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Frederick Pryce

0409 751 855

An intelligent and reliable worker with practice in communications,

creative arts, writing, and technology. US. I dedicate my spare time to film,
theatre, and music. I have an RSA.

Studying BA Communications (Media Arts + Production) at UTS
❏ Distinction average, written and directed several short films
Barker College, Hornsby (2007-2016)
❏ 98.75 ATAR, ranked 4th in NSW for General Maths


❏ Sydney Symphony Orchestra Customer Service (2018-2019)
❏ Coles Services Turramurra (2017)
❏ Election Polling Place Official (local elections)
❏ TV extras work with ISpry Agency (2017)
❏ Huawei Australia admin work experience (1 month)
❏ Sydney Adventist Hospital volunteer work (6 months)
❏ Community theatre fundraising + organising (2015-2017)
❏ Heavily involved in theatre and comedy groups around Sydney,
regularly acts in, directs and produces a variety of shows.
❏ Video-making experience, including writing, directing, and editing

Pim den Dekker (manager at Sydney Symphony Orchestra)
04 2456 4104
Francis Voon (psychotherapist, Equality Campaign, music director)
04 2521 4650
❏ Logical intuition and problem solving
Alongside being naturally inventive maths skills, I can often
think of the simplest and most efficient way to solve problems
or complete instructions. This is useful for saving time and
energy in environments with ordered goals, and particularly in
navigating administrative tasks and technology (I’m very quick
learning the ins and outs of software and social media).

❏ Skilled at interacting and informing people

Combining customer service with telemarketing means I know
exactly how to talk to and help potential buyers. Thanks to this
plus my experience in debating and performance, I have strong
language and physicality, I can use to easily connect and
interact with people. I get along terrifically with everyone in the
workplace and know who to ask and what to ask.

❏ Creatively skilled
I’ve spent a huge amount of time developing and writing
theatre with a focus on comedy, as well as acting and
singing. Being in a collaborative creative environment is one
of my favourite experiences, though I understand it can be hard
work. I also enjoy writing reviews of film and theatre, plus short
films and short stories.

❏ Can work in any environment

I am a traditionally independent person who has no problem
working by myself or without help, but I also easily slot into
teams or positions of leadership when best suited and work
with others. I also have had my fair share of time doing dirty
work and manual labour (cleaning a chicken oven is
surprisingly difficult).