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4 Extra Writing Practice Name

A Description of a Person
1 Choose the correct answer.

1. John never talks to anybody. Furthermore / As well as, he is a very selfish person.

2. Luke is an excellent swimmer. Moreover / In addition to, he plays for the school football

3. Fiona studies chemistry in addition / as well as physics.

4. My mother speaks French. She furthermore / also knows some German.

5. Chris is active in the community. In addition to / Moreover working with old people, he
volunteers at the local hospital.

2 Form sentences by matching A and B.


1. My brother can be a bit …… a. computers.

2. Tim is one of the most …… b. moody.

3. Amy is into …… c. outgoing people I know.

4. Grace has got …… d. long, dark hair.

3 Complete the chart with the expressions below to show the correct plan for a description of a person.

says how you know the person • describes the person’s appearance • introduces the person
describes the person’s activities • gives a summary including an opinion about the person
describes the person’s personality



4 Extra Writing Practice

4 These sentences are taken from different descriptions of people. Write where they belong:
O (in the opening), B (in the body) or C (in the closing).

…… 1. In short, Mike is a wonderful person and a great friend.

…… 2. She doesn’t like cooking, but she’s a good baker.

…… 3. I have known Jessica since we were both ten years old.

…… 4. He’s got an amazing sense of humour.

…… 5. Mr Jenkins is an English teacher in my school.