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Terence D.


50625 Pinnacle Woods Lane Macomb, MI

586-465-2396 (H) 313-485-0174 (C)


I offer a vast level of experienced management and professionalism with 20 years in Production,
Warehousing, Shipping and Receiving. I have advanced training and knowledge in FPS,
Error/Mistake Proofing, Smart Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, PJO, JSA, PPSR, SQDCM,
WCL, WCM, 5S, and Kaisen. I possess excellent communication and motivational skills. I am a
strong leader who builds trust and successful relationships with peers and hourly teams..


Process Coach – Ford Sterling Axel Plant

06/2017 – 10/2018 Sterling Heights, MI

□ Held daily start up meetings with my team, discussing any safety concerns, production
issues, and parts quality concerns.
□ Assign duties and communicate expectations to team leader and job setter.
□ Updated our hourly production and downtime communication board for the purpose of
meeting with engineering and maintenance teams to correct equipment downtime
concerns and improve JPH.
□ Performed Periodic Job Observervations to improve JPH with particular individuals, get
operator feedback for continuous improvement and improve operator performance.
□ Achieved 95% JPH for the month of Feb 2018, with a record best of 103 JPH.
□ Used the FIS system to run all data reports, monitored JPH, respond to equipment
□ Worked any and all overtime as required. Provided coverage when asked to come in early
or stay over late.
□ Assisted my team leaders on their DAMAIC projects.

Materials Supervisor – Bridgewater Interiors

01/2016 - 1/2017 Warren, MI

□ Daily responsibilities consist of enforcement of all safety rules and guidelines associated
with OSHA standards.
□ Responsible for performing safety, dock and forklift audits as required.
□ Responsible for training, testing and certifying all of my material handlers.
□ Maintaining the payroll system for my assigned indirect staff members.
□ Responsible for ensuring all shipping and receiving procedures are understood and
adhered to as defined by Materials team and BOS.
□ Responsible for tracking the flow of materials from receiving offload, cross docking,
staging, put away and FIFO.
□ Worked with Production Supervision to decrease and find resolution for any downtime

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issues contributed by the materials teams.

Warehouse Business Unit Leader - FCA

05/2014 - 11/2015 Marysville, MI

• Conducted the start up meeting with my warehouse employees. Assigned the personnel
to the warehouse to pick parts and process them for shipping.
• Managed the picking process with my Dealer business clerks, by monitoring the Fiat
Chrysler DView system for any new orders that were placed.
• Was co-lead on several Kaisens and championed several safety initiatives. One of the
major Kaisens was a process improvement for our NY Dealer business base.
• Worked closely with members of management and the UAW safety team. I provided
monthly Spotlight on Prevention presentations, by researching areas in the facility
looking for ways to improve safety.
• Other duties I was entrusted to complete was cycle counting for inventory control and
• Achieved our end of month goal 6 months straight.

Receiving Operations Supervisor - KACE Logistics

12/2012 - 2/2014 Detroit, MI

□ Worked closely with the materials team regarding warehousing of parts and parts
quality. Maintaining stock levels at maximum, and filtering excess stock into our
overflow areas.
□ Conducted daily start up meetings with my team, giving them feedback from previous
shift pertaining to trailers left to unload in the yard, housekeeping and safety concerns.
□ Safety champion for the entire facility on dock safety and training. Ensuring dock
locks were 100% operational, docking procedures were adhered to and followed by all
material handlers. No docks were used if locks weren’t functioning properly.
□ Point of contact with receiving of trailers and as well as switching them in or out.

Production Supervisor - Ford Motor/Auto Alliance International

2/2007 – 10/2010 Wayne & Flat Rock, MI

• Daily tasks consisted of safety walks, scrap reporting, moving manpower

as needed to cover open jobs, administered discipline, conducted process audits, as well
as housekeeping assignments.
• Worked closely with the maintenance supervisor and skill trades in the
event of equipment failure or faults.
• Reported out at the end of shift all downtime issues, how long and any
corrective action.
• Supervised the final line and pre delivery inspection, where my primary
responsibility was to ship a perfect vehicle.

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• Directed and monitored the repair process. I was the co-lead in the
processing of vehicles in the repair bays, collecting data on repeat repair issues.
Providing the data to the Superintendent. Also managed the shipping yard, by staging
vehicles in lanes based on defect to facilitate a quick repair.


Bachelor’s of Arts Degree 12/1989

Indiana University - Bloomington, IN

REFERENCES: Available Upon Request

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