty?
C. Cmp C.H., inf th Sntl. J.D. To se tha th L is dly t.
C.H. Cmp P.S., atd at th alt. (Done.) R.W.M. Atd t tha dty & inf th T tha I
Cinp R.A.C., inf th Sntl tha 1 is rsmd in th am abt t opn a L o M M M; drc hin t tk
C. Drc hin t tk du not thrf & gd ac. du not thrf & t ac.
R.A.C. *
JD. *

SntI. *
R.A.C. Cinp SntI, I am drctd t inf y T. *
tha us rsmd in th C. Tk du not thrf & gd J.D. Bro T., I am drctd t inf y tha th
ac. (Cis dr.) ~ *~* * R.W.M. is abttopn a Lo MM M. Tkdu
S ntl. *
not thrf & t ac. (Cis. dr.) ~ *
R.A.C. Cmp C.H., th Sntl is inf. T. *** *
C.H. E.H.P., th Sntl is inf. J.D. R.W.M., th L is dly t.
H.P * R.W.M. 11w is th L t?
14 15
J.D. By a bro o ths deg wtht, a wth th R.W.M. Yr dty, Bro S.O. ?
ppr i o hs ofc. S.O. Toithwatthwg.
R.W.M. Hs dty thr ? R.W.M. Th M.O. Sta?
J.D. To ob th app o c & e & se tha S.O. Attheg.
nn p o r-p, exc sch as ar dly qi, & hv per R.W.M. Yr dty, Bro M.O.?
fin th R.W.M. M.O. Tofnshthiothwattheg.
R.W.M. Th J.D. p1 ?
R.W.M. * BroS.W.,aryaMMM?
M.O. AtthrothS.W.inthW.
S.W. I am, t in.
R.W.M. Yr dty, Bro J.D.?
R.W.M. Hwwlybt? J.D. To cr msg fin th S.W. in th W
S.W. Bythc&m. t th J.W. in th S & els abt th L as h in
R.W.M. Whbythc&m? drc; prep & pres cands, atd t a at th o d,
S.W. Bcs thy ar th ppr m i blg t ths rpt th sin t th R.W.M., als t se tha th
deg. L is dly t.
R.W.M. Whr wr y ind aMMM ? R.W.M. Th S.D. p1?
S.W. Inaj&dcLoM MM. J.D. At th r o th R.W.M. in th E.
R.W.M. Hw inny coin a LoMMM? R.W.M. Yr dty, Bro S.D.?
S.W. Fv o mr. S.D. To cr ords fin th R.W.M. in th
R.W.M. Whn coin o ei, wh ar thy? E t th S.W. in th W & els abt th L as
S.W. Th R.W.M., S & J. Ws., S. & J. h in drc; wlcm & cl vstg bren, atd t a
Ds., M., S. & J. Ovs. at th i d, als t r & c cands.
R.W.M. Th J.O. Sta? R.W.M. Th J.W. Sta?
S.W. At th s g. S.D. In th S.
R.W.M. ** Yr dty, Bro J.O. ? R.W.M. Yr dty in th 5, Bro J.W. ?
J.O. Toithwatthsg. J.W. To ob th Sn at in, wch is th
R.W.M. Th S.O. Sta? g & b o th d, ci th C fm 1 t r, sprntd thin
J.O. At th w g. drg th hs thrf, crfly t ob tha th inns o
16 17
r ar nt p t i or e & se tha thy rtn t thr I J.W. Bren, it is the ord o th R.W.M.,
in du ssn, tha th R.W.M. in rec h & thy p cmncd t me thru th S.W. in th W, tha a
& p thrby. L o M M M b nw opd & std opn fr w &
R.W.M. Th S.W. Sta ? instn. Tk du not thrf & gv y ac.
J.W. In th W. R.W.M. Bro S.D., atd at th alt. (Opn
R.W.M. Wh in th W, Bro. S.W. ? B at MatI XX. Done.) Bren, atd t gvg th ss,
S.W. Asth Sn is inthW at th cod, ob th E. (Ss fm E A t M M M, inc. Thn
stds th S.W.3in th W, t ast th R.W.M. * rptd by Wrdns.) I nw dcl th L dly

in 0 & c th L, p th C thr w, if any b du, opn; Bro J.D., inf th T.

tha nn in go awy d, hrm bng th s o all ins, JD. ~ *
espc ths o ours. T. ~ *

R.W.M. Th R.W.M. Sta? J.D. (Opns dr) Bro. T., th L is dly opn.
S.W. In th E. (Cis dr.) R.W.M., th T is inf.
R.W.M. Wh in the E? R.W.M. *
S.W. As th Sn rss in th E t opn &
gv th d, (R.W.M. gvs. ~ & rss.) s rss WORK
th R.W.M. in th E t o & g th L, st th C FIRST SECTION
at w, gvg thin ppr instns fr thr 1. R.W.M. Bro Mar., se tha th cand is
R.W.M. Bro. S.W., it is my ord tha a prep & pres. Bro S.D., acinpy hm.
L o M M M b nw opd & std opn fr w & Mar. (Goes down south sd o L; S.D.
instn. Ths y wi cmnc t th J.W. hi th S & crosses west o ait, & follows:) Bro J.D.,
he t th bren pr tha, hvg du not thrf, tlW in prep & pres th cand.
gv t ac. (Th J.D. retires thru inner dr., fid by S.D. Th
S.W. Bro J.W., it is th ord o th R.W.M. Mar. tks J.D. p1. Th cand is prep by bng d o all
mnys, c rmvd, bth sivs riled up, ci as F. C. Two
tha a L o M M M b nw opd & std opn fr bras, actng as c/mn, ar smrly prep. Ech c/mn is
w & instn. Ths y wi cmnc t th bren pr provided wth sq 5; cand is instd hw t carry &
pres k s. Whn ail is ready the S.D. gvs & Mar
tha, hvg du not thrf, thy in gv t ac.
tks pstn near inner dr, fcg east. The ~.W.M. gvs
* & th Ovs rise. Th Mar. opns th dr & gvs corn-
r S.O. Pres yr w (Tries it.) Ps on. (Thn
rgtand “Frd Mch”; Th in entrs & mchs up nth sd, to 2nd cfmn.) Pres yr w. (Tries it.) Ps
crossing est o alt t th s •q, in ths ord: 1st. Mar.; on. (Thn to cand.) Pres yr w. (Exmns
2nd S.D.; 3rd & 4th. C/mn; 5th. Cand. After
cand hs entrd, th J.D. cis dr & resumes hs p1.) with care, wtht sq, eye onty.) Is ths yr
S.D. (At s g.) * *
J.O. * Wh cins hr? S.D. (Behind cand.) It is nt.
S.D. Wkmn fin th qrs. S.O. Hwcmybyit?
S.D. I fnd it in th qrs & cncldg it
J.O. KPres yr w. (Tries it.) Ps on. (To dsgnd fr sin portion o th T br it up.
2nd cfmn.) Pres yr w. (Tries it.) Ps on.
(Thn I cand.) Pres yr w. (Exmns with S.O. (To cand.) Ar y a F.C.?
care, without sq, eye only.) Is ths yr w? Cand. I am, t in.
S.O. Gv me th P (Cand does so, at low
S.D. (Behind cand.) It is nt. brth. S.O. aftr trying w wth sq:) Ths
J.O. Hw cm y by it? is nthr a rg obl nor a sq, nor hs it th in
S.D. I fnd it in th qrs & cncldg it o any o th wkmn upn it, bt fr its sin fin
dsgnd fr sin portion a th T br it up. & bty I am u t r it & wl sfr it t ps t th
J.O. (To cand.) Ar y a F C? M.O. at th e g fr hs i. Ps on.
Cand. I am, t in. S.D. (At e g.) **
J.O. Gv in th P. (Cand does so, at M.O. *Whcmshr?
low brth.—J.O., aftr trying w wth sq:) S.D. Wkmn fm th qrs.
Ths is nthr a rg obl nor a sq, nor hs it M.O. Pres yr w (Tries & retains it.)
th in a any a th wkmn upn it, bt fr its Ps on. (1st cfmn tks seat east of M.O.)
sin fin & bty I am u t r it & wl sfr ~t t (To 2nd cfmn) Pres yr w. (Tries & re-
ps t th S.O. at th w g fr ns i. Ps on. tains it) Ps on (2nd cfmn tks seat east of
S.D. (At w g) ** M.O.) (To cand.) Pres yr w. (Exmns
S.O. * Wh cins hr? with care, eye only.) Is ths yr w?
S.D. Wkmn fin th qrs. S.D. (Behind cand.) It is nt.
20 21
M.O. 11w cm y by it? 3.0. Ltusrit&hltoamgthrb.
S.D. I fnd it in th qrs & cncldg it dsgnd M. & S.O. (Together.) Agrd.
fr sin portion o th T br it up. (S rjctd; Ovs rtn t Sta. Thy & cand ar seated.)
M.O. (To cand.) Ar y a R.W.NI. * Bro S.W., wht is th h?
Cand. Iam,t in. S.W. Thsxhothsxdothwk.
M.O. Gv me th P (Cand. does so at low .1 R.W.M. Rep t yr apt & p th cfmn thr
brth). Ths is nthr a rg obi nor a sq, nor w. Bro M.O., ths is th d & th h whn th
hs it th in o any o th wkmn upn it. Std cfmn shd rep t th apt o th S.W. & rec thr
asd, (P~s cand t hs rt) & I wi cl tgthr w. Gv yr ords ac.
my Bro Ovs & se wht dsp shi b ind o it. M.O. Cfmn, wh hv lty pres w fr i,
(S.D. & Mar. tk seats) Bro. Ovs, rep t th e rep t th apt o th S.W. & rec yr w.
g. (J.O. crosses rm & mkg rt tin mchs I th
R.W.M. Bro Mar., acinpy thin.
e g, fid by th S.O.) Bro J.O., dd ths pc o w
Mar. Cfmn, fin in sngl fi on th nth sd
ps yr ofc?
o th L, fcg th E. (Th cand in rear); Frd
J.O. It dd.
M.O. 11w came y t sfr it t ps?
(Line pcds t apt o $.W. & c/mn rec w, rtn & ar
J.O. Fritssinfm&btylwsutrit
seated. Cand szd.)
& sfrd it t ps t th S.O. at th w g fr hs i.
S.O. And I, fr sum rsns, sfrd it t p5 t S.W. An i! An i! Wht shi b dn wth
the g fr yr i. hm?
M.O. Ths is nthr a rg obi nor a st~, nor Mar.&S.D. Sohrh.
hs it th in o any o th wkmn upn it, nor d S.W. No! No! Lt j b tmprd wth in.
I k tha wch is upn it, (To J.O.) d y? He m b abl t ofr smthg in ext or jstn o
J.O. I d nt. hs o. Cndt hin t th R.W.M. fr hs d.
M.O. (To S.O.) Dy? (Cand tkn east, Mar. hldg rt a, S.D. if t a.)
S.O. I d nt. S.D. R.W.M., th S.W. hs dtctd, as he
M.O. Wht dspn shi w mk o it? sys, an i dmdg w nt hs du.
22 23
R.W.M. An i! by wht nin?. R.W.M. ~ Bren, th pres mmnt is in-
S.D. Mr (S.D. & Mar. step back tended t rps Ihe J.S. Fr in sx days G crtd
one pace.) th h & th e & rested th svnth day; th
R.W.M. Mr , I am srpd Lha almst svnth, thrfr, our anc bren cnscd as a day
yr fst act on entrg ths L is t dind w nt yr o rest fin thr labors, thrby enjyng fiqnt
du. Hv y anthg t ofr in ext or jstn o yr o? opprtnts t cntmplt th girs works o crtn
M.O. R.W.M., I rclt ths md as hvg & adr thr grt Crtr.
pres w at my ofc fr i. It ws by my ord
tha h”repd t’th apt o th S.W. t rec w. SABBATH ODE
I prsm it is rthr thru ig thn any evi intn (Tune: Old Hundred—G)
on hs prt tha h stds ths c bfr y; I kn hm
tbaF. C. Another six days’ work is done;
R.W.M. Ar y a F.C.? Another Sabbath is begun;
Cand. I am, t in. Return my soul! Enjoy thy rest,
R.W.M. Stsfy yr cndtr. Improve the day thy God hath blest.
S.D. Gv me th P (Done.) I am stsfd. In holy duties let the day,
R.W.M. In holy pleasures pass away!
R.W.M. My Bro, I am plsd t se y ths v iTow sweet a Sabbath thus to spend,
fr by two crdbl wtnss. Ar y dsrs o fthr Ii. hope of one which ne’er shall end.
emp tha wild t fthr advint in Msy?,
Cand. I am. R.W.M. * Bro S.W., wht is th h?
R.W.M. Thn at th fst h o th fst d o S.W. Thfsthothfstdothwk.
th wk, whn th cfmn rep t th qrs t rsm thr R.W.M. Bro M.O., ths is th d & th h
labs, y g wth thin & if fnd wor, y shi b whn th cfmn shd rep t th qrs & rsm thr
tght hw t rec yr w & nvr agn sfr undr th labs. Gv yr ords ac.
imptn o bng an i. Fr th pr y wi b seated. M.O. Cfmn, rep t th qrs & rsm yr labs.
(S.D. shows cand t seat. Mar. & S.D. tk thr R.W.M. Bro Mar., acinpy thin.
24 25
Mar. Cfmn, fin in sngl fi on th n sd o (Mar. Ids th line dwn th sth sd, changes pl wth
th L, fcg th E. (Th cand in th rear) Frd th J.D., wh tks chg in th prep room. Aftr clsg
dr, S.D. rtns t hs p1. Prepn o cand cmpld by exp
Mch. left brst, plc c t fr tins arnd b, aprn as M.M.)
(Mar. changes p1 wth J.D. Line goes out. S.D. NoTE: If mr thn one cand, all bt one, aftr bng
prvds cand with sq w. Aftr th line entrs c/mn prepd, may be cndtd into th L, seated back o th
come in & tk seats. Whn all is ready the S.D. gvs M.O. & observe all the fst section, joining in th line
* & th Mar. tks pstn near inner dr. Th FLW.M.
& going out t b prep & prcs fr th second section.
thn g~ * & th Ovs rise. Th Mar. opns dr & gvs
command “Frd Mch.” Line entrs & passes arnd t SECOND SECTION
th S in following order: 1st. Mar.; 2nd. S.D.; 3rd.
Cand. After caAd hs entrd, th J.D. cis dr & J.D. (At th dr.) ~ *
resumes hs p1.)
S.D. (At s g.) **
S.D. R.W.M., thr is an a.
R.W.M. Atd L th a.
J.O. * Wh cins hr?
S.D. ~ * (Opns dr.) Wh cins hr?
S.D. Wkmn fin th qrs.
J.O. Pres yr w. (Tries it wth sq & J.D. Bro , wh hs bn rsd t th sub

whl so dng says:) Ths is gd w, trw, sq w; deg o M M & nw wshs fthr prmtn in Msy
Ps on. by bng a t th h deg o M M M.
(Same at th w g; thn t th e g whr th same S.D. My Bro, is ths an act o yr own
cer is rptd wth addition as follows:) fr wl & a?
M.O. Ths is gd w, tr w, sq w, jst sch Cand. It is.
w as w hv ords t rec. (Pls w on stand.) S.D. Bro J.D., is he wor & wl qI?
Ps on. (Thy pst thE&hlt.) J.D. He is.
S.D. R.W.M., ths is th yng F C wh ws S.D. Dly & trly prep?
lty chgd wth bng an i. He hs nw pres w J.D. He is.
wch hs psd th Ovs, & bn acpd. S.D. Hs he wrgt in th qrs & xbtd a
R.W.M. My Bro, I cngt y on hvg, pres suit spc o hs w?
w wch hs psd th i o th Ovs & entis J.D. He hs.
y t w, bt bfr y cn b tght hw t rec thin, S.D. By wht fthr rt or ben ds he xpct
y inst rtr & b prep & pres in du fin. t ob ths imp priv?
26 27
R.W.M. thn rises & he, or Chap, reads or recites
J.D. By ben o th P.
portion o lesson, as follows:)
S.D. HshethP?
J.D. He hs nt, I hv it fr hin. 1.
S.D. Adv & gv it. (Done.) Th P is “And we will cut wood out of Lebanon,
rt. Wt untl th R.W.M. hs bn inf o yr req as much as thou shalt need; and we will
& hs airs rtnd. (S.D. at alt.) R.W.M., thr bring it to thee in floats by sea to Joppa,
is wtht Bro , wh hs bn rsd t th sub and thou shalt carry it up to Jerusalem.”
deg o M M—(etc., as at dr.) (R.W.M. *)
R.W.M. Gv it. (P gvn aid.) Th P is (Another crct; Same procedure, except d g &
~ o F C. Lesson.)
rt. Lt th bro ent ths L o M M M & b rec
in du & anc fin. 2.
S.D. (At dr.) It is th ord o th R.W.M. “Then he brought me back the way of
tha th bro ent ths L o M M M & b rec the gate of the outward sanctuary, which
in du & anc fin. looketh toward the east, and it was shut.
Mar. Frd Mch. Chin rt, Mch. Hlt. Lft Then said the Lord unto me, This gate
fc. (Line in wst, fcg est.) shall be shut, it shall not be opened, and no
S.D. My Bro., I rec y mt ths L man shall enter in by it; because the Lord,
M M M upon th e o th eng chl, undr th the God of Israel, hath entered in by it,
psr o th mlt, wch is t tch y tha th mrl therefore it shall be shut.” (R.W.M. **).
(Another crct; Same procedure, except d g &
prc o ths deg shd ink a dp & lstg mhlsn ii o M M. Lesson.)
upon yr ftr lf & c.
Mar. Rt fc. Frd, chin lft, Mch. 3.
(Mar cndts line once arnd rm (J. & S.W. gvg
“It is for the prince; the prince he shall
try as it passes) & t th E whr Mar gvs cmnd— Mit in it to eat bread before the Lord; he
Hit. Lft fc.” Mhall enter by the way of the porch of that
S.D. thn steps one pace frd, 1/t fcs & instincts gate, and shall go out by the way of the
~Z (:~a~:ht; returns to hs pun lin~ Th Hame.” (R.W.M. ***).
28 29
F (Another crct; Same procedure, except s o F.
th alt fr, th frth tin In Msy in du & anc
4. Mar. Rt fc. Frd, chin ift, Mch. (Mar.
“And the Lord said unto me, Son of goes I hs seat. S.D. leads th line.)
man, mark well, and behold with thine S.D. (At th W.) Hlt. Rt fc. Bro S.W.,
eyes, and hear with thine ears, all that (S.W. rises.) it is th ord o th R.W.M. tha
I say unto thee concerning all the ordi- y tch ths bro hw t adv t th alt fr th frth
nances of the house of the Lord, and all tin in Msy, in du & anc fin.
the laws thereof; and mark well the en- S.W. CsthbrotfcthE.
tering in of the house, with every going S.D. Abt fc. (Done. S.W. leaves Sta
forth of the sanctuary.” (R.W.M. ~ & Iks pstn at th nth wst crnr o th alt,
(Mar. gvs nec cmnds fr floor work. Line arrives fcg W.)
at S aftr ~th. Lesson.) S.W. My Bro, adv on yr 1 f as E A,
S.D. (At tk S.) *** * gv th d g & s; on yr r as F C, gv th d g
J.W. (Rising.) * Wh cins hr? (Same & s; on yr 1 as M M, gv th d g & s. Adv
qstns & ans as at IA dr.) Th P is rt. Cndt on yr r f, bring th hls tgthr as bfr. (Tka
th bro t th S.W. in th W, fr hs exin. cand by 1 a) I wi nw cndt y t th alt whr y
S.D. (At IA W.) *** * ar abt t b ind a M M M in du fin, wch is by
S.W. (Rising.) * Wh cins hr? kng on bth kns, bth hnds rstng on th H B, S
(Sm qstns & ans as at IA dr.) & Cs. (Done.) R.W.M., th bro is in du fin.
S.W. Th P is rt. Cndt th bro t th R.W.M. My Bro, y ar agn kng at th
R.W.M. in th E, fr hs exin. S A o F Msy & ar in du fin t tk th sol
S.D. (At IA E.) ~ * O o M M M. I am per t gv y th sin assnc
R.W.M. (Seated.) * Wh cins hr? y hv rec in th prec degs, tha thr is nthg
(Sm qstns & ans as at th dr.) thin cntd wch wI cnflct wth yr mrl, scl or
R.W.M. Th P is rt. Rcndt th bro t th (v1 dts, b thy wht thy may. Wth ths assnc
S.W. in th W, wh wi tch hin hw t adv t on my pt, ar y wlng t tk th 0?

30 31
Cand. I am. At I do~sol a sin pa s, w a h, e, o in r,
R.W.M. ~ Th bren wl fin two pri Ins b in u n I a p t t oh in r e s o, a in r h s
xtng fin th alt t th E. o, s I e, k o w, v t in s 0 oM M M. S h in G
(Lines find under th drctn o th Mar. Mar. at a in m s t k a p t s.
lid o sth In; .1.0. at th ft. M.0. at hd o nth In,
S.0. at th ft. Wrdns in th E fcg the W. All in I t o y s, k t H B o w y h r.
lines at s o F.) Bro S.D., mv th c t.
R.W.M. Those nt in th lns, may b R.W.M. (At hs Sla in Ih E.) *
seated~ (R.W.M. goes I all.) Say I, pm (R.W.M. rmns standing.)
yr nm’in full, & rep a me: o in of w a a, My Bro, bfr y rise fin tha s A, I pro-
p o A G a t R W L o M M M, e t G a d pose t cl yr atn t sin o th ties o th 0 y hv
t t in o H A, d h a h, sol a sin p a s, t I w jst tkn. You hv sol swrn tha y w n a o c
n r t s o t d t a p i t w, e I b w a leg c a d tin w y s h s, at s h b r it Lb o in; you
o L o M M M, o t a b o t d w I s h f t b 5, hv als sol swrn tha y w n 1 o s y in, nor
b d t, s e, o lawful in i. p i a s t, u i s h b r f i .f p. At th bldg
I furthermore p a s t I w a a o a d s a s, o K S T thr wr eghty thsnd F C mpld.
s t a r b in f a L o M M M, o g in b a b o Amg so Irg a nmbr it wld b ntrl t sps
t d, i w t 1 o in c t. tha our G Ms wld hv bn mpsd upon ~y
I f p a s t I w r t in o a b M M M, w o t unskfl cfmn pres w unf ft use; bt thy wr
in a a p, a w g h r i i in p; i n, I w r h in nt, fr K S tk th prctn tha ech cfmn shd chs
w t p t, w i a j h sos, e i vt t I~ P0 a,d. fr hmslf a in & p1 it upon hs w, so tha it
I f p a s t I w n a o c t in w I s h s; a t shd b kn & dstgd whn brt up prmscly fr
s h b r i t L b o in. insp. A bro’s in, thrf, bcm synins wth hs
I f p a s t I w n 1 o 5 in in, n p i a s t, nm & y wld hv no mr rt t alt o.chg yr
u is h b r f if p. m, 1 o s it, thn y wld yr nin.
If past 1w n w, c,nd aLoMM M, You hv als sol swrn tha y wl rec th
o a b o t d, o o t v o a d w, w i o p, n p t moabroMMMwhnotyaap&w
s t b d b a, i~’i in p t p. g h r, if i y p; if nt, y wl r h in w t p t,
32 33
wch is a j h s o s, eql in v t t f p o a d. All (PrompIly.) I wI.
It nw bcms nec fr me t ask o y th 1 o (Mny is handed by sm bro t th eand, wh tim gvs
t d, fr wch I o y in in a a p. Bro S.D., it & th m t th S.D., wh tks thin t th R.W.M.)
pres th in. (R.W.M. tks seat.) R.W.M. (Rises.) My Bro, ths dmnd is
(If cand receives th m, thr ar no words at th ind o y at ths tin, whi at th alt on yr bnd
alt. If he deins t tk it, th S.D. says t hm:) kns, t mprs upon yr ind in th inst sol mnnr,
S.D. My Bro, y hv jst sol swrn tha y tha y shd nvr hstly r th aplctn o a wor
wi r t m o a bro M MM, whn o ty a a p. bro whn acmpd by SO s a p as hs m, bt
(If he ~sIl dclns, S.D. says:) You inst r g h r ii yr p; if nt, r h in w t pt, wch
thin! wI enbl hin t prcr th cmn necessaries o If.
S.D. R.W.M., th bro hs cmpld wth a I wi nw ins y in th ss o ths deg.
prtn o hs 0, tha o r y in. Ths ..,isthGHSoSoDoMMM.
R.W.M. WI he grnt my req? It aids t th way & mnnr in wch ech bro is
S.D. (To cand.) Wl y grnt th R.W.M. rqrd t cr & pres hs w whn bng advd
req? (Cand responds.) R.W.NI., he cnnt tthsdeg. Ths ,isthPS,&aldstth
grnt yr req. P Ws, wch ar H 0. It ais aids t th r o
R.W.M. He wi thn rtn my in tha I in th k s by th Ovs. “He tha hth an e, It
apply t sm othr bro. hin h.” Ths is th D G o M M M
S.D. (As cand ofrs I rtn in.) My Bro. & ths th S. Thy aid t th p o th 0,
y hv jst sol swrn tha y wi nt r a b in w t tha y wid h y r e sin o & y r h st o, shd y v
p t. Hv y a q o a d? (Cand responds.) y s 0 oM M M. Ths D G & 5, (Gvg thin.)
R.W.M., th bro cnnt cmply wth a prtn o shd always b gvn as a s t th R.W.M., o
hs 0, tha o r a b m w t p t; he is ntriy d. entrg o rtng fin a L o M M M.
R.W.M. Bren, y se bfr y a wor bro (At Ih alt.) Aing so lrg a nmbr as
M M M, wh is so ntrly d as t b unbl t eghty thsnd, it wld b ntri t sps tha our
cmpiy wth a prtn o hs 0, tha o r a b in G Ms wld hv bn mpsd upon by cfmn d w
w t p t. Wh wi ast hm? nt thr du; bt thy wr nt, fr K S tk th fthr
34 0~

prctn tha ech cfmn d w shd thrst hs r h mt M M M, its nin is *****~ It tks its nin
th apt o th S.W., wth a cpy o hs in in th fin th anc c o ~ whr th mtrls fr th
plm thrf, at th sin tin gvg ths t. (Illus- T wr md whn br dwn fin M L. Mas trdtn
Irale.) Th aint o w du tha ptclr in ws infs us tha th s c at tha p1 ws so nrly
p1 upon hs fngrs, wth wch he wthdw hs prpn, tha~ it ws wth dif tha th wkmn cid
h & so ech bro psd on in suc. It ws fr ascd without astc fin abv, wch astc ws
th wnt o ths t tha y wr dtctd as an i, & afrd thin by ths 5 g, gvn by grds sta thr
it cm ~r cstngyyrrh. fr tha prps. It hs snc bn adptd as a p P
I nw pres my r h in tkn o f & b i & wi t b gvn bfr gng admn mt any j & d c
pt y in pssn o th grps & wds o ths deg. As b o M M M. Rise. Bro S.D., wi y b o, o
y ar unstcd, h wh hs hthrt ansd fr y wi U
at ths tin. (Gvs P G I cand.) Bro S.D., S.D. F.
wht is tha? R.W.M. Fw&tw?
S.D. ThPGoMMM. S.D. FthPGoMMM, t th R G o
R.W.M. Hsitan? th s.
S.D. It hs. R.W.M. Ps. Wht i t?
R.W.M. Wlygitm? S.D. ThRGoM MM.
S.D. Idnsrecinthrwl [s:i. R.W.M. Hs~i a n?
R.W.M. Hwwiydoi? S.D. It hs.
S.D. Iwisiwy. R.W.M. Wiygitm?
R.W.M. S i & b. S.D. Idnsrecinthrwilsii.
S.D. Y b. R.W.M. Hwwiydoi?
R.W.M. B y. S.D. Iwisiwy.
S.D. ** (Sec syl fsl.) R.W.M. S i & b.
R.W.M. S.D. Yb.
S.D. **~~* R.W.M. B y.
R.W.M. Ths, my Bro, is th P G o S.D. **** (Sec syl fst.)
36 37

R.W.M. ~ th stones br up fr tha prps hv bn placed.

