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Station 1.



Materials: 4 empty cans – 1 per group

4 blind fold – 1 per group


1. Every member should be able to flip the can successfully for two times using only one hand but
with blindfold.

Station 2



Materials: 8 empty bottles (1.5 L) – 2 per group

36 plastic cups – 9 cups each group



1. Goal is to transfer the water from the first person on the line (who is holding the bottle full of
water) up to the last person on the line (holding the empty bottle) using plastic cups. The group
will form a line on sitting position facing front.
2. Transfer of water should be on top of the player. Player is not allowed to face the person next to
him/her while transferring the water.
3. The bottle at the endpoint should be filled 100%. At the time that the first person has run out of
water, he/she should buy water from the game master.


HOP AND POP (5 players only para di matrabaho sa set up)

Materials: 4 sacks (1 each group)

Balloons, plastic twine, flour

(inflated 5 balloons with flour inside will be hanged through the twine – 4 sets)
Head band with pin
1. The player will put his/her both legs inside the sack and needs to hop forward until the line of
balloons is reached.
2. The player will wear the headband with pin (to be given by a member waiting on the other end)
and should pop one balloon through the headband in which the player is wearing.
3. Upon popping, the player will return the headband and will go back to the starting line still
through hopping while inside the sack.

Materials : water on a plastic (preferably madami in case na madaming mabasag yung players)
4 shawl
4 extra shawl ( for sale)
1. There will be two players on one end and the remaining members are on the other end. The
two players will throw the water plastic to the other end using the shawl. The other end
should be able to catch the water plastic successfully without breaking.
2. The group is allowed to buy extra shawl for the other end for catching the water plastic so
breaking of the water plastic will be lessened.
3. The goal is to catch 5 water plastics successfully.