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Augmentative and Alternative

Communication: Devices & Interventions

By Group 2: Jennifer Fischer, Damon Gross, Dan Jinks,

Nicki Jordan & Marielle Rymarcsuk
Picture Exchange Communication System - Dan Jinks

The picture exchange communication system or PECS

was developed to help non-verbal students with autism
be able to communicate with others using pictures.

The PECS has a distinct training system with 6 phases.

The phases range from teaching the student how to use

the system to make request for themselves, to students
responding to request.

PECS can be very effective, but they can also take a long
time to train a student how to use them from a few
months to years.

(Vicker, 2002)
Proloquo2go - Jennifer Fischer

● Proloquo2Go is a symbol-supported communication app providing a voice to over 125,000 individuals who cannot
speak. It is designed to promote growth of communication skills and foster language development through
research-based vocabularies. Its innovative features provide support for parents, teachers and therapists to implement
AAC best practices (Talk to Me Technologies, 2019).
● Children, teens and adults who can’t speak can use this symbol-based AAC app for iOS as a daily communication tool
and to build language skills (Assistive Ware, 2019).
● The multi-level Crescendo™ vocabulary offers three vocabulary levels in 23 different grid sizes. Users can easily
transition as language skills expand whilst customizations are retained. Core words appear in the same location across
folders to support learning through motor planning (Talk to Me Technologies, 2019).
● Proloquo2go can be customized and personalized to the developmental needs of the user. It supports communication,
language, and literacy.
Proloquo2go - Jennifer Fischer

Videos about the Proloquo2go communication app that is

available for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, and Apple watch.
Other Tablet/Smartphone Apps - Nicki Jordan

● Everyday Speech: A Social Learning Platform

○ Has videos, games, and activities to support conversation Skills
○ Leveled by age (pre-k & k, elementary, middle school, or high school) and skills level (emergent, intermediate, and
○ Therapy Guides sorted by goal areas such as initiating a conversation, maintaining a conversation, and
conversation etiquette
○ Platform can be used on laptop, tablet or smartphone (Everyday Speech, 2019)
● LAMP Words for Life
○ Pre-programmed vocabulary program on iPad
○ Symbols paired with text; presents vocabulary in a consistent pattern to develop language connections
○ 3 developmentally progressive vocabulary levels within the app (PRC, 2019)
● Conversation Builder
○ App via iTunes for use on iPad or iPhone
○ Conversation simulator to help elementary aged students practice multi-exchange conversations with peers
across a variety of social settings
○ Visually engaging and can be personalized for each student (Mobile Education Store, 2014)
DynaVox/Tobii - Marielle Rymarcsuk

● Considered an aided and high technology device

● Communication devices for students to improve their overall speech, language, social, and learning skills over time

● To be utilized along with other modes of communication such as pointing, eye gazing, gesturing, signing, visual cues,
pictures to improve speech production

● *Student communicates his/her needs, wants and ideas in writing using an eye gazing and/or speech generating
approach” (Tobii DynaVox, 2018)

● When utilized with students with ASD, it has shown to improve the following:

○ behaviors, participation within home, school, and/or the community, independence, social interactions with
others, communication of needs and/or wants, reading and/or literacy skills
Other Speech Generating Devices - Damon Gross


GoTalk is a series of standalone devices that can be programmed and recorded in a similar fashion to an application on a
tablet computer. The user can select a picture to play a recorded message. The board is programmable by connecting
the device to a computer using Attainment proprietary software.


TextSpeak is an augmentative communication keyboard that converts typed text

to audible speech. They come in standard QWERTY and large key format. No
Computer connectivity is necessary. Male or female voices can be selected for use
In English or Spanish. Keys can be programmed for “one touch” complex phrases.
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