S.D. ~ Th arch is cmpit, bt fr th k s.
R.W.M. Ths, my Bro, is th R G o S.W. Whhsntthksbnbrup?
M M M, its nin is “““~ ~ It tks its 1st. C. Nn o th wkmn hv hd ords t
nin fin a pas o 5, in wch it is wrtn,” ~ frnsh it; it evdntly hs nt bn wrght. (Cfmn
“‘~ th entrg in o th h wth evry gng frth relire.)
o th Sc.” You wI prcv tha or a & 1 fin th R.W.M. Bro S.W., wht is th cs o ths
intis nin o ths G; th I, th itr*, th a, cnfsn?
th ltr*; **** ~ my Bro. ~ S.W. Th T is nriy cinpid, bt th wkmn
(R.W.M. rtns I hs Sta. Cand cndld I Ih ar at a std fr th wnt o a crtn k s wch
nIh sd o Ih L, fcg sth.) nn o thin hv hd ords t frnsh.
(Three Cfmn now enter by way o th otr dr, R.W.M. Tha pc o w ws asgnd t our
one o thin carrying a roll o plans. They proceed t G M H A, & fin hs wi knwn pncity, I
th trstl brd, wch hs prvsly bn st up jst wst o th
J.W.Sta. Th trstl brd hs on it a cmpld arch, wth hv cnfdc t blv tha he has cinpid it agrbiy
k s hvg th in o G M H A. t th org dsn. Mk inq o th Ovs & se if a
1st. Cfinn unrolls plans & proceeds t cmpr thin pc o w, brg ths ptcir in, hs bn pres t thin
wth dsgn on th trstl brd, th other two Cfmn lkng
on wth interest.) Er i? Bro Mar, tins th in. (Done.)

1st. C. Our pIns cl fr a k s wth a crtn S.W. Bro Ovs, rep t th W.

in t cinpit th prin arch.
(Th Ovs meet wst o th alt, fcg W. Th M 0 is
on th rt o th ln, th 5 0 in th cntr, & th .1 0 on
2nd. C. Th dsgn on th t b is unsl. th lit. Thy pcd t th W.)
3rd. C. Ths in, (Indicaling th one on S.W. Bro M 0, hs a pc o w brg ths
IrsIl brd) & th m on th k s in our plns, ar m bn pines t y fr I?
idntl. M.0. (AfIr exmg in.) Thr hs.
S.W. Cfmn, hv y fnshd yr w? S.W. Wht dspn dd y ink o it?
1st. C. Bro SW., th pins gvn us fr th M.O. It bng nthr a rg obl nor a sq, nt
day, ci fr th cmpln o th prin arch; all hv th in o any o th wkmn upon it, & we
38 39
nt kng tha wch ws upon it, cncld it unft th R. W.M. diagonally, & do nt move fin ths pstn
fin use, & hvd it ovr a th rb. (Ovs. separate.) until th R.W.M. lis cmpid th Lesson:)
S.W. R.W.M., a pc o w binng ths in hs Dd ye nvr ind in th S. “Th s wch th
bn p t th Ovs fin i, bt it bng nthr a rg obi bidins in, th sin is bcm th hd o th crnr.” **
nor a sq, not hvg th in o any o th wkmn And hv ye nt rd ths S, “Th s wch th
upon it, & thy nt kng tha wch ws upon bldins in, is bcm th hd o th cinnin.” ~
it, cncld it unft fr u & hvd it ovr aing Wht is ths thn tha is wrtn, “Th s wch
thinb., th bidins r, th sin is bcm th hd o th cinnr.”
**** Rep t yr Sta.
R.W.M. Ths is tinly unf as no ls dpnds (Ovs rtn t Sta, & ar seated. S.D. cndts cand t
on tha s thn th c o th T. Cs strc s t b th est by way o th nth; chair plcd fr cand.)
ind & se if it cn b fnd.
S.W. Bro Ovs, (Ovs rsm frmr psln.) HISTORICAL LECTURE
ink strc s & se if th s cn b fnd. My Brother, this degree is founded on the
(Th Ovs rt fc, throwing thin in sngl fi, wth th k s of a certain a of K.S.T. It was wrought
M.0. in adv. Thy pcd t th nth est crnr o th L.
Th s is fnd. Mchng three abrst, M.O. on th rt o by our G.M.H.A., but before he had given
th ln, thy carry it t th S.W., fi bk & separate orders to have it carried up, he w s, as we
as bfr.) have had an account in the preceding d. It
S.W. (AfIr cmprng in.) R.W.M., th so happened that on the s d of a certain w,
s sght fin hs bn fnd & I now trans it t y. when the craftsmen were carrying up their
(Ovs rsm frinr pstn, xct a rt abt whl & carryit w for i, a young FC, seeing this piece of w,
t the R.W.M. going up the sth sd o th alt. Th Qvs,
aftr handing up th s, fi bk & stand in sngl f 1, fcg and concluding it designed for some por-
the est, M.0. on th rt. Th R.W.M. tks the s,
examines it crfly. & holding it in hs rt hand, tion of th T, brought it up. He presented
says:) it to the J.O. at the s g, who observed that it
R.W.M. “Ths is th s wch ws st at nght was neither a r obi nor a s, nor had it the
o you bldrs, wch is bcm th hd o th cinnin.” in of any of the workmen upon it, but for
(R.W.M. pls s on pdstl; Ovs xct lft fc & starr its singular form and beauty, he was un-
twrds wst, sngl fi, J.0. in adv. Thy ar hltd by willing to r it, and suffered it to p to the
th R.W.M. wth one blow o th g. Thy tin & fc
40 41
S.O. at the w g. He, for similar reasons, suf- to eat of the hidden manna, and I will give
fered it to p to the M.O. at the e g, who him a w s, and in the s a new name written
called together his Bro. Ovs and held a con- which no man knoweth saving he that re-
sultation. They, observing that it was nei- ceiveth it.” The~ new name is composed of
ther a in obi nor a s, not having the in of any words, of which the letters on the k s are
of the workmen upon it, and not knowing the initials. They are *** * * ** *• In pass-
that which was upon it, concluded it unfit Ing an examination, you will alternate these
for use, and h it o aing th rb. The S.W. words, as I now do with the S.D. Brother
then informed K.S. that the T was nearly S.D., Commence (Words alternated by S.D.
c but that the workmen were at a stand for and R.W.M.)
the Want of a certain k s, which none of This was the in of our G M H A. It is now
them had had orders to furnish. K.S., con- the general in of this d, in the center of
fidently believing that our G M H A had which each brother places his own private
completed this piece of w agreeably to the in, to which the t in the 0 particularly
original design, ordered inquiry to be made alludes. It will be necessary for you to select
of the Ovs to see if a piece of w, bearing a a in and cause it to be filed with the Sec’y,
certain in, had been presented to them for to be recorded in the L b of in, before you
inspection. Upon inquiry being made, it was can lawfully receive the degree of R.A.M.
found there had, but for the reasonsalready This degree was founded to’be conferred
given they had concluded it unfit for use on all who should be found worthy and well
and h it o aing th rb. K.S. then ordered qualified, not only as an honorary reward
strict search to be made to see if it could be for their zeal, fidelity and attachment to
found. Search was accordingly made, the 5 Masonry, but to render it impossible that
found, and afterward applied to its in- any brother, who should be found worthy
tended use. of being advanced to this honorary degree,
Its c was w, and to it alludes a certain should ever be reduced to such extreme in-
p of S: “To him that overcometh will I give digence as to suffer for the common neces-
42 43
saries of life, when the price of his in would of matter and space, to display the sum-
procure the same. A brother, presenting his mit of human~ knowledge, our duty to God
in and craving assistance, represents our and to man.
G M H A, who was a poor man; but, for his The Mallet is used by operative masons
regular and upright conduct, his great skill to knock off excrescences and to smooth
in architecture and the sciences, became Surfaces. It morally teaches to correct
eminently distinguished among the crafts- irregularities and reduce man to a proper
men. A brother, receiving the in and grant- level; so that, by quiet deportment, he may,
ing assistance, represents our G M , S K of in the school of discipline, learn to be con-
I, who was a rich man and eminently dis- tent. What the mallet is to the workman,
tinguished for his great liberality. enlightened reason is to the passions; it
curbs ambition, it depresses envy, it mod-
WORKING TOOLS erates anger, and it encourages good dis-
The working Tools of a Mark Master positions; whence arises among good ma-
Mason are the Chisel and Mallet. The Chi- sons that comely order:
sel is used by operative masons to cut, “Which nothing earthly gives or can de-
carve, mark and indent their work. It stroy,
morally demonstrates the advantages of The soul’s calm sunshine, and the heartfelt
discipline and education. The mind, like joy.”
the rough ashlar, when taken from the
quarries, is rude and unpolished; but as
the effect of the chisel in the hands of the
skillful workman soon outlines and per- Q.AryaMMM?
fects the carved capital, the stately shaft, A. I am, t in.
and the beautiful statue, so education dis- Q. Hwwlybt?
covers the latent virtues of the mind, and A. By th c a in.
draws them forth to range the large field Q. Wh by th c a in?
44 45
A. Bcsthyarthpprmiblgttd. A. To dst a a i.
Q. WhrwrymdaMMM? Q. Whn a i ws dtc, wht w t p?
A. In a j a d c L o M M M. A. To h h in h s o.
Q. Wht win th p crc atdg yr a t t d? Q.HwwryptbmdaM MM?
A. I ws csd t r one o th c e a t b o K S A. Bng dpr o a ins, c in, b e, a c t f t a in
T, whs cstm it ws, on th s d o e wk, t b, and c a M M.
c u thr w f i. Q. Hv y ass b t t d?
Q. By whin ws t w A. I hv sv.
A. By t Ovs ap by K S a s at th s, w a e Q. Shw in a s. (Done.) Wht it c?
gts o t T. A. ThGHSoSoDoMMM.
Q. Hw mny F C win e a th b o K S T? Q. To w d i a?
A.Et. A. To th w a in in wch e b is in t c and
Q. Aing s lg a nin, win nt o G Ms lbl p h w, whn b a t t d.
t b i u by uns c p w u f u Q. Shw in a s. (Done.) Wht it c?
A. Thy win nt, fr K S tk th p t e c s c A. ThP-S.
f h a in and p i u h w, so t i s b k Q. To w d i a?
a d, whn b up p f i. A. To t P Ws.
Q. Wht win t wg o a F C whs w w a? Q. Wht at?
A. 0 p a d. A. ~
Q. Aing s Ig a nin as e t, win nt o G Ms Q. To w d i f a?
IbI t b i u by c d w n t d ? A. To th in o t 1~ s b t Ovs.
A. Thy win nt, fin K S tk th f p t e c Q. Shw in a s. (Done.) Wht i t c?
d w shd t h in h i t a o t S W, wth A. ThDGoMMM.
a c o h in in th p t, at th sin t g t t. Q. Shw in a s. (Done.) Wht it c?
Q. Towhtdtta? A. Th ~o M M M.
A. To th w a in in wch e t c in h w. Q. To w d t a?
Q. Of wht f u i it? A. To t p o t 0, t I w h m r e sin o and
46 47
in r h st o, shd I v in s 0 o M M NI. A.Ih.
Q. Hv y a g big t t d? Q.Wlygitm?
A. Ih. A. Id nt s in i, nw Isii.
Q. Cmc i. (Done.) Wht it? Q.Hwwlydoi?
A. Th P G o M M M. A. I wi s i w y.
Q. Hs i a n? ~. ~ i a b.
A. Ih. A. Yb.
Q. Wi y g it in? Q. By.
A. I d nt s in i, n wi I s i i.
Q. Hwwlydoi? Q.
A. I wI s i w y.
~. ~ i a b. Q. Towdia?
A. Yb. A. To a c p o 5, ~ **** th e i o th
Q. By. h w e g f o th S.”
Q. Onwwtdf?
Q. A. Th k s o a c a o K S T.
A. Q. By w w i w?
Q. To w d i a? A. ByoGMHA.
A. To th a c o ~“‘~“‘, whr th in f t T Q. Whtwiclr?
w I whn b d f M L. A. W, at ia ac po 5, “To ht o wil
Q. WI y b o o f? gv to e o th h in, and I wi gv h a
A. F. w s, and i t s a n n w, wch n in
Q. F w a t w? k s he t in
A. FtPGoMMMttRGots. Q. Whtitnnm?
Q. Ps. Wht i t? A. It i c o w of w t 1 o t k 5 a t i.
A. ThRGoM MM. Q. Wht a
Q. Hs i a n? A HTwsstKS.
~18 49
ADDRESS TO CANDIDATE have confidence that, among Mark Master
Masons, you will find friends who will ad-
(Direct Cand to rise.) minister relief to your distresses, and coin-
My Brother, I congratulate you on hay. rort your afflictions; ever bearing in mind,
ing been thought worthy of being advanced as a consolation under all the frowns~ of
to this honorary degree of Masonry. Per- fortune, and as an encouragement to hope
mit me to impress it on your mind that I’or better prospects, that the stone which
your assiduity should ever be commensur- the builders rejected (possessing merits to
ate with your duties, which become more them unknown) became the chief stone of
and more extensive as you advance in the corner.
In the honorable character of Mark CLOSING
Master Mason, it is more particularlyyour
duty to let your conduct in the world, as R.W.M. *BroJ.D.,whnaLoMMM
well as in the Lodge and among your is abt t b clsd, wht bec yr fst dty?
brethren, be such as may stand the test J.D. TosethathLisdlyt.
of the Grand Overseer’s square, that you R.W.M. Atd t tha dty & inf th T tha I
may not, like the unfinished and imperfect am abt t cis ths L o M M M; drc hin t
work of the negligent and unfaithful of tkdunotthrf&tac.
former times, be rejected and thrown J.D. ~ *
aside, as unfit for that spiritual building, T. ~ *
that house not made with hands, eternal J.D. (Opns dr.) Bro T., I am drctd t
in the heavens. inf y tha th R.W.M. is abt t cls ths L o
While such is your conduct, should mis- M M M. Tk du not thrf & t ac. (Cis
(Jr.) R.W.M., th L is dly t.
fortune assail you, should friends forsake
you, should envy traduce your good name R.W.M. Hw is th L t?
and malice persecute you, yet may you J.D. By a bro o ths deg wtht, a wth
th ppr i o hs ofc. RWM. ThM.O.Sta?
R.W.M. Hs dty thin? SO. Attheg.
J.D. To ob th app o c & e & se tha RWM. Yr dty, Bro M.O.?
nn p or r-p, exc sch as ar dly q & hv per MO Tofnshthiothwattheg.
fin th R.W.M. RWM. Th J.D. p1?
R.W.M. * Bro S.W., ar y a M M M? M.O. AtthrothS.W.inthW.
S.W. I am, t in. R.W.M. Yr dty, Bro J.D.?
R.W.M. Hwwlybt?
S.W: Bythc&m. J.D. To cin msg fin th S.W. in th W t
th J.W. in th S & els abt th L as h in drc;
R.W.M. Whbythc&m? prep & pres cands, atd t a at th o d, rpt
S.W. Bcs thy ar th ppr in i big t ths
th sin t th R.W.M., als t se tha th L is dly t.
R.W.M. Th S.D. p1?
R.W.M. WhrwrymdaMM~?
J.D. At th in o th R.W.M. in th E.
SW. Inaj&dcLoMMM
R.W.M. Yr dty, Bro. S.D.?
R.W.M. HwmnycomaLoMMM9 S.D. To cin ords fin th R.W.M. in th
S.W. Fv o min. E t th S.W. in th W & els abt th L as
R.W.M. Whn corn o ei, wh ar thy?
h in drc; wlcm & ci vstg bren, atd t a at
S.W. Th R.W.M., S & J. Ws., S & J th i d, als t in & c cands.
Ds., M., S. & J. Ovs. R.W.M. Th J.W. Sta?
R.W:M. Th J.O. Sta? S.D. In th S.
S.W. At th s g. R.W.M. Yr dty in th 5, Bro J.W.?
R.W.M. ** Yr dty, Bro J.O.?
J.W. To ob th Sn at in, wch is th g
J.0. Toithwatthsg.
R.W.M. Th S.0. Sta? & b o th d, cl th C fin 1 to r, spinntd thin
J.O. At th w g. ding th hs thrf, cinfly t ob tha th inns o r
R.W.M. Yr dty, Bro S.0.? ar nt p t i or e & se tha thy rtn t thin 1 in
S.0. Toithwatthwg. du ssn, tha th R.W.M. in rec h & thy p & p
R.W.M. Th S.W. Sta? For the Chief Architect;
J.W. InthW. If there be no defect,
R.W.M. Wh in th W, Bro S.W.? He will approve.
S.W. AsthSnisinthWatthcod, You who have passed the square,
s stds th S.W. in th W, t ast th R.W.M. For your rewards prepare,
in o & c th L, p th C thin w, if any b du, Join heart and hand;
tha nn in go awy d,— Each with his mark in view,
R.W.M. * Hv y prf tha dty? March with the just and true;
S.W.” I hv nt. Wages to you are due,
R.W.M. Rep t yr apt & p th cfmn thin w. At your command.
Bro M.O., ths is th d & th h whn th cfmn
shd rep t th apt o th S.W. & rec thin w. Gv Hiram, the widow’s son,
yr ords ac. Sent unto Solomon
M.O. Cfmn, rep t th apt o th S.W. & rec Our great keystone;
yr w. On it appears the name
R.W.M. Bro Mar., acinpy thin. Which raises high the fame
Main. Cfmn, fin in pro in two fis on Of all to whom the same
th nth sd o th L. fcg th E. (Th cand in Is truly known.
(As pro reaches ath aftr third crct, Mar. gvs
adv, S.D. on hs rt. Done.) Find Mch. omnd:)
(As th pro passes arnd th L, th following Mar. Rt by fi, Mch.
may b sung.) (Pro forms into sngl fi as follows; 1st. Mar.;
MARK MASTER ODE 2nd. S.D.; 3rd. Cand, followed by cfinn. As it
(Tune: America—F) r~’aches th north, Mar. gvs cmnd:)
Mar. Chin Ift, Mch.
Mark Masters, all appear (As pro marches t th wst, this verse may b
Before the Chief O’einseein, ~iung)
In concert move. Now to the westward move,
Let him your work inspect, Where, full of strength and love,
54 55
Hiram doth stand; R.W.M. Bren, ar y wig t hr th L?
But if imposters are Cfmn. We ar.
Mix’d with the worthy there, R.W.M. Nt oniy hr it, bt abd by it?
Caution them to beware Cfmn. We wi.
(Th R.W.M. goes t th alt, tins th B arn~d &
Of the right hand. read~ Matt. XX, I t 16:)
(Mar. rec hs w & tks pstn at rt o S.W. wicket, It “is like unto a man that is an house-
fac east. S.D. & cand rec thr w & form a in
across th west, fcg east, wth S.D. on th rt. Mar. holder, which went out early in the morn-
nw leads pro past wicket & to a point behind th ing to hire labourers into his vineyard.
cand, &. directs th cfmn towards th east, alter- And when he had agreed with the
nating them, so that th j~rst efinn passes to th
rt o th S.D., th second to th if t o th cand, & so labourers for a penny a day, he sent them
on until the last cfinn hs passed. He thn gvs Into his vineyard.
cmnd: Hit. mw fc.)
(Th S.W. returns t hs Sta.) And he went out about the third hour,
(By th foregoing movements thr wl b formed and saw others standing idle in the mar-
three sds o a sq, the north & south sides consist-
ing o th cfmn, & th west sd, or base, o th S.D. ket-place,
(on th rt), th cand (In th center), & the Mar. on And said unto them; Go ye also into
th left. Thn follows argument & discussion, after
wch the 1st cfinn addresses th S.W.:) the vineyard, and whatsoever is right I
1st. C. Bro S.W., ths yng F C hs wrght will give you. And they went their way.
bt one h & thou hst md hin e unto us, “wch Again he went out about the sixth and
hv borne th brdn & ht o th d,” & we ar nt ninth hour, and did likewise.
stsfd. And about the eleventh hour he went
R.W.M. Bro S.W., wht is th cs o ths out, ~nd found others standing idle, and
dstsfn? saith unto them, Why stand ye here all
S.W. The cfmn ar dstsfd wth thin w. the day idle?
R.W.M. Hvyntpthinata? They say unto him, Because no man
S.W. I hv, bt thy wh hv borne th b hath hired us. He saith unto them, Go
& h o th d cinpln tha ths wh cm in at th ye also into the vineyard; and whatsoever
e h, ar ind e u t. IM right, that shall ye receive.

56 57
So when even was come, the lord of (At th conclusion of th reading, th cfinn say:)
the vineyard saith unto his steward, Call Cfmn. I am satisfied.
the labourers, and give them their hire, (Th R.W.M. turns th B arnd t its frmr pstn.)
beginning from the last unto the first. (Th fifth verse o th hymn may now be sung:)
And when they came that were hired Now to the praise of those
about the eleventh hour, they received Who triumphed o’er the foes
every man a penny. of Mason’s art;
But when the first came, they supposed To the praiseworthy three,
that they shou(d have received more; and Who rounded this degree;
they likewise received every man a penny. May all their virtues be
And when they had received it, they Deep in our hearts.
murmured against the goodman of the (Th group remains at th alt until th L is
house, dsd.)
(There is now delivered the—)
Saying, These last have wrought but one
hour, and thou hast made them equal unto KEYSTONE LECTURE
us, which have borne the burden and heat My Brother, the Key-stone of the Mark
of the day. degree is duty,
But he answered one of them, and said, “Stern daughter of the voice of God.”
Friend, I do thee no wrong: didst not thou We live not merely to breathe, but to act,
agree with me for a penny? therefore remembering that our works live
Take that thine is, and go thy way: I after us, “let us do with our might what
will give unto this last, even as unto thee. our hands find to do.”
Is it not lawful for me to do what I will The chisel and mallet teach us not to
with mine own? Is thine eye evil, because be found in the market-places, idly stand-
I am good? ing with folded hands, but to “work while
So the last shall be first, and the first the day lasts,” for life was not given for
last :“ a possession, but for use.
58 59
This degree morally teaches us that we So, in the Vineyard of Masonry, it mat-
are to be honest in our work—not de- ters not whether we begin with the morn-
manding wages that we have not earned— ing sun—bearing the heat and burden of
to let our hands bear the mark of our Ihe day—or in the darkening twilight,~at
work, whether in the burden and heat of the eleventh hour, if we but do our work
the day, or in the coolness of eventide. eaithfully and earnestly, we shall receive
We are also admonished that there is our wages in a clear conscience and with
an Eye ~,that looks to our work, to see if the commendation “Well done, good and
it bears the stamp of His name, and lest faithful servant.”
we should be weary as we toil from day (Durtng these ceremonies the subordinate of-
to day, we are encouraged by the promise ficers may be seated (except S.D. & Mar.), rising
(~ the conclusion of the Keystone Lecture.)
of reward if we faint not. And this in-
R.W.M. (At hs Sta in th E.) Th
spires us to put ourselves—soul and body,
talent and energy—faithfully to perform R.W.M. Sta?
the work that lies before us; that, when S.W. In th E.
the shadows of night fall, and we can work R.W.M. Wh in th E?
no more, we shall hear with gladness the S.W. AsthSnrssinthEtopn&gvth
command, “Call the labourers and give d, (R.W.M. gvs & rss.) s rss th R.W.M.
them their hire.~~ in th E t o & g th L, st th C at w, gvg thin
“Then shall each brother’s tongue de- ppr instns fr thr I.
clare R.W.M. Bro S.W., it is my ord tha ths
How bounteous his wages are.~~ L o M M M b nw clsd. Ths y wi c t th
The design of all Masonry is a search J.W. in th S & he t th bren pr tha, hvg
for truth, and he who earnestly seeks it du not thrf, thy m gv t ac.
shall be rewarded for his labors in the S.W. Bro J.W., it is th ord o th R.W.M.
attainment of his desires. tha ths L o M M M b nw clsd. Ths y wl
60 61
c t th bren pr tha, hvg du not thrf, thy PM
m gv t ac. OPENING
J.W. Bren, it is th ord o th R.W.M.,
c t me thru th S.W. in th W, tha ths L R.W.M. * Bro. Mar., or a L o P’M.
o M M M b nw clsd. Tk du not thrf & Mar. Off tk yr resp Sta & p15. Bren b
gv y ac. ~‘1.R.W.M., a L o P M is dly or.
R.W.M. Bren, atd t gvg th ss, oh th E. :R.W.M. * Bro S.W., ar a pr P M ?
(Ss fm E.A. ~ M M M inc.:) (Thn ~ * S.W. AprarPM.
rptd by th Wrdns.) Bro. S.D., atd at th R.W.M. Se tha th bren ar in ord as
alt. (Done.) I nw dcl th L dly clsd. Bro. I~M.
J.D., inf th T. S.W. Bren, b in ord as P M. (Done.)
J.D. ~ * I.L,W.M., th bren ar in ord as P M.
T. ~ * R.W.M. * Bro J.D., whn a L o P M
J.D. (Opns dr.) Bro. T., th L is dly clsd. hi abt t b opd what bec yr fst dty?
R.W.M., th T. is infd. J.D. To se tha th L is dly t.
R.W.M. * R.W.M. Atd t tha dty & inf th T tha I
urn abt t opn a L o P M; drc hm t tk du
aiot thrf & t ac.
J.D. *
T. *
J.D. Bro. T., I am drctd t inf y tha th
R.W.M. is abt t opn a L o p M. Tk du not
thrf & t ac. (Cis dr.) ~
T.~ **

J.D. R.W.M., th IL is dly t.

