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The Arellano Chiefs Environmentalist Society is an organization that is geared towards

the attainment of its aspiration, which is to foster the invaluable contribution of the
legal profession in the preservation of the environment.


 BLUE – This is the color of the sky and the sea. This is often associated with such
natural resources which are some of the main sources of sustenance of life here
on earth. On a much subjective note, it symbolizes stability and peace.

 GREEN – The color stands for nature, spring and the trees. It symbolizes
prosperity, freshness and progress which are positive associations for the said

 PURPLE – This is Arellano Law’s school color. The incorporation of such color
establishes the Arellano Law community’s continuing support in the endeavors
of the organization. This color also represents the school’s ambition of
contributing holistic efforts in the preservation of nature and protection of the
future generation’s future.


It is said that a leaf is an ancient heraldic symbol that

represents happiness. In fact leaves, may represent so
much more than that beacuse it can represent a variety
of aspects of one’s life as it is a symbol of life.


According to Aristotle, the hand is the “tool of

tools.” This leads us to the general sense that
hands reflects strength, power and protection.


The gavel represents a noble and glorious purpose which is

to divest from our minds, hearts, and conscience of all
superfluities of life. It symbolizes justice delivered through
proper means.

“Balance scale”

The balance scale symbolizes justice and truth. This

represents our continuous pursuit of fair
considerations of individual interests and nature’s
“Chief’s head”

The chief’s head have lonng been attributed courage,

strength, valor, honor, and leadership. It also
represents the Arellano School of Law.