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Theme and Grade Level Novel Study/Theme Introductory Activities Key Vocabulary List Key Instructional Activities

 Exploring gender and identity through the  Students will begin exploring this novel by 1. Afghanistan  Compare and contrast skill development
novel The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis participating in a read aloud of Ellis’ authors note and 2. Taliban through oral, written and media literacies
 Grade 6 forward. Upon completion of this students will be 3. Dari  Students will explore the role of gender on
shown a map of Afghanistan and asked to explore 4. Pashtu identity and how this is seen in both Canada
what they already know about this portion of the 5. Male and places like Afghanistan
world. Students will be evaluated on their oral 6. Female  Students will be in small groups and online
communication skills and their ability to share orally 7. Breadwinner forums sharing their thoughts and opinions
with their small groups. There will be resources 8. Burqa after whole group reading has been completed
available to students in the classroom, both digitally 9. Chador  Students will generate chapter summaries and
and in print for students to begin to explore. 10. Pattu ask questions such as “why are women seen as
As an initial assessment for task, students will be 11. Shalwar Kameez less important?”, “why would being a boy be
asked to create a t-chart listing the things they know 12. *and any other words student generate from their better/worse in Afghanistan than Canada?”
about Afghanistan on one side and the things they small group discussions  Students will complete exit tickets sharing one
want to know on the other side. This assessment will 13. point after each lesson they found helpful and
* Adapted from Literacy in the Early Grades by help determine where the lessons go next. 14. Differentiation one thing they still want to know more about
Tompkins (2015) pp. 362-363  Books: The Breadwinner on tape for review
Key Objectives and Resources  Grouping: students will be grouped by table groups
Novel and other Resources Language Arts Curriculum links: and not ability. This will allow for everyone to take a Culminating Task(s)
1. The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis -engage students in meaningful interactions with a role and rotate through tasks like discussion posts.  Students will work in small groups or
2. variety of texts. All reading will be done by teacher in read aloud individually if they want to explore
s/dellis.asp - interview with Deborah Ellis -learn to identify and explore multiple perspectives, form comparisons and contrasts between Canada
3. question the messages in the texts, and look at issues  Activities: students can use speak to text for online and places like Afghanistan and the role of
4. related to fairness, equity, and social justice. work or select a role like artist instead of recorder gender and identity on the society
paLc20 – various clips from movie -OE Oral 1, 2, 3; Reading 1, 2, 3, 4; Writing 1, 2, 3, 4; based on comfort. For oral tasks, students can present  Final task will be a research project displaying
5. Guides to Effective Instruction volume 1-7 Media Literacy 1, 2, 4 (not per lesson but throughout in small group or with only teacher what they have found
Junior unit entirety) *attached more specific ideas to this plan  Culminating Task(s): students will work in groups  This can be done through oral presentation,
6. I Am Malala by Malala Yoousafzai for reference to research points of view of the role of gender in power point, prezi, stop motion animation or
7. Class blog/ discussion forum for posts -cross curriculum activities could include links to the both Afghanistan and Canada and present with orally any form of visual art but students will be
Art curriculum making images that may be seen in the with visual supports. This can be done in small required to provide some form of oral
Timeline for Using the Novel media in both Canada and Afghanistan, Physical groups to reduce whole group anxiety explanation which can be done in front of
 First lesson there will be no formal reading of Education engaging obstacle courses and tag like one whole class or with teacher
the novel but rather reading of the forward and would see in the market with the Taliban chasing, The Six Language Arts and Technology  Gallery walks and peer evaluations will be
author’s note to activate prior knowledge of Social Studies exploring Canada’s role in aid to places  Reading Activities: read discussion posts and conducted holistically
the roles of gender in places like Canada and like Afghanistan research materials, go back to the book for support
Afghanistan  Writing Activities: write discussion posts and write Assessment
 Second lesson will cover chapters 1-3 Digging In to the Big Ideas summaries of the information tor their final task  Diagnostic: t-chart during introduction highlighting
 Third lesson chapters 4-6  Students will learn the various roles genders plays in  Listening Activities: listen to teacher during read prior knowledge and what they want to learn; using
 Fourth lesson chapters 7-9 society around the world with a particular focus on aloud as well as online resources such as interviews map to explore Afghanistan and what they know
 Fifth lesson chapters 10-12 Canada and the Middle East. with the author and critiques about this place in the world
 Sixth lesson chapters 13-15  This will allow students to explore how gender is  Speaking Activities: students use their voice and  Formative: peer editing for final task, peer feedback
 Remaining lessons (minimum of 2) will be viewed in relation to media, culture, and societies and point of view in in small group and whole group in discussion posts, exit tickets after each lesson
work period for culminating task as well as give students the chance to make these connections discussion as well as present in final task  Summative: rubric for final presentation evaluating
watching animated film through the six language arts with tasks like a  Viewing Activities: student will explore image and specifically language curriculum like oral language
research project, decoding media and film, mapping, text in media and decode for comprehension  Self-Reflection: final reflection after gallery walk
and comparisons between Canada and Afghanistan  Representing Activities: visuals added to final task highlighting 2 things they learned or felt they did
and how each society views the various roles of  Technology Use: use of computers, tablets and really well with and one thing they are going to keep
women internet for researching working on or exploring to bring into the classroom