R.W.M. Hw is th L t?
62 63
J.D. By a bro o ths deg wtht, a wth E t th S.W. in th W & els abt th L as h.
th ppr i o hs ofc. m drc; wlcm & cl vstg bren, atd t a at th
R.W.M. Hs dty thr ? I d, als t r & c cands.
J.D. To ob th app o c & e & se tha R.W.M. Th J.W. Sta?
nn p o r-p, exc sch as ar dly ql, & hv per S.D. In th S.
fm th R.W.M. R.W.M. Yr dty in th 5, Bro J.W. ?
R.W.M. *BroS.W.,aryaPM? J.W. To ob th Sn at m, wch is th g
S.W~ Ihv~hhstb. & b o th d, cI th C fm 1 t r, sprntd thin
R.W.M. Hwgndythadh? (irg th hs thrf, crfly t ob tha th inns o
S.W. By hvg bn dly e & i t prs o & r ar nt p t i or e & se tha thy rtn t thr 1
gv a j & d c L o F & A M. In du ssn, tha th R.W.M. m rec h & thy
R.W.M. HwmnycomaLo PM? p & p thrby.
S.W. Thr 0 mr. R.W.M. Th S.W. Sta?
R.W.M. Whn corn o fv, wh ar thy ? J.W. In th W.
S.W. Th R.W.M., S. & J. Ws, S. & R.W.M. Wh in th W, Bro S.W.?
J. Ds. S.W. AsthSnisinthWatthcod,s
R.W.M. Th J.D. pl? ~tds th S.W. in th W, t ast th R.W.M. in o
S.W. At my r. & c th L, p th C thr w, if any b du, tha
R.W.M. ** Yr dty, Bro J.D. ? nn m go awy d, hrm bng th s o all ins,
J.D. To cr msg fm th S.W. in th W t ospc ths o ours.
the J.W. in th S & els abt th L as h m drc; R.W.M. Th R.W.M. Sta?
atd t a at th o d, rpt th sm t th R.W.M., S.W. InthE.
als t se tha th L is dly t. R.W.M. Wh in th E ?
R.W.M. Th S.D. pl? S.W. AsthSnrssinthEtopn&gvth
J.D. At th r o th R.W.M. in the E. d, (R.W.M. gvs ~ & rss.) s rss th
R.W.M. Yr dty, Bro S.D.? R.W.M. in th E t o & g th L, st th C at w,
S.D. To cr ords fm th R.W.M. in th gvg thin ppr instns fr thr 1.
64 65
R.W.M. Bro S.W., it is my ord tha a R.W.M. Bren, in cnfrg ths deg it wl
L o P M b nw opd & std opn fr w & b nec fr me t vct th Ch. Y wI, thrfr, elc
instn. Ths y wI cmnc t th J.W. in th S & Mm bro t prs as M. If thr is no obi th
he t th bren pr tha, hvg du not thrf, thy ~ec wI cst th vt o th L. Thr bg no obj,
m gv t ac. It is s ord. *
S.W. Bro J.W., it is th ord 0th R.W.M., Sec. (Rising.) R.W.M., Bro
tha a L o P M b nw opd & std opn fr w he rec th vt o th ~L.
& ins±n.Ths y wI cmnc t th bren pr tha, R.W.M. I dcl Bro dly elcd.
hvg du not thrf, thy m gv t ac. lIro IWar, pres th M elc fr instln.
J.W. Bren, it is th ord o th R.W.M., Mar. R.W.M., I pres Bro
cmncd t me thru th S.W. in th W, tha a wh hs bn dly elcd t prs as M.
L o P M b nw opd & sid opn fr w & instn. R.W.M. My Bro, I congt y on hvg bn
Tk du not thrf, & gv y ac. elcd t prs as M. It is an h o wch y may
R.W.M. Bro S.D., atd at th alt. (Opn WI fi prd. Bt, bfr tkg yr p1, it is nec tha
B at Ecci. XII. Done.) Bren, atd t gvg th y b i. It is als nec tha y tk a sol 0 t kp th
ss, ob th E. (Ss fm E.A. t P.M. inc. Thn C blg t th Ch. Wth th usl assnc on my pt, if
***** rptd by Wrdns.) I nw dcl th L dly y ar wig t tk t 0, y wI kn at th alt on bth
opn; Bro J.D., inf th T. kns, bth hnds rstng on th H B, S & Cs.
J.D. ~** ** (Done.) ~ Th bren wl fm two prl Ins
T. ~ ** ~ctng fm th alt t th E.
J.D. (Opns dr.) BroT.,th L is dly opn. (Lines fmxl under th drctn o th Mar, wh tks
(Cis dr.) R.W.M., th T is inC. hs p1 at th hd o th sth in. Th S.D. tks hs p1 at th
alt, tha is the p1 whr th Mar ws. Wrdns in th
R.W.M * cst, fcg wst. All in th lns at s of F.)
WORK R.W.M. Those nt in th Ins may b seated.
(R.W.M. goes t alt)
R.W.M. Bro Mar, intrdc th cand.
(Cand ci as Ill M cndtd into L & seated wtht Say I, pm yr nm in full, & rep a me: o
fin. Mar. tks hs seat.) m o f w a a, i p o A G a t R W L o P M, e
66 67
t G a d t t m o t H Ss J, d h a h, sol a S.D. ThGoPM.
sin p a s, t I w n r t s o t d t a p i t w, e i R.W.M. Hs it a n
b w a leg c a d o L o P M, o t a b o t d w 1 S.D. Iths.
shftbs,bdt,se,olawfulmi. R.W.M. Wlygitm?
Ifurthermorepastlwnot,oaoL S.D. Idnsrecinthrwllsii.
o F a A M, o w I m b c t p, w g a 1, a p o a R.W.M. Hwwlydoi?
1, oct stbd. S.D. Iwlsiwy.
I f p a s t I w n r t, o a o L o F a A M, R.W.M. S i & b.
o w I m b c t p, i a a o u m, b w g t s a t t S.D. Yb.
a c, u a 1 o t C. R.W.M. B y.
A t I do sol a sin p a s, w a h, e, o m r, S.D. *** (Sec syl fst.)
b m u n 1 a p t t o h m t s f t t r, t w t i o R.W.M. *~*
p o p d, s I e, k o w, v t m 5 0 o P M. S h S.D.
m G a m m s t k a p t 5. R.W.M. Ths, my Bro, is th G o P M;
I t o y s, k t H B o w y h r. Rise. its nm is ~ ~ wch sig s-sqrs. I nw
R.W.M. (At hs Sta in th E.) * My Bro, mv y wth th J o yr ofc, wch y wl prcv is
thr is a D G & S bI~ t th Ch. Ths a sq & I trst y wl pry a sq s in th T o M.
isthDG&ths thS.Thyaldtth (At est o alt.) I als pres y th thr G Ls in M,
p o th 0, tha y wld hv yr t s f t t r, t w t wch ar th H B, Sq & Cs & wthn tha S V y
o p o p d, shd y v yr s 0 o P M. Ths D wl fnd all tha is nec fr yr c & g. Ths thr
G & S (Gvg thin.) shd always b gvn as a s G Ls y ar alws t se in thr ppr pstn whn
t th R.W.M., on entrg or rtrg fm a L o P th L is opn. If on th E A deg, bth pts o th
M. (At th alt.) Thr is als a grp & wd bIg Cs bnth th Sq; if on th F C deg, one pt abv
t th Ch. (Tks cand by strong G o M Al.) th Sq; if on th M M deg, bth pts abv th
Fm a grp ta s, a two fid crd is s, bt a Sq. (Th R.W.M. ds nt tch th Ls.)
three fid crd is nt e b. Bro S. D., wht is I als pres y th chr, wch nabls y t do
reg m w.
tha ?
68 69
I als pres y th cnstn, wch y ar t stdy or chr mprng y t w, th thr G Ls in thr ppr
crfly & se tha its pvsns ar nt vltd. pstn & a cnstnl nmbr o bren pr, it is in yr
I als pres y th b-Is, wch y ar als t stdy hnds trly an mblm o pwr, fr shd th bren
crfly & se tha thy ar str enfd. at any tm b in d o nfrng th cnstn o A,L
(Th R.W.M. tks cand by lft a & cndts hm t a o F M, it wld b yr dty, wth one blw o th
pstn near th See dsk. Th S.D. flws, bhnd th. g, t cl thin t ord; & shd an mrgncy evr
I als pres y th rcrds, wch y ar t se crctly arise whn it wld b bynd yr pwr t cntrl
thin, it wld als b yr dty, wth one blw o
kpt, tha nthg imp is cmtd t p & y ar t
th g t dcl th L clsd, snr thn print thin t
hv a gnrl sprvsn ov th dts o th Sec.
nfrng th cnstn o A L o P M & y v th 0 y
(No books ar handed t th cand.) hv jst tkn at th alt.
As a m o dis, y as M ar t b cvd, (Th (R.W.M. hnds p t cand & bth ar seated. R.W.M.
S.D. pis ht on cand.) whl th rst o th bren thn drcts cand t cl up L. Done. Th R.W.M. thn
rmn uncvd. (Th R. W.M. rmvs hs ht & passes R.W.M. M, bhld yr bren. Bren, bhld
it avr th ift shldr o th cand t th S.D. As yr M. Slt hm wth th G Hs, tkg tm fm th
th R.W.M. & cand move t th E, th S.D. E. (Done.)
hnds th R.W.M.’s ht t th Mar, wh pis it (Th R.W.M. drcts cand t seat th L. [If done
on th Sec dsk. T.h S.D. thn passes arnd th at all, ths is th p1 t inst cand hw t r & g a L.
Not nec, however, as cand, hvg cid up & seated
alt t hs seat.) th L, hs dn all rqrd t ps th Ch.] Note: Bfr
I wI nw cndt y t yr Sta, once so ably th L is seated th R.W.M. may drct th Mar t
fm th bren in pro, in two fls, and as th pro
fid by our G M, S K o I, & I trst tha a prtn ~asses arnd th L, th following P M Ode may
o hs wsdm wl rst upon & abd wth y. Lst, sung.)
bt nt least, I pres y th g, wch is an PAST MASTER ODE
mblm o pwr; one blw o wch * cls th L t (Tune: Peterboro, G; Arlington, G; or
ord; two blws * * cl up th sb Off; thr blws Asmon, G.)
~‘~‘ th whl L & one blw * agn sts thin & cls Accept the trust we offer thee,
thin t ord. Hvg bn dly elcd & i, wth a wrnt Our Master and our Guide;
70 71
May justice, truth, and purpose high, My Brother, the dutlem of the Chair are
In all thy power abide. many and various. They consist of open-
ing, instructing and closing Lodges; ini-
God help, in thy extended charge, tiating, crafting and raising Masons; pre-
To keep our temple fair; siding at dedications, consecrations and ~n-
To rear it higher, higher still, stallations, at the laying of corner-stones
The temple of thy care. of public edifices, at funeral obsequies, and
the performance of all other duties corres-
Oh !‘ lead us~ by the light of truth, ponding thereto or connected therewith. A
To walk in wisdom’s way, brother should be well qualified in these
Through all the trying paths, of life, several duties in order to preside credit-
To realms of endless day. ably over a Lodge of Free and Accepted
(If procession is used & Ode sung th bren at Masons.
mchd arnd L three tins, singing one ‘vrs each
crct; aftr third crct, pro continues t th wst whr
th Mar dvds th Ins, bren passtng up each ad o alt QUESTION AND ANSWER LECTURE
in two prl lns; Mar thn gvs cmnd: mw fc, & whl
in ths pstn th R.W.M. says:) Q. Ar y a P M?
R.W.M. M, bhld yr bren, Bren, bhld yr A. I hv th h 5 t b.
M. Slt hin wth th G Hs, tkg tin fm th E. Q. Hw gnd y t d h ?
(Done.) A. By hvg bn dly e & itpo&gaj&
(Aftr wch th R.W.M. drcts th cand t dcL oF a A M.
seat th L.) Q. Hv y a s blg t t d ?
(Th R.W.M. nw rmvs th cand ht & drcts hm A. I hv.
t vct th Ch & step dwn fm dais. Th S.D. pls th
cand in frnt o th R.W.M. fcg th E. Th R.W.M. Q. ~ in a s. (Done.) W it c
hnds th cand ht i th Mar wh pls it on th Sec A. ThDGoPM.
dsk & hnds th R.W.M. ht t hin. Th R.W.M. is
nw cvrd.) Q. S in a s. (Done.) W it c
R.W.M. (At hs Sta in th E & cvrd.) A. Th 5 o P M.
72 73
Q. T w d thy a? formerly conferred only on Masters of
A. T t p o t 0, t I w h m t 5 f t t r, t Lodges, to instruct them in the duties
w t i o p o p d, s I v in 5 0 o p M. they owed the Lodges over which they were
Q.Hvyagblgttd? called to preside, and likewise the duties
A. I h. of the brethren to the Chair; but we, as
Q. Cmc i. (Done.) Wht i t? Royal Arch Masons, confer this degree,not
A. ThGo PM. only as a preliminary step, but also for
Q. Hs i a n? the more important purpose of guarding us
A. I’h. against a breach of our Masonic obliga-
Q. Wlygitm ? tions.
A. I d nt s r i, n wl I 5 ii. The conferring, at this time, of a degree
Q. Hw wi y d o which has no historical connection with
A. I wI s i w y. the other capitular degrees is an apparent
Q. Si a b. anomaly, which, however, is indebted for
A. Yb. its existence to the following circum-
Q. By. stances:
A. *** (Sec syl fst.) Originally, when Royal Arch Masonry
Q. was under the government of Symbolic
A. *** ***
Lodges, in which the Royal Arch degree
Q. Wht d it s ? was then always conferred, it was a regu-
A. S ss. lation that no one could receive it unless
he had previously presided as the Master
of that or some other Lodge, and this re-
ADDRESS TO CANDIDATE striction was made because the Royal Arch
My Brother: The Past Master’s de- was deemed too important a degree to be
gree, unlike all the other degrees of Pree- conferred only on Master Masons. But, as
masonry, sheds no light upon itself. It was by confining the Royal Arch to those only
74 75

who had been actually elected as the pre- being invested with the solemn instruc-
siding officers of their Lodges, the exten- tions of the Royal Arch.
sion of the degree would have been mate- Your receiving this degree confers upon
rially circumscribed, and its usefulness you no official rank outside of the Chap-
greatly impaired, the Grand Master often ter. The honors and peculiar privileges be-
granted, upon due petition, his dispensa- longing to the Chair of Symbolic Lodges
tion to permit certain Master Masons (al- are confined exclusively to those who have
though, not elected to preside over their been “duly elected to preside over and
Lodges) “to p~ss the Chair,” which was govern” such Lodges, and who have been
a technical term, intended to designate a called “Actual Past Masters,” whereas,
brief ceremony, by which the candidate those who receive the degree in the Chap-
was invested with the mysteries of a Past ter are termed “Virtual Past Masters,”
Master, and, like him, entitled to advance for, although they are invested with the
in Masonry as far as the Royal Arch, or secrets of the degree, yet they are not en-
the perfection and consummation of the titled to the rights and prerogatives of
third degree. “Actual Past Masters.”
When, however, the control of the Royal This brief explanation is made in order
Arch was taken from the Symbolic Lodges that you may understand why this degree
and intrusted to a distinct organization has been conferred upon you, and you per-
—that, namely of Chapters—the regula- mitted to preside as “Master in the Chair.”
tion continued to be observed, for it was (Note: As th cand does nt opn th L, it is nt nec
doubtful to many if it could legally be t hv hm gv a lctr, or prt o a lctr.)
Note: Th R.W.M. o a L o PM shd b crvd. Th
abolished, and, as the law still requires Mar. shd carry a baton.
that the august degree of Royal Arch shall (Note: Whn class consists o mr thn one cand,
th cands shd nt b admtd until aftr th elcn. All
be restricted to Past Masters, our candi- ar elcd at one tm & so ddd by th R.W.M., wh
dates are made to pass the Chair simply thn drcs th Mar t pres th Mstrs elc fr instln.
as a preparation and qualification towards Th Mar retires, lns up th cands in th prep rm
& addresses thin as follows:
76 77
Mar. My Bros, as a pt o ths deg y by J.D. ~ **
ech bn elcd t prs as M in th Ch. T.~ **
(He thn cndts thin t th wst o th alt. Stndg on J.D. (Opns dr.) Bro T., I am drctd t
th rt o th ln he says:)
inf y tha th R.W.M. is abt t cis ths L~ o
Mar. R.W.1V1., I pres Bros (Nmg thin
P M. Tk du not thrf & t ac. (Cis dr.)
by full nins) wh hv bn dly elcd t prs as R.W.M., th L is dly t.
Ms. R.W.M. Hw is th L t?
(lJ’in ths pnt th wrk proceeds on all at th
sin tin. Th cand in th cntr o th ln shd b advd one J.D. By a bro o ths deg wtht, a wth
pace, t~iv wth ~h J & p’res wth th vrs artcls. th ppr i o hs ofc.
He shd b crvd, cndtd t hs Sta & pres wth th
p wth full xplntn. He is thn seated in th cntr R.W.M. Hs dty thr ?
Ch. Th rmng cands ar thn br up individually & J.D. Toobthappoc&e&sethann
pres wth th g. Ech shd prs & prfin sin act o
athrty whl hldg th p. In pres th g t ths cands, I,
p or r-p, exc sch as ar dly q & hv per fin
th full xplntn may b oinid, th R.W.M. saying t th R.W.M.
R.W.M. I pres y th g. Y hv jst hrd its R.W.M. * BroS.W.,aryaPM?
use xplnd. S.W. Ihvthhstb.
(Th g is thn rtnd t fst cand. He [by drctn o R.W.M. Hwgndythadh ?
th R.W.M.] cls up th L, whn th R.W.M. says:) S.W. Byhvgbndlye&itprso&gva
R.W.M. Ms, bhld yr bren, Bren bhld & d c L o F & A M.
yr Ms. SIt thin wth th G Hs, tkg tin fin th R.W.M. HwmnycomaLoPM?
E. S.W. Thr or mr.
CLOSING R.W.M. Whn coin o fv, wh ar thy ?
S.W. Tb R.W.M., S. & J. Ws, S. &
R.W.M. * Bro J.D., whn a L o P M is
J. Ds.
abt t b clsd, wht bec yr fst dty ?
R.W.M. Th J.D. pi?
J.D. To se tha th L is dly t.
S.W. At my r.
R.W.M. Atd t tha dty & inf th T tha I
R.W.M. ** Yr dty, Bro J.D. ?
am abt t cls ths L o P M, drc hin t tic du
not thrf & t ac. J.D. To cr msg fin th S.W. in th W t
78 79
tb J.W. in tb S & els abt tb Lash m drc; R.W.NI. Tb R.W.M. Sta?
atd t a at tb o d, rpt tb sin t tb R.W.M., als S.W. InthE.
t se tha tb L is dly t. R.W.M. Wh in the E ?
R.W.M. Th S.D. p1? S.W. AsthSnrssinthE topn&gvtb
d, (R.W.M. gvs &rss.) srss th R.W.M.
J.D. At tb r otb R.W.M. in th E. in th E t o & g th L, st th C at w, gvg
R.W.M. Yr dty, Bro S.D.? thin ppr instns fr thr I.
S.D. To cr ords fin th R.W.M. in tb R.W.M. Bro S.W., it is my ord tha ths
E t th’ S.W. iA th W & els abt tb L as b L o P M b nw clsd. Ths y wl c t th J.W. in
in drc; wlcm & cI vstg bren, atd t a at tb th S & he t th bren pr tha, hvg du not thrf,
i d, als t r & c cands. thy m gv t ac.
R.W.M. Th J.W. Sta? S.W. Bro J.W., it is th ord o th R.W.M.
S.D. In tb S. tha ths L o P M b nw clsd. Ths y wI c t
R.W.M. Yr dty in th 5, Bro J. W. ? th bren pr tha, hvg du not thrf, thy in gv
J.W. To oh th Sn at in, wch is th g t ac.
& b o tb d, cl th C fin It r, sprntd thin drg J.W. Bren, it is th ord o th R.W.M., c
th hs tbrf, crfly t ob tha th inns o r ar nt t me thru th S.W. in th W, tha ths L 0
p t i or e & se tha thy rtn t thr 1 in du ssn, P M b nw clsd. Tk du not thrf & gv y ac.
tha th R.W.M. in rec h & thy p & p thrby. R.W.M. Bren, atd t gvg th ss, ob th E
R.W.M. Th S.W. Sta? (Ss fm E. A. t P. M. inc. Thu *** ~ rptd
J.W. In th W. by Wrdns.) Bro. S.D., atd at th alt. (Done.)
R.W.M. Wh in th W, Bro S.W.? I nw dcl th L dly clsd; Bro J.D., inf th T.
S.W. AsthSnisinthWatthcod, J.D. ~ **
s stds th S.W. in th W, t ast th R.W.M. in T. ~ **

o & c th L, p th C thr w, if any b du, tha J.D. (Opns dr.) Bro T., th L is dly
nn in go awy d, hrm bng th s o all ins, espc clsd. R.W.M., th T is inf.
ths o ours. R.W.M. *
80 81
MEM J.D. By a bro o ths deg wtht, a wth th
ppr i o hs ofc.
OPENING R.W.M. Hs dty thr ?
R.W.M. *BroMar.,oraLoMEM. .J.D. Toobthappoc&e&setha.nn
Mar. Off tk yr resp Sta & pls. Bren p or r-p, exc sch as ar dly qI, & by per fin
bcl. R.W.M.,aLoM EMis dly or. th R.W.M.
R.W.M. * BroS.W.,araprMEM ? R.W.M. *BroS.W.,aryaMEM?
S.W.~.AprarMEM. SW Iam,tm.
R.W.M. Se tha th bren ar in ord as RWM Hwwlybt?
M E M. SW. Bythks.
S.W. Br~n, b in ord as M E M. (Done.) R.W.M. Wh by th k s
R.W.M., tb bren ar in ord as M E M. S.W. Bcs it cinpld K S T, on th cer o
R.W.M. *BroJ.D.,whnaLoME M th ded o wch ths deg is fnd.
is abt t b opd what bec yr fst dty ? R.W.M. WhrwrymdaMEM?
S.W. Inaj&dcLoMEM.
J.D. To se tha th L is dly t.
R.W.M. HwmnycomaLoMEM?
R.W.M. Atd t tha dty & inf th T tha I
S.W. Tw o mr.
am abt t opn a L o ME M; drc hint tk
R.W.M. Whn corn o fr, wb ar thy ?
du not thrf & t ac.
SW. Th R.W.M., S.W., S. & J.Ds.
J.D. *
T. * R.W.M. Wb is thr n J.W. ?
J.D. Bro T., I am drctd t inf y tha tb S.W. Jst bfr th cmpln o th T our G M
R.W.M.isabttopnaLoMEM. Tkdunot H A ws s, as w by hd an acc in a prec
thrf & t ac. (Cls dr.) “‘~ “~ deg; at th ded thfr, as no one hd bn app
T. “~ ~ t fi hs p1, bs Sta ws v & hs I e.
J.D. R.W.M., th L is dly t. R.W.M. Th J.D. p1?
R.W.M. Hw is th L t? S.W. At my r.
82 83
R.W.M. ** Yr dty, Bro J.D. ?
J.D. To cr msg fin th S.W. in th W
t th R.W.M. in th E & els abt th L as h
in drc; prep & pres cands; atd t a at th
o d, rpt th sm t th R.W.M., als t se tha th L
F R.W.M. in th E t o & g th L, st th C at
w, gvg thin ppr instns Ir thr I.
R.W.M. Bro Mar, se tha th bren ar in
du fin fr our dvs.
Mar. Bren, fin a crcl abt th alt. Kn on
is dly t. th r k. Fm a cwth th rhovrthla. (Done.)
R.W.M. Th S.D. p1? R.W.M., th bren ar in du fm fr our dvs
J.D. .At th r o th R.W.M. in th E. & awt yr pr. (R.W.M. & S.W. dscd & cmplt
R.W.M. Yr dty, Bro Sfl.? th crcl & c.)
S.D. To cr ords fin th R.W.M. in th
E t th S.W. in th W & els abt th L as h
in drc; wlcin & cI vstg bren, atd t a at th
d, als t r & c cands. Chap. “Praise the Lord, all ye people;
R.W.M. Tb S.W. Sta? praise him in his sanctuary; praise him
S.D. In th W. for his mighty acts; praise him according
R.W.M. Wh in the W, Bro S.W. ? to his excellent greatness. For his merci-
ful kindness is great toward us and his
S.W. As th Sn is in thW atth cod,
truth endureth forever.” Amen.
s stds th S.W. in th W, t ast th R.W.M.
in o & c th L, p th C thr w, if any b du, or
tha nn in go awy d, hrm bng th 5 o all ins, Almighty God, unto whom all hearts are
espc ths o ours. open, all desires known, and from whom
R.W.M. Tb R.W.M. Sta? no secrets.. are hid, cleanse the thoughts of
S.W. In th E. our hearts by the inspiration of thy Holy
R.W.M. Wh in th E? Spirit, that we may perfectly love thee,
S.W. AsthSnrssinthEtopn&gv and worthily magnify thy Holy Name.
th d, (R.W.M. gvs ~ & rss.) s rss th Amen. (Or any suitable prayer.)
84 85
R.W.M. Bren, hal two t t, tkg tin fin arnd
tks wth
J.D. aprn
p1. J.D.
as Pretires
M; cthins
t sxinner
th E. (Done.) Rise.
(R.W.M. & S.W. rtn t Sta.)
R.W.M. Bro S.W., it is my ord tha a L S.D. R.W.M., thr is an a.
o M E M b nw opd & std opn fr w & instn. R.W.M. Atd t th a.
Ths y wi cmnc t th bren pr tha, hvg du S.D. ~ ~ (Opns dr.) Wh cins hr?
not thrf, thy in gv t ac. J.D. Bro ,whhspasMinth
S.W. Bren, it is th ord o th R.W.M., Ch & nw wshs fthr prmtn in Msy by bng
tha a L’~o M E~M b nw opd & std opn fr r&aaMEM.
w & instn. Tk du not thrf, & gv y ac. S.D. My Bro, is ths an act o yr own
R.W.M. Bro S.D., atd at th alt. (Opn fr wI & a
B at II Chrpn VI. Done.) Bren, atd t gvg Cand. It is.
th ss, oh th E. (Ss fm E A t M E M inc. S.D. Bro J.D., is he wor & wI qI ?
Thn ~ •~* rptd by S.W.) I nw dcl th J.D. He is.
L dly opn. Bro J.D., inf th T. S.D. Dly & trly prep ?
J.D. ~ J.D. He is.
T. ~“‘~ S.D. Hs he ind suit prof in the prec
J.D. (Opns dr.) Bro T., th L is dly degs ?
opn. (Cls dr.) R.W.M., th T is inf. J.D. He hs.
R.W.M. * S.D. By wht fthr rt or ben ds he xpct
WORK t oh ths imp priv ?
J.D. By ben o th P.
FIRST SECTION S.D. Adv & gv it. (Done.) Th P is rt.
R.W.M. Bro Mar., se tWa th cand is Wt untl th R.W.M. hs bn inf o yr req &
prep & pres. hs ans ret. (S.D. at alt.) R.W.M., thr is
Mar. (Goes down south ad o I.e.) Bro wthtBro ,whhspasMinth
J.D., prep & pres th cand. Ch— (etc., as at dr)
86 87
R.W.M. Gv it. (P gvn ald.) Tb P is rt. 2.
Lt th bro ent ths L o M E M & b rec in du “Who shall ascend into the hill of the
& anc fin. Lord? or who shall stand in his holy place?
S.D. (At dr.) It is th ord oth R.W.M. He that hath clean hands and a pure
tha th bro ent ths L o M E M & h rec in heart; who bath not lifted up us soul unto
du & anc fin. vanity, nor sworn deceitfully.” (R.W.
Mar. Frd Mch, cm rt, Mch. Hlt, Lft M. **).
fc. (Li~ze in ws(t, fcg est.) (Another ct-ct; Same procedure, except d g &
s o M M. Lesson.)
S.D. MyBro.,IrecyintthslOME 3.
M upon th k s, bcs at th cmpln o th T, th “He shall receive the blessing from the
s wch th bldrs hd r hcm th h s o th c. Lord, and righteousness from the God of
Mar. Rf fc. Frd, chin Ift, Mch. his salvation. This is the generation of
(Mar. cndts line once at-nd rin (S.W. gvg btry
as it passes] & t th E whr Mar gvs cannd— “Hit. them that seek him, that seek thy fate,
Lft fc.” O Jacob.” (R.W.M. ***)
S.D. thn steps one pace frd, if t fes & instructs (Another ct-ct; Same procedure, except d g &
cand [at saine tin illustratingl t gv th d g & s s o M M M. Lesson.)
o E.A., aftr wch he returns to hs p1 in line. TK
R.W.M. thn rises & he, or Chap, reads or recites 4.
portion of lesson, as follows:)
“Lift up your heads, 0 ye gates: and
1. he ye lifted up, ye everlasting doors: and
the King of Glory shall come in.” (R.W.M.
“The earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness ***
thereof; the world, and they that dwell (Another ct-ct; Same procedure, except d g &
therein: For he hath founded it upon the s o P M. Lesson.)
seas, and established it upon the floods.” 5.
(R.W.M. *)
“Who is this King of Glory? The Lord
(Another ct-ct; Same procedure, except d g &
s o F C. Lesson.) strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in
88 89
battle. Lift up your heads, 0 ye gates: S.W. CsthbrotfcthE.
even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; S.D. Aht fc. (Done. S.W. leaves Sta &
and the King of Glory shall come in.” tks pstn at th nth wst crnr o th alt, fcg
(R.W.M. *** W.)
(Another ct-ct; Same procedure, except s o F. S.W. MyBro,advonyrlfasE A,gv
Lesson.) th d g & s; on yr r as F C, gv th d g &
6. s; on yr las MM, gv th d g & s; on yr
“Who is this King of Glory? The Lord r as M M M, gv th d g & s; on yr 1 as P M,
of Hosts, he~ is the King of Glory.” gv th d g & s. Adv on yr r C, hring th his
(R.W.M. ~ ~ (Psalm XXIV) tgthr as bfr. (Tks cand by ift arm.) I wi
(Mar. gvs nec cinnds fr floor work. Line ar- nw cndt y t th alt whr y ar aht t b ind
rives at W aftr 6th. Lesson.)
S.D. (At th W.) *** *** a M E M in du fin, wch is by kn on bth
S.W. (Rising.) * Wh cins hr ? (Same kns, hth hnds rstng on th H B, S & Cs.
qstns & ans as at th dr.) Th P is rt. Cndt (Done.) R.W.M., th bro is in du fin.
th bro t th R.W.M. in th E, fr hs exin. R.W.M. My Bro, y ar agn kng at th
S.D. (At th E.) *** *** S A o F Msy & ar in du fm t tk th sol 0
R.W.M. * Wh cins hr ? (Sm qstns & o M E M. I am per t gv y th sm assnc y
ans as at th dr.) hv rec in th prec degs, tha thr is nthg
R.W.M. Tb P is rt. Rcndt th bro t th thin cntd wch wl cnflct wth yr mrl, scl
S.W. in th W, wh wItch hin hw t adv t or cvi dts, h thy wht thy may. Wth ths
th alt fr th sxth tin in Msy in du & anc fin. assnc on my pt, ar y wlng t tk th 0 ?
Mar. Rt fc. Frd, chin Ift, Mch. (Mar. Cand. I am.
goes t hs seat. S.D. leads th line.) R.W.M. ~ Th bren wl fm a crcl abt
S.D. (At th W.) HIt. Rt fc. Bro S.W., th alt.
(S.W. rises.) it is th ord o th R.W.M. tha (Ct-cl find under th drctn o th Mar., wh places
y tch ths hro hw t adv t th alt fr th sxth hiinself so tha he wi b at th Ift o th R.W.M.;
S.D. at st/i wst ct-nt- o alt. All in ct-cl at s o F.)
tin in Msy, in du & anc fin.
90 91
R.W.M. Those nt in th crcl may b myBro isthDGoMEM&ths
seated. thS.Thyaldtthpoth O,tha
(R.W.M. & S.W. dscnd & cinplt ct-cl.) y wld h y hs t 0, y v t t, a t o a d t r, shd
Say I, pm yr nin in full, & rep a me: y v y s 0 o M E M. Ths D G & 5, (Gvg
o in o f w a a, i ~0 A G a t R W L o M E thin.) shd always h gvn as a s t th R.W.M.,
M, e t G a d t t in o K 5, d h a h, sol a o entrg o rtrg fin a L o M E M.
sin p a s, t I w n r t s o t d t a p i t w, (At thalt.) mw pres inyrh in tkn of&
e i h w a leg C a d o L o M E M, o t a b b 1 & wl pt y in pssn o th grp & wd
o t d w I s h f t h s, h d t, s e, o lawful o ths deg. (Gvs grp.) Ths, my Bro, is ti.
ml. G o M E M. Its nin is ** ** ***~ (Lets
I furthermore p a s t I w a a o a d 5 a go hnd.) At th cmpln o th T, whn K S
5 s t a r h m f a L o M E M, o g in b a entrd, he ws s wi plsd wth th M B, tha
h o t d, i w t 1 o in c t. he tk hm by th r h (agn gvs cand grp.)
I f p a s t I w h, a, a a a w d M E M, & xc]md, “Hi ** ** ~ wch sig G M o
t w, w a 0, w I m f t, s f a t n in r a in M E M. It is othrws cld th C G, fr as ths
a p, w it in 0th pc u m. cvs grps o prec degs, s shd we, as M E M,
I f p a s t I w d t in I a k t in I i h, t t cnsdrng tha in in hs bst e is shj t frlty
b o in a. & error, end t c hs f & i wth th brd m o c
Ifpastlwndftcl a a t a, i b t & b 1. Rise. (Lfts cand by grp.) Th P gvn
o M E M. at th dr in ths deg is ~ ~ th W o P M.
A t I do sol a sin p a s, w a h, e, o m r, (R.W.M. rins t hs Sta. Cand cndtd t th nth
sd 0 th L, fcg S.)
bin u n la ptt oh mhsto,invtt,at
o a d t r, s I e, k o w, v t in s 0 o NI E M. R.W.M. Bro S.W., wht is th h ?
S h m G a in in s t k a p t s. S.W. Ththrdhothsxthdothw.
I t o y s, k t H B o w y h r. R.W.M. Ths is th d & th h st aprt fr
Bro. S.D., rmv th c t. th cinpln o th T. Bro S.D., rcndt th bro
R.W.M. (At hs Sta in th E.) Ths, t th p1 whnc he c & in du tin rtn wth bin,
92 93
fr th prps o prtcg in th cer incdt t th c To hring forth the cape-stone with
& d 0th T. shouting and praise.
(S.D. crulis cand wst o alt, instructs hin t sIt (Mar. hIts p’ro at end o ct-ct. Th two Ks stp
th R.W.M., & thn cndts hin t th prep rin, by way est o alt, fcg th est.)
o i dt-.)
S.K.I. Bro Mar., se tha th k s is pprly
(Room Put in Order for Second Section.) p1.
Mar. Opn fis. Inw fc.
SECOND SECTION (Mar. goes tht-u lns & cndts Ovs t th est. M.O.
goes up; S.O. hnds kin th k 5; M.O. pls it in th
PART I.—COMPLETION arch. J.O. hnds hin th g; M.O. seats k s wth g
~ “““. Mar. cntlts Ovs t th sth, whr g is If t. He
R.W.M. Bro. Mar., asmhl th C. thn cndts thin t th nthwst crut- o th L, whr cat--
met- is lft. He thu cntlts thin t th ft o th Ins. Mar
Mar. Cfinn, fin in pro in two fis on prcds thru Ins t hd & gvs cinnd:)
th n sd o th L, fcg th E. Mar. CIs fis. Frnt fc. (Done.)
(Pro is find. R.W.M. & S.W. [rep S. K o I S.K.I. Rhid th T cmpld. (Same tm gvg
& H, K o T] in at/v. Three Ovs, wth k s & g
on a cat-met- in th rear. J.D. informs S.D. tha s o A, all on fir ing wtht cmnd. Th Ks rtn
all is in t-eadtness. S.D. cndts cand mt th L, & t th lns.)
tks pstn in the wst, fcg est, S.D. on th rt.)
Mar. (Leading pro.) Frd Mch. (Sec ct-ct. Singing.)
There is no more occasion for level or
For trowel or gavel, for compass or
(Tune: Portuguese Hymn—G) square;
(Ft-st ct-ct. Singing:) Our works are completed, the stone
Companions asseinhle on this joyful day, safely seated,
The occasion is glorious, the Key-Stone And we shall he greeted as workmen
to lay; most rare.
Fulfilled is the promise hy the Ancient of (Hlt at end o ct-ct.)
Days, Mar. Cfmn, our wk on th T is fnshd.
94 95
It is no lngr nec tha we shd wr cfmn’s ci. The knowledge of Masons to spread far
Lt th aprns b tkn off & Id asd. Opn fis, and wide.
Inw fc. (S.D. & cand join in pro, wch dvds at th wst.
(Th aprns at- clctd fin est t wst by S. & J.O. Lns pass est at t-t & If t o alt, & hit. S.D., cand
& Mar. fin across th wst, Mar at lft. Lns fc mw,
S.D. & cand rinv thr aprns & S.D. hnds thin th Mat-. gvg nec cmnds fin ks pstn tn th wst.)
S.O. Thy at- dpstd in nthwst ct-nt- in ordrly innnr.)
S.K.I. Bro H, K o T, th T hng nw
(Thrd ct-ct. Singing:)
cinplt, nthng rmns t h dn ht t cnsc it t th
Now those that are worthy, our toils
~rv o th A. I by aptd th mth Tisri fr tha
who have shared,
scrd cer. WI nt y, wh hv so gnrsly astd in
And proved themselves faithful, shall th glrs wk o cnstrctg th H o G, h pr wth
meet their reward. us at its ded ?
Their virtue and knowledge, industry H.K.T. M E K 5, altho th strctr hs hii
and skill, fnshd, th T is nt cinplt, fr it cnnt h th H
Have our approbation, have gained our o G untl th A o th C hs hn plcd thin, & th
good will. T acpd hy th G o I. I wl, thrfr, h pr wth
(S.D. & cand join pro & tk pstn est o alt, fcg y at th ded, t hhld th sf seating o th GIry o
th est. Th pro hlts at end o ct-ct. Th Ks stp oui
& shk hnds wth cand, saying t hin:) I, & t wtch fr a s o acptnc fm th Almighty.
(Pro resumed, passes out ott- dr. Singing:)
Kings. Werec&ackyaME M. (S.D. & cand fm prt o th pro.)
(Ks rtn t th lns.) All hail to the morning, that hids us
(Ft-tb ct-ct. Singing.) rejoice;
We accept and receive them, Most Ex- The Temple’s completed, exalt high each
cellent Masters, voice.
Invested with honors, and power to The cape-stone is finished, our lahor is
preside; o’er;
Among worthy craftsmen, wherever as- The sound of the gavel shall hail us no
seinhled, more.
96 97
PART II him before the ark, sacrificed sheep and
oxen, which could not he told nor num-
DEDICATION bered for multitude.
(Pro goes out ott- dr & rtns by i dr, hvg bn And the priests hrought in the ark of
joined by th H P o th T & th Lvts bearing th A
o th C on thr shldrs by th stvs. [No hnd shd tch the covenant of the Lord unto his place,
th A at any tin.] Th Organist plays a March. The to the oracle of the house, into the most
pt-o hits on th nth sd o th rin. The Mar gvs cinnd, holy place, even under the wings of the
“Rt fc.”) (HP o th Thereafter referred t as H P.)
(Th following lesson is then read by the Chap, cherubiins.
or t-eade~t-.)
For the cherubims spread forth their
Then Solomon assemhled the elders of wings over the place of the ark, and the
Israel, and all the heads of the tribes, the cheruhims covered the ark, and the staves
chief of the fathers of the children of thereof ahove.
Israel, unto Jerusalem, to hring up the ark And they drew out the staves of the
of the covenant of the Lord out of the city ark, that the ends of the staves were seen
of David, which is Zion. from the ark before the oracle, hut they
Wherefore all the men of Israel assem- were not seen without. And there it is
bled themselves unto the king, in the feast unto this day (II Chron., V, 2-9).
which was in the seventh month. (Th pro is resiiined, singrn.q.)
And all the elders of Israel came; and To the Power Almighty, who ever has
the Levites took up the ark. guided
And they hrought up the ark, and the The trihes of old Israel, exalting their
tahernacle of the congregation, and all the fame;
holy vessels that were in the tabernacle, To him who hath governed our hearts
these did the priests and the Levites bring undivided,
up. Let’s send forth our voices to praise
Also King Solomon, and all the congre- His Great Name.
gation of Israel, that were assembled unto Line dvds in th wst, passing est at th rt & Ift
98 99
o th alt, hlts. Th S.D. & cand r-mn prt o th Preside at our meetIngs; assist us to
pro. Th H P & tb Lvts, wtb tb A, occupy the spc
in th wst. Tb Mar. is at thr Ift. Tb Mar. gvs find
cinnd:) “mw fc.” True pleasure in teaching good-will to
S.K.I. Bro H, K o T, tb yr tha bs psd mankind.
snc tb cinpln o tb T, bs hr us ngb unt tb (Th A is placed in th H o Hs by th Lvts. Th
F o tb Tbs. I by cbsn tbs as a prpts ssn in •tvs ar drwn out, one t the rt, one t th ift. Th
wcb t cnsc tb edi t tb wor o G, & ded it t Lvts cin dwn, keeping thr Ics twrd th A. Th H P
o th T tks pstn back o th A, whr he reinains. Th
hs H N. Wl y nt ast me ? Lvts rtn between, & tk thr pis in, th ins. Th
H.IC~T. M ~E K 5, it is md a ftg tin fr S. D., cand 6- Mar hvg in the inntin, forined act-s
th /t o th ins. As th Lvts cin down, th jollowing
tb prfmc o tb sol cerml o tb ded o tb T, & verse inay be sung:)
it is my dsr t prtc in tha scrd srv; bt I Thy wisdom inspired the great institu-
rcl wtb prf s tb d o one lng assctd wtb us tion,
in tb bldg o tb T, & dply dpI bs abs from Thy strength shall support it till nature
an ocsn tha inst pres t evry bbldr astnsbng expire;
evi o th mag & xclnc o bs bdwl~. And when the creation shall fall into
S.K.L Alas,**** ~ bs d ws md ruin,
untinly. I wld tha be wr wtb us ths dy, bt Its beauty shall rise through the midst
as tha cnnt b, lt us cnsl orslvs wtb tb of the fire.
rfictn tha tb perfectness & bty ‘o bs wkmn-
sbp, bs vrt, hs mt & bs pty, wI be rvrd S.K.I. (In th cntr, est o alt, fcg t
est.) The Lord bath said that be would
by all tr cfmn tbrgbt tb ertb t tb ltst
dwell in the thick darkness. (Rm drknd.)
pstrty. Lt tb A b sfly seated.
But I have built an house of habitation
(Tb H P & tb Lvts proceed t tb est by way 0
tbe ntb, wtb th A. Thy go up slowly &, as tby go, for thee, and a place for thy dwelling
tb following verse inay b sung:) forever.
Almighty Jehovah, descend now and fill (Shekinah appears.)
This place with thy glory, our hearts (All drp on lft kn, rt elb on rt kn, hd resting
with good-will; on rt hand.)
HPoT. TbLisinbsHT.Ltalltb build an house for my name, thou didst
ertb kp slnc bfr bin. well in that it was in thine heart.
Chap. And the king turned his face, Notwithstanding thou shalt not build
and blessed the whole congregation of the house; but thy son which shall come
Israel, and all the congregation of Israel forth out of thy loins, be shall build the
stood. (All rise.) And be said: house for my name.
The Lord therefore bath performed his
(A pause.) word that be bath spoken: for I am risen
up in the room of David my father, and
S.K.J. (Fcg th wst.) Blessed be the
am set on the throne of Israel, as the Lord
Lord God of Israel, who bath with his
promised, and have built the house for the
bands fulfilled that which be spake with
name of the Lord God of Israel.
his mouth to my father David, saying,
And in it have I put the ark, wherein
“Since the day that I brought forth my Is the covenant of the Lord, that he made
people out of the land of Egypt I chose no with the children of Israel.” (II Chron.,
city among all the tribes of Israel to build VI, 3-11)
an house in, that my name might be there; Chap. And be stood before the altar
neither chose I any man to be a ruler over of the Lord (Done) and kneeling down
my people Israel: upon his knees before all the congregation
But I have chosen Jerusalem, that my of Israel, be spread forth his bands toward
name might be there; and I have chosen heaven, and said:
David to be over my people Israel.” S.K.I. (Kneeling) “0 Lord God of
Now it was in the heart of David my Israel, there is no god like thee in the
father to build an house for the name of heaven, nor in the earth; which keepest
the Lord God of Israel. =2. covenant, and shewest mercy unto thy
But the Lord said to David my father, servants that walk before thee with all
Forasmuch as it was in thine heart to their hearts: Thou which hast kept with
102 103

thy servant David my father that which of thou bast said that thou wouldest put
thou hast promised him; and spakest with Uiy name there; to hearken unto the
thy mouth, and hast fulfilled it with thine prayer which thy servant prayeth toward
band, as it is this day. this place.
Now, therefore, 0 Lord God of Israel, Hearken therefore unto the supplica-
keep with thy servant David, my father, lions of thy servant, and of thy people
thatwbich thou bast promised him, saying, tsrael, which they shall make toward this
There shall not fail thee a man in my sight place: hear thou from thy dwelling place,
to sit”upon tb~e throne of Israel; yet so that oven from heaven; and when thou bearest,
thy children take heed to their way, to forgive” (II Chron., VI, 14-21).
walk in my law, as thou bast walked be-
fore me.’ (Fire descends.)
Now then, 0 Lord God of Israel, let thy (All drop on btb kns, hds t th fir & say,
word be verified, which thou bast spoken three tines:)
unto thy servant David. All. Fr be is good; fr bs mercy endrth
But will God in very deed dwell with frvr.
men on the earth? Behold, heaven and the (K S thn gvs cnind:)
heaven of heavens cannot contain thee; S.KI.I. Rise.
bow much less this house which I have (Th following Psaln& is tbn recited, o•r chanted.
built! If recited, it is dn alternately, H o T beginning:)
Have respect, therefore to the prayer of H.K.T. I was glad when they said unto
thy servant, and to his supplication, 0 me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.
Lord my God, to hearken unto the cry and S.KI.I. “Our feet shall stand within thy
the prayer, which thy servant prayeth be- gates, 0 Jerusalem. Jerusalem is builded
fore thee: as a city that is compact together;
That thine eyes may be open upon this H.K.T. Whither the tribes go up, the
house day and night, upon the place where- tribes of the Lord, unto the testimony of
104 105
Israel, to give thanks unto the name of the ~nd was about to dedicate to the service
Lord. of the Supreme Being.
S.K.I. For there are set thrones of The ceremonies of this degree are in-
judgment, the thrones of the house of
Lended to represent those of the completion
nnd dedication of King Solomon’s Temple.
HI.K.T. Pray for the peace of Jeru- You have now arrived at a period in Ma-
salem: they shall prosper that love thee. ~onry when the labor is over. The key-
Peace be within thy walls, and prosper- stone has been placed in the principal arch,
ity within thy palaces. lMe temple finished, and the ark, which bad
S.K.I. For my brethren and compan- ~)eenso long without a permanent resting
ions’ sakes, I will now say, Peace be within place, is at last safely seated.
We have imitated our ancient brethren
Because of the house of the L9rd our
In assembling on that occasion, repairing
God I will seek thy good” (Psalm CXXII). to the place designated, and participating
R.W.M. (At hs Sta.) *
In those solemn ceremonies. We have imi-
tated them in gathering around the altar,
ADDRESS TO CANDIDATE engaging in prayer, and have witnessed a
My Brother: In the course of the cere- representation of the fire coming down
monies of this degree you have received a from heaven, consuming the burnt-offer-
sign in addition to those given you at the ing and the sacrifices. We have also imitat-
altar. It is this (Copy, my Bro.). ed their astonishment on beholding it, by
This is called the S of A. It alludes to the falling down upon the ground and ex-
wonder and admiration expressed by those claiming: “He is good; for his mercy en-
of our ancient brethren who were permit- dureth forever !“
ted to view the interior of that magnificent A perusal of the books of Chronicles and
edifice which King Solomon had erected Kings will give you a minute description
106 107
of the temple and of the ceremonies here all kinds of precious stones. In the empha-
intended to be represented. tic language of Josephus, “The temple
You will there find that the foundations shined and dazzled the eyes of such as
of the temple were laid by King Solomon entered it by the splendor of the gold
in the year of the world 2992, and the that was on every side of them.”
building was finished in the year 3000.
About seven years and six months were The multitude on beholding it were
struck with bewildering amazement, and
consumed in its erection.
raised their hands in admiration and as-
It ~as dedicated in the year 3001, with
tonishment at its wondrous magnificence,
the most imposing and solemn ceremonies, as well as to protect their eyes from the
to the worship of Jehovah, who conde-
effect of its exceeding brilliancy.
scended to. make it the place for the spe-
cial manifestation of his glory. Perhaps Nothing ever equalled the splendor of its
no structure erected either before or since consecration. Israel sent forth her thou-
is to be compared with it, for its exactly sands, and the assembled people beheld, in
proportioned and beautiful dimensions. Its solemn adoration, the vast sacrifice of Sol-
various courts and apartments were cap- omon accepted. The flame descended upon
able of holding three hundred thousand the altar and consumed the offering; the
persons. shadow and glory of the Eternal pro-
It was adorned with 1453 columns, of claimed his presence between the cheru-
the finest Parian marble, twisted, sculp- bim, and the voice of his thunders told to
tured and voluted; and 2906 pilasters, dec- the faithful of the craft that the perfect-
orated with magnificent capitals. The or- ness of their labor was approved.
acle and sanctuary were lined with massive
gold, adorned with embellishments in ** Bright was the hour

sculpture, and set with numerous gorgeous When Israel’s princes, in their pxide and
and dazzling decorations of diamonds and power,
108 109
Knelt in the Temple’s court; the living the knowledge of divine truth, which the
flame, Grand Master of the Universe will bestow
The accepted sacrifice to all proclaim. upon all who have faithfully performed
Brightly the splendor of the Godhead their task.
shone, You have seen the foundations of the
In awful glory, from His living throne; temple laid deep and strong. You have, as
Then bowed was every brow—no human e~n Entered Apprentice, served your Mas-
sight tor with freedom, fervency and zeal; and,
Could brave the splendor of that flood as a bearer of burdens, have brought up
of light ~rom the quarries of Zarthan many a
That veiled His presence and His awful rough ashlar for the building. You have
form— wrought your full time as a Fellow Craft,
Whose path the whirlwind is—whose end, under the skillful touch of your work-
breath the storm. ing tools, these rough ashlars have be-
(Th address may end here, ot- b continued as come perfect ashlars—stones, we doubt
follou’s:) not, fitted to adorn and beautify our tem-
Our mystic temple is now completed and ple. As a Master Workman, you have
dedicated. You have wrought industriously watched with unceasing care the wondrous
with zeal and fidelity, and have been re- beauties of the temple increase under the
ceived and acknowledged a Most Excellent; skillful bands of the Widow’s Son; and
Master. You are now invested with power now you have at length seen the object
to dispense true Masonic light and knowl- of our hopes completed, and the last arch
edge to all uninformed brethren. bound together by the rejected though
The temple which we have just coin. priceless keystone. We have now dedicated
pleted represents the temple of the present the temple to the service of the Supreme
life. The wages which you are to receive Being; and by this we are reminded that
are the rewards of a well-spent life and we should also dedicate our spiritual build-
110 111
ing—that temple which we have been Q. WbwrymdaMEM?
erecting within ourselves—to the service A. In a j a d c L o M E M.
of the same Supreme Being. And although Q. Hv y a ss b t t d ?
we know of a certainty that all earthly A. I by sv.
things are transient, and that in process Q. Sbw in a s. (Done.) Wbt i t c
of time, even at the best, the decay of A. TbDGoMEM.
ages will crumble our magnificent temple Q. Sbwmas. (Done.) Witc ?
into dust, yet we are persuaded, that, if A. Tb So M E M.
we have erected the temple of our inner Q. To w d t a
life by Square, Plumb-line, and Rule, its A. To t p o t 0, t I w b in bs t o, in v
foundations shall never fail, and its fabrics t t, a t o a d t r, s I v in s 0 o M E M.
shall never crumble nor decay. Then let us, Q. Sbw in a s. (Done.) W it c?
my brother, take care that we so labor in A. Tb 5 o A.
the erection of our temple here, that when Q. To w d i a ?
we leave this, for that far-distant country A. To tb w & a xprsd by lbs o o a b wb
from whence we shall never return, we wr per t vw tb mt o t in e wcb K S
may there receive the wages of faithful hd e & ws abt t d t tb sv o tb S B.
craftsmen. I, Q. Hv y a g blg t t d?
Q.AryaMEM? A. TbGoMEM.
A. I am, t in. Q. Hs i a n
Q. Hwwlybt? A. lb.
A. Bythks. Q. Gvit.
Q. Wb by tb k s A. ** ** ***
A. Bcs itcKST,ontbcerotbded Q. Wbt d i s
o wcb ths d is fnd. A. GMoMEM.
112 113
Q. Wbt i i o c ferred on you, remember that an indulg-
A. Tbcg. ence, prompted by the belief that you would
Q. Wb•? apply yourself with double diligence to be-
A. Bcs as tbs c g o prec degs, s sbd we, come so, has induced the brethren to accept
as M E M, c tha man, in bs b e, is ytu. Let it, therefore, be your unremitting
“ sbjtf&e,etcbsf&iwtbth study to acquire such a degree of knowl-
b m o c & b 1. edge and information as shall enable you
to discharge with propriety the various
CHARGE duties incumbent upon you and preserve,
unsullied, the title now conferred upon you,
My Brother: Your admission to this it being that of Most Excellent Master.
degree of Masonry is a proof of the good
opinion the brethren of this Lodge enter-
tam of your Masonic abilities. Let this CLOSING
consideration induce you to be careful of
forfeiting, by misconduct or inattention to R.W.M. *BroJ.D.,wbnaLoMEM
our rules, that esteem which has raised is abt t b clsd, wbt bec yr fst dty ?
you to the rank you now possess. J.D. To se tha th L is dly t.
It is one of your great duties, as a Most R.W.M. Atd 1b tha dty & inf tb T tha
Excellent Master, to dispense light and lam abt t cls tbs L o M E M; drc bin t
truth to the uninformed Mason; and I tk du not thrf & t ac.
need not remind you of the impossibility J.D. *** ***
T. ““““‘***
of complying with this obligation without
possessing an accurate acquaintance with J.D. (Opns dr.) Bro T., I am drctd t
the lectures of each degree. inf y tha tb R.W.M. is abt t cls tbs L o
M E M. Tk du not tbrC & t ac. (Cis dr.)
If you are not already completely con- R W M , tb L is dly t.
versant with the degrees heretofore con- RWM. HwisthLt?
J.D. By a bro o tbs deg wtbt, a wtb J.D. To cr msg fin th S.W. in tb W t
th ppr i o hs ofc. tb R.W.M. in th E & els abt th L as b in
R.W.M. Hs dty tbr ? drc; prep & pres cands; atd t a at tb o d.
J.D. Toobtbappoc&e&sethann rpt th sin t tb R.W.M., als t se tha tb. L
p or r-p, exc sch as ar dly q & by per fin is dly t.
tb R.W.M. R.W.M. Tb S.D. p1?

R.W.M. *BroS.W.,aryaMEM? J.D. At th r o tb R.W.M. in th E.
R.W.M. Yr dty, Bro S.D. ?
R.W.M. Hwwlybt? S.D. To cr ords fin tb R.W.M. in tb
S.W. By tb k s. E t tb S.W. in th W & els abt th L as b
R.W.M. Wb by tb k s ? in drc; wlcm & cI vstg bren, atd t a at tb
S.W. Bcs it cinpld K S T, on tb cer o d, als t r & c cands.
tb ded o wcb tbs deg is fnd. R.W.M. Tb S.W. Sta?
R.W.M. WhrwrymdaMEM? S.D. In tb W.
S.W. Inaj&dcLoMEM. R.W.M. Wh in th W, Bro S.W. ?
R.W.M. HymnycomaLoMEM ? S.W. AsthSnisintbWatthcod,
S.W. Two o mr. s stds th S.W. in th W, t ast tb R.W.M.
R.W.M. Wbn coin o fr, wb ar thy ? in o & c tb L, p tb C thr w, if any b du,
S.W. Tb R.W.M., S.W., S. & J.Ds. tha nn m go awy d, bin bng th s o all ins,
R.W.M. Wb is tbr n espc tbs o ours.
S.W. Jst bfr tb cmpln o tb T our G M •1 R.W.M. Tb R.W.M. Sta?
H A ws s, as w by bd an acc in a prec S.W. InthE.
deg; at tb ded tbfr, as no one bd bn app R.W.M. Wb in tb E?
t fi hs p1, bs Sta ws v & bs I e. S.W. AsthSnrssintbEtopn&gv
R.W.M. Tb J.D. p1? tb d, (R.W.M. gvs ~ & rss.) s rss tb
S.W. At my r. R.W.M. in tb E t o & g tb L, st tb C at w,
R.W.M. ** Yr dty, Bro J.D. ? gvg thin ppr instns fr tbr 1.
116 117
R.W.M. Bro Mar., se tha tb bren ar in R.W.M. Bren, bal two t t, tkg tin fm
du fin fr our dvs. tb E. (Done.) Rise.
(R.W.M. & S.W. rtn t Sta.)
Mar. Bren, fin a crcl abt tb alt. Kn on R.W.M. Bro S.W., it is my ord tha tbs
tb I k. Fm a c wtb tb I h ovr tb r a. L o M E M b nw clsd. Tbs y wl c t tb bren
(Done.) R.W.M., th bren ar in du fin fr pr tha, bvg du not tbrf, thy in gv t ac.
our dvs & awt yr pr. S.W. Bren, it is th ord o tb R.W.M.,
(R.W.M. & S.W. dscd & cinpit th crcl & c.) tha tbs L o M E M b nw clsd. Tk du not
thrf & gv y ac.
PRAYER. R.W.M. Bren, atd t gvg tb ss, ob th E.
(Ss fm E.A. t M E M inc.: Thn ~
Chap. “The Lord is my shepherd; I rptd by S.W.) Bro S.D., atd at th alt.
shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in (Done.) I nw dcl th L dly clsd. Bro J.D.,
green pastures; be leadeth me beside the inf tb T.
still waters. He restoreth my soul; be J.D. ~
leadeth me in the paths of righteousness T. ~
for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk J.D. (Opns dr.) Bro T., tb L is dly
through the valley of the shadow of death, clsd. R.W.M., tb T is infd.
I will fear no evil; for thou art with me, R.W.M. *
thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the
presence of mine enemies: thou anointest
my bead with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow
me all the days of my life: and I will dwell
in the house of the Lord forever.” Amen.
(Psalm XXIII)
118 119
RAM Royal Arch to the Third Degree, I shall
WORK present to you a brief summary of what
H.P. *(Calls C t ard.) is known concerning its origin and de-
H.P. * * (Sb Off rs & drw swds.) velopment.
H.P. Cmp C.H. Masonic scholarship is agreed that our
C.H. E.H.P. present Craft of Free and Accepted Ma-
H.P. Se tha th cands ar prep & pres. ~onry has resulted from the union of two
G.H~ Gmp P.S. (P.S. cms I s oF.) distinct currents, which flowing down
P.S. Gmp G.H. through the Middle Ages quite independ-
G.H. Prep & pres th cands. ently, came together during the seven-
(P.S.slts at alt & rtrs: MVs sit as he passes. teenth century. One of these was the sym-
Preps cands—Hdwks; sndls; c t svn tm6 arud 6;
wht arm as M M.) bolic teaching of the gilds of operative
H.P. *** masons; the other the philosophical specu-
(C.H. rtns swd & carries G Ls fm alt rn th E t lations of some of the scholars of that
alt tn th W. R.A.C. acmps hm on hs ift, swd at a period.
carry. MVs sit. AU emps at s o F. C.H. & R.A.C.
tk Sta in th W & R.A.C. & MVs rtn swds.) It was the gradual introduction of these
H.P. * (MVs rmv tr alt t n,th est crnr scholars into the remnant of the old oper-
o Sc.) ative lodges that led to the union, and
(Prig ~s nw divrd t th cands; i dr may b itt brought about in 1717 the formation of
prtiy opn fr th ben. o ths in th Tb.) a Grand Lodge of Free and, Accepted
The foilowing Proiogue should be given by the Masons at London; and from this body we
P.S. or some other offwer to the entire class of
cand.~, tn the preparation room, before they enter may trace directly or indirectly, almost all
to rece%ve the degree. our present day Freemasonry. The work
PROLOGUE inherited by this Grand Body from its for-
bears consisted probably of a single cere-
1’Ay Bros, to enable you to understand mony of initiation to the Graft, together
clearly the true relationship of the Holy with another and more secret ceremony,
120 121

the Master’s Part, which was restricted to

installed Masters of Lodges.
By 1723 a system of two degrees was
well established, and a year later there
r Lodge. The original Grand Lodge they
‘alled the Modern. These names have per-
Misted in all Masonic historical writings.
It was the Ancients who first introduced
had come into use a third ceremony which into their ritual the degree of Royal Arch
embodied the symbolism of the Master’s Mason, and there is ample reason to be-
Part. This ceremony, amplified by the leg- Ueve that this degree embodied the essen-
end of H A, was later expanded into the tials of the Master’s Part, which had been
Master Mason Degree. Admission to this removed from the Third Degree for this
degree was opened to Fellows of the Craft, purpose. And in our own lodge rituals, as
free from the earlier restriction that had well as in those of countries unaffected by
confined the Master’s Part to installed the division, there are many indications
Masters; and thereby was created a new
that this Master’s Part contained the es-
class of brethren, namely: that of nominal
Master Mason, whose members, however, sence of Craft teaching and was of su-
had never actually served the Craft as in- preme Masonic significance. Because of
stalled Masters of Lodges. this the Royal Arch Degree has been ac-
corded from the beginning all the respect
Soon after this epoch of tr,ansition there
and reverence to which it was entitled as
came a period of dissension, followed by a the Supreme Order of Ancient Masonry.
division in the Craft, the precise causes
of which are unknown. It is reasonably In due course the ritual of the Moderns
certain, however, that one of the major was also modified to provide for a Royal
differences had to do with the significance Arch Degree, similar in character, al-
of the Master’s Part, then embodied in the though different in detail from that of the
Third Degree. Those who withdrew pro- Ancients. And in 1813 all the differences
fessed to resist innovation, and styled between the two Grand Lodges were bur-
their new Grand Lodge the Ancient Grand ied forever in the formation of the United
122 123

Grand Lodge of England to embody the P.S. BrosA,B&C,whhvbnrec&
authority of both factions. ack M E M & nw hmb cry xltn t th inst sub
It was at this time and under these aus- deg o th H R A.
pices that the half century of controversy R.A.C. My Bros, is ths an act o yr own
as to the true essence and teaching of fr wl & a?
Ancient Masonry was settled for all time Cands. It is.
by the second of the Articles of Union, R.A.C. Cmp P.S., ar thy wor & wl ql?
which reads as follows: “Pure Antient P.S. Thy ar.
Masonry con~ists of three degrees and no R.A.C. Dly & trly prep?
more, namely: those of the Entered Ap- P.S. Thy ar.
prentice, the Fellow Craft, and the Master R.A.C. Hv thy md suit prof in th prec
Mason, including the Supreme Order of degs?
the Holy Royal Arch.” This statement P.S. Thy hv.
was then written into and is now a part R.A.C. By wht fthr rt or ben d thy
of the Constitution of the United Grand xpct t ob ths imp priv?
Lodge of England. And this recognition P.S. BybenothP.
of the Holy Royal Arch as the Supreme R.A.C. liv thy th P?
Order of Ancient Masonry restored to the P.S. Thy hv nt, I hv it fr thin.
symbolism of the Craft the completeness R.A.C. Adv & gv it. (Done.) Th P is
it had lost with the mutilation of the Third rt. Wt unti th C.H. hs bn inf o yr req, &
Degree. hs ans rtnd. (R.A.C. cls dr, tks pstn ii~ tint
P.S. (In prep rm.) ******* o C.H., slts wth swd, & rpts:) Cmp C.H.,
R.A.C. (Stps in front o C.H. & slts thr ar wtht Bros A, B & C, wh hv bn rec
wth hs swd.) Cmp C.H., thr is an a. & ack M E M, & nw hmb cry xltn t th inst
C.H. Atd t th a. sub deg oth HR A.
R.A.C. ****** * (Opns dr.) Wh cms Cli. Is ths an act o thr own fr wl & a~
hr? R.A.C. It is.
124 I 25
C.H. Arthywor&wlql?
R.A.C. Thy ar.
C.H. Dly & trly prep?
R.A.C. Thy ar.
C.H. Hv thy md suit prof ~n th prec
r mnds in th inst sol mnr tha th p s o ths
deg ~shdb cmncd only und a 1 a.
(MVs tk pstn at cande rt & cndt thin.)
(P.S. mchg wth cands.) As no man shd
ent upn any grt o imp undrtkg wtht fst
degs? invkng th aid o D, It us kn & p.
R.A.C. Thy hv. (P.S. & cartels kit at alt. MVs ast.)
C.I{. By wht fthr rt or ben d thy xpct C.H. ***.
t ob this imp priv? P.S. 0 thou eternal and ever present
R.A.C. By ben o th P. God, the glorious and everlasting *
C.H. HvthythP? bestow Thy blessing, we beseech Thee,
R.A.C. Thy hv nt, I hv it ~r thin. upon the compan[ons here assembled in
C.H. Gv it (R.A.C. gvs * ** * * ald.) Thy Holy Name; and grant that these
C.H. Th P is rt. Lt th bros ent ths C o brothers, who humbly seek to be xltd to
R A M in th Nm o th Gr * * & b rec in du th mys o th H.R.A., may be endued with
& anc fin. Cmps Ms o th Vs asmbl & fm a Thy spirit to enable them to understand
1 a. and appreciate the Divine Truths taught
(MVs rss, ft ift & inch sngl fi t a pstn nr i herein, and so prove faithful servants
dr. Thy fm I a at lvi o throat, & hid it thr.) unto Thee. And 0 Thou who didst afore-
R.A.C. * (Opns dr.) It is th ord o th time appear unto Thy servant iVI in a fi
C.H. tha th bros ent ths C o R A M in th of fr out o th mdst o a b, enkindle, we
Nm o th Gr * * & b rec in du & anc fin. beseech Thee, in each of our hearts, a
(Cartels ent, id by P. S., R.A.C. tks hs Sta in flame of devotion to Thee, of love to each
W, rtns swd & is seated.)
other, and of charity and benevolence to
P.S. Stp 1w my Bros, stp 1w, “He tha all mankind; to the honour and glory of
hmbh hmsl shl b xltd.” My Bros, y-ar rec Thy G and S N. Amen.
mt ths C o R A M und a I a, t mprs upn yr All So mt it b. (C.H.*)
126 127
P.S. Rise. (MVs acmpy cands. Frst R.A.M., o t a c o t d w i s h f t b s, b d t,
Cret:) I will bring the blind by a way that s e, o lawful m i.
they knew not; I will lead them in paths I furthermore p a s t I W a a o a d s
that they have not known: I will make a s s t a r b m f a C o R.A.M., o g m b a c
darkness light before them, and crooked otd,iwt lomct.
things straight. These things will I do unto If past 1w st a a b t blot o a o
them and not forsake them. For they that C o R.A.M. o w I m b a m; a t C a 1 o t
wait upon me shall renew their strength; G Cu w at smw; at CR a Rot M E
they shall m6unt up with wings as eagles; G G R A C o t U 5 o A, s f a t s s c t m k.
they shall run, and not be weary; and they I f p a s t I w n b p a t o o a C o R.A.M
shall walk, and not faint. u t b p a I n r R.A.M.
P.S. (At int o ln, in tint o alt, fcg C.H. I fpastlwnbpatettdoagol
in the H’.) *** **** n t t, a o a t 5 t.
C.H. (Rising) * Wh cms hr? (Sm I f p a s t I w n u r t k t t c b t t d,
qstns & ana as at th din.) Th P is rt. My a w t s s h s i p, I w i d i.
Bros. bfr y cn pcd fthr in ths deg it wl b Ifpastl wnctGRAWiaomt
necfryttk th sol 00 R A M. Wth th usl t i w I m r i; n w I i t G a S N, si t r p
assnc on my pt, ar y wlng t tk th 0? i w t s m b c t m.
Cands. I am. A tldo sola sin p a s, w a h, eom
C.H. Thn kn at th alt on bth kns, bth
r o t n d s, s I e, k o w, v t m s 0 o R.A.M.
hnds rstng on th H B, S & Cs. (MVs ast.) ShmGammstkapts.
C.H. ~ Say I, pm yr nms in full, I t o y s, k t H B o w y h r.
and rep a me: o m o f w a a, i p o t G C.H. Cmp P.S., rmv th c ts.
* * at C o R.A.M., e t H a d t t m~o Z, (This is dii by th MVs & M1V dpsts thin in
d h a h, sol a sin p as, t I w n r t s o t H nthwst cnnr.)
R A t a p i t w, e i b w a leg c a d o C o C.H. Rise, My Bros. (P.S. cndts cands
128 129
r four paces nthwrd & hits until C.H. rtns father, the God of Abraham, the God of
t E wth G Ls acmpd by R.A.C. on hs int, Isaac, and the God of Jacob. And Moses
wth swd at a cainry. Th4 off insm thr Sta & hid his face; for he was afraid to look
H.P. seats C.) upon God. (P.S. cvrs fc wth hs hnds. MVs
P.S. (Sec crct.) Now Moses was keep- ast in rylcy sndls. If hdwks ar t b ryled on
ing the flock of Jethro, his father in law, cands MVs may acmpy thin; if ni, MVs
the priest of Midian: and he led the flock rtn t Sta, b b rmns xpsd. Lights rmr&
to the back of the wilderness, and came to lwrd.)
the mountain 6f God, even to Horeb. “And P.S. (At b b.) And the Lord said
the angel of the Lord appeared unto him unto Moses, I have surely seen the afihic-
in a flame of fire out of the midst of a tion of my people that are in Egypt, and I
bush: and he looked, and behold, the bush am come to bring them unto a land flow-
burned with fire, and the bush was not ing with milk and honey. Come now
consumed.” (P.S. tins t lft.) “And Moses therefore, and I will send thee unto
said, I will now turn aside, and see this Pharaoh, that thou mayest bring forth
great sight, why the bush is not burnt.” my people the children of Israel out of
(MVs ast cands, b b apins. Lights lwrd. Egypt.
Hdwks rmvd. May. oin may nt, b rplcd.) And Moses said unto God, Behold,
P.S. (At b b.) And when the Lord when I come unto the children of Israel,
saw that he turned aside to see, God called and shall say unto them, The God of your
unto him out of the midst of the bush, fathers hath sent me unto you; and they
and said, Moses, Moses. And he said, Here shall say to me, What is his name? What
am I. And the Lord said, Draw not nigh shall I say unto them? And God said
hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, unto Moses * * * * *: and he said, Thus
(Sndls rmvd, MVs astg.) for the place shalt thou say unto the children of Israel,
whereon thou standest is holy ground. * * hath sent me unto you. * * * *, the
Moreover he said, I am the God o~ thy God of your fathers, the God of Abraham,
130 131
r the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob that land which God had promised them.
hath sent me unto you: this is my name There they became a great nation, and, so
forever, and this is my memorial unto all long as they remained faithful to the G
generations. * *, they prospered.
B b fades out—Lts raised. P,S. (Sxth crct.) About 418 years
P.S. (Thind cinci.) My Bros, the sym after the consecration of King Solomon’s
of th b b has been exhibited to you to Temple, during the reign of Zedekiah, the
impress upon your minds in the most C of I, having done evil in the sight of the
solemr~ manner that the wds and ss used in Lord, and having rebelled against the su-
our mys are of Divine origin, and as such, premacy of Babylon, Nebuzaradan, by
were sacredly regarded by th C of I, and command of the King of Babylon, went up,
by them transmitted to their posterity as besieged and took the C of J. He seized
wds and ss by which they should make all the hly vs o t T and all the treasures
themselves known and be distinguished by of the King’s palaces and then ~et the
each other forever after. c and T on fire, totally leveling and razing
P.S. (Finth ct-ct.) Moses, having re- them until all became one thorough deso-
ceived the Divine command, thenceforth lation. The people that escaped the swd
became the great leader and prophet of his carried he away captive to the K o B,
people. He led them out of the land of where they remained servants to him and
Egypt, through the Red Sea, into the wil- his successors until the reign’ of C, K o P,
derness, and up to the river Jordan, where by whom they were liberated in the first
on the mountain of Nebo, in the land of year of his reign, by the following procla-
Moab, he was gathered to his fathers. mation: (In thW.)
P.S. (Ffth cinct.) After the death “The Lord God of Heaven hath given
of Moses, under the leadership of Joshua, me all the kingdoms of the earth; and he
the C of I, with the A o t C before them~ hath charged me to build him an house at
crossed the river Jordan, and entered into J, which i i Judah. Who is there among
132 133
you of all his people? his God be with him, M1V. ByadothGCn,nwcnvdinth
and let him go up to J, wch i i Judah, and Sc o th Tb, md in cnsqnc. o d hvg arsn by th
build the house of th L G o I.” intr o strngrs amg th wkmn, nn ar p t eng
(If MVs hv acmpd cands thy nw rtn t Sta.) in ths nbl & glrs w xcpt th tru dsc o th twl
P.S. (Svnth ct-ct.) My Bros, in B our trbs o th C o I. You wl thrfr, b ptclr in
fs dd; in B we wr bin. Bt as K C hth trcg yr gen. Wh ar
prclmd us free to rtn t J t rbld th h ‘F, lt P.S. We ar M E M, o yr own bren &
us go up & ast in tha nbl & glrs w, tha th kin, chl o th cptvy, dscndts o ths o th
p o Jrmh m b flfd; fr He hth sd: “After prncly trb o Jdh, wh wr pr at th des o th
seventy years be accomplished at Babylon T by Nabuzaradan & by hm crd awy cp t
I will visit you and perform my good word th K o B, whi thy rmnd sbj t hm & hs
toward you, in causing you to return to sucsrs untl th rgn o C K o P, by whs
this place. Then shall ye call upon me, prclmtn we hv bn lbrtd, & hv nw cm up t
and ye shall go and pray unto me, and ] ast in rbldg th h o th L.
will hearken unto you. And ye shall seek M1V. By wht fthr rt or ben d y xpct
me, and find me, when ye shall search for t ob ths imp priv ?
me with all your heart.” P.S. Byb~nothwdspknbythGoO
(R.A.C. & MVs rs; drw swds; close vs t thr Sta. ppl I, fm out th b b, whn he rvld hs pr
P.S. cntrrnchs wth cands t pstn ~mfrnt o fst V.
Hdwks, if on, nw rmvd.) unt M.
P.S. My Bros, we hv nw a at J & th M1V. Wht is tha wd ?
Tb is bfr us. Lt us endvr t ent th pr o th P.S. * * * * *
GCn. MIV. (Drwg asd V.) Ent ths lV o
*** *** *
our sc Tb. Thr M E M y inst b t hv cm
M1V. Wh drs app ths lV o our scr ths fr t pint ths nbl & glrs w; bt fthr y
Tb? Wh cms hr? cnnt go wtht my wds & s. My wds ar
P.S. ThrwryswhhvcmfmBtastin * * & * My s is an imt o tha gvn by th L

rbldg th h o th L, wtht th hope o f or r. unt M whn he cmnd hm t cst hs r on th g.

1.34 135

Th xplntn o ths s is fnd in th wrtngs o
as fiws: As M E M we hv pad th iV & nw rqst per
And Moses answered and said, But, t ent th 2V.~
behold, they will not believe me, nor M2V. By wht fthr int or ben d y xpct t
hearken unto my voice: for they will say, gnadm?
The Lord hath not appeared unto thee. P.S. Bybenothwds&sgvnusbyth
And the Lorc~ said unto him, What is that M1V.
in thine hand? And he said, A rod. And M2V. Wht ar hs wds ?
the Lord said~ Cast it on the ground. And P.S. *
he cast it on the ground, and it became a M2V. Wht is hs s ?
serpent; and Moses fled from before it. P.S: An imt o tha gvn by th L unt
And the Lord said unto Moses, Put forth M whn he cmnd hm t cst hs rd on th g.
thine hand, and take it by the tail. And he M2V. (Dinwy asti V.) Ent ths 2V o
put forth his hand, and caught it, and it our sc Tb. Thr M E M y inst b t hv cm
became a rod in his hand: That they may ths fr t pint ths nbl & glrs w; bt fthr y
believe that the Lord God of their fathers, cnnt go wtht my wds & s. My wds ar
the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, * * & * My s is an imt o tha gvn by th
and the God of Jacob, hath appeared unto L unt M whn he cmnd hm t pt hs hnd
thee. mt hs b. Th xplntn o ths s is fnd in th
Wth ths wds & s y wl b enbld t ent th wrtngs o M, as fiws:
2V. Ps on. And the Lord said furthermore unto
(M1V. stps t hs Sta & is seated.) him, Put now thine hand into thy bosom.
P.S. *** *** * And he put his hand into his bosom: and
M2V. Wh drs app ths 2V o our sc when he took it out, behold, his hand was
Tb ? Wh cms hr ? leprous as snow. And the Lord said, Put
P.S. ThrwryswhhvcmfmBt~5~ thine hand into thy bosom again. And he
in rbldg th h o th L, wtht th hope o f or r. put his hand into his bosom again; and
plucked it out of his bosom, and behold,
cnnt go wtht my wds, a & sg. My wds ar
it was turned again as his other flesh.
* * & * My s is an imt o tha gvn by th
And it shall come to pass, if they will not
believe thee, neither hearken to the voice L unt M whn he cmnd hm t p w upn th
of the fst s, that they will believe the d I. Th xpln o ths s is fnd in th wrtngs
voice of the ltr s. o M, as fiws:
Wth ths wds & s y wl b enbid t ent th “And it shall come to pass, if they will
3V. Ps on. not believe also these tw ss, neither
(M2V stps ths Sta & is seated.) hearken unto thy voice, that thou shalt
P.S. *~* *** * take of the water of the river, and pour it
M3V. Wh drs app ths 3V o our sc upon the dry land: and the water which
Tb ? Wh cms hr ? thou takest out of the river shall become
P.S. Thrwryswhhvcmfm Btast blood upon the dry land.”
in rbldg th h o th L, wtht th hope o f or Wth ths wds & s, tgthr wth ths sg o
r. As M E M we hv psd th 2V & nw or T, y wI b enbld t ent th Sc. Ps on.
rqst per t ent th 3V. (M3V stps t hs Sta & is seated.)
M3V. By wht fthr rt or ben d y xpct p~5~ *** *** *
t gn adm ? R.A.C. Wh drs app th Sc o our scr
P.S. Bybenothwds&sgvnusbyth Tb, whr inc bins upn th h alt bth d & n
M2V. Wh cms hr ?
M3V. Wht ar hs wds ? P.S. Thr wry s whhv cm fm B t ast
P.S. ~ in rbldg th h o th L, wtht th hope o f or r.
M3V. Wht is hs s ? As M E M we hv psd th 3V & nw rqst
P.S. AnimtothagvnbythLuntM per t ent th pr o th G Cn.
whn he cmnd hm t pt hs hnd mt hs b. R.A.C. By wht fthr rt or ben d y xpct
M3V. (Drwg asd V.) Ent ths 3V o t gn adm ?
our sc Tb. Thr M E M y inst b t hv cm P.S. By ben o th wds, s & sg gvn us
ths fr t pint ths nbl & glins w; bt fthr y by th M3V.
138 139
R.A.C. Wht ar hs wds ? as sch hv ingly psd th Vs & nw rqst per
~~5~ * * & * t ent th pin o th G On.
R.A.C. Wht is hs s ? H.P. By wht ptclr int or ben d thy xpt
P.S. An imt o tha gvn by th L unt M t gn adm ?
whn he cmnd hm t p w upn th d 1. C.H. By ben o ths sg.
R.A.C. Wht is hs sg ? H.P. Pines th sg.
P.S. Tha o Z, or T. (C.H. rtns swd—pres sg—rsms hs Sta & agn
R.A.C. Prs th sg. drws swd.)
(Ths mnnr o apprchng th E o th Sc shd b flwd
(P.S’~passes 4’ thin V; R.A.C. rec it in hs hnd.)
on all ocsns.) (Th G Cu cnfr.)
Wt untl th G Cn hv bn inf o yr rqst &
H.P. Th G On blv tha th sg o Z wld
thr ans rtnd. Cmp C.H. nt hv bn intrstd t any unwinthy o thin pin.
C.H. (C.H. rss) Cmp R.A.C. Adm thin.
R.A.C. Thin ar wtht thin wry s wh hv cm
C.H. (To R.A.C.) Adm thin.
fm B t ast in rbldg th h o th L wtht th (Th svn brnch cudistek in th sthest o th Sc & th
hope o f or r. Thy din t b M E M & as alt o inc in th nthest, ar lighted bir th wht V is
sch hv reg psd th Vs & nw rqst per t ent drwn. Th cndlstck & alt o inc ar nec prts o th fur-
niture o th Sc & shd b plcd in th pstns here stated.)
th pin o th G Cn.
C.H. By wht ptclr int or ben d thy xpct
t gn adm.
‘N R.A.C. (Drwg V.) Ent.
(As soon as C. H. says, “Adm thin,” th H. P.
bgns t read fm ~croII. C. H. & R.A.C. xtnd thin
swds in fr’nt o cands t ~rvnt thr advg fthr.)
R.A.C. By ben o ths sg.
H.P. (Reading fm Sd.) In the
C.H. Pines th sg. seventh month, in the one and twentieth
(Passed fm hnd t hnd.)
(C. H. drws swd & sits.) day of the month, came the word of the
E.H.P. Lord by the prophet Haggai, saying, Speak
E.H.P. Cmp C.H. now to Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel,
C.H. Thin ar wtht thin wry s wh hv governor of Judah, and to Joshua the son
cm fm B t ast in rbldg th h o th L, wtht of Josedech, the high priest, and to the
th hope o f or in. Thy din t b M E M & residue of the people saying, Who is left
140 141
among you that saw this house in her H.P. My Bros, we undstnd y ar fm B;
first glory ? and how do ye see it now tha y ar M E M; & hv cm t ast in rbldg
is it not in your eyes in comparison of it th h o th L wtht th hope o f or in ? (P.S.
as nothing ? Yet now be strong, 0 Zerub- bows assent.) Wht pt o th xv ar y wing t
babe I, saith the Lord; and be strong, 0 undtk ?
Joshua, son of Josedech, the high priest; P.S. Any pt, evn th inst sinvi, t pint
and be strong, all ye people of the land, ths nbl & gins w.
saith the Lord, and work: for I am with H.P. Yr mdsty bspks yr mint, bt wht
you, saith the Lord of hosts: According to evdnc cn y fur th G Cn tha y an M E M ?
the word that I covenanted with you when (P.S. & cands cnfr.)
ye came out of Egypt, so my spirit re- P.S. Wecngvythss&wdsothsvnl
maineth among you: fear ye not. For thus degs thin wch we hv p.
saith the Lord of hosts; Yet once, it is a (G Cn cnfr, sotto voce.)
little while, and I will shake the heavens, H.P. You xvi gv th ss & w o M E M.
and the earth, and the sea, and the dry (Done. G Cn agn confr.)
land; And I will shake all nations, and the
H.P. Th G Cn an nw cnvc tha y an eqi
desire of all nations shall come: and I will t any pntn o th xv, evn th inst d. Bt as it is
fill this house with glory, saith the Lord nec tha sm min o th nb b rmvd fm th estinn
of hosts. The silver is mine, and the gold pt o th ins, in ord t 1 th f fin th sec T, y wl
is mine. The glory of this latter house c yr opntns thin. And shd y, in th cins o yr
shall be greater than of the former, and Is, mk any d y dm o imp, y wi cmnc it t nn
in this place will I give peace. In that day bt th G Cn, fin we hv no dbt thin lie b mny v
will I take thee, 0 Zeinubbabel, my servant, tinsins & spcmns o ant, wch if bin t 1 wi pry
the son of Shealtiel, saith the Lord, and o essnti s t th Cf t. Th C.H. wi fur y wth
will make thee as a signet; for I have th nec wkg tis & undin hs dnctn y xv rep
chosen thee. t yr is.
(C. H. & R.A.C. tk thin Sta, at sgnl fm th H. P.) (CII. tks wkg tls & pls one on int shldr o ech
142 143
cand; cmncg on int o in, c fet, thn p & s, saying as plans apprvd by G L o Coin on Rtl shd b lctd at,
he da so:) or near, inner din.)
C.H. MyBros,thwkgtisoaRAM an P.S. (At ms.) My Bros, th thin soj
th c, p & s, & may b ths xplnd: whm y rps repd t th p1 as drctd, whin thy
The Crow is used by Operative Masons wrght digntly fin svri dys wtht d a o imp.
to raise things of great weight and bulk; Thy noticed, hwvn, svi brkn c o exq
the Pickaxe to loosen the soil, and prepare wkmshp, wch fm thin pstn amg th inns ld
it for digging; and the Spade to remove thin t blv tha thy inst hv std nr th Ho Hs o
rubbish. But the Royal Arch Mason is th T. Cntng thin is thy dis wht thy at fst
emblematically taught to use them for spsd t b an i in, bt as one o thin stin it wth
more noble purposes. By them he is re- th c it rtnd a hiw snd. Thy thrupn ndbid
minded that it is his sacred duty to lift~ thin efints & aftin rmvg sm o th rb, fnd it t
from his mind the heavy weight of pas- rsmbl th tp o an a, in th vertx o xvch ws a
s, hvg upn it cintn cs wch fm ips o tin, win
sions and prejudices which encumber his
progress toward virtue, loosening the hold nnly efcd.
(By drctn o th P. S. one o th cands stinks wth
which long habits of sin and folly may th c as indctd & rmvs k s fm tp o th a.)
have had upon his disposition, and remov- P.S. Lt us rtn wth ths s t th G Cn.
ing the rubbish of vice and ignorance, (Wkg tis ar nt bin back. Wkmn pass th MVs, wh
which prevents him from beholding that mn seated.)
eternal foundation of truth and wisdom P.S. (At th Sc.) *** *** *
upon which he is to erect the spiritual and R.A.C. Wh cms hin?
moral temple of his second life. P.S. Wkmn fm th inns.
R.A.C. Cmp C H, wkmn fm th inns.
(C.H. cndts P S & cands t ms. MVs ins & sit
C. H.) C.H. Adm thin.
‘C.H. (At ms.) Ths is th p1. R.A.C. (Drwg asd V.) Ent.
(Thy ent & ar hltd as bfr whi K. reads fm Sd.)
(C.H. rtns thru Vs, bng sltd as he passes. Wht K. This is the word of the Lord unto
V clsd.) (MVs seated.)
(Note:—A prtn o th ms o K S T, t cnfrm t Zeinubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by
144 145
power, but by my spirit, saith th~ ~ord of Ar y wIg on th morrow t ink sch fin further
hosts. Who art thou, 0 great ~.iiountain? trsr?
before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a (P.S. & cands cnf in.)
plain: and he shall bring forth the head- P.S. Th tsk m b atd wth dif & prps d,
stone thereof with shoutings, crying, yt we ar wlg t pint ths nbl & gins xv.
Grace, grace unto it. Moreover the word of H.P. Th tsk m b atd wth dif & prps d
the Lord came unto me, saying, The hands bt th G Cn gv y thin assnc tha yr mints shl
of Ze ru~babei have laid the foundation of nt go unrwd. Rtn t yr Is.
this house; his hands shall also finish it; (P.S. & cands rtn t inns. MVs rmn seated.)
and thou shalt know that the Lord of hosts P.S. (At ms.) Whn our anc bren rtnd
hath sent me unto you. For who hath des- t th scn o thin Is thy wdnd th aper by rmvg
pised the day of small things? for they min 0th 55 in th a. (By drctn 0th P.S. one
shall rejoice, and shall see the plummet in o th cands ds so.) One o thin thn dscd mt
the hand of Zeinubbabel, with those seven. th vlt & fnd thin sqs. (By drctn o P.S. one o
th cands fnds & brings out thr sqs.)
(C.H. & R.4.C. tk Sta at sgn~ fm H.P.)
Lt us rtn wth ths sqs t th G Cn.
H.P. My Bros, we an plsd t se y rtn & (P.S. & cands rtn & ar rptd & hfld as b/in, whi S
trst it is nt wtht hvg md sin imp d. reads fm Sd.)
P.S. E.H.P., we repd t th p1 as drctd. S. “In that day will I raise up the tab-
Thin we dis ths s in th tp o an a wch hd bn ernacle of David that is fallen, and close
hdn in th rb. up the breaches thereof; and I will raise
H.P. Cmp C.H., pines it. up his ruins, and I will build it as in the
(C.H. rtns swd. P.S. tks s fm cand & hnds it t days of old.”
CII. wh pines it t th H.P. & rtns t hs Sta. Drws (C.H. & R.A.C. tk thin Sta at sgnl fm H.P.)
swd.) H.P. My Bros, we an plsd t se y ntn &
(G. Cn cnfr, sotto voce.) trst it is nt wtht hvg md sm imp d.
H.P. Th G Cn an o th opnn tha ths s ws P.S. E.H.P., we agn repd t th scn o our
th k s o an a o K S T & wrght by a Mk M. Is & af tin rmvg sm min o th ss t wdn th apen,
146 147
one o my bros dscd mt th vit & fnd ths thin out th Cskt, plcg hs hnd in th pstn indctd by th
P.S. Lt us rtn wth ths Cskt t th G Cn.
H.P. Cmp C.H., pres thin. (Thy rtn & ar rprtd as b/in. Thy ar nt hltd in
(C.H. does as b/in. G Cn cnfr, sotto voce.) th Sc.)
H.P. Th G Cn an o th opnn tha ths an H.P. My Bros, we an plsd t se y rtn in
G M Js, undbtly ths win by S K o I, H K o sfty &, as we pncv, it is nt wtht ‘hvg ind an
T & H A. Ar y wlg t ink sch fin f tinsin? imp dis.
(P.S. & cands cit/in.) P.S. E.H~P., we agn repd t th scn o our
P.S. ‘Th tsk ~wlb atd wth dif & d, yt we Is, whin one o my bros dscd & by th ins o th
are wig, evn at th nsk o our lvs, t pint ths sn pen th vlt, he ws enbld t dis ths Cskt on
nbl & gins xv. a cbcl pdstl o wht in. On ascg he fnd hs
H.P. Thtsk xvi b atd wth dif & d, bt th hnd invlntrly plcd in ths pstn t gd hs eyes
G Cn reiterate thin assnc tha yr mints shl nt fin th I I wch asld thin fm abv. Wth ths
go unnwd. Rtn t yr ls. tinsin we hv repd t th G Cn.
(P.S. & cands rtn as b/in. MVs inmn seated. Wht
V clsd.) H.P. Cmp C.H., p1 it upn th pdstl.
P.S. (At ms.) Our anc bren agn nepd (G.M. rtns swd, does so & rtns t hs Sta. Th
t th vit, whin one o thin dscd. Tn sn hvg fgrs on th A shd b twrd th W.)
gnd its mndn hgt, dntd its ins wth sch nflgnt (G Cn ins & exm cinfly.)
spi mt th inrmst recesses o th vlt, tha he H.P. Cinp P.S., hs ths bn opd?
ws enbld t dscnn in th estinly pint thrf, a P.S. It hs nt.
cbcl pdstl o wht m, on wch rstd a Cskt H.P. Cmp C.H., ast in opg it.
ovinld wth g, & hvg on its tp & sds crtn mys (C.H. raps thin tins wth g on one end o cvr, thin
cs. Blvg th dis t b an imp one, he tk th Cskt tins on th othin end, & thin tins in cntr. Rmvs cvr &
pics it agnst base o pdstl, feg oands. He thn rtns t
& ascd. On ascg h fnd hs hnd invlntinly plcd hs Sta & is seated. H.P. tks out pt & he, K. & S.
in ths pstn t gd hs eyes fin th I I wch asid exm it crfly. He thn inpics it ~n th A, & does sm
wth ind. Thn tks out Sd & reads:)
thin fm abv.
(By drctn o th P.S. one o th cands md’s & bings “In the beginning God created the
lAS 149
heaven and the earth. And the earth was shalt put the testimony that I shall~ give
without form and void; and darkness was thee.”
upon the face of the deep. And the spirit And Moses said, This is the thing
of God moved upon the face of the waters. which the Lord coin mandeth, Fill an omen
And God said, Let there be light: and of the manna to be kept for your genera-
there was light.” tions; that they may see the bread where-
And it came to pass, when Moses had with I have fed you in the wilderness,
made ~n end of writing these words in a when I brought you forth from the land of
book, until they were finished, that he Egypt. And Moses said unto Aaron, Take
commanded the Levites which bare the a pot, and put an omen full of manna there-
ark of the covenant of the Lord, saying, in, and lay it up before the Lord, to be kept
Take this book of the law, and put it in for your generations. As the Lord com-
the side of the ark of the covenant of the manded Moses, so Aaron laid it up before
Lord your God, that it may be there for a. the testimony to be kept.
witness against thee. “And the Lord said unto Moses, Bring
(H.P. in-rolls Sd & wth it gvs th D G & S ~ R Aaron’s nod again before the testimony,
A M. saying:) to be kept for a token.”
H.P. Th B o th L, Ing 1st, nw fnd. Lt (H.P. inpics Sd in th A & trng to K. & S., says:)
us ascrb H t th L. Ths B o th L 1st t us in H.P. ThsisacpyothAothCv.
our dkns in B, G hs nw bn plsd t instin. It is K&S. Nodbtoit.
th incind o hs invld wI & is th scrmnt & sym H.P. My Bros. we fnd ths t b a cpy o
o th L W o G, by whin all thngs win md. Lt th A o th Cv, wch ws th scin sinbl o th dv
us thrf in, fin th xvsdm vchsfd t us, wik wor- pin amg th C o I, so Ing as thy win obdnt
thily in th I He hs csd t shn abt us. t th vc o G. And may we so wlk bfr Hin in
(H.P. rsms reading /m Sd.) hlns o if tha ths cpy 0th A may b asure
“And thou shalt put the mercy seat smblohsprwthus.
above, upon the ark; and in the ark thou (H.P. tks out p. hnds it t K. & th ind t S. In th
150 151
flwg dscrptn he mentions ech aintcl as he tks it in H.P. (Reading.) And God said uhto
hs hnds, & at th end o th dscrptn, inpics it in th A.)
Th cntnts o ths A an a p, a ind & th B o Moses * * * * is my nin forever; and this
th L. Th p, (Tkg it fm K.) is an mt o th is my memorial unto all generations. And
p o in, wch M, by dv cmnd, laid up in th sd again God spake unto Moses, and said unto
o th A, as a inminl o th minds innin in wch him, I am the Lord and I appeared unto
th C o I win spld wth tha antcl o f, fin finty Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by
yrs in th wldnns. Th ind, (Tkg it fm S.) is the name of God Almighty; but by my
an mt o. A ind wch bdd, bisind & yid aimnds name— (H.P. stps reading, pics Sd & ky
in a sngi nght, whl laid up bfr th tstmny on A & exms tr, using mdx fngr o itt hnd.)
in th Tb o th cngngtn. H.P. ** ~ **
~‘~““ (Rt tilt.)
(H.P. agn tks out Sd, unrolls it & dis ky; inplcs * * * * (Lft t rt.)
Sd in A. K. pts cvr on A, & exms cs on th sds o A. *** ** *** (Rt t itt.)
WhI K. is ths ~ngd, H.P. wth ky in hs hnds, says:)
* * * (Lft t rt.)
H.P. It als cntns a pinhint on wch an
** ** ~ (Lettined, itt t rt, pause end o
nscnbd cntn mys cs.
(H.P. & S. cmpr ky wth cs on sds & tp o th A ech syl.)
& .appear to dcpr thin. Th K., hvg cncld hs exm o ~ (Cmplt w. H.P. rs rt hnd, &
th A looks at th ky in th H.P.’s huds & says:) says:)
K. E.H.P., d nt ths cs cnspnd wth ths H.P. At 1st th ing 1st M’s W.
on th A? (Off ins & cm t s o F.)
H.P. Thy d, & thin mng is clear, bt I H.P. Most gracious and merciful God,
fail t und thin sgnfc on th sds o th tin, as ths we humbly thank Thee for preserving and
cs fin th nin o Din lngs 0th gntls: B * * bringing to light the 11 M’s W; for our
in th ChI, 0 * in th Egy & J * * in th Syr. fathers have declared unto us the sacred-
(H.P., K. & S. erm viny cin/ly thtin on th tp o th
A. H.P. thn says:) ness with which Thy M H N was wor-

H.P. LtusskfthinlinthBothL. shipped and adored in their days and in
(K. rmvs cur t per H.P. t tk out th Sd, thn the old time before them. So direct,
inplcs 2t. H.P. reads /m Sd:) sanctify and govern us, that we may ever
152 153
remember that our Holy Order is founded H.P. Ths isthDGoRAM.It
upon the honour and glory of Thy G and aids t th pstn in wch th bro fnd hs hnd
S N. Amen. invlntnly plcd on ascg th arch, to gd hs
All. So int it b. eyes fin th i 1 wch asld thin fin abv.
(Au Off, exc H.P. seated) Ths isthS.Italdstaprtnoth
H.P. My Binos, we fnd ths xv in th cntr p o th 0, tha o hvg y s 5 0.
o th tin, cnstg o f Hb cs t b th anc Ttgn, th Ths DG&S.(Gvgthm.)
G & S N o G, th 11 M’s W. Ths crp prhmt shd alws b gvn as a s t th E H P. on enting
we fnd t b a ky~ t th cs on th A & on th sds on inting fin a C o R A M.
o th tin; by inns o wch we decpr ths on th Ths isthGHSonSoDoRA
sds o th A t b th intls o th nins o our thin a M. It alds t th adtnl pntn o th p, tha o hvg
G Ms, S K o I, H K o T, & H A tgthr wth y b e t t s in o t n d s, shd y v y s 0 o R A M.
th yr o dpst, & ths on th sds o th tin t b th Th P wch xvi b dind o y by one o th Off,
G R A W, wch ws engnvd thin fin th prps at th opg o a C o R A M, on at th din, is
o psvg th tin prnctn 6 th G & S N. In *** **

accdnc wth th assnc y hv nec, tha yr mints We xvi nw cmnc t y th G R A W & th G

shd nt go unnwd, th G Cn wI nw dscd &
mv y wth th prncpl s o th H R A. Th C.H.,
P.S., & R.A.C. xvi ast. (Thin is nw find.)

K. H.P. S.
t & S N. Adv yr int ft & fin a dlt on tr.

Cand. C.H. Cand.

Rs yr int hnd as if abt t gv t 5 o E A,


xtnd it & g t in w o th cmp on yr 1. Wth yr

Cand. Cand. Cand. Ift hnd invins th g b. Ths is cid a 1 a.
Rinbin y hv sol swn tha y wid not cmnc
th G R A W in any othr innin thn tha in
P.S. C.H. R.A.C. wch y mght rec it. Rpt aftin me: W t d a -

154 155
i p1 an t swt s; wt d a-i p1 an -t 5W
sin in as th GR A W. Prsinvng th pstn o yr
t k; xv t d a i p 1 a u t in t R A. Th G R
- - int ft. k o y 1 k (Done.) in t a (Done.) gv th
A W i c o t n o D i t I, t 5, t C & t E. wd a 1 t a. (Done.) Bat t t t. (Done.) Rise.
p is th S; p .isth Th Cn xvi rtn.
isthE. (All Off, exc H.P. seated.)
Ths syls ar t b p thin tins arnd u t R A H.P. My Bros, up to this time you have
a o a tin. Th fst tin arnd th Cn Off gvs th, been addressed, and have addressed each
other, by the title of bros or bren. You will
f s, th astg Off th s & th cand th t.
Th sec t a th astg Off g th f s, th cand th now be called cmps. My Cmps, you will
s & th Cn Off th t. Th t t a th cand gvs th f now be clothed as R A M.
s, th Cn Off th s & th astg Off th t.
Bat t t t (Done.) in t a (Done.) gv th wd
a it a. (Done.) Ths wd is alws t b gvn in My Cmps, I now present you with the
ths in at th opng o a C o R A M. Rmbr y apron of a Royal Arch Mason. Its color is
hv als so] swn tha y wid nt i t G & S N s i white, embroidered in red, symbolizing the
t r p i w t s mght b cmnc t y. purity of your intentions and the fervency
Th nin is tha gvn by G t M, fst at th b b and zeal that should actuate you in the per-
& agn on hs sec cing unt th L. Ths an th fst formance of every duty in promoting the
incind invls o th infbl nin gvn by G t inn. noble and glorious work of building the
* * is my nin finvin; and ths is my Temple of your life, and in your labors for
mmnl unt all gnntrns. I am * * *; and I all mankind.
apind unt A, unt I, and unt J, by th nin o The Triple Tan in a triangle, within a
GA; bt by my nin*** ws I nt knwn unt circle, is the emblem of emblems of a Royal
thin.~, Arch Mason, typifying the Sacred Name,
It is coin o t syl, th fst is ~p * * pro * the Author of Eternal Life. It is worn as
th sec * * pro * *; & th thd * * * pro * * * a mark of distinction, separating us who
Ths syl an t b p u th R A & ovin a tin in th know and worship the true Name from
156 157
those who are ignorant of this august mys-
F H.P., Z th K; & H th 5, hId thin cnvctns.
tery. May yon wear it as one who, knowing Aing ths Ift bhnd in B win thin o our anc
and believing, may find in it the highest bren, wh aftinwinds wnt up t J t ast in rbldg
hope and faith ever given to man. th B o th L. Ths thin sois xvhm y hv rpstd,
(Cands /urnished chairs by MVs. H.P. dines thin dis & bin t I crtn tinsins o nstmbi vi t th Cft &
t b seated.) as a nwd win xltd t b th Ms o th Vs. Ths
(Ky xplnd. Use blkbrd & crayon. Retain dia-
gram fin use in gvg concluding paragraphs a Hist tinsins owe thin pnfnd in sig t a sins o crcs &
Leet.) evnts, o wch ~ hv hd a pinti acct in th M M
HISTORICAL LECTURE You wI rem tha G M H A ws s fin in t gv
My Cmps, th mysteries o th H R A an th l’~4’s W. .Th rsn why he cld nt d so is nw
fnd npn th G & S N o G, tha nin wch we as obvs, fin ac t th Nb I, no one aln ws per t
R A M, ar tght t nevinnc abv all othins. Ths pinnc it xcpt th H P o I & he only wthn th
deg bnngs t I inny vibi tinsins o th Cft, aftr H o H. As th prsnl nin o G ws cnsrd by th
thy had lain b in d fin th spc o 470 yrs, th Hbs t s tb utind, it ws thin prc t sth wd ~

inst imp o wch an th 11 M’s W & th B o th L. mng 0 L, whnvn th Ttgn xvs t b spkn.
Th H R A is th cinpln & flflmnt o th M Whn th fst T ws des by th Chldns, it is
M deg, fin hinn is ncvrd th s in sinbi wch ws pinbl that th A o th Cv ws als des, bt in
thin 1. trdtn infs us that bfr th cmpln o th T, K
Th cen o ths deg an dsgnd t pintry th S blt a s v und th 5 5, whin our G Ms
hstnci & igndry evnts cnnctd wth th rcvry hId thin mtngs & entind mt a sol cv nvr t gv
o th in tinsins npn wch th deg is fnd. Aftin th M’s W, unls thy thin win pin & a. In ths s v
Cyrns hd issned hs proc lbrtg th C o I, th thy dpstd a cpy o th A o th Cv & plcd wthn
pnin pp1 o th trbs o Jndah & Bnjmn, tgthr it imts o th Pt o inn & A ind, & als th B o
wth th pnsts & Lvts dpntd imdtly fin J, whin th L.
thy erctd a Tb nin th inns o K S T. In th Sc Aftin th d o G M H A ths s v ws clsd wth
thy st up th alt & thin th G Cn, cnstg o J th all its scin tinsins. 1< 5 thn s a wd fin tha wch
158 159
ws 1, & tha s y recd in th M M deg. And The equilateral or perfect triangle on the
y wi ininbin tha K S als vgly xspd th hope sides of which the G R A W is found is
that th wsdm o futin gns night dis & bin t emblematical of the three essential attrib-
1 th t wd. Tha hope y hv at last sn rlzd. utes of Deity — namely, Omnipresen.ce,
The /ollowing paragraphs in parenthesis may Omniscience arid Omnipotence; for as the
here be inserted as paint o/ the Historical Lecture, three equal sides, or angles, form but one
or another Lecture may be begun ending with the
concluding paragraphs o/ the regular Historical Triangle, so these three attributes consti-
Lecture. tute but one God, whose name in three
(The Working Tools of a Royal Arch languages is the G R A W.
Nason, in addition to the Crow, Pickaxe The equilateral or perfect triangle was
and Spade are the Square and Compasses, adopted by the ancients as a symbol of the
which have~been presented to your view in Deity—as embracing in himself the three
every degree of Masonry through which stages of time—the Past, the Present, and
you have passed. the Future. Among the Hebrews a yod, or
The Square teaches us, as Royal Arch point in the centre of an equilateral tri-
N asons, that God has made all things angle, was one of the modes of expressing
square, upright, and perfect. The Com- the incommunicable name of *******• For
passes are used by operative masons to this reason, the number three has al-
describe circles. All the parts of the cir- ways been held in high estimation by the
cumference of a circle are equally near to Fraternity. We find it pervading the whole
the centre. The circle, therefore, is a strik- ritual. There are three degrees of ancient
ing emblem of the relation in which the craft Masonry, three principal officers of a
creature stands to his Creator. For, as all Lodge, three supports, three ornaments,
the paints of the circumference of a circle three greater and three lesser lights, three
are equally near to its centre, so are all movable and three immovable jewels, three
creatures whom God has made equally near principal tenets, three rounds of Jacob’s
to him. ladder, three working tools of a Fellow-
160 161
Craft, three principal orders of architec- tra infs us ws ngrv on th sds o th tin by our
ture, three important human senses, three thr anc G Ms fin fh prps o prsvg th tru p o
ancient Grand Masters, and the s W o M M th G a S N, & stl reading fin int t lft, we
ws thin tins d o G M H A by one o th thin fnd in th C nin o D,***, th v * ; in th E,
ins at ech o th thin gts o th T, & hs b ws thin ~, th v *; & in th 5, th v
““““‘,wch gvs

tins b. us th tru p. Ths it ws tha t G Cn win enbid

In short the allusion to the triangle may to dcph th mystery o th i on th A, &
be found wherever we turn our steps in ths it is tha ~e, as R A M, dis th tru p o
Freemasonry. It is held in still higher es- th G a S N, th Hb N o G, th II M’s W.
timation by all Royal Arch Masons. There To comply wth a crtn t o th 0, tha o d
are three principal officers who compose th ky t th cs blg t ths deg, whn th sin shd
the Council, three Masters of the Veils, hv s its prps, I nw d ths ky fnd in th scin
three—and only three—can be exalted at Sd.
(H.P. thu bins th ky, in ~hpin o th cands; at th
the same time; there were three deposits in sm tm ers th drgm fm th blkbrd.)
the Ark; our Altar is triangular, our jew- (There may now be explained)
els are triangular, and our hnds & ft inst THE ROYAL ARCH BANNER
b plcd in a tinnglr pstn bfr we can cmnc th The Royal Arch Banner, which should
G R A W, or impint the G a S N.) be displayed in every regular Chapter of
Royal Arch Masons, is composed of the four
HISTORICAL LECTURE standards used to distinguish the four prin-
(Conclusion) cipal tribes of the children of Israel, who
(Use drgm on blkbrd t ilistint th flwg pain.) bore their banners through the wilder-
You prcv wthn th tin on th tp o th A, ness, namely: Judah, Reuben, Ephinaim,
four Hb cs. Reading fin int t Ift thy an and Dan; and under each of these princi-
** ~ ** crspdg in our aiph t * * * ~. Ths
pal standards were assembled three tribes.
ltrs cnnt b pinncd as one wd, wtht th a o vs. There were, consequently, four divisions,
By aplyg ths cntd in th G R A W, wch in with three tribes in each numbering 150,-
162 I I 63
000, making in all 600,000 fighting men, or man, the patience of the ox, and the swift-
men of war. They marched in a hollow ness of the eagle.. As a crest, the banner
square in traveling through the wilder- is surmounted by the ark of the covenant,
ness, in order to guard and protect on guarded by two Cherubim, with their wings
every side the sacred ark of the covenant. touching in the center.
The escutcheon, or shield on the banner, is
divided into four compartments by a green QUESTION AND ANSWER LECTURE
cross, over which a narrow one of yellow Q. AryaRAM?
is placed, On ea~h compartment formed by A. *****.

the limbs of the cross is delineated the Q. HwshllkytbaRAM?

peculiar emblem of one of these tribes, to A. Byttt.
wit: in the first quarter, a golden lion on Q. Whinwinyinda RAM?
a field of blue, representing Judah; in the A. Wthn a 1 c & d opd C o R A M,
second, a man on a field of gold, represent- asmbld in a p1 rpsg th Tb e by our a b nin
ing Reuben; in the third, a black o,c, on th in o K S T.
a field of gold, representing Ephinaim; and Q. HwmnycaCoRAM?
in the fourth, a golden eagle on a field of A. Nom.
blue, representing Dan. Each of these isa Q. Whncoonlyn,whart?
component part of the hieroglyphic of the A. Th E.H.P., K & 5; C.H, P. 5 & RA.
Cherubim, which represent the children of C & thin Ms o th Vs.
Israel; and they teach us that, in the erec- Q. Wht an th cer o ths deg intnd t in?
tion of our second temple of “Holiness to A. ThdothfstT,thcothcol,th
the Lord,” as well as in the prosecution of rtn o th c fin B, th bldg o th s T, & th r o
every great and important undertaking, 4
th G A S N, or 11 M’s W.
we should display, as did our ancient Q. Whmddyrps?
brethren in the erection of the first temple, A. OneothrMEMwhrtndtJfm
the strength of the lion, the intelligence of B, t ast in th n & g xv o rbldg th h o th L.
164 165
Q. Hwddymkyrslfktyrb? Q. To wht ds it a?
A. Bythsmwd&ssgvnbythLuM A. To th adni prtn o th p, tha o hvg nh
whn he cmnd hm t cndt lh C o I out o th 1 b e t t s r o t n d s,shd I v m s 0 o R A M.
o E&fmthhob. Q. Hv y any othr wds bing t ths d?
Q. WhtwsthaW? A. IhvthsgvnmebythMsothVs,
A. *****. als th p s o th d.
Q. Whtwsthfs? Q. Wht ar th wds 0th M1V?
A. Cstg hs r on th g. A. **&*.
Q. Whtwsthss? Q. Wht ar th wds o th M2V?
A. Ptghshintohsb. A. **&*.
Q. Whtwsth Is? Q. Wht ar tWwds o th M3V?
A. Prgwuponthdl. A. **&*.
Q. Hvyany o ssbtthsd? Q. Whtarthpsothd?
A. I hv svrl. A. Th****&th****
Q. Shw m a s. (Done.) Wht is t c? Q. Wlygvthm?
A. ThDGoRAM. A. I wi, wth th a o y & a. (Grps find.)
Q. Towhtdsila? Q. Pcd.
A. To th pstn in wch I fnd my h i pled We t do a-i p 1 a u-th s w t s;
on a th a, t grd my eyes fm th i I wch a thin We t do a-i p 1 a u-th s w t k;
fm a. We t do a-i p 1 a u-to r t R A.
Q. Shw m a s. (Done.) Wht is t c? (Battery & /st wd gvn; thn kn & gv see wd.)
A. ThSoRAM. Q. WhtisthmoRAMsy?
Q. To wht ds it a? A. HttL.
A. Tothpo a pothO,thaohms (In addition to the above Lectures the following
S 0. may be given:
Q. Shw m a s. (Done.) Wht is t c? ADDRESS TO CANDIDATES
A. ThGHSoSoDoRAM. And now, my Companions, you have re-
166 167
ceived all the ceremonial instruction that You have been present, and assisted at
pertains to our noble Craft. the completion and dedication of our mys-
You have ascended, by regular grada- tic temple; and, for your zeal and fidelity
tions, to the summit of our sublime and to the craft, have received the congratula-
royal art.
tory title of Most Excellent Master.
You have been conducted around the
You have heard the story of the mourn-
outer courts of the temple, viewed its beau-
tiful proportions, its massive pillars, its ful desolation of Zion, the sack and de-
starry-decked canopy, its Mosaic pave- struction of the city and temple of our
ments, its lights, jewels, and furniture. God, and the utter loss, as the world sup-
You have been introduced into the Mid- posed, of all those articles contained in the
dle Chamber, and learned, by the example Holy of Holies; how the chosen people of
of our ancient brethren, to reverence the God were forced by a foreign despot from
sabbath-day and keep it holy. the pleasant groves and peaceful vineyards
You have entered the unfinished S S of their native Israel, and dragged into
captivity on the banks of the fain-off
and there, in the integrity and inflexible
fidelity of the illustrious Tynian, witnessed Euphrates.
an example of firmness and fortitude never But you have seen those afflicted sons of
surpassed in the history of man. Zion visited, in the darkest night of their
You have wrought in the quarries, and adversity, by a peaceful light from heaven,
exhibited suitable specimens of your work, which guided them to the scenes of their
and have been taught how to receive, in a former glory.
proper manner, your Masonic wages. You have seen them enabled, by the sig-
You have regularly passed the chair, and net of Eternal Truth, to pass the veils that
learned its important duties—a knowledge interposed between them and their fondest
of which can alone qualify you to preside hopes.
over the sons of light. You have seen them successfully en-
168 169
gaged in the noble and glorious work of stitution: for then, and only then, can you
rebuilding the House of the Lord. justly claim the noble name of Mason;
And finally, you have seen the sacred then, and only then, can you feel that
treasures of the first temple brought to friendship, that union, that zeal, and that
light, and the blessed book restored to the purity of heart which should actuate
longing eyes of the devout Israelites, to be every one who would appropriate to him-
the rule and guide—the comfort and sup- self the proud title of a workman that
port—of the people of God throughout all needeth not to be ashamed.
future time. (There is now delivered the)
And, my Companions, if, in all these
things, you have seen only a series of un- CHARGE
meaning rites—if the spirit of truth has My Companions, no one can reflect upon
not applied to your hearts the morals of the ceremonies of gaining admission into
these ceremonies—then, indeed, have we this Holy Place without being profoundly
labored in vain, and you have spent your ‘impressed with the important lessons they
strength for naught. teach. I trust that you have entered into
But I am persuaded to believe better the spirit of these solemn rites and will
things of you. I trust you have entered into understand, more and more, their great
the spirit of these solemn ceremonies, and significance. Here we are necessarily led
understand the full import of these inter- to contemplate, with reverence and grati-
esting symbols; that all the forms and cer- tude, the Sacred Source whence all bless-
emonies through which you have passed, ings flow, and to realize, more and more,
from the moment you first trod the outer the ever presence of the great *
courts of the temple until your final recep- It is a duty we owe to the Companions
tion within the veils, have impressed of this Order to examine with the most
deeply on your minds the great and funda- scrutinizing eye the petition of every Can-
mental principles of our time-honored in- didate for admission into this chapter,
170 171
that there may be none among us save RAM
those who will promote, to the utmost of
their power, the sublime teachings of CLOSING
Royal Arch Masonry, and the solemnity H.P. * * * Cmp C.H., I am abt t cls
of its ceremonies. You will therefore, th C.
never recommend any Candidate for our C.H. Cmps, fin in grps o thin fin th
Mysteries, for whom you cannot freely prps o clsg.
vouch, 8nd who you do not firmly and con- (Th grps ar find alug th sd his as at th opug o
fidently believe will conform fully to the th C.)
principles of our Order, and fulfill the E.H.P., th grps an find.
Obligations of a Royal Arch Mason. H.P. Th Cn wI dscd. Cmps rpt a in: A
And finally, my Companions, as this xv t d a—i p 1 a u—t s xv t s; s xv t d n a—
supreme degree teaches the most profound i p 1 a u—t s w t k; u xv t, o t s a w—s xv
reverence for God a h i nm, I charge you, o a—n t R A. Bat t t t & bink th A. (Done.)
should you ever be about to mention His H.P. or Chap. Cmps, we an nw abt t
Name lightly or irreverently, pause, and dprt fin ths Scin Tb. Lt us not frgt th Hly
recall to your minds the solemn ceremonies mys hr unfld t us & th Os we hv s sol asind.
through which you have just passed. May we lv in chinty & gd wI twind one
H.P. My Companions, this concludes anthin; and may th G o peace & love dwl
the degree. You will pass to the Secre- wth us & bls us. Amen.
tary’s desk and sign the by-laws, thereby All. So int it b.
consummating your membership in this C.H. Cmp P.S., atd at th alt. (Done.)
Chapter, after which you will be seated H.P. I nw dcl th C dly clsd. Cmp C.H.,
with your companions. inf th Sntl.
(Vs rmv chairs & rplc alt in th cntr o th Sc.)
C.H. Cmp R.A.C., inf th Sntl.
Note :—Appropriate music may be used in con- R.A.C. *** *** *
ferring this degree. Sntl. ~ *** *

172 173
R.A.C. (Opns dr.) Cmp SntI, th C is PARAPHERNALiA
dly clsd. (Rtns t Sta.) Cmp C.H., th Sntl For Chapter Opening.
Charter and gavel.
is inf. G Ls on tr alt.
C.H. E.H.P., th Sntl is inf. Aprons & jewels fr Off.
Swds & belts fr R.A.C. & MVs. & CM.
H.P. * Banners at Sta o R.4.C. & MVs.
(Procedure in conferring th R A M degree on Royal Arch Standard. (Banner.)
more than three, candidates at one Convocation:
All cands & sbsts are pprly prep, xcp last Class For M M M degree.
only need wr sndls. If all cands pr bfr 1st Class In prep in.
ents, pr~logue is ‘gvn bfr any ar cndtd in. Wht aprons & c ts fr cands.
Fst Class—(Cand, or cands, sbst, or sbsts.) Two sq & one k s.
Three. Alrm at i dr; qstns & ans at dr; rptd at Wicket dr.
Sta o C H. Cands adin undr lvg a; PS thn says:) Arch design, plans & tretl brd.
P.S. My Bros. th rsn y hv bn nec into Pennies fr wkmn & cands.
ths C o R A M undin a lvg a wI ltr b xplnd In Lodge in.
Sq alt wth G Ls.
in yr hearing. Gavels, E. W & S.
(Cands thn tk 0 at alt, hdwks & c ts ar rmvd Three pedestals & sqs fr Ovs.
& thy ar cndtd thru Vs wtht cer, Vs bng Ift opn. Swd fr Mar. at hs p1.
In the Sc thy ar mv wth th Prim Secrets & Hand bible & k s mark in E.
seated.) Chisel & mallet in W.
Sec & thrd Class sin procedure. For P M degree.
Last Class—If prologue hs nt bn gvn it is dlvrd In prep in.
nw by P. 5. or othr Off, th i dr bng Ift prtly opn, Wht aprons fr cands.
so tha all in Tb may hear. Ths Class rcvs deg in In Lodge in.
full, th othr Classes joining whn I? A aprns ar Sq alt wth G Ls.
pres. Thn flws xplntn o th ky, th lctrs, chrg, etc. Gavels, E, W & S.
All cands ar thin drctd t sgn th By-Lws & tk seats Baton fin Mar. at hs p1.
on th sd Ins. Masters hat. (On hs hd.)
Note: Substitutes inst b prep as ar rg cands. Cand’s hat, on Sec desk.
Jewel, Chrtr, Cnstns & By-Lws at alt.
Rcrds on Sec desk.
For M B M degree.
In prep inn.
Wht aprons & c ts fr cands.
Also hv ready fr 2nd. Section.
174 175
Arch wth movable k s. MANUAL OF THE SWORD
Carrier fr k s & gavel.
Ladder fr placing k s. The sword consists of the hilt and blade.
Seven brnch candlestick The hilt is divided into the gripe and the guard.
Table of shew bread. The gripe is the handle grasped by the hand.
Altar of burnt offering. The blade is divided into the edge & back, stdes
Ark wth cherubim & staves. and the point.
Robes fr Off. (If C hs thin.) The scabbard is the receptacle of the sword;
In Lodge in. the opening of the same, the mouth.
Sq alt wth G Ls.
Gavels, E & W. DRA W-SWORDS
Band bible in K.
Key ‘stone in ‘W. 1. At the command “draw,” grasp the scab-
Swd fr Mar. at hs p1. bard with the left hand, near its mouth,
incline the hilt a little forward, seize the
For R A M degree. gripe with the right hand, and draw the
In prep in. blade until the right forearm is horizontal,
Wht aprons, hdwks, c ts & sndls. back of the hand against the breast.
Ark with pot, rod & B o L wth key.
Burning bush. 2. At the word “swords,” draw the sword
Part o ruins in wch k s, sqs & ark. quickly, raising the arm to its full length,
Robes fr Off & staff fr P.S. at an angle of about 45 degrees, the sword
In Tabernacle. in a straight line with the arm, edge down,
Sq alt in W. extending in the same direction as the right
Imitative Tb & Vs. foot.
In Sanctuary. 3. Bring the back of the blade against the
Alt o incense. shoulder, the blade vertical, back of the
R A aprons fr cands. gripe to the rear, the arm nearly straight
Wkg tools. down, the thumb and forefinger embracsng
Blkbrd & craaion. the gripe, the thumb against the thigh, the
Sg o Z wth R.A.C. other fingers extended and joining in the
Seven brneh cndlstck. rear of the gripe. This is the position of
Carry Swords. From this position all move-
ments of the sword begin.
Raise and carry the sword to the front, cross
hilt as high as the chin and six inches in front of
the neck, edge to the left, point six inches farther
to the front than the cross hilt, thumb extended
on the back of the gripe, wrist straight, all fingers
176 177
grasping the gripe. Resume the carry in one mo- INSTALLATION
tion, wsthout throwing the right hand to the The ceremonies here outlined are intended as a
front, or the point to the rear. guide for the annual installation of the Officers
of existing Chapters. This is done by the retiring
SALUTE-SWORDS High Priest, or h~s proxy. The installation of a
Execute present swords. Drop the point of the new Chapter is done by the Grand High Priest,
or his proxy.
sword, edge to the left, to about fifteen inches in To curtail explanatory notes and the use of
front of and in a prolongation of the right foot,
arm hanging naturally, the elbow close to the blank names and spaces, the following example
body, the back of the hand down. is made use of—i.e. F~XCmp I.B.Dunn, High Priest
Note :—6When addressed by a superior officer of Star Chapt~r, No. 1. R.A.M. invites R.~.
come to thi’s positioi~ before responding and main- Cmp Royal A. Mason to act as his proxy and in-
tain it until order, or dialogue, is finished.) stall the Officers of Star Chavter. Mason accepts
Then execute “present” and come to a carry. the invitation, and asks E.Cmp Will B. Ready,
to act as his Captain of the Host, at said cere-
mony. He also invites other Right Excellent and
RETURN-S WORDS Excellent Companions to fill the several Statwns
At the command “return,” seize the scabbard of the Chapter, during the interim from the va-
near the mouth with the left hand, inclining it a cating of the Station by the old Officer, until the
little forward, and keeping the right hand near installation of the new. Others are also asked to
the body, drop the blade forward and to the left act as escort. They form in the ante-room under
so that the point is about six inehes from the the direction of Ready and enter the Tabernacle
floor and pointing to a line which is a p”rolonga- in a body. The Ritual, floor work, forms and cere-
tion of the left foot. Move the sword hand to the monies in the entering, reception, conduct and
left, then raise the hand, drawing the sword blade retiring, are not set, but follow general masonic
between the first two fingers of the left hand. custom and usage.
Insert the point of the blade in the mouth of the To distinguish between the regular Chapter
scabbard, edge to the front, assisted by the thumb Officer and the Companion who is asked to tem-
and fingers of the left hand, eyes to the front, porarily fill the Station, an asterisk is placed
thrust the blade into the scabbard until the right before the title of the latter.
forearm is ,horizontal (first motion of draw). Obviously, in the installation of the Officers of
(Swords.) Return the blade smartly and drop the a new Chapter, or in the event that the High
hands to the sides. Priest of a Chapter is to succeed himself, the
Note :—In inserting the point avoid turning the wording must be slightly modified.
scabbard to meet the sword
Note :—The above Manual of the Su,ord and the Formation in the ante-room as follows:
manner of exec~{ting the four positions outlined * *C H. (Readn.)
are taken from the Drill Regulations of the * * Visiting High Priests.
Grand Commandery Knights Templar of the State I~ *
of New York. -

Past High Priests.
I H.P. Cmp Ready, I wi thnk y t es R.E.
* * Past Right Excellents. Cmp Mason t th E. (Done. Ps lft o alt.)
* * Present Right Fxcellents. Cmps, R.E. Cmp Mason (If Gr C Off, gv
* * Past Grand Chapter Off. title.) & associates, ar hr by my invtn tins
* * Present Grand Chapter Off.
* * *MIV *M2V th Off o Star C. Rcv thin wth th G Hs tkg
* * *M3V *RAC.
* * Chap. tm fm th E. (Done)
* * *Treas *Sec
* * *King. *Scdbe. (None wh hv entrd wth Mason join in G Hs,
* * btallcints oF.)
~D.H.P. *EHP R.E. Cmp Mason, it is wth plsr tha I
*CH (At otr dr.) *** *** * wlcm y & yr ascts into th Tb o Star C, t
R.A.C. *** *** * (Opns dr.) Wh cms insti its Off aslhv rqstdytdo&Isrndr
hr? th gavel t y fr tha prps.
*C.H. R.13~. Cmp. Royal A. Mason & (Hnds gavel t Mason.)
Mason. E.H.P., fr myself & ascts, I
associates sk adm.
R.A.C. (Cis. dr.) E.H.P., R.E. Royal thnk y fr th vry crdl & frtrnl rcptn y & yr
mbrs by ac us; I asr y it wi b a plsr t “wld
A. Mason & associates sk adm.
E.H.P. Admthm. th gavel” o Star C & instl its Off, & wi y, E
Cmp Dunn, occupy th seat at my rt drg
R.A.C. (Opns dr.) Enter.
th cer (Anil prvd he hs bn prvsly asked t
*CH Frd Mch. do so,) & act as *D.H.P.
(Cndts pro into Tb in two /is; stps dretly op- (Th rmrks o th Off in th pres, Tcptn & Te-
postte to, & fcs W; dvds th us, wch inch up ech sponses ar nt set & may b varied as thy see fit,
o alt. * H.P. tks *C.H. lit arm & is cndtd abt bt do itt tik t inch.)
six ft wst o th alt. (btwn th ins.)
*CH Hit. (Cmnds in low tone.) Sal- Th Off t b instid wl vacate thr Sta, rtr
wtht cer t th ante-rm, & undr th drctn o
ute. mw fc. E.H.P., I hv th plsr o pres
th incoming C.H., fm in fis prep t bng
R. E. Cmp Royal A. Mason, (If Gr C Off, rcndtd into th Tb.
gv title) & associates, wh ar hr in rspns (Whn th Off rtn thr ar two fins in wch thy
t yr invtn t insti th Off o Star C. may b seated. In th fin o a triangle, as hereafter

180 181
~plnd, ot in two Unee in. ~h tvst o Tb, five in
fr-at in, seven in th rear. ‘J’ho two fins o seating
n •1

(If in seating used, arng two

five in frnt row, seven in Tea~r.)
Tows in th wat,

wi b refeT~ed t as ~r (Triangular) & In (line). *H.P. Cmp *C.H., rtr & cndt th Off o
If tr seating is u8ed, Off ar find in ths manner: Star C into th Tb.
C.H. * * H.P. (*CH slis & rtrs; cndts Off into Tb in two
Treas. *Chap. *
R.A.C. ~
Sec. * f is, dvds f is in W, & thy inch up th sds o tr t
K. * * P3 thr seats.)
M2V. * * S. *C.H. Be seated.
M3V. * M1V.
*H.P. Cmps, Masons ar tght tha bfr
If ln seating is t b used, thy a~r find in sng~
fl, in ord~o rank, H.P. elect in th reaT. Meantiine, entg upon any grt o imp undrtkg, thy oght
in th Tb.)
*H.P. Cmp *C.H., cndt th *D.H.P. (if aiws t invk th aid o D. Cv yr atntn t our
nt in E.) t hs Sta. (Done.) *Chap (Invocation Im rostrum.) Di-
R.E. Cmp—t th Sta o K. (Done.)
E. Cmp—t th Sta o S. (Done.) rect us, 0 Lord, in these and all our doings
(Likewise Treas., Sec. & Chap.) with Thy most gracious favor, and further
With Cmps asngd t th rmng Sta assume us with Thy continual help; that in all our
thin? All othrs wi tk seats (in or) near th works, begun, continued, and ended in
E. (Done.) Thee, we may glorify Thy Holy Name and
* (All seated.) finally, by Thy mercy, obtain everlasting
(12 seats ar nw arngd in fin o tr with apex life. Amen. (May b used.)
abt six ft wst o th alt in wch C Off wi b seated
as follows:) (Music :—Response, or one verse o “Ainerica.”)
H.P. *HP *

I Cmp Sec, I wl thnk y t read so inch o th

C.H. * * Chap. mnts o th 1st stated cnvtn o Star C, as rfr
Treas. * * Sec. t th elcn 0 Off.
R.A.C. * * ~•~~ *Sec E.H.P., undr date o—in th
mnts o th last stated cnvtn o Star C, is th
K. * * * * * S.
M2V. MSV. MJV. flwg rcrd.
182 183
(Reads innts o elcn, ointng Trustee. As he ter. It is an office highly honorable to all
reads ech nin, [if tr seating used] he wi pause &
Cinp nind wi rs, cin t s o F, & rvnn stdg in frnt those who diligently per Corm the import-
chair, ths inkg a tr o th five elctd Off. If in seat- ant duties which belong to it. Your reputed
ing used, aftr nins ar read, Off wl be cndtd bfr
th E, fcg W.) Masonic knowledge, however, precludes
*H.P. Cmps o Star C, you see bfr y the necessity of a particular enumeration
ths wh hv bn elcd t srv as Off o yr C fr of those duties. I shall, therefore, only ob-
the ensng year & wh ar ready fr instln. [f serve, that by a frequent recurrence to the
any Cmp hs any jst & suf rsn t pres why Constitution and General Regulations, and
thy, o any o thm shd nt b instld, he wl mk a constant study of our sublime science,
it knwn nw, or else frvr hereafter hld hs you will be best able to fulfill them; and
pc. (Pause.) Thr bng no obi I wl pcd wth I am confident that the Companions who
th instln. * are chosen to assist you will give strength
*H.P. Cmp *D.H.P., (orEx. Cmp—) to your endeavors, and support to your ex-
(or *CH) ertions. I shall now propose certain ques-
Pres th H.P. elect fr instltn. tions to you, relative to the duties of your
(*DHP rss—aiso *CH & H.P. elect. *DHP office, to which I must request your une-
tks if t am o *CH wh cndts hin t th 1/ t o th quivocal answer.
H.P. elect. *DHP pres H.P. elect just wst o th
alt. If * hin, he shd b at th rt o H.P. I. Do you solemnly promise that you
elect) will redouble your endeavors to correct the
*D.H.P. E.H.P., I pres Cmp Hiram
vices, purify the morals, and promote the
Hitt, wh hs bn duly elcd H.P. o Star C fr happiness of those of your Companions
th ensng yr. who have attained this sublime degree?
(A inore elaborate pres inay b ind, bt avd ef-
fusiveness) II. That you will never suffer your
* H.P. Excellent Companion: I feel Chapter to be opened unless there be pres-
much satisfaction in performing my duty ent nine regular Royal Arch Masons?
on the present occasion, by installing you III. That you will never suffer either
into the office of High-Priest of this Chap- more or less than three brethren to be ex-
184 185
alted in your Chapter at one and the same
Chapter, in conformity to the Constitution
IV. That you will not exalt any one to of the General Grand Chapter of Royal
Arch Masons of the United States of
this degree who has not shown a charit- America, and the Constitution and General
able and humane disposition; or who has Regulations of the Grand Chapter of this
not made a considerable proficiency in the
foregoing degrees?
X. That you will pay due respect and
V. That you will promote the general obedience to the instructions of the Gen-
good of our fraternity, and, on all proper eral and State Grand Officers, particularly
occasions, be ready to give, and receive in- relating to the several lectures and
structions, and particularly from the Gen-
charges and will resign the chair to them,
eral and State Grand Officers? severally, when they may visit your Chap-
VI. That, to the utmost of your power, ter officially?
you will preserve the solemnities of our
XI. That you will support and observe
ceremonies, and behave, in open Chapter, the Constitution of the General Grand
with the most profound respect and rever-
Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the
ence, as an example to your companions?
United States of America, and the Consti-
VII. That you will not acknowledge or tution and General Regulations of the
have intercourse with any Chapter that Grand Royal Arch Chapter under whose
does not work under a constitutional char-
authority you act?
ter or dispensation?
XII. That you will bind your successor
VIII. That you will not admit any visi- in office to the observance of the same rules
tor into your Chapter who has not been to which you are now asked to assent?
exalted in a Chapter legally constituted,
without his being first formally healed? Do you submit to all those things, and do
you promise to observe and practise them
IX. That you will observe and support faithfully?
such by-laws as may be made by your H.P.Elct. I do.
- ~ n—

*HP *** (H.P. elect & *D.H.P. reinain standing wat o

(*C.H. cndts *Chap. t th alt. (Triangular.]) alt.)
*C.H. (Low tone.) Cmps kn. OBUGATION
(H.P.eiect, *D.H.P. & * Chap. kneel; H.P. elect *H.P. (To Cmp Hitt.) Say I, pro-
at base, feg est; *D.H.P. at hs if t & *Chap. at
hs rt.) nounce your name in full, and repeat after
PRAYER me, do promise and swear that I will serve
* Chap. Most Holy and glorious Lord this Chapter, as High Priest, for the term
God, the Great ~High-Priest of heaven and for which I have been elected; that I will
earth! We approach thee with reverence, perform all the duties appertaining to that
and implore thy blessing on the Compan- office to the best of my abilities, and will
ion elected to preside over this Chapter, support and maintain the Constitution and
and now prostrate before thee; fill his General Regulations of the Grand Chap-
heart with thy fear, that his tongue and ter of the State of New York, and those
actions may pronounce thy glory. Make of the General Grand Chapter of the
him steadfast in thy service; grant him United States of America.
firmness of mind; animate his heart, and You wI nw b invd wth th J o yr Off.
strengthen his endeavors; may he teach (Done.)
thy judgments and thy laws; and may the (Ths is dn by th *D.H.P., or Off wh pres Hitt.
instid in costuine, Hitt is nw clothed wth
incense he shall put before thee, upon thine breastplate and initre.)
altar, prove an acceptable sacrifice unto *H.P. Excellent Companion Hitt: In
thee. Bless him, 0 Lord, and bless the consequence of your cheerful acquiescence
work of his hands. Accept us in mercy. with the charges, you are qualified for in-
Hear thou from heaven, thy dwelling j ~ stalla Lion as the High-Priest of this Royal
place, and forgive our transgressions. Arch Chapter; and it is incumbent upon
Amen. me, on this occasion, to point out some of
*CH (Low tone.) Rise. the particulars appertaining to your office,
(*CH cndts *Chap t th est.) duty, and dignity.
188 189
The High-Priest of every Chapter has by proxy; and the well-being of the insti-
it in special charge to see that the by-laws tution requires that this duty should on no
of his Chapter, as well as the Constitution occasion be omitted.
of the General Grand Chapter of Royal (If not installed in costume omit following
Arch Masons of the United States of paragraphs in parenthesis.)
America, and the Constitution and Gen- (Let the Mitre with which you are
eral Regulations of the Grand Chapter are crowned remind you of the dignity of the
duly ob~erved; that all the officers of his office you sustain, and its inscription im-
Chapter perform the duties of their re- press upon your mind a sense of your de-
spective offices faithfully, and are exam- pendence upon God; that perfection is not
ples of diligence and industry to their com- given unto man upon earth, and that holi-
panions; that true and accurate records of ness belongeth unto the Lord alone.
all the proceedings of the Chapter are kept
The Breastplate with which you are
by the Secretary; that the Treasurer keeps
and renders exact and just accounts of all decorated—an imitation of that upon
the moneys and other property belonging which were engraven the names of the
twelve tribes, and worn by the High-Priest
to the Chapter; that the regular returns
of Israel—is to teach you that you are al-
be made annually to the Grand Chapter;
ways to bear in mind your responsibility
and that the annual dues to the Grand to the laws and ordinances of the institu-
Chapter be regularly and punctually paid. tion, and that the honor and interests of
He has the right and authority of calling your Chapter and its members should be
his Chapter together at pleasure upon any always near your heart.
emergency or occurrence which, in his
judgment, may require their meeting. It The various colors of the Robes you wear
is his privilege and duty, together with the are emblematical of every grace and vir-
King and Scribe, to attend the meetings tue which can adorn and beautify the hu-
of the Grand Chapter, either in person or man mind; each of which will be briefly
illu8trated in the course of the charges to He is then cndtd t th eat & tks seat t th rt o th *K.)
be delivered to your subordinate officers.) Note :—Officers nw inetid in order fin K down,
or order inay be reversed beginning wth Sntl.
I now deliver into your hands the Char- *Cjf~ I pres Cmp—wh hs bn elctd IC.
ter under which you are to work. You will *H.P. Companion—: The important
receive it as a sacred deposit, and never
permit it to be used for any other purposes station to which you are elected in this
than those expressed in it, and safely Chapter requires from you exemplary con-
transmjt it to y~our successor in office. duct; its duties demand your most assidu-
ous attention; you are to second and sup-
You are now qualified to assume your port your chief in all the requirements of
Station in the East and prbceed with the his office, and should casualties at any time
installation of your subordinate Officers. prevent his attendance, you are to succeed
(If in seating is used Hitt is nw cn.dtd t E. him in the performance of his duties. Your
If tr seating, he wi again tk hs p1 in th triangle.) badge, the Level surmounted by a Crown,
Hitt. R.E. Cmp Mason, I request you should remind you that, although you are
to continue as installing Officer and com- the representative of a King, and exalted
plete the ceremony of installation. by office above your companions, yet that
* H.P. Ex Cmp Hitt, I assure you it you remain upon a level with them, as re-
will be a pleasure to do so; I will thank spects your duty to God, your neighbor,
you to announce your appointments. and yourself; that you are equally bound
(Done.) with them to be obedient to the laws and
(If tr seating is used all reinaining Off ar nw ordinances of the institution, to be charit-
asked t ~ & same 0 is adininistered; if in seat- able, humane, and just, and to seek every
ing is used thy ar cndtd wst o alt fr 0.)
*H.P. Cmp *C.H., pres th K fr instln. occasion of doing good.
Your office teaches a striking lesson of
(If tr seating is used *C.H. steps t A’s side; K humility. The institutions of political so-
rss & after charge hs bn divrd resuines hs seat.
(If in seating is used, K is pres wst o alt fr instin. ciety teach us to consider the King as the
192 193
chief of created beings, and that the first tunes; and that to enable you to enjoy this
duty of his subjects is to obey his man-
preeminence with honor and satisfaction,
dates; but the institutions of our sublime
you must subject your own passions and
degrees, by placing the King in a situation
prejudi~es to the dominion of reason and
subordinate to the High-Priest, ~ach us
that our duty to~ God is paramount to all charity.)
other duties, and should ever claim the pri- You are entitled to the second seat in the
ority of our obedience to man; and that, council of your Companions. Let the bright
however~ strongly we may be bound to obey example of your illustrious predecessor in
laws of civil society, yet that those laws, the Grand Council at Jerusalem stimulate
to be just, should never intermeddle with you to the faithful discharge of your du-
matters of conscience, nor dictate articles ties; and when the King of kings shall
of faith. summon you into his immediate presence,
(If not installed in costuine, omit following
from his hand may you receive a crown of
paragraphs in parenthesis.)
glory which shall never fade away.
*H.P. Cmp *C.H., pres th S fr instln.
(The Scarlet Robe, an emblem of imper-
ial dignity should remind you of the pa- (*CH does so; saine procedure as wth K.)
* H.P. Companion—: The office of
ternal concern you should ever feel for the
welfare of your Chapter, and the fervency Scribe, to which you are elected, is very
and zeal with which you should endeavor important and respectable. In the absence
to promote its prosperity. of your superior officers, you are bound to
In presenting to you the Crown, which succeed them, and perform their duties.
The purposes of the institution ought
is an emblem of royalty, I would remind never to suffer for want of intelligence in
you that to reign sovereign in the hearts
and affections of men must be far more its proper officers; you will therefore per-
grateful to a generous and benevolent ceive the necessity there is of your possess-
mind than to rule over their lives and for- ing such qualifications as will enable you
to accomplish those duties which are in-
cumbent upon you in your appropriate sta- Companions against the approach of those
tion, as well as those which may occasion- enemies of human felicity, intemperance
ally devolve on you by the absence of your and excess, let this faithful monitor ever
superiors. remind you to walk uprightly in ybur sta-
(If not installed in costuine, oinit following in tion; admonishing and animating your
parenthesis.) Companions to fidelity and industry while
(The Purple Robe, with which you are at labor, and to temperance and modera-
invested, is an emblem of Union, and is tion while at refreshment.
calculat~’d to rerhind you that the harmony (S again seated in triangle, or cndtd t est.)
and unanimity of the Chapter should be *HP Comp *CH, pres th Treas fr
your constant aim; and to this end you are instln.
studiously to avoid all occasions oC giving (*C.H. does so; saine procedure as wth K.)
offence, or countenancing anything that *H.P. Companion—: You are elected
may create divisions or dissensions. You Treasurer of this Chapter, and I have the
are, by all means in your power, to en- pleasure of investing you with the badge
deavor to establish a permanent union and of your office. The qualities which should
good understanding among all orders and recommend a Treasurer are accuracy and
degrees of Masonry; and as the glorious fidelity—accuracy, in keeping a fair and
sun, at its meridian height, dispels the minute account of all receipts and dis-
mists and clouds which obscure the hori- • bursements; fidelity, in carefully preserv-
zon, so may your exertions tend to dissi- ing all the property and funds oC the
pate’ the gloom of jealousy and discord Chapter that may be placed in his hands,
whenever they may appear.) and rendering a just account of the same
Your badge, a Plumb-rule surmounted whenever he is called upon for that pur-
by a Turban, is an emblem of rectitude pose. I presume that your respect for the
and vigilance; and while you stand as a institution, your attachment to the inter-
watchman upon the tower, to guard your ests of your Chapter, and your regard for
196 197
a good name, which is better than precious
ointment, will prompt you to the faithful
F (Sec agn seated in triangle, or cndtd t ha Sta.)
*H.P. Cmp *C.H., pres th Chap fr
discharge of your duties of your office. instin.
(Treas again seated in triangle, or cndtd t hs (*CH does so; 8ame procedure as wth K.),
Sta.) *C.H. E.H.P., [pres Cmp—wh hs
*H.P. Cmp *C.H., pres th Sec fr instin.
(Same procedure as wth K.)
bn apntd Chap.
(*CH w~e word “appointed” ft remainde~r 0
*H.P. Companion—: I with pleasure Off.)
invest you with your badge as Secretary of *H.P. Companion—: The sacred po-
this Chapter. The qualities which should sition of Chaplain has been intrusted to
recommend a Secretary are promptitude your care, and I now invest you with the
in issuing the notifications and orders of jewel of your office.
his superior officers; punctuality in attend-
lug the convocations of the Chapter; cor- In the discharge of your duties, you will
rectness in recording its proceedings; be required to conduct the devotional ex-
judgment in discriminating between what ercises of our convocations, (and to per-
is proper and what is improper to be com- form the sacred functions of your holy
mitted to writing; regularity in making his calling at our meetings.) Though Masonry
annual returns to the Grand Chapter; in- be not religion, it is emphatically religion’s
tegrity in accounting for all moneys that, handmaid; and I am sure that, in minister-
may pass through his hands; and fidelity in ing at its altar, the services you may per-
paying the same over into the hands of the form will lose nothing of their vital
Treasurer. The possession of these good importance because they are practised in
qualities, I presume, has designated you as that spirit of universal tolerance which
a suitable candidate for this important of- distinguishes our institu4ion. The doc-
fice; and I caniiot entertain a doubt that trines of morality and virtue (which you
you will discharge its duties beneficially are accustomed to inculcate to the world,
to the Chapter, and honorably to yourself. as a minister of God,) will foriii the appro-
198 199
priate lessons which you are expected to
I either in public or private; and, as the
communicate to your Companions. (The world can only judge of our private disci-
profession which you have chosen as your pline by our public deportment, you will be
lot in life is the best guaranty that) you careful that the utmost order and decorum
will discharge the duties of your present be observed on all such occasions. You will
appointment with steadfastness and per- ever be attentive to the commands of your
severance in well-doing. chief, and always near at hand to see them
(If not clergyman, omit parts in parenthesis.) duly executed. I invest you with the badge
(Chap, again seated in triangle, or cndtd t hs
Sta.) of your office, and arm you with a sword,
*H.P. Cmp *C.H., pres th C.H. fr and I presume that you will give to your
instln. ~Iuties all that study and attention which
(*C.H. does so; same procedure as wth K.) their importance demands.
*H.P. Companion—: The office with (C.H. again seated in triangle, or cndtd t hs
which you are intrusted is of high impor- Sta.)
tance, and demands your most zealous con- *H.P. Cmp *C.H., pres th P.S. fr
sideration. The preservation of the most instln.
essential traits of our ancient customs, (*C.H. does so; same procedure as wth K.)
usages, and landmarks is within your * H.P. Companion : The office con-
province; and it is indispensably necessary fided to you though subordinate in degree,
that the partassigned to you, in the im- is equal in importance to any in the Chap-
mediate practice of our rites and ceremon- ter, that of your chief alone excepted. Your
ies, should be perfectly understood and office corresponds with that of Senior Dea-
correctly administered. con in the preparatory degrees, and I now
Your office corresponds with that of invest you with your badge of office.
Marshal, or Master of Ceremonies. You Among the duties required of you, the
are to superintend all processions of your preparation and introduction of candidates
Chapter, when moving as a distinct body, are not the least. As, in our intercourse
200 201

with the world, experience teaches that elucidation. Your office in the preparatory
first impressions are often the most dur- degrees corresponds with that of Junior
able, and the most difficult to eradicate, so Deacon. It is your province, conjointly
it is of great importance, in all cases, that with the Captain of the Host, to attend
those impressions should be correct and the examination of all visitors, and to take
just; hence it is essential that the officer care that none are permitted to enter the
who brings the blind by a way that they Chapter but such as have travelled the
knew not, and leads them in paths that they rugged path of trial, and evinced their
have not know~n, should always be well title to our favor and friendship. You will
qualified to make darkness light before be attentive to obey the commands of the
them, and crooked things straight. Captain of the Host during the introduc-
(If not installed in costume, omit sentence in tion of strangers among the workmen; so
parenthesis.) that should they be permitted to pass your
(Your robe of office is an emblem of hu- post, they may, by him, be introduced into
mility; and teaches that, in the prosecu- the presence of the Grand Council.
tion of a laudable undertaking, we should
The White Banner, intrusted to your
never decline taking any part that may be
care, is emblematical of that purity of
assigned us, although it may be the most
difficult or dangerous.) Your past exertions heart and rectitude of conduct which ought
to actuate all those who pass the white
will be considered as a pledge of your fu- veil of the sanctuary. I give it to you
ture assiduity in the faithful discharge o~f’ strongly in charge, never to suirer any one
your duties.
(P.S. again seated in triangle, or cndtd t hs to pass your post without the Signet of
Sta.) Truth. I present you the badge of your
*H.P. Cmp *C.H., pres th R.A.C. fr office, and deliver this sword into your
instln. hands, in expectation of your performing
(*C.H. does so; same procedure as wth K.) your duties with intelligence, assiduity,
* H.P. Companion —: The well-known
and propriety.
duties of your station require but little
(R.A.C. again seated in triangle, or cndtd t he
(If in seating is used *R.A.C. rss & pres ban-
ner & sword t R.A.C. as charge is delivered.)
*H.P. Cmp *C.H., pres th M3V fr
I *H.P.
Cmp *C,H., pres th M2V fr

(*CH does so. Same procedure as with K.)

*C.H. *E.H.P., I pres Cmp———, wh
instln. hs bn apntd M2V.
(*C.H. does so. Same procedure as with K.) *H.P. Companion—: I invest you
*C.H. *E.H.P., I pres Cmp——wh with your badge, and present you with
the Purple Banner,, which is the ensign of
hs bn apntd M3V. your office, and arm you with a sword to
* H.P. Companion— :1 invest you with enable you to maintain its honor. The color
your badge, and present you with the of your banner is produced by a due mix-
Scarlet Banner, which is the ensign of ture of blue and scarlet; the former of
your office, and with a sword to protect which is the characteristic color of the
and defend the same. The rich and beau- symbolic, or first three degrees of Ma-
tiful color of your banner is emblematical sonry, and the latter that of the Royal
of fervency and zeal, and is the appro- Arch degree. It is an emblem of union, and
priate color of the Royal Arch degree; it is the characteristic color of the interme-
admonishes us that we should be fervent diate degrees. It admonishes us to cultivate
in the exercise of our devotions to God, I,j
and improve that spirit of union and har-
and zealous in our endeavors to promote mony, between the brethren of the sym-
the happiness of man. bolic degrees and the Companions of the
(If tr seating used M3V remains standing until
sublime degrees, which should ever dis-
other two Veils are installed & Charge to Veils as tinguish the members of a society founded
Overseers has been delivered. If In seating is used upon the principles of everlasting truth
he is presented with his Banner & Sword by
*M3V as Charge is delivered, then conducted to and universal philanthropy.
place on floor, as apex of a triangle to be formed (See procedure M3V.)
by the three Veils, who will thus stand in triangu-
lar formation, displaying their Banners, while *H.P. Cmp *C.H., pres th M1V fr
Charge to Veils as Overseers is delivered.) instln.
204 205
* (C.H. does so. Same procedure as with K.)
*H.P. Companion—: I invest you cies and defects; they ihould be capable
with your badge, and present you with the of estimating the formor and amending
Blue Banner, which is the ensign of your the latter. This con!lderation should in-
office, and a sword for its defence and pro- duce you to cultivate and improve all those
tection. The color of your banner is one qualifications with which you are already
of the most durable and beautiful in na- f endowed, as well as to persevere in your
ture. It is the appropriate color adopted endeavors to acquire those in which you
and worn by our ancient brethren of the are deficient. Let the various colors of thu
three symbolic ‘degrees, and is the peculiar banners committed to your charge admon-
characteristic of an institution which has ish you to the exercise of the several vii~-
stood the test of ages, and which is as tues of which they are emblematic. You are
~much distinguishd by the durability of its to enjoin the practice of these virtues
materials, or principles, as by the beauty upon all who shall present themselves, or
of its superstructure. It. is an emblem of the work of their hands, for your inspec-
universal friendship and benevolence; and tion. Let no work receive your approba-
instructs us that, in the mind of a Mason, tion but such as is calculated to adorn and
those virtues should be as expansive as the strengthen the Masonic edifice. Be indus-
blue arch of heaven itself. trious and faithful in practising and dis-
(See procedure MSV.) seminating a knowledge of the true and
(MVs now staneling m triangle (if tr seating perfect work, which alone can stand the
used) or forming a triangle on floor upholding
their banners, (if in seating used.) They are then test of the Grand Overseer’s Square, in
addressed as Overseera, as follows:) the great day of trial and retribution.
ADDRESS Then, although every rod should become
H.P. Companions Masters of the Veils,
a serpent, and every serpent an enemy to
those who are placed as overseers of any
work should be well qualified to judge of ~1 this institution, yet shall their utmost exer-
tions to destroy its reputation, or sap its
its beauties and deformities—its excellen- foundation, become as impotent as the lep-
206 207
r rous hand, or as water spilled upon the
ground, which cannot be gathered up
4 bers of this Chapter, you are elected to
the most important ofllce In their power
again. to bestow. This expression of their esteem
(If tr seating i8 used MVs now resume seats in
triangle. If line seating, they are conducted to and respect should draw from you corre-
their Stations by the *C.H.) sponding emotions; and your demeanor
*H.P. Cmp *C.H., pres th Siitl fr
should be such as to repay the honor
instln. which they have so conspicuously con-
(*C.H. goes t ante-room, (acmpd by *R.A.C. wh
tks Sntl Sta untl hs return) & cndts Sntl into Tb.) ferred upon you, by an honorable and
*C.H. E.H.P., I pres Cmp———, wh faithful discharge of the duties of your
hs bn appntd Sntl. office. The station which you are called to
*H.P. Companion—: You have been fill is important, not only as it respects the
appointed Sentinel of this Chapter, and I correct practice of our rites and cere-
invest you with the badge, and the imple- monies, and the internal economy of the
ment of your office. The sword is placed Chapter over which you preside, but the
in your hands to enable you effectually to public reputation of the institution will be
guard against the approach of cowans and generally found to rise or fall according
eavesdroppers, and suffer none to pass or to the skill, fidelity and discretion with
repass, but such as are duly qualified. I which its concerns are managed, and in
trust that a just regard for the honor and proportion as the characters and conduct
reputation of the institution will ever in- of its principal officers are estimable or
duce you to perform with fidelity the trust censurable.
reposed in you. You have accepted a trust to which is
(Sntlrcndtd tante-room. *RA .C. rtns wth *CH) attached a weight of responsibility which
(Music: Solo or Quartet) will require all your efforts to discharge
ADDRESS TO THE HIGH-PRIEST honorably to yourself and satisfactorily to
Excellent Comp. Hitt: Having been hon- the Chapter. You are to see that your of-
ored with the free suifrages of the mem- ficers are capable and faithful in the exer-
208 209
r clue of their offices. Should they lack
ability, you are expected to supply their required to teach unto others you should
never neglect to pract,Iso yourselves. Do
defects; you are to watch carefully the
progress of their performances, and to see you desire that the (h~rn0anor of your
that the long-established customs of the equals and inferiors toward you should be
institution suffer no derangement at their marked with deference and respect? B.
hands. You are to have a careful eye over sure that you omit no opportunity of
the general conduct of the Chapter; see furnishing them with examples in your
that due order and subordination are ob- own conduct toward your superiors. Do
served on all occasions; that the members you desire to obtain instruction from those
are properly instructed; that due solemnity who are better informed than your-
be observed in the practice of our rites; selves? Be sure that you are always ready
and that no improper levity be permitted to impart of your knowledge to those
at any time, but more especially at the in- within your sphere who stand in need of
troduction of strangers among the work- and are entitled to receive it. Do you de-
men. sire distinction among your companions?
In fine, you are to be an e,cample to your Be sure that your claims to preferment
officers and members which they need not are founded upon superior attainments;
hesitate to follow; thus securing to your- let no ambitious passions be suffered to
self the favor of Heaven and the approval induce you to envy or supplant a com-
of your brethren and companions. panion who may be considered better
(Cmp Bitt remains standing.) qualified for promotion than yourselves;
*H.P. Off o Star C please rs. but rather let a laudable emulation induce
ADDRESS TO THE OFFICERS you to strive to excel each other in im-
My Companions—: Precept and ex- provement and discipline; ever remember-
ing that he who faithfully performs his
ample should ever advance with equal duty, even in a subordinate or private sta-
pace. Those moral duties which you are
tion, is as justly entitled to esteem and re-
210 211
spect as he who is invested with supreme
(Officers remain standing.)
*H.P. ~‘“‘
spond t th g.
Off o Star C only need re-
I as its most holy plan. May your obla-
tions of piety and praline be graterul am the
incense, your love warni am Itn fame, and
your charity diffusive as Its i’iagrance,
May your hearts be pure as the altar, arid
ADDRESS TO THE CHAPTER your conduct acceptabic as the oiTerlig,
May the exercise of your Charity be ii
Companions: The exercise and man-
agement of the sublime degrees of Masonry constant as the returning wants of the dis-
tressed widow and helpless oi’phan. Muy
in your Chapter hitherto are so highly ap-
the approbation of Heaven be your oncoui’-
preciated, and the good reputation of the
agement, and the testimony of a good eoi~-
Chapter so well established, that I presume
science your support; may you be endowed
these considerations alone, were there no with every good and perfect gift, while
others of greater magnitude, would be
traveling the rugged path of life, and fin-
sufficient to induce you to preserve and
ally be admitted within the vail of heaven,
perpetuate this valuable and honorable
to the full enjoyment of life eternal. Amen.
character. But when to these is added the Response: So mote it be.
pleasure which every philanthropic heart *HP *
must feel in doing good, in promoting good * H.P. At ths tin, I wl thnh th Cmps wh
order, in diffusing light and knowledge and hv so grcsly astd in th instln cer, t vacate
in cultivating Masonic charity, which are th Sta. (Done. If In seating hs bn used,
the great objects of this sublime institu- add:) and th Off o Star C t assume thin.
tion, I cannot doubt that your future con- (If tr seating hs bn used, add:)
duct, and that of your successors, will be Cmp *C.H., cndt th Off o Star C t thr Sta,
calculated to increase still more the lustre bgng wth th M1V. (Done. *JWVs, *R.A.C.
of your justly esteemed reputation. cating. *Off wi b seated in extra chairs at
May your Chapter become beautiful as & ~C.H. Wi dlvr sword t instid Off bfr va-
the temple, peaceful as the ark, and sacred ech Sta.)
212 213
E. Cmp Hitt, th nxt & by no means th
r w
Mason. E. Cmp Rudy. (Ready rss &
least imp act fr me t prfrm, is t srndr t y cms to s o F.) Ainibi th RE. & E. Cmps
th gavel, potent mblm o in athrty, wch in preparatory t rtrg.
yr hnds I knw wI alws b wielded fr th Ready. Cmps, frn In us in th ord in
wlfr o yr C & th bst intrsts o R A Msy. wch y entd th Tb, ~cg E. (Done.)
(Hnds Hitt gavel.) (Mason thn steps fm date & is cndtd by Ready
I also srndr ths “seat o athrty” (drcts wst o th alt. All in fle cm t 8 o F.)
Hitt t l~e seate-~i) & rndr t y, E.H.P., ths H.P. R.E. Cmp Mason, bfr y rtr, I wsh
frst acto homage. (Mason cms to s o F & to thnk y & yr ascts in behalf o Star C, th
bows.) Off & myself, fr th imprsv mnnr in wch y
(Mason nw obsrvs tha all star C off ar in thr hv prfmd th instln cer & I assure all o y
Sta. Ask Hitt t ci up C. Done.) tha we ar deeply grateful fr yr pr wth us
Mason. Cmps, I nw dclr th Off o Star & fr th service y hv rndrd.
C dly instid. R.E. Cmp Ready, ink th proc. (Or any appropriate remarks.)
Ready. (Fm dais.) Cmps, in th nin o Cmps, th G Hs tkg tin fin our C.H.
th Gr C o th 5 o N Y, I proclaim th Off o (Done.)
Star C, No. 1, dly instld into thr respctv Mason. E. Cmp Hitt, in behalf o my
Sta. Together, Cmps, th G Hs. (Dane.) ascts & myself, I thnk y fr yr grcs wrds. I
Mason. Cmps, gv yr atntn to our Chap. feel sure I voice the sentiment o all my
(Bndctn, by *Chap, fm dais.) ascts in saying tha we hv enjoyed yr hsptly
H.P. * (Music.) & fiwshp & wI chrsh th memory o a inst
(Pres o apron & jeu’el t Eu. Comp Dunn, or plsnt & enjybi evening. (Or any appro~pr2-
any other cer may tk p1 at ths tin. Also announce- ate remarks.)
Mason. E.H.P., may I & my ascts hv Ready. Slt. (Done.) Fc wst. Frd inch.
yr prmsn t rtr at ths tin? (Mason & Ready lead pro out o Tb.)
H.P. R.E. Cmp Mason, you & yr ascts NOTE: The * before Off titles is u8ed only to

in rtr at ths tin. distinguish the installing Off from the regub’Lr C
Off. It adds nothing to their titles when addroeood.
214 215
R A M Opening. (Chapter) .,, 5
Opening Prayer ...... ±0
Dispensing with Labor “...

Res~.iming Labor
M M M Opening ..

Work. 1st Section LI

Sabbath Ode IS
Procedure, More Than One CandIdate..,.. 117
Work. 2nd Section 97
Scripture Lessons
Obligation .. 82
Historical Lecture 41
Working Tools 44
Question and Answer Lecture 45
Address to Candidate. (Charge) - 50
Closing 51
MMOde .. 54
Bible Reading. (Law.) Matt. XX 57
Keystone Lecture - 59
PMOpening .. -. 63
Work 66
Obligation 67
Past Master’s Ode 71
Question and Answer Lecture 78
Address to Candidate 74
Procedure, More Than One Candidate.. 77
Closing 78
M E M Opening ... 82
Opening Prayer 85
Work. 1st Section
Scripture Lessons
p P.S. at Ruins
Scroll Reading. (K.)
Obligation — 92 Scroll Reading. (S.) 147
Completion Temple. Part 1 - 94 Book of the Law Reading. (H.P.) 149
Dedication Ode - 94 Discovery of Word 153
Dedication Temple. Part 2 98 Prayer. (H.P.) 153
Chaplain’s Reading. II Chron. V 98 Formation of Groups .. .. 154
S.K.[. Blessing 102 Apron Lecture 157
S.K’J. Prayer 103 Historical Lecture 158
Psalm 122. (S.K.T. asd H.K.T.) .105 Working Tools. (Additional) 160
Address to Candidate ..... - 106 Equilateral Triangle 161
Question and Answer Lecture 112 Royal Arch Banner 163
Charge 114 Queslion and Answer Lecture 165
Closing - 115 Address to Candidates . 167
Closing Prayer - 118 Charge 171
Closing 173
RAMWork - 120
Prologue 120 Procedure, More Than One Class. 174
P.S. Prayer 127 Paraphernalia 175
P.S. 1st Circuit 128 Manual of the Sword 177
Obligation 128
P.S. 2nd Circuit 130 Installation 179
P.S. 3rd Circuit 132 Opening Prayer 183
Ancient Charges 185
P.S. 4th Circuit 132
Chaplain’s Prayer 188
P.S. 5th Circuit 132
Obligation 18~
P.S. 6th Circuit 133
Lecture to H.P. on Duties 189
P.S. 7th Circuit 134
Master 1st Veil 134 Charge to King 193
Master 2nd Veil . 136 Charge to Scribe 195
Master 3rd Veil 138 Charge to Treasurer . .197

Scroll Reading. (H.P.) 141 Charge to Secretary 198

Working Tools. (C.H.) 144 Charge to Chaplain 199
Charge to Captain of the Host~

Charge to Principal Sojourner - 201

Charge to Royal Arch Captain 202
Charge to Master 3rd Veil 204
Charge to Master 2nd Veil - 205
Charge to Master ‘1st Veil 206
Charge to Ms of the V~ as Overseers ... 206
Ch~rge to Sentinel 208
Address to high Priest 208
Address to Officers - - 210
Address to Chapter 212
Closing Ceremonies